Scam Exposed! Julian Wong, a Leading Scammer Scam Exposed! Julian Wong a Major Fraud Scam Exposed! Julian Wong is a Major Fraud! Read this to find out why you shouldn’t join


As the binary options industry grows, scammers find new ways to trick beginners. In my opinion there are three types of scammers in this industry. The first ones are of course all of these scam brokers that keep popping up out of nowhere. The second type are usually those who just want to sell you some “foolproof” system and they often need to change names and websites when they get exposed. The third type however, is a whole new story. This one requires a sociopath to pull off and I have placed Julian Wong and his in this category.


This is why I choose to call this guy a sociopath. According to wikiHow: “If the person is a true sociopath, then he or she will feel no remorse about hurting others, lying, manipulating people, or just generally acting in an unacceptable way.” or this one; “Some sociopaths will go to great lengths to make you believe their lies. For example, a sociopath may pretend to leave “to go to work” every single day even if that person is unemployed.” and this one; “the person is completely comfortable deceiving people and blatantly telling lies to get what he or she wants.” – Where Only The Worst Brokers Are Recommended

The Binary Lab is a service provided by Julian Wong. It is supposed to be, as he claims himself, a very transparent community. He offers live trades and wants newbies to join him. Julian is also quite big on YouTube where he talks on and on about his “trusted” brokers and indicators. The first major sign of fraud is the list of his recommended brokers, and how you gain access to his site. In order to get access to his “transparent and honest community” you need to sign up with a known scam broker via’s website! What a nice guy huh!


GOptions, OptionRally and TitanTrade are all pretty famous… for not paying out and totally scamming clients for their money that is! The worst part is that Julian tells us time and time again we can trust them. Don’t take my word for it though, you can read pages and pages of complaints about these brokers either here on, CommuniTraders and many other forums. If you are too lazy to do your own research here are some links, enjoy.
GOptions Complaints
OptionRally Complaints
TitanTrade Complaints


Ok, so now you may understand why Mr. Julian W(r)ong has been charming you for such a long time, making it seem like he cares for you. The true goal was to make you deposit a hefty sum with any scam broker that pays him the most, basically taking advantage of you. Again, don’t just take my words for it! Here below are some other websites and people complaining and giving their own arguments on this matter. You can and should come to your own conclusion after reading them:
Moneywithsumit – Julian Wong Exposed
BinaryOptionsAnonymous – Julian Wong is a SCAM!! Complaint against


To be honest I never trusted this guy. If you are a member in CommuniTraders you probably know that I think he is just another self-proclaimed “Guru” who is not interested in helping traders, only himself. Some newbies didn’t agree with me but now that the fraud complaints have started to pop up all I can say is “I told you so!”



Do Your Homework, Don’t get wronged with Wong!

I know it can be hard to believe, that there can be people out there who’s only goal is to hurt you but this is not the first case. Remember that Michael Freeman guy who took advantage of people putting their trust in him and his so called auto-trader. Many traders got ripped off big time and now they feel stupid for trusting him. Unfortunately, these types of scammers exist whether you like it or not. They come off as helpful and nice and it’s often impossible to tell if they want you to help or not.


It all comes down to simple research. If you want to stay safe you have to find out the scammers before you make a deposit. Is he sending you to bad brokers? Is he selling you a non-working autotrader that has thousands of bad reviews? Does he promise foolproof strategies and impossible win rates? There is always something there that is a big giveaway so pay attention! A few minutes of research can save you thousands of dollars. If you’ve been scammed you can help by leaving a comment so others can benefit from your experience.


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