How to Trade Binary Options? Welcome to Trading School!

Feeling ready to conquer the binary options world?? All of your friends and colleagues are already trading and you’re feeling kinda left out? Quotes, Charts and Expiries run through your blood like fire ready to burst out? Ready to start Trading Binary Options? Hold on! School is here to help you get started!


Everybody’s talking about the high profits awaiting just one click away, but very few are actually doing enough to educate traders, not even the Binary Options brokers themselves. team has raised the glove, introducing to our community a brand new trading school. Our team is here to support our readers from the beginning of the search for a binary options broker, to general information about the industry and advanced education including strategies, tools and tips. The Binary Options School includes dozens of articles written by Experienced Binary Options and Forex traders, financial analysts and Binary Options writers. Trade Smart!


Where do I Begin?

PreSchool Take Your First Step
BOTS pre school

A baby is born; the sights, feelings and sounds are overwhelming for the newborn. A new trader is born today, but have no worries. We are to help!

A newborn trader needs basic knowledge to put the right pieces of info into their place. Here you’ll build the table for your new vase. Looking Good.

Introduction to Binary Options, Demo, Bonus FAQ, Avoiding Scams, Signal Providers, Gurus and everything you need to know before you start!

Primary School Learn to Trade
BOTS Primary School

The breaks, games, fights, classes and first kiss. You learn and experience, trying to make sense of things. We are here; it’s time for you to shine.

History, Math, Gym, English, Nature, Science and lots and lots of homework. Yep, you only want to have fun, but mama says: Homework First!

Choose your Binary Options Broker, learn how much to deposit, master trading Psychology and risk management and prepare yourself for Trading.

College Become a Pro Trader
BOTS college

College, final station for the Real-Life train. Trading is easy, profiting is hard. By now you think you know it all, so take the next train to PRO-town!

Young Man, Buckle up. This is life. Might be tough, but you’re a man now. Perfect your skills, unsheathe your sword, conquer the world!

Become a Trader. Understand the fundamentals, master your technicals. Learn all about tools and pick your strategies, take off to real trading!

Test YourselfExamine Your Skills
BOTS test

Hello! Yes you there! Behind that monitor! Are you still with us? Knock, knock, so what have you learned so far? Wonder how much do you really know binary options trading by now?

Check out our tests, covering all aspects of binary options trading – from basics to mental, tools to strategies. Remember – you can always learn more, so bring it on!

PhD Binary Trader MD
BOTS phd

So, you must really like binary options trading don’t you? You don’t only trade binary options, you actually want to teach other guys! Real Doctor!

You trade on a daily basis; you know your game, your positions, your risks and profits. Take some time off to learn more about Binary Options.

Binary Options Master, Binary Options Sucker, Selling you Binary Options, Selling you Signals and some more extra fun reading for addicts.


How To Use Our Binary Options Trading School?

The School Is Divided Into 5 Sections:
– Have some crayons and start sketching! Here you’ll find General Articles and Information about Binary Options, Facts about the industry, learn to avoid scams and get more Tips to get you started. Preschool section is a MUST read before depositing even a dime into your Binary Options Account!

Primary School
– Welcome to 1st Grade, I’ll be your teacher. Includes instructions for the new born trader. In this section you’ll choose how much to invest, which broker to choose, and all about mental and risk preparation. Primary School will set your newbie mind into a more trading oriented mind. Focus on preparation for the real thing – Trading Binary Options!

– Party Time! You’re an adult now; it’s time to start making money isn’t it? College is your final station before becoming a real binary options trader. Here you’ll become a trader, both mentally and professionally. College provides a set of articles covering the theory: fundamentals, technical’s, and practice – Tools and Strategies. The REAL DEAL!

Test Yourself
– How much have you actually learned about Binary Options by now?? Fun sets of tests, covering all aspects of binary options trading – from basics to mental, tools to strategies. Brag your grade!

– For real addicts only! If you really like binary options, if you know everything about binary options, if there’s no signal, strategy or indicator you’re unfamiliar with, or if you’re simply crazy about binary options as we are – Become a Binary Options Doctor!


You’re Not Doing It All Alone!

Follow the School Sections Slowly. Make sure you understand what you read, if not, you can press the “HELP” button on top of the page, or Visit CommuniTraders Forum. experts are here to help!

Learning without passion spoils the memory, and nothing of what you’ve absorbed had actually saved.

Leonardo de Vinci


Webinar Introduction


*1-1 training does not come instead of school.Use our school section to broaden your knowledge *1-1 Training is provided by approved brokers *Min Deposit may be required *US Based Traders: We’re working out a solution for you
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40 Responses to “School”

  1. alex

    with the simple keywords anyoption scam scams, I have seen a lot of complaints, some looks rela ones, other not …but still a lot, maybe you have to review one more time…thanks

    • Thimi

      this why daweda exchange is the only normal platform

  2. Kuanish

    Hey Candyman, Thanks I’m glad you like it! I think it is really imopatrnt to be able to relate to those who are teaching you and understand that they too were once beginners making the same mistakes that the beginners today are making. Shoot and I really wanted to put together a brief beginner course in addition to his more in depth course which will be released around July 1st. I remember it wasn’t too long ago that I was struggling as a new trader so I know how that goes.-Brendan

  3. Robin

    I am a newbie and would LOVE the Beginners course as soon as it’s available! Thanks!

  4. rene

    Im a neophyte & very.much imtrested to learm. Can’t wait for your course so please bring it on the soonest.

  5. Lieb Badenhorst

    Yes please. Look forward to this!!!

  6. thabo


  7. Rizwan57

    Indeed I am interested in Binary Options though, I do not have the least knowledge. Of course would love to know the basics on when & where to invest and to sense the right moment to invest.


    Really I am interested in Binary Options and I do not have much knowledge

    Kindly assist

  9. Bogdan G

    Maybe you want to be more specific? Assist with what? Did you notice the massive amount of information available here?

  10. goldenrod

    Ready for the journey. Please inform where and when school session begins.

  11. Juan

    I would like to learn how to be a successful trader

  12. John Gajardo

    Is there any information about Lionive and are they regulated

  13. Ray

    Ive been looking at starting out in this for a few months now and iam a member in a couple of these but iam learning a lot about Binary and the pair and i still have a lot more to learn before i go all in..still learning

  14. myra

    how does one gain access to your “school”? thanks

  15. Robert Smith

    Here is a question I think most readers would want to know:How do the various Brokers get paid after making a deposit to trade?Do they get a percentage of your trade and if so,how much?I have never seen that discussed,just how to sign up with a Broker.Please help.

  16. Juan Nicolas Hartz

    How can I take your course, I am interested so much. Thank you.

  17. MG44

    How can i get these lessons?

  18. Abdullaah

    How do i start, i cant find the articles

  19. simon amos

    Great, lets do it.
    Just tell me how.
    I have been flirting with binary options for some time now and to date, I have not been able to find any, real, practical way for someone like me, to learn how to trade and make a profit.

  20. ayetic

    hello bogdan can you please advice me on the binary auto trading called AUTO QUICK INCOME? if you can recommend them or not before i loose money?

  21. Denise

    I am very interested in the course, please advise.

  22. Tony

    OK guys,
    lets do this! Please send me the scoop on the “school”. Would love to get started ASAyesturday. Cost, platform, requirements?
    Thank you for creating this site!
    Hope to hear back soon,

  23. Ken

    In trying to use free stock charts with marketsworld, how can I use only one computer?

  24. Josiah Githinji

    I have come across this binary dealer and i would appreciate your honesty review before, i imvest:-LegalinsiderRobot.
    Please let me know how reliable and genuine they are?
    Your Immediate attention will be highly appreciated

  25. henryeff

    how can i get these lessons?
    cant find any articles about the school in the forum

  26. Bogdan G

    @ henryeff

    What do you mean?????
    You are in the School section. Freely available. Just click on the links… PreSchool Primary School, College

  27. Hannes

    Hi newbie hear would really want to get involved with this program, count me in thanks.

  28. Richard

    Hey, I think you guys appear to know what you are doing. You make it sound easy. I have been trading a couple of times, but the success hhas not been consistent as I expect. Can you help me with your ‘binary school’?

  29. Gazalee

    Hi my name gazalee I found out I have just open my gtoption account.
    I have read this area complaint about gtoption so much, I have lose 150$ in trading Sarah website affiliates auto system but the gtoption broker asking to fund 750$ from my account. Now I have thought to start to trade again but went I saw this link about gtoption I am afraid ,they have adding my account bonus 100% $2000 total account $2886 .
    I would like to close this account can I get back any some of my funding capital back?
    Do help me how am I going to close. I would not like to trade by then now ever seen their dishonest broker.
    Thank you.

  30. Lorna Godefroy

    I watched a presentation on binary options which looked marvelous. I don’t know anything about binary or the stock market. I was led to believe that all I had to do was pay $250 and an agent would trade for me. So I paid the start up cost only to find that he needed at least $1000 which I don’t have. Now I have $250 sitting in Option Fm account and don’t know what to do. I desperately need lessons. I live in Durban. South Africa. Can you please help me. Regards Lorna tel plus27714778976 sorry I don’t have a plus sign on my keypad. Its a windows phone.

  31. Steen

    Hope you can help!

    I want to be able to trade instantly when I see a setup I like. – and then the trade should expire say 30 minutes later.
    This instead of waiting until a certain time before the trade is activated.
    Do you know of a platform that does that.

    Thanks for your help

    kr / Steen

  32. ajayi sunday

    l just need how to trade practically since i have the knowledge in theory.

  33. Todd

    New to this idea, but I was forced to leave a career as a dentist (a career in which I truly enjoyed) due to medical diagnosis…Have been looking and reading all I can on this for months now. I had never heard of binary options until I started looking for something to do from home. I guess my question is, for I guess I am a little confused, but if you live in the US which one of the recommended companies will accept you as a trader?..I am not an impulsive person, nor am I one that believes one can accumulate large wealth overnight, but the idea of making some money in the market without having to have a MBA from Warton is intriguing if I must say…Thank you for the time in researching and writing this post.

  34. Maurice Humphrey

    I would like to learn how to trade Binary Options. How much is the education with you?

  35. Nimnual

    I got knocked out by Aussie method recently and I can tell you it’s painful. Thank you in advance to those who could shares their knowledge and can’t wait to gain more skills.

  36. Jackie

    Hello. How do I get started with the courses?




  38. James Hancock

    Any rating or comment on Binary International?
    Also NADEX, please.

  39. Dave Sincic

    Hi, I am looking for any information on a broker or company called Omega Options. I am a newbie trader and learning as I go from my mistakes. I dream of an auto trader that one can truly set and forget.

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