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VIPBinary Overview

  • VIPBinary
  • Bonus: up to25%
  • Options Profability : 60-75%
  • Rating: 5.4 / 10


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Broker Name: VIPBinary
Platform: SpotOption
Founded: 2011
Bonus: up to 25%
Return/Refund: 60-75%/1-10%
VIPBinary Overview


No. Of Assests : 83
Regulated : No
Demo Account : No
Minimum Deposit : 250
US Traders : Accepted
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Review Last Updated 2013-06-18 15:19:26

Editor’s Note- Why does VIPBinary Suck in 50 Words

Binary Options industry has experienced a dramatic growth on 2011. Many brokers pooped out from nowhere promising traders high profits in a short time. VIPBinary fits that category from all aspects. VIPBinary is just another ordinary broker with nothing special to add, I recommend sticking by the familiar brokers. VIPBinary smells like Scam.


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Why VipBinary Doesn’t Suck in 50 Words

Don’t Know. So much negative reviews, can’t find good words.



VipBinary Full Review- What is Going on Here??

It’s not a secret Binary Options trading has expended slightly over the past year. Traders now have more options available to trade, and many new Binary Options brokers open their gates for trading. One of these new refreshing brokers is VIPBinary, launched on late 2011 and based on the promising SpotOption binary options trading platforms technology.  VIPBinary is 100% web-based, so there’s no need for any software to be downloaded. As a SpotOption platform based, trading experience at VIPBinary is easy, fun and well suited either for beginners and experienced traders as one. Moreover, in VIPBinary traders will find some great trading tools, such as the Roller Over and Double Up options which helps traders perform better trading strategies and a rescue line in case of expected loss. It needs to be said- VIPBinary is a good place for traders in terms of trading options and tools. They provide their customers a fine trading environment. So why does VIPBinary Sucks? Because I don’t think VIPBinary is the right place to invest your money into. Let me explain. Firstly, lets focus in the returns and refunds. The maximum return is only up to 75%, with an average of between 66-71% for most assets. In today’s Binary Options industry, we can find many more experienced brokers which offer the same or more profits but these brokers have better reputation hence they are more trustable. If you’re already settling for below average returns, go for a stable broker. Speaking about returns, VIPBinary traders should also expect below average refunds incase of Out-of-Money. These two profits issues downsides by ViPBinary really hurt its not built yet reputation, making VIPBinary a minor player in the Binary Options competition. It’s still quite early to decide in which direction will VIPBinary evolve, will they continue strengthening their trading environment or maybe they’ll provide better return, Binary Options that Suck will continue monitoring these sides of VIPBinary.


Is VipBinary a Scam?

When you want to provoke binary options scams, one must check out all sites, reviews and spontaneous comments provided by former or soon become traders. After doing so, traders should have second look at the Bonus factors, deposit and withdrawals methods to learn more about the broker’s structure. Since VIPBinary is quite fresh, searching the web for VIPBinary scam or fraud is quite an impossible mission. Not enough traders have yet decided to register and deposit into VIPBinary, so there isn’t enough “inside” information about VIPBinary. The few reviews we did find were nothing but bullshit binary options review sites claiming VIPBinary is indeed trustable. All current information about VIPBinary is quite blurred; therefore I must avoid recommending VIPBinary. In order to find some more information, I took the liberty of investigating VIPBinary transactions methods and min-max amounts needed to fund trader’s accounts. Well, these are my results: Minimum deposit average-maybe high 250$. That’s understandable, but the Minimum withdrawal amount was outrages – 100$ at least to make a withdrawal. Let’s say I have only 50$ left in my account, I don’t want to invest it back, or I’ve decided VIPBinary is not the right broker for me, then what should I be doing? Leave it there or try generating some more profits? I’ll the answer to my readers. As for the transactions methods, they all seem fine, not many extra fee charges, bonus is good, everything seems in order, but quite lacking. Better experienced brokers will offer their customers more ways to perform transactions, with better customer service. Overall, I wouldn’t conclude VIPBinary is a scam. VIPBinary binary options broker is another new kid in the block and maybe arouses some suspicions, but only time and some brave investors will tell us the truth.


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VipBinary Complaints

You can check the list of commment below. Many many negative comments. Scam?


VipBinary Bonus

VipBinary offer bonus of up to 25%. The wager is average high, a volume of 30*bonus is needed.


VipBinary Withdraw

The withdraw procedure at VipBinary is more or less ok, it should take up to 3 days to process the request, but then another 5-7 days until the funds will be transferred.



VIPBinary Ratings


User Friendly 15/20

VIPBinary website is based on a 100% web based platform. The website is very user-friendly and trading experience is quite fun.  The platform looks modern and is graphically attractive. The website has been cleanly organized and it is quite easy to locate the buttons. Learning tutorials are good as well making VIPBinary a good place for all types of traders. The FAQ section is quite messy, hope VIPBinary will take care of it soon. On the downside, VIPBinary is only available in English, French and Spanish.


No. of Assets and Expiry time 17/20

The total number of assets is 83 which include 33 trade stocks, 15 currencies, 7 commodities and 28 indices. VIPBinary offers a wide selection of assets available to trade especially since it’s a new binary options broker. The expiry times is range from between 15 minutes until the end of day. Touch options for weekend trading are also available.


Commissions, Support and Effective return 5/20

VIPBinary don’t charge any fees or commissions from traders when they first deposit or purchase options. Withdrawals are charged with a 30$ fee only for money wire. All withdrawals have a minimum of 100$. VIPBinary support and live chat is pretty mediocre; it took awhile to get a representative over the live chat. The effective return is below average with a maximum of 75% In-The-Money. The Out-of-Money refund is also below average and between 1-10%, and mostly around 5%. But if you can’t withdraw, what’s it worth?


Deposit, Payment and Bonus 5/20

A minimum deposit of $250 is required for initial deposit at VIPBinary. Minimum investment is good, 20$ per trade. The deposit methods which are accepted by this trading platform are Money Bookers, Credit or Debit Card and Wire Transfer as well. Withdrawals are generally available via the same methods with minimum fees applied. The welcome bonus is fair with 25% bonus on all their deposits. See above.


Website Extra’s 12/20

VIPBinary trading tools are quite basic, with some exceptions. VIPBinary only offer Call/Put options but they do have an Option Builder so traders have the freedom to create their own choice of trading option. Touch Options are also available. As for the trading tools, VIPBinary offers their costumers Rollover and Double Up options in case of an expected loss or a potential possibility to double their investment during expiry time. There are also some market reviews by VIPBinary and a live news feed bar.


VIPBinary Rating 54/100

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168 Responses to “VIPBinary”

  1. Scammers promise used to be too sweet

    If they are not registered then they are scam. If we cannot withdraw or the process is too hard then they’re scam. It is scary to read that we need TIME to prove if they are. By then, they’d be gone laughing with a lot of victims’ money :(

    • zandin1

      How i really wish i could talk to everyone that is trying to do business with VIPBINARY. Do NOT! Repeat Do NOT join,these people are real scamers and they will do anything to get away with your hard earned resources.After they milk you,They STOP picking up calls or Answering your calls. Am telling you the truth and its from my personal experience.ITS been extactly 1month and 2weeks since i made a request to discontinue the transaction and withdraw the money i deposited.But up to date nothing has come out of that.Please people dont get hurt.I put up my Email in case you want to verify with me over these issues.I will stand by my statment and i will back it up with proof.

      • gerald

        i need help bin taken by fro my life saveings i am dissabiled 6000.00 is thar ennything i can do

        • Ray

          Is there some legal way to get your money back. It has cost me $400,000 in another investment which money from vipninary has not come to me from extra money which they said I had to pay to get the refund.

      • Amandeep

        They are not returning my money. Can somebody help me please.

        • TINO

          what you need to do is search for a good Lawyer, this is the information for my lawyer call him.
          Thomas Law Group specializes exclusively in arbitration and litigation of securities and commodities disputes primarily on behalf of investors. Our firm provides a team of attorneys, experts, consultants and others with vast experience in the securities and commodities industries. Since 1991 we have represented over 1,500 investors nationwide to recover their investment losses. We have represented clients in securities arbitration at FINRA (formerly NASD), NYSE, the American Arbitration Association and JAMS (Judicial Arbitration and Mediation Services).

          Our firm also handles enforcement and disciplinary hearings at the SEC as well as reparations hearings at the National Futures Association and the Commodities Futures Trading Commission. Collectively, our clients have recovered tens of millions of dollars through our assistance and representation in settlement negotiations, mediations, arbitrations and more
          Thomas Law Group P.C.

          2910 Jefferson Street
          Suite 204
          Carlsbad, CA 92008
          Map and Driving Directions

          Toll Free: 800.797.9888
          Phone: 760.720.9600
          Fax: 760.720.9690

      • Rober

        Read everything here about vipbinary – it is all true. They owe me 6,000 I deposited plus 4300 in trade wins. Lies, no answer to calls, they hang up, dsiconnect you, keep you on hold until you HAVE to hang up, promise everything deliver nothing, zero response to any request that involves withdrawal of funds including the so called ‘live help.’ They even have the temerity to phone and hassle for more funds in order to provide you with secure trades, without ever letting you have a cent out of your account.
        Ironically, they seem to know what they’re doing regarding the markets, which is what makes this so bizarre. Sound advice, 80% accuracy plus secure trades – but it is ALL on paper or rather, on screen. Your money does not exist in reality, as it is impossible to withdraw. Avoid like the plague no matter what they say or how they say it, and let everyone you know not to go near them!

    • Marvin

      Beware!!!! Vip binary Stoled me $45,000 dollars…dollars that i receive for my fathers dead. They are a crazy guys, Please i sitll suffering that loss because i want that money to buy my Wife’s Handicap Van and i cant right Now…I hate John Rully and Marcos, they are a thief. This is a real Testimony, it was on 2013

  2. pedro alvarez

    i like to know how can i go after this people vipbinary they took my money and never return my deposit they have a dominicab ladie that was the one that contact me for the deposit and now they dont even answe the phone

    • Linda

      I had same experience. VIP Binary they took your money, when you wants to withdraw money, they got cancelled. they never answer your call or e-mail. I wish that I found out this sooner, I already invested thousands of dollars. Is any one can tell me how to get them? Advise to everyone : don’t invest on VIP binary. It’s a scam.

      • Vickie

        Contact the Attorney General Office and file a complaint !! also the Consumer complaint office. VIP Binary are Thieves !!

  3. Maria Dumitru

    I am one of the cheated trader of VIP Binar. I wanted to close my account with VIP Binary and withdaw my money but it is impsible. I had sent them 2 e-mails and they did not replaied to none of them. I called and there was no answer to the phone. Luckily is not to much that I had earned from this investment. I decided to go to my Credit
    Card and file a dispute for $100 and the $43.00 thsy can keep it. Stay away from VIP Binary

  4. M Salguero

    I have requested a withdrawal for over a month and they have never returned my money. I spoke to a couple of people. They never respond to any e-mails. I have sent one everyday after the first week of no response. Scam?

  5. sam

    I have deposit $250 on this vipbinary borker, at first there advice me to deposit deposit more money and telling me if i deposit 1k there will give me $500 but i tell them i will look on this matter first, there keep on pussing me to deposit luckly i dont follow there advice. So after doing trading for 2-3 week i make a lost of 150 so i request to withdraw my money after 1 month my account become 0 but till now i havent received my money yet. This Vipbinary is really an scam……company….i hope this company will be taken action by the law…… PLEASE CLOSE THIS COMPANY IT REALLY A SCAM….. TO ALL PEOPLE WHO WANT TO PLAY BINARY OPTION TRADING PLS DO NOT INVEST TO VIPBINARY.COM.

  6. MaryAnn

    VIP Binary is a total scam. They make great promises and then don’t deliver. Don’t deal with Chris at ext 103 he lies, and should not be trusted, he is only in it for your hard earned cash. DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY MONEY!!! It is like heck to get it back. They make you wait 10 days but when you fund the account it only takes minutes to give them your money. Please don’t do any business with them, they are a total rip off, scam artist, liers, and pigs. If anyone could get me their physical address in Manhattan, I would appreciate it very much. Thanks

    • Linda

      Mary Ann: I had the same experience. I put in $7000 so far, broker Bill told me I can withdraw $3000. But it has been one month,it got cancelled time after time. I e-mailed them,called them everyday. So far, still no money. Broker only called me when he wants me to invest, but when comes to withdraw money, they kept cancelling the request. You mentioned “they kept you waiting for 10 days when you want to withdraw the money” in your e-mail. Did you got any money back after 10 days?

      Did you have any suggestion what to do? should we dispute the credit card charge to get some money back? close the account? We should report to BBB and attorney general, try to close them down. so other poeple won’t get scamed. e-mail me back if you can. Thanks

    • The Truth

      Anyone or everyone wanting to get there monies back Contact me Asap on I know everything that can get you your justice

      • Vernon

        I sign up to VIP Binary on May 23rd for the amount of $1000.00. I did some trade and made profit $200.00. I tried to withdraw all my funds without the bonus they offer but up to now July 1st I haven’t get my money back to my credit card. As I have read all the comments I believe I got scam too. I wish I have check out this company prior signing up….

        • diaz

          we need to do something.. because it is too easy to loose our money like that.. i put my one year savings $5000 and its been almost a month i cant get it out…
          They are scam.. Espacially a guy call MIchael.. Becarefull guys… i am trying to do something and I will update later…

          • Max

            Has anyone got their money withdrawn?

  7. They are scam

    Can`t get my money back. What other evidence do you need ?
    Same as other reviewers : they stop responding to phone calls, they lie, etc…
    Stay away !!!

  8. margaret

    i deposited $300 three wks ago i traded for a two days i went down to $279 i decided to withdraw and no one answers my phone calls or emails but when i was trading they called me everyday to get me to invest more money now i cannot get a hold of anyone i am very angry please do not do business with vip binary i wish i had read these posts first before placing my savings with these thieves

    • ismael

      that happend to me michael i deposit 1000 and they took anothe 1000 with out my authorizations i have been trying to get my money back i guess i will have to talk to a lawyer like Barry did and see if i can get lucky and get my money back. stay away fron this company it is no good.

  9. Dave

    There site suggests that 1 on 1 service is key & your acct mgr will work closely with you over phone or email. I joined over 3 weeks ago – have sent MANY emails & left MANY phone messages for my Account Mgr and have talked to him a couple times although it seems he is always in a hurry & has other customers he must deal with so many of my questions & concerns get left un answered. I did make $284 the 1st day & thought I would test out how the withdrawal process goes – it went to a pending status for 3 weeks & I now see it got cancelled. I sent MANY emails asking about it over the 3 weeks with no response. I am feeling scammed at this moment. I had high hopes for this site although they are fading fast :-(

  10. trisha

    Yes! Looks to me they are scam. Before I deposited money they rang me and promised to train and that i can trade with bonus and if I am not happy can withdraw money. Once I deposited, no one is responding. No one is available to chat anytime. Even my withdrawal is pending. And now I am not even able to trade, as whenever I login it is kicking me out and going to hostingdude site.This should be reported as scam.

  11. ted

    they took money from my credit card 1000 without my authorization last march 30 2012. i called them and they said yes we return your money until this writing my money is not in my bank account. i called them many times and get hold of them. when i spoke to them they told me to contact the accounting dept and their accounting dept. has extension number. i spoke on the chat with frank he said he will refund me asap but he did not refund my money. i spoke with someone listed in better business 9547885335. i as him is this vip binary he said yes. i want my money back. he said i stole all your money you cant get it back. i am going to mexico now bye. this company is scammer. fuck this company. i lost my $1000.

  12. jolanda

    Hello, I am from the netherlands and also made a deposit. 3 days ago and now I am reading this.. it doesn’t feel very good.

  13. Ralph

    They are a scam period. I opened an account with $100 through a email solicitation I received but when I went to use it to buy an option it was rejected and within minutes I get this phone call telling me that I need minimum of $1000 to trade, thats when I decided to close the account. then I get a call from an agent(Tony) saying that I will get money on the 28th of April and now it is the 5th of May, nothing. I don’t know if it will do any good but I am filing a complaint with the BBB and also the consumer affairs division of the Attorney Generals Office
    At least it is only $100, I see where some people lost $1000 or more.

  14. Jerry Ebstein

    VIP Binary is a SCAM “PLAIN AND SIMPLE” – If you have any bad dealing with them PLEASE POST – The Internet is a POWERFUL tool to put them out of business. Or at least hit them where it hurts, by discouraging future victims to their INVESTMENT FRAUD SCHEME. They basically take your money and then when you try to WITHDRAW it (for ANY reason) via their WITHDRAW REQUEST webpage . . . They then take (24-48)hours to change your “PENDING” status to “CANCELLED” without any notification . . . Then they give you the RUN-AROUND every day after that, via LIVE CHAT with pathetic excuses. They avoid any and all PHONE contact and will ignore your emails and live chat request in the future if you consistently try to contact on a matter. When you are trying to WITHDRAW FUNDS, other than a email AUTO responder – NO ONE will contact you via EMAIL/PHONE . . . However, surprisingly how they practically break their necks to contact you to put MORE money into your account in the beginning. I opened my account at 10pm on a SUNDAY and they called me roughly 15 Minutes after I made the deposit . . . . Now I can’t get anyone significant on the phone to send me my money. Unfortunately, I didn’t do a thorough enough background check on them, before making my deposit. But they are doing business out of “TBILISI, GEORGIA” . . . So, you are going to have issues trying to get your money back via the LEGAL route. VIP BINARY SCAMMERS PURE AND SIMPLE . . . . VIP BINARY SCAM . . . FEEL FREE TO COPY AND RE-POST this anywhere.

  15. Dennis

    This blog is a God send. I was about to send money when I thought that I should check this out and I am glad that I did. I am sorry for the loss of money that you all lost, but I was suspicious when then these guys called me within 3 minutes of opening my account and asking me for money. I told them that i had to check it out first. They were upset and hung up, but I am glad I did that.
    Buyers beware. There is a lot of scam out there. More scam then legitimate stuff.

    • Michael

      Thanks to all of you and your warnings. I came so close to placing money in their account. The only thing to stop me was the fact that there was no security padlock on the page and was afraid that they would take more money than I was going to authorise, as has happened to one of you. It is extremely difficult to find legitimate sites these days, as I have come believe that many of these unscroupolous people rely on people’s vulnerability, especially in these difficult financial times.
      Thank you again.

  16. Barry

    I deposited $250 and after a lot of small trades my balance was up to $252.40. The whole thing seemed like gambling so I decided that it would be better if I had a lot more money to play with in the future. I tried to withdraw my money and had the same issues as all of the above posters. No response to emails and mostly no help from the brokers. I got my lawyer sister involved and after a bunch of calls to various brokers, she got on the Live Chat with some of the people from accounting. After a few conversations with them over a period of about a week nothing was happening so she told them that if the money is not in my account by a certain day she would file complaints with the applicable government authorities. The next day, $250 appeared in my account. They can keep the $2.40 that they didn’t give to me. I saved transcripts of all the Live Chat conversations… So much for “We focus on YOU because we know that’s what really counts.” That’s what it says on their website… It took almost a month and a lawyer to get my money back, but at least I got it back. I will never do anything like this again. I’m sticking with only reputable companies like E*Trade for now on.

  17. Gary

    I invested 500.00 and have lost half so far but I am getting it back little by little. I havent had a problem with this company yet, but I know they are messing with the wrong individual if I discover a rip-off.

  18. Larry

    I tried them with 100.00 and the trades I made soon took all that and they called wanting me to put in 1000 and they would add 500 and my gut told me they were ripoffs and thank God I only lost 100.00 they are in the Virgin Islands and I hope Karma catches up with them real fast

  19. Patrick

    I have been trying to get my money out also, but have not had success. The written posts in here are similar to my experiences and would also like to file with the BBB, but how do I find out where they are located. I understood the nature of the risk I took when I enrolled in trading futures, etc., but to be ripped off by the company that the trades go through is unbelieveable. I am not so sure now, if the screen shots of the trading is legit. These people are playing with borrowed time and will be prosecuted I am sure.

  20. Linda

    These people, like David, Frank Melissa are all scamers. They will not give you back your money. I put in a 1000 and they refuse to approve your withdrwal. They are quick within minutes to take your money but they will not give u it back. There must be some overseeing body to shut them down.

  21. Patrick

    Everything being said I have experienced. No one answers the phone, and I got on to “chat” and then wrote I wanted to cancel and get my money, the chat ended. I’ve been going for the second week just trying to get my money Back. It does make you wonder if the screen shots of the transactions are on the up and up.



  23. Kojo


  24. Dallas Woods

    I invested $2000 about 2 months ago. VIP Binary gave me a $2000 bonus in my investment account. I was told I could make a good return of about 75% on my investments. I have been working with Michael Diaz ext. 104 for investment advice. At first I made about $400. Later I started to loose about 1/2 of the investments recommended by Michael. Michael usually was available whenever I called and seemed knowledgeable about the market. I started noticing when I tried to take a put position the value would drop about 9 cents on oil before I could lock in my position. This gives VIP Binary an unfair advantage. The same things happens when I make a call position on oil the value would rise about 9 cents before I could lock in my position. This also gives VIP Binary an unfair advantage and stacks the odds against the investor.
    During the evening hours the charts would disappear shortly after logging on. I complained about this several times but was never given any followup answers by VIP Binary. I tried to withdraw my investment but was never able to do so. After working with Michael for a month I had lost my initial investment of $2000. As time went on and I was able to spot favorable entries for puts and calls I would be blocked by a message saying Temporarily Unavailable.
    Later when working with Michael almost all of my positions lost money. My account balance is now less than $400 and I don’t see any way to ever make money with this company.
    I wish I had known more about this company before investing.
    Based on my experience You will eventually loose all your money invested with this company.

  25. Jerry Ebstein


  26. Jerry Ebstein

    They are the WORSE. The entire business is based on getting you to deposit money and then giving you the run-around after that. There is NO ONE in charge to talk to and when you do finally get someone via the phone they are quick to redirect you to their “NON-SUPPORT” email : “”, which if you are trying to withdraw funds from your account or close your account they will simply IGNORE your email request and you are stuck in this “Pass the Buck Nightmare”. DO NOT OPEN AN ACCOUNT WITH THEM. LIARS AND SCAM ARTIST

  27. Johny Walker

    They are SCAM, I had similar experience with other companies, they are good on stealing your money. They will never give you back any money. None of these guys are in US, so pretty much nothing you can do legally.

  28. StratocasterMan

    Interesting…what I have yet to hear anyone really speak of is the actual trades…

    I deposited$250 and went to town on them the first two days, just rolling with the flow trends. Then, third day, all of a sudden I got the strangest feeling there on my computer. I can’t really describe it well, but it was as if at the 75% point of the trade when I am kicking their but and taking names…all of a sudden, everything starts going haywire and weird. The charts starting going up and down with HUGE 40 – 50% swings every 10-15 seconds unlike anything I had ever seen. My internet connection was solid but their site crashed I think, 8 or 9 times in a matter of 90 minutes!

    Funny, most of the time I was SO far in the money…then crash, then finallget back on after a couple of minutes at the end of the trade and it would be EXACTLY the opposite side of the trade! I have never seen those kinds of swings ever and I used to trade live commodities options way back in early 90’s.

    This may sound stupid, and I can’t prove it because I couldn’t get screen shots of it, but something was way hokey funny going on! I was a Certified Microsoft Systems Engineer for 13 years and I’ve never seen a program act that wild and funky or browser crash that much. Yet had not one problem with any other website of the 4 different browsers I have installed!

    Long story short…thet ripped right through that $250 in 2 days and old dumb me went back for some MORE! Another $250 to win my money back because I KNEW I could beat them!


    Negative $500 my friends…of some of the strangest things I have ever seen in the world of trading online., you suck, and I got something for ya if I ever catch up to ya! You manipulated ALL of us and there is a special place in Hades awaiting your arrival!

    It is a shame on me too everyone…I KNOW BETTER and went back and handed them some more! My bad!

    Successful Trading To You All!

  29. nenad

    on 5.5.2012 i joined to vipbinary and deposited 255$. emediatelly after that i saw this forum and send a request to withdraw my money. today is 28.5.2012 and my request is still pending. in first 3 days they called me in persuading me to invest money, not to withdraw…On the 3rd day they called me and told me that on my account is 0$. when i came home i check the account and 255$ was still in my account and the money is still there. let me emphasize that i didnt pay any options. i just deposited money and 1 hour later i send a withdraw request. i have a very bad filling about this. But i have all screen shots from day one. if anybody needs it for prosecution post it on forum.

  30. Ieasha Gordon

    OMG I cannot believe this. I cried my heart out today because I didn’t know that these people were such monsters. I deposited $250 and lost abt $123, so I deceided to withdraw $100, but it seems I was ignored.The guy name William called me and asked me to invest $1000 and I told him I didn’t have that money right now. He said he would call back in 2 hours and over 4 hours have passed. I pray God will forgive me for wasting the money he blessed me with :-(

  31. Mike

    I was foolish enough to donate 1000 dollars after a week of trading I was down 200 dollars I have tried 3 times to withdraw the remaining funds and each time cancelled request ( if its an system issue) try again support is useless if they bother to answer e-mail is useless no replies there either and there is no regulating body for binary option trading yet to do anything about it might as well have tossed the cash out the window VIPBinary is nothing but a scam if you insist on giving away money try charity at least you can deduct that

  32. Donald E. Garner

    ######### SPAM USER – 10 COMMENTS FROM THE SAME IP – Used 6 different Names ################

    Today i came across with this site and all these really bad reviews and i am so sorry to hear about all these troubles that people are having, I will admit i have been working with VIP Binary for over 2 months now, and i am glad to say that i have no experienced any of these issues, i have deposited and profited, the only thing i can say made me a bit nervous at the beginning was that my withdrawal took like 20 days, but it cleared, and never had anymore issues.
    I will dare to say my experience has been very good.

    Please do Not post any Spam on our comments area. Our system will approve and activate the warning sign.

  33. Random

    I deposited 300, trade for 2 days went down to 139. so i requested a withdrawal 2 months ago, my account went down to 0 still i didn’t receive my money, when i call they keep telling me to contact live support online……they never answers my emails and always giving me the runaround…… I’ve been calling and emailing everyday for 2 weeks now.
    I will not let this go, next i will be contacting the BBB and IC3 and my state attorney general
    about these people until i get my money.

  34. Carole

    Don’t US Feds investigate scams like this. Soooo disappointed. Perhaps we should come together under one banner and get them hunted down. What say you all?

  35. mike

    Hi i put $5000 that i saved for 5 month and then when they got all the monmey they didnt call me and they

  36. steve

    I was taken by these people for 5k. Luckly I was able to charge back because I used a credit card. So the credit card company was able to recover the funds. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE!!!

  37. jon.jon

    Is there a ligite comapny out there to trade Binary Options?

  38. Brian Segada

    VIP Binary is owned by the same crooks that own…
    They have all the same account managers with the same fake names. They will not honor your withdrawal requests. They are not located in the US…they are running their cowardly fraud operation from the Dominican Republic. Traders BEWARE.

  39. Jean Morse

    I have the same experience with VIP binary as everyone else has. I am going to try and contact New York’s Attorney General as well as the local BBB which I guess would be Manhattan. Can’t get the exact address. Maybe then something can be done.

  40. gerald

    i was taken fro 6000 by could not withdrallat enny time thay do not stand by thar boness or sacurd trades thay got my life saveings smoth talkers thay r dus enny one no how i can get my money back please do not trade with then its a scam i got took thay say thay will help you all the way throu but thay just vanish ones thay get your money i tride to get a withdrall could not stay away from them pleas . if enny one nos of a law suit agenst them let me no .

  41. gerald

    sill looking fro help to get my money back i am dissaebled and vip took me fro my life saveings.

  42. Orlan

    We need a class action Law suit against VIPBinary they took me for over 800. Does any one know a Lawyer Maybe we can shut them down

  43. Check

    This company definitely sucks BIG TIME! In the first place, the reference phone number on my bank record for my $1,000 investment was from the Netherlands!! Further research indicated their offices were in the British Virgin Islands, and there are other foreign addresses as well. When I realized something was amiss, I requested a withdrawal, and was given the run-around time and time again. I was given different dates the money would be deposited in my account, but it was never deposited. It is virtually impossible to get in contact with anyone. You can file a report with the FTC or the Better Business Bureau if you have a complaint.

  44. Heather

    I found out about VIPbinary via spam email. checked out the site and had a broker call on the phone almost instantly. I was asking him questions because in the email it said they were doing a promotional low deposit special of only $100 to try it but this broker wanted me to deposit $1000. Big red flag. So I figured I would wait it out and see what the story would be down the road. That was 6 months ago. Boy am I glad I didn’t fall for it. I would seriously speak with an attorney and the BBB to have them shut down.

  45. kirk demoss

    vipbinary does not track trades correctly.the on-line real time is faulty. it did cost me a lot in lost winnings. no one there will answer my questions. LOOK OUT FOR VIPBINARY

    • kirk demoss

      vipbinary does not have any phone support whatsoever. my $1000 is gone and i have no one to speak with. beware.

  46. Steve

    Deposited $500 in May, lost $100, and have never been able to get the money returned since June.

  47. Vickie

    VIPBinary options are thieves, it is all fraud, they steal your money. I am sending the paperwork to the office of Attorney General for a complaint here in Sacramento California if any one of you wants to send all your information please do maybe we can bring this people to justice.

  48. TONY

    this is a fake and scam operation ,do not get fouled by the colorful web site it all scheme to get you deposit money in to their account ,once you deposit the money it is gone either investing it or withdrawal you don’t get your money back not even one penny ,i deposited $250 lost about $100 on fake charts and diagrams ,and when tried to withdrawal the balance ,they put it in pending process for 2months and still pending,i called live chat got no respond called customer service got hanged up on ,please do read this and do some research before giving your money to these mother fuckers ,

  49. berbA

    Does this work?

  50. greg

    im still waiting on my withdrawal of $250 since 6/21. i call and they direct me to their on line chat and i cant get any one to call me except when they want me to put more money in !!! definately a scam!!

  51. Michael cairns

    Do not touch them with a barge pole. I have been waiting 3 weeks for my money withdrawal.

    • Pum

      I’m sorry – this seems like a total scam. The interface seemed enticing and real enough but their marketing methods are typical of hooking and than crooking. Also, the withdrawal issue speaks to a big-time Ponzi Scheme.

    • MichaelR

      Vip Binary is a total RIP-ofF, they do not care how you deposit your money to trade, but when you request q withdrawal, they are demanding a photo ID & a copy of your credit card.
      I have been waiting my money for several weeks now!! their reason is because the do not know if I am the fight person for the account, should’nt they request that prior to a deposit?
      VIPBinary is a DAMN!!! Thief!! My advice to every one is to NEVER do any business with them.. Bitches!!

      • Jacqui

        DO NOT TOUCH THEM!!!!!!! They are scam artists. I have reported them to the SEC, the FBI Internet Fraud Unit and try to report them on every site the appear on. You will never see your money again. They don’t DO withdrawals. Please save your hard earned money!

    • Karolina J

      VIPBinary – Before you think of making big money the odds are heavily weighted against you. You would have to have 3 winners to one looser to make a “small” amount of money. I would call it gambling not trading as the odds are the House always wins! More like a Casino than Broker! In respect to their Support great if you do as you are told, bad if you want to do your own thing – all they want to do is lose your money enticing you with bonuses which are NOT bonuses just a lolly dangling before your eyes so you deposit some more so they can lose more. And when it comes to withdrawals – well that is yet another story. I was informed that I will get my money back into my account between 7 – 14 days from the day you apply and they process all requests on Fridays only. They are so hopeless that they can’t even deliver on this rule. Their Customer Care – maybe Don’t Care is pathetic. They hide behind Rules and Regulations, never answer emails, and when you use the Live Support never give you an answer and let you hold on for ever. And beware if you want to call them directly as they are always on “the phone” and when you do get through they are so rude they hang up on you unles they persuade you to continue “trading” with them – All I can do is shake my head. Quite frankly I don’t know how they stay in business. Time that this industry was better regulated.
      Would I recommend this broker – their Head Office is based in Nicosia, Cyprus, so I suppose that they really don’t care as they get enough people sucked in to live in style. And NO I would give them zero out of ten!
      Remember if it wounds too good – stay away.

  52. Mr Alexander

    Truly concerned customer. I have been a customer for 2 months with off and on trading. I really like their platform, but also hate learning the hard way about withdraws. T

    I am in a student currently studying auto technician and really don’t appreciate the suggestive selling i’ve been getting.

    After looking a little too late on this site for more confidence that i am being scammed i’ve scrambled to defcon 1.

    This newly-wed needs some serious direction and TRUTH!

  53. M. Garner

    If you see this bunch coming run like hell.They took 150.80 from me and refuse to return it. They keep lying and saying its on its way,its been on its way since may 3 It is a well organize scam and everyone there is involed in it cause they all tell you the same thing!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Miranda R

      I’m another one who is waiting since July for my account balance of $160.50. I need my money. The broker tells me that the only way to contact the accounting dept is through live chat. Well, they disabled my account’s live chat and zeroed my account. I keep calling the broker who tells me he will check into it, but he never calls back, and my money has not been returned. It’s almost October. When I did get live chat (before they disabled it), they were rude and unprofessional. Frank said my money would be back to me in about 5 working days. It never came. I also wondered if this was a Ponzi scheme, and I am going to report them to the BBB and the Attorney General of New York. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!

  54. C. Kloppers

    I am so concerned. I’ve been waiting for my withdrawal from 2 July and everytime I asked for the status I get the same answer or a very rude feedback. According to them the money is already at my CC Company, but Visa says that they have NO record of ANY payment! I do not think that I will ever see that money again, and I know it sound pathetic but I really need it desperately. DO NOT INVEST IN VIP Binary Options. It causes a lot of hart break

  55. R Le

    Stay away from this broker. They ignore my request to withdrawal the remaining fund in my account when I like to cancelled my account. The support email and online chat do not respond. The lady on the phone can’t provide help either. I am going to take legal step to resolve this issue. In the meantime, do not become the next victim.

  56. gerald

    i bin taying to get my 6000 back fro mouths now thay sead it takes time talked to about tem diferent peaple now thay dont reatern my calls . all so left messeges with one person on here that sead thay could get my money back still no anser after ten atemps.i will not give up still tring thay r good at what thay do!!!!!!! now i will call my credir card reaport the fraud if ennybudy can think of something we can do let me no thay took my life saveings i feel vary silly beleaveing what i was told thar is a sucker boren every day i gess thats me. wishing you all the bestin life be carefull out thar!!!!!

  57. Daniel

    It seems that all of the above comments are true.
    I have requested a withdrawal 3 different times and the company/broker there keeps cancelling my request .
    They are always calling to get you to invest more and try to change your mind about sugessting a withdrawal.
    I may never see that money again but will keep trying and filling reports

    • Charles

      VIP BINARY is definitely an entity of thieves. When I was unable to withdraw my funds after 29 business days I started tracking my account with video clips and screen snapshots. As I continued to inquire about my funds, they decided to reduce my account from several thousands to less than ten dollars and insisted that the funds were already transferred several weeks earlier. However, I have documented proof that my account was showing all of my funds on the same day of my complaint. They made their deceptive move while I was in the online chat room. Approximately half of the funds in my account were bonuses but the other half were funds I contributed. When they took my bonuses away, I was extremely concerned. However, they crossed the line when they took my contributed funds as well. I was livid! The funds were never transferred which can be confirmed by my bank.

      • Charles

        I perfectly believe you, Charles. You don’t have to waste another word. Those guys are Armed Robbers and Murderers! Thief is an Understatement!

  58. Adriane Heinisch

    I have tried Vip binary 2 month ago, and they promised me a profit if i invest 400 dollars, that is 800 in my country, so i invest everything i had and they manage to take it all, the broker gave me adviced and i lost every time, they are bad and if you don´t have big money they will take everything from you, be careful, don´t trust them.

  59. gerald

    i have opened a deaspute with vip if you have bin taken to open a deaspute with your crediit card cumpany do not get taken thay took 6000 from me if you wate to long the credit card cumpany cant go back to far thay r working to get me back 3000 the rest its to late get ahold of your credit card cumpany NOW!!!!!! HERY HERY!!! BEST TO YOU ALLL OF YOU GO GET YOUR MONEY BACK…. HERY !!!!!!!

  60. willy r

    signed up to VIPBINARY before I saw this review. First attempt to bet was a success but found the next 2 seemed to develop a problem and closed early losing my bet “thought I had made a mistake but now not so sure” today 27/08 noticed that the charts for oil and the URO/USD are identical between 05.30 and 06.30 Chart time. very worrying as the price and patterns are exactly the same what are the chances of that. Quickly realising I may have made a big mistake.

  61. E. G

    Call the CFTC on them they over see the options maybe they can help you

  62. Linda

    Same here. I deposited the least amount of $400 to start then wanted to withdraw $100. The money vanished in thin air and never made it to my bank account. When I asked them where my money went they just said “check with your bank, eveything looks ok on our end”. When I tried to ask again the person “Frank” just stopped responding to me. I left the converstation letting him know I was going to report them to SEC. Now I have another $1000 just sitting in their account and I am sure that if I try to withdraw that money it will “vanish” too.

    Does anyone have a case going against them? or have someone to contact?

    Thank you,

  63. P.Satele

    If anyone read this comments .Stay away from this people they are all scamer .and they have no felling of your hard earn money .

  64. Linda

    Same here, I deposited the least amount of $400 to start then wanted to withdraw $100. The money vanished in thin air and never made it to my bank account. When I asked them where my money went they just said “check with your bank, everything looks ok on our end”. When I tried to ask again the person “Frank” just stopped responding to me. I left the conversation letting him know I was going to report them to SEC. Now I have another $1000 just sitting in their account and I am sure that if I try to withdraw that money it will “vanish” too.

    I was instructed to file a claim with these two agencies. Anyone who has had issues please file a claim. The more people that speak out the better change of getting our money back.


    Thank you,

  65. Linda

    I have an update to my last post…. Here is what everyone should do.

    I started to do some research and came up with some U.S. agencies that can be contacted. Everyone who has had a bad experience with VIP should contact these agencies and open a case.

    Also, I found the local Police department for Nicosia, Cyprus and I emailed as many of the departments from these two websites that I felt fit the situation.

    These are the department that I emailed:

    The more people that report the issue the more of a chance we have to get some help.

    Thank you and good luck,

  66. Darin

    Everyone! Put in a fraud dispute with your bank or card issuer. This is clearly fraud, and there are many talking about it. Tell your bank or card issuer all about VIP Binary and how it is not letting you withdraw your money. Keeping your money is an act of fraud and needs to be reported to your banks, and the FTC Branch of the Government ASAP! Good Luck!

  67. Darin

    Also, I highly recommend that all of you record your internet activity with VIP Binary so they do not try to say you simply lost your money on trades.

    You can easily record your web activity by using this free service:

  68. Darin

    Here is the corrected report:


    i have similar complaint, being trying since july 1 to get my money back. I have filed complaints with SEC, NASDAQ, Bank of America, the New York state attorney general office. I plan to file with the FTC, because they called to solicit my account. Oh found oud from PCI whose logo appears on their page that they are using that illegally. PCI stated they will act on that information.
    Advise: let’s put them out of business. File reports against them with the authorities. can be done online and go to their contact us page and tell them you have done this.the more the authorities get to know their practice, the faster we will get our money back and the faster they will put out of business.

  70. Wayne

    OMG!! My deepest thanks to everyone on this forum.I was about to open an account with VIP but thought to do a search on them,they would have taken my little life savings as well.I really do hope you all get your hard earned money back from those thieving scums.Most of all shut them down lock them up and throw away the keys.
    Good luck to all of you.

  71. M Patel

    VIPBinary is a blatant SCAM! Notice how you have to enter your personal & credit card info in an UNSECURED PAGE…shady! Stay away this is a SCAM…you’ve been warned!

  72. David Kim

    vip binary options is totally scam in my experience. Once you put your money whatever amount, you may not expect to get it back whether you win or lose on trades. They simply have no contact, no response to withdrawal request. Stay away!!

  73. luis

    well i guess i was right bout this place but to late it really is a scam i was promise to make at least 500 dollars in proffits and so far i have only lost bout 400 dollars and i to have ask for my money that i still have in my account and they have not respond to my request is there something that we the clients of vip vinary can do legally ples if you have any info i need to know thax luis

  74. Rain Lark

    I have been waiting over 3 weeks for my $200 withdrawal. When I called to ask why, my broker told me they give priority to clients with bigger withdrawal requests like $5000 or more. Shows how valued I am. Shouldn’t all clients be treated equal?

  75. Bernard Tierney

    The editors report on this site is total garbage. Are you in the back pocket of VIP-Binary or WHAT!!! I deposit $2000 with them in January 2012 They added $2000 in Bonus money for a total of $4000 .Fast forward to June 15 2012 after requesting numerous withdrawals They advise they have payed $2700 into my Credit card account. Guess what. Yep no deposit at all They refuse all contact / correspondence on this issue They are a total SCAM and CRIMINALS feeding off peoples greed, needs and desperation. How can the so called authorities allow this to go on. YOU have been warned so warn others “DONT TOUCH VIP Binary”



  77. -B-

    When con-artist play, you play baseball, time to get a BAT and kick some .. see if that is worth the few pennys the govs allow them to swindle you out of or in a nice way, overlook

  78. scott.c


  79. John

    My interaction with these scammers:

    Signup problem, how much should i deposit?

    Welcome John! Your request has been directed to the Customer Service department. Please wait for our operator to answer your call.

    Call accepted by operator Frank. Currently in room: Frank, John.

    $250 as minimum
    and is it secure? there is no encryption on the page as far as i can see…
    It is 100$ secured
    but there is no certificate or secured icon, or https link.
    what is the url to the deposit page?
    From your account look for a button that says DEPOSIT
    are you referring to or there seems to be account setup on both domains
    Is the same thing
    this deposit page is insecure, in that case
    there is no SSL cert on that page
    If you find it insecure just dont deposit sir

  80. John

    My next try at info with a different name:

    The deposit page is not encrypted:

    Is this an error?

    Welcome Gerard! Your request has been directed to the Customer Service department. Please wait for our operator to answer your call.

    Call accepted by operator Frank. Currently in room: Frank, Gerard.

    Hello Frank, do you require more info about my question?

    Frank has left the conversation. Currently in room: Gerard.

  81. greg

    I was going to give this thing a try, but after reading all the complaints, I am going to stay away. Good luck to everyone on getting there funds back

  82. Andrew

    I some how thought this was a scam. You know what they say about things that sound too good to be means they usually are not good at all. I’m glad I decided to have a look at this company before I invested any money with them so I thank you all for your comments and warnings.

  83. jimbojones

    Wow! I’m so glad I researched VIPBinary and found this site first. I was just about to go ahead and open an account and make a deposit, but alarm bells started to ring when I noticed that they don’t use a secure server and connection to the site was not encrypted. It certainly seems like a very elaborate scam. My thanks to all those who have posted here and I hope you all get your money back. If not, let’s shut these thieving w*nk*rs down! (apologies for the fowl language)

  84. blessing

    Thanks Darin and Linda. I have kept screenshots of my chat with “Frank” if he is a real person. I also filed a complaint with online casino city. there is an affiliation somehow with vipbinary. the number is 6173322650, ask to speak with Emily Hunt. I believe they are not a broker, but a big ponzi scheme

  85. Dermot Mc Glinchey

    As someone said earlier ,if you see them hide your wallet.This company are blatant scammers,they are giving us all the V sign.
    I have already filed a complaint with the SEC,
    But they take forever to do anything.That is of course until the wealthy get scammed.Amazingly fast with Madoff…

  86. Ramses

    I was looking at this company to issue that they were solid and reputable. It seems their reputation is not developed well enough, and there is so much speculation regarding the withdrawals…that is a very big red flag for me. I will be closing my account.

  87. HoustonHHedspeth

    I am costumer and have been learning about binary trading for a while. I am a disabled marine who use this site and was taken to the whole. I lost 1800 I talk to my banks about this being fraud and a huge scam. I 1000 in the account right now and have been trying to withdraw my money for a while. they keep canceling on me and say that that money is the bonus money. I keep telling them I was promised they let me have my money by friday so i can make my bill payments. I recorded them tooo. now I am looking for a lawyer because they are refusing to let me get my 1000 back even when its in the account. Please Help. I made a misstake and didnt check out this site before I got into bed with them.

  88. HoustonHHedspeth

    I have a very good question. How many people need to loose there money before this company is shut down? Why is the government allowing this company to keep stealing money and also can I sue them for this money that i have worked hard for. This company is still loose and it needs to be locked up.

  89. Ron Wright

    I have been trying to get money back from VIPBINARY for two months, but they will not transfer money to me. They are dishonest and it is a scam. They promised money back by August 31st, but nothing happened.

  90. Charles

    PLEASE READ THIS! I have really hesitated a lot before making this comment now. The long and short of it all is that VIP Binary is nothing but a very Wicked SCAM PROJECT. As I make this post, my Account Manager whom I traded with on daily basis on VIP will now not pick my calls for no reason:Because my Withdrawal Time is due. I’m now in REAL shit losing $8000 plus a profit of $7000 to these Wicked guys who are so perfected at their work, and the Annoying part of is that one of called me again two days ago, when I just logged on, to talk me into making another deposit of $2000 before he could help me.
    And if you are reading this now, it is because I care about the Subscribers on this forum, I do not want anyone to experience what I went through with these Wicked guys. I even confided in my Account Manager that the Money does not belong to me but he assured me that he will triple any deposit I make once I am a GOLD Member, which he was doing just when I asked of a Withdrawal, he stops calling me, and will not even Answer my Calls.
    SIMPLY STAY AWAY FROM VIP Binary Options Broker, if Love yourself, Period!

  91. Orlan

    I have been waiting since 7/24/2012 for my winnings of $584.00, I also had my Visa refund my initial deposit of $250.00 and they were refunded that amount, but I am still waiting for my winnings, which I believe will never receive.

  92. MichaelR

    VIP BINARY is a bunch of robbers, do not do any business with them

  93. Dermot Mc Glinchey

    I am still trying to nail these bunch of scammers.Went to the SEC to complain but find I should have gone to the Commodity Futures Trading Commission..
    Thy need to be stopped ,this operation is screaming out that it’s a scam…


    I deposited $250 to get started. they say I did not. they even hung up on my bank rep. when she called their number and tried to straighten it out. Bye Bye $250. They’re a deffinate RIP OFF. Man-O-man

  95. blessing

    update, still having my withdrawal request pending from 7/8/12. Bank of America is dealing directly with their bank. suggest you have your bank or cc company go directly to the place they tranferred the money to.i personally want to see they go out of business.

  96. mere

    mongrels i deposited 250dollers my account im from australia and the stated are a day bhind me so i put that money in on the sat and it didnt switch over,i just thort bcoz ov weekend my bal being 3dollers i thort yea tues it will b thea not even took me ages to get hold so i finally ,my socalled f…kn broker said i spent and i said no i havent she rekons i went into one touch and did a few 50doller purchases and i said how could i it wont let u trade if you dont have enuf she was so demanding,im not that stupid so i have reported them to an american company called scambook they gona try get my money back 4 me,please everyone report them to these people,lucky to i went into my investments ive taken photos u guys do the same even my deposit i took a photo

  97. mere

    i put in 250dollers,it said accepted on my deposit but not on my account,melissa my stock broker supposibly told me i had already spent i told her no i havent,she tried to tell me i have done allthese 50doller trades,i said i havent,i have reported them to an american company called scambook,i live iv australia,i have taken photos of all my investments and my deposit,does anyone know if they have something to do with thomas jay laroque

  98. Mr. Not Happy

    I am so annoyed at VIP Binary. They have not answered any of my emails. I have tried calling several times and yet I have had no return call or contact email from them. I constantly get a brokers calling asking me to make larger deposits so I can get a bonus. They say I am your broker for VIP Binary but it’s always someone different. The number that the first guy gave me I can never get through to. I have $208 dollars in the account that I want to take out because this trading is not for me. That was on the 7/09/2012 it is now 1/10/2012 and still I have had no response from them. But they are happy to keep calling asking me for more money. I have tried their virtual assistant but they are never available. My honest opinion is that I would look elsewhere. They are happy to take your money but they do not wish to part with it. One more thing. They guy that I spoke to once I joined said to me you seem like a nice bloke I will give you advice for a trade. I specialise in USD currency and told me to place my money on the currency going up well it didn’t and I lost $125 just like that. I then traded myself and got it back up to $208. I think I was lucky. Now I am just waiting to see if I will ever see my money again.

  99. willy r

    The number of complaints on this site against VIP BINARY appalls me and yet nothing seems to get done.
    May I suggest the reason being that they are registered in CYPRUS and therefore outside the reach of the U.S. regulators and VIP know this and continue to operate unconcerned?
    The only way to stop them is to spread the word and get as many people to boycott them.
    If you still wish to use Binary options please please do your research, as there are other traders also based in Cyprus and they also are not regulated.
    You have been warned.
    Good luck to all those trying to recover their funds and winnings.

  100. Kumi

    Initially I did not believe it. This is a huge scam. I’ve already lost $500.I have $1000 with them and getting it back is now a tag of war. Please do not invest your money here.

  101. Gerald

    I actually did get a withdrawal accomplished this week. However it took 2 months and way too much “hammering” on them. I don’t know if they are just understaffed or just hope that people will go away without a fight. Either way I would avoid them at all costs!

  102. Ben

    It was little too late for me to realize I’ve been suckered in their game, they took me for $3000,And they won’t release my money, every time i tried to make a withdraw, they cancel it, spoke with so called broker (the thief)but never get any straight answer.My advise stay away from VIPBINARY, Sense all Binary option sites are not regulated with the government, Stay away.Check out NADEX they are regulated,No worries there.Best of luck.

  103. Kailee

    I deposited $250 dollars to trade with. A few minutes later a lady called and said if I deposit $3k that I could get a $10k bonus to trade with. I deposited 3k and got the 10k bonus. Then I was told to place 10k worth of trades that were “secure”. After all of them lost I was informed that they were not secure. Then I tried to withdraw my $3,000 and each time I requested the withdraw it was cancelled. I complained to the BBB of New York and they have 7 other complaints that were closed because the company would not respond. VIPBinary has an F rating. They are a scam, they will say whatever to get you to deposit money. After emailing the support department I was told I have to get my account up to 15 times the amount of the deposit and the bonus in order to withdraw anything. meaning 13k X 15 = $195000 in order to start withdrawing money. This was NEVER disclosed to me prior to depositing any money, or trading.

    My advise is to use a company that has a good BBB rating, good customer support, and a good reputation. If it sounds really good, it could be really BAD!

    • sani

      vipbinary were nothing but scams don’t even doubt it or think twice.don’t trust them with a single cent;however says they not he/she simply work together to scams innocent people.scammers,the biggest fraud site VIPBINARY beware and open your eyes don’t be a victim like me and others.if you haven’t get your money back from them l will teach you a stratagy to get your money back within 5 days,either they like it or not they must gave you your money back gurantee.

      • Josh Bisschops

        Hi to Sani, Would be interested in speaking to you about how to get money back as lost $27000 with VIP Binary the same way as everyone else!!

  104. Todd Rogers

    They are a scam, no question. Luckily I never deposited more than the initial $250. After 2 days and a few bad trades, and realizing you can’t trade the way the video shows you and instructs you to trade I requested my money back. That was 40 days ago. Their site says it takes 5-7 days to process a withdrawal request. Well, after 40 days mine still says pending. It is impossible to get a response from anyone, whether by phone or through their chat line. SCAM, SCAM, SCAM!!!!

  105. Robin S.

    I deposited $5,000 to protect my trades. The company does Norfolk you back not does it process your withdrawals. I did not find any thing at first now I find out they are a scam The broker even stop calling menace once I requested a withdraw of funds. I will seek legal advice.

  106. terry

    250 deposit jun, requested withdrawl in jul. 8phone calls, message, 8 connected to live person who all seid ” can I get back to you in 30 seconds?’ and hung up, 6 unanswered emails, 4 live chat all went on coffee break when I sent a question. frustrated MONEY is Gone, I wagered crazy on several forex and eventually lost all. Money gone

  107. terry

    250 deposit jun, requested withdrawl in jul. 8phone calls, message, 8 connected to live person who all seid ” can I get back to you in 30 seconds?’ and hung up, 6 unanswered emails, 4 live chat all went on coffee break when I sent a question. frustrated MONEY is Gone, I wagered crazy on several forex and eventually

  108. Michelle Pickens

    ######### SPAM USER – 10 COMMENTS FROM THE SAME IP – Used 6 different Names ################

    VIPBinary are not a scam it really make me unhappy to see people beating on a company just to try to get there frustration relief.

    I will admited i lost some money, but right after i requested a withdawal and in 12 business days i got my money back.

    Please do Not post any Spam on our comments area. Our system will approve and activate the warning sign.

  109. Markus Jones

    ######### SPAM USER – 10 COMMENTS FROM THE SAME IP – Used 6 different Names ################

    Vip Binary is certainly not a scam, i recently did a withdrawal with them for $1,240.00, plus you got all the pluses you get, like a broker assistance, bonus for leverage, etc. without a doubt their NOT scammers

    Please do Not post any Spam on our comments area. Our system will approve and activate the warning sign.

    • jamaal

      um lets see here? how in the fuck can you justify vip binary? so 158 people are lying? about loosen money? get the fuck out here! I feel for people that lost that money!

  110. Robin S.

    On 10/15/12 I deposited $3,000 in VIP Binary account to trade Binary options. I was told by Freddy Rod that if I deposited the $3,000 I would receive a 100% bonus for my trades and they would be protected. He also I was not investing my own money.
    After I deposited $3,000 Freddy Rod suggested I invest in 3 options 2 out of 3 investments lost. I received my bonus for the 2 options that lost. The next day I wanted to invest with only the money I already on deposit. Freddy Rod selected 2 more investments, and then before he hung up he said I had to deposit $2,000 to protect the trade. I told him I did not want to deposit $2,000 he said he was trying to get me in the Gold Members status. I asked Freddy when I could withdraw my money he said in 3 days. I responded I will deposit the money only if I can have my money withdrawn within 3 days. I deposited the $2,000 into my VIP Binary account my investments lost and I never have heard from Freddy Rod again. I submitted several e-mail, contacted Live-chat and called. The phone number always says the caller you have called is on the phone.
    VIP Binary Company and employees is misrepresenting themselves and binary options. The company takes your money and will not let you withdraw any of it no matter how many requests you have submitted. This company is a Ponzi scheme and it needs to be shut down and thoroughly investigated. I want my $5,000 returned for misrepresenting the services provided from their company.

    • Nofirege

      I would like to show thanks to the wrtier for rescuing me from this type of matter. Because of looking throughout the the web and seeing suggestions which were not productive, I assumed my life was over. Being alive without the presence of solutions to the problems you have fixed all through this blog post is a critical case, and those which might have in a wrong way damaged my entire career if I had not encountered your web blog. The ability and kindness in controlling all things was very helpful. I am not sure what I would have done if I had not come across such a point like this. I’m able to at this point look ahead to my future. Thanks very much for your skilled and sensible guide. I won’t think twice to recommend the website to any person who wants and needs care on this area.

  111. Blessing

    I finally got my credit but had to go thru Bank of America. What boa did was go directly to the bank that received my money from my cc

  112. Michael Walker

    ######### SPAM USER – 10 COMMENTS FROM THE SAME IP – Used 6 different Names ################

    i had great success investing with VIP Binary, and had no problem doing withdrawals, just last week i receive my money ($1,200), with no problems at all.

    They’re clearly not a scams, however you should use their brokers advice to avoid losing you money.

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  113. Carlos Garcia

    ######### SPAM USER – 10 COMMENTS FROM THE SAME IP – Used 6 different Names ################

    I few month ago i started trading with VIP Binary and so far so good, i did my first withdrawal had had no problems at all, got my money and i even was able to left some on my balance to continue trading.

    An i will continue trading with VIP Binary.

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  114. Bogdan G


  115. Jerry Martinez

    Hey guys sorry that you guys got scam listem i did not know about all this stuff that is going on i recently graduate from college about 11 months ago to become a broker . well was verry happy once they gave me the job , and as a junior broker i consider myself pertty good in what i do until last friday i was told by my superior that i need to make my clients lose so that they want win,i did not agreed on that and they decided to fire me on friday listen im so sorry to what happen to you all but i promise you one thing i CAN GET YOU your money back guarantee please give me a call im in New york 1-6466571885 jerry

  116. Linda R

    Yep, they are a scam. I deposited $400 and made over $1000 when I tried to withdraw it they said it was approved and credited to my bank account but it never was deposited. I asked them for the transaction receipt and got the excuses that they would look into it. I never heard back. I still have another $600 sitting there and I know I can consider it gone too….. What a mistake I made thinking I was going to make money… Never again…

  117. Max

    Definitely a scam – took me for $10000 telling me it was secured -they told me after they recommended failed trades I could withdraw and then kept cancelling the withdrawal. I was passed from one broker to another every failed trade and then the last trade passed to the “assistant manager” who also recommended a failed transaction, then refused to take telephone calls, I call from another number and he pretended it was a bad line and cut me off. Finally received a call from the “Accountant” who was worried about my losses and wanted to help recoupe them – if I deposited another Five thousand dollars – bit of a joke. I have no doubt dealing with these slippery people they a trained telemarketers – not brokers. Once they have your money you will NEVER SEE IT AGAIN. They also are registered with a Wall St address however I believe are non-American. A disgusting way to treat “investers”

  118. Max

    VIPBinary are Definitely a scam – took me for $10000 telling me it was secured -they told me after they recommended failed trades I could withdraw and then kept cancelling the withdrawal. I was passed from one broker to another every failed trade and then the last trade passed to the “assistant manager” who also recommended a failed transaction, then refused to take telephone calls, I call from another number and he pretended it was a bad line and cut me off. Finally received a call from the “Accountant” who was worried about my losses and wanted to help recoupe them – if I deposited another Five thousand dollars – bit of a joke. I have no doubt dealing with these slippery people they a trained telemarketers – not brokers. Once they have your money you will NEVER SEE IT AGAIN. They also are registered with a Wall St address however I believe are non-American. A disgusting way to treat “investers”

  119. Mark

    The so-called account managers push you to make more deposit and “advise” you to invest in one of them for which 100% the risk should be assumed by yourself. Eventually, you will lose the money. And yet they want you to deposit more for further trading. They suck me $2,000. When I place a withdrawal request, they keep cancelling and no body gives you an explanation for the reason. At interval time, another person will call and ask for further deposit with a promise of bonus but if you talk about your withdrawal problem he would not help you. I advise to avoid these scams… once you loose your is gone. Anybody can advise me how to get it, you are really welcome. I am wondering if the US Attorney General could intervene for the lack of best business practice.

  120. Mary


    Please help I have fallen in the hands of vipbinary options, my first withdrawal cancelled, second one pending, I traded because I needed an extra income, unfortunately I am more poor now, they are pushy even if you don’t have money and interest through their strategic approach a deposit will be made for sure

  121. Nock

    To sani,
    Please How do I contact you?

  122. George Russel is certainly a SCAM,stay away from them,they talk nice and kept calling me promising that I will get secure trade by depositing an extra $1.000.00 but it wasnt secure trade,I’ve lost it all,but before that I’ve invested $3.000.00 wich I lost trading,and I been promised that I wont lose any trades,indeed the broker told me he will guide me and help me to win with any trade,but any trade he told me to do,I lost it.
    And whoever will say is not a SCAM is because he doesnt know what he is talking about,besides that VipBinary .com had a different name not long ago,they steal money from people like us,and change name again.

  123. Michael

    I laughed what you, as suckers, complained about VIP Bin scams. Most binary option sites are SCAMS and are not being regulated by US government. Nadex is being regulated strictly by US government (CFA) so I highly recommend all of you to check out for more details about Nadex. Good luck!

  124. mike

    wow! im just another sucker i read all the reports on vip and the same happend to me i lost 2000 and they just want me to invest more iwish i would of google this site before i invested with them
    OH!well live and learn i will not give up and will try to recoup my money from a different site when i get ahead again i will try a site thayt this site is recomending

  125. Hank Repscha

    They gave me a partial refund but still owe mw $1270.00 Is there any way to get them to refund my money?

  126. DScott

    Deposited $1000. VIP “matched” it with $1000. Initial trade generated $1420 profit. 2nd, 3rd and 4th trade caused account balance to go down to $500. Requested they send my $500 back. Initial trade seemed to be hook and subsequent trades were designed to get their “deposit” and MY deposit too.

  127. Charlotte

    If anyone considers VIP Binary – DO NOT JOIN – they are the biggest scam out and they just don’t reply to your enquiries and steel your money.

  128. Julia Ghavami

    I started to trade with them back in the fall…I wasn’t real happy so I stopped…there was 210 sitting there so I could go back and try again sometime….this guy Danny from the company has been calling me for sometime and told me he would teach me what to look for and how to do it. Finally tonight we get together on the phone and he starts talking and says go to this bid site and when I tell you to put 210 in there and hit bid now then do it….so I did…then he said I’ll call you back in 10 minutes and hung up before I could say anything…the bid expired and took my money… call back and when I call there it’s just no can answer leave a message

  129. Julia Ghavami

    I just filed a complaint with the FTC everyone here should it took 10 minutes…

  130. Gisbo

    I was told from Accounting Dept. that I could withdraw my bonus money
    as a platinum member if I paid certain fees. I paid the fees and there
    were more fees to be paid and more fees, they named everything under
    the sun, including FBI red listing documents requirement.
    Please report them on the website under “Report Internet Crime”,
    if we all do this, maybe it will get attention, they need to be stopped, they
    are crooks and thieves.
    Please report this, don’t keep quiet, also make a full report to your credit card companies.

  131. Hutchy

    I don’t get why their profits are so low. They aren’t pay people so why not make the profits on par or higher than other brokers?

  132. Rich

    I requested to cancel my account they approved the transaction online.They have not returned my money and they also cleaned out my account of $1470.75 and now I get no response from anyone at the company! I would like to get the SEC involved but not sure where to start! I’m fed up with dealing with this company and I would like them to be investigated!

  133. Mike

    They ripped me off big time, $3000 tried for a year to get back.
    you will not get your money back.

  134. Mike Clark

    Have been waiting over 3 months to receive my withdrawal of $545.
    The system is easy to use but what good is it if you can not withdraw any earnings? I consider this another HYIP ripoff site.

  135. barry

    I am not too sure why they are still in the VIP Binary still in the business when they embezzled or hacked my account over 35K dollars without my authorization and my intervention. I even made many calls and left numerous messages to ask support to freeze my account as well send them numerous messages to have them freeze my account from farther access. They just kept ignoring a serious problem and allow continue hacked to my account 2nd time round by shenanigan corrupt broker I believe Mark (G)who was a broker at the time. After twice my account got hacked, I have not done anything since last year. The person who hacked to my account, traded illegally over 90 times. times.

    I will be forwarding all my information to several government official to domestic and aboard for their review.

  136. Jerry


    This query is with regards to 24options. I’m looking at investing in Options and came across this site. I’m a bit confused about receiving Bonus before withdrawal. In the example in that section, does that mean that if you invested $1000 and received a bonus of say $250, you need to wager the whole investment+bonus to 20 times (=$25000) or just the bonus amount to 20 times (=$5000) in order to withdraw.

    Thank you for your reply.

  137. TINO

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    . Collectively, our clients have recovered tens of millions of dollars through our assistance and representation in settlement negotiations, mediations, arbitrations and more
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  138. frank

    TOTAL RIPOFFS, I can’t believe this scam company[ v i p binaries] is still in business. each and every employee should be in PRISON. With no chance of parole.

  139. Anton

    HI, I have read so many comments about VIP Binary, until now everything seems to be alright but since about 1 week I cannot excess the side anymore. It looks like they are suttenly gone for good.

    Can someone tell me if he had the same experience lately. It started when I really made a little bit money with the trading.

    I have tried to phone them up but nobody answers the phone. So, I don’t know where to contact them.{

    I really appreciate when someone tells me his/her experience.

  140. Brenda Lucyk

    This is to warn anyone who wants to invest in VIP options binary trade DON’T do it. This company was withdrawing from my credit card unauthorized payments then they went into my personal account. They took a total of $29,000. No matter how hard I tried to cancel the account, no return calls or emails. I was up to $44,000 and wanted to cash in to buy the dream business I wanted, to be informed there was nothing left $0. They take advantage of vulnerable people, I had 8 strokes my husband passed 6 months before and I have 2 kids to support. No matter what they promise DON’T do it or you will lose too.

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