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VaultOptions Overview

  • VaultOptions
  • Bonus: up to100
  • Options Profability : 65-75%
  • Rating: 5.1 / 10


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Broker Name: VaultOptions
Platform: SpotOption
Founded: 2013
Bonus: up to 100
Return/Refund: 65-75%/5-10%
VaultOptions Overview


No. Of Assests : 79
Regulated : No
Demo Account : No
Minimum Deposit : 100
US Traders : Accepted
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Review Last Updated 2013-08-12 11:15:25

Editor’s Note – Why does Vault Options Suck in 50 Words?

“We focus on who really counts. You.” This quote is used by so many brokers that it makes me sick. The slogan itself is not that bad but what is really disturbing is the lack of interest shown by the Binary Options service providers who use it. It’s disrespectful to not take the time to find a new slogan and instead just use the same lame template. Come on, couldn’t somebody find a better catchphrase? Because this one is starting to sound more and more like a cheesy pick-up line… one used by girls who practice the oldest job in the world:” Wanna have some fun baby? It’s only 50 bucks and… I’ll focus on who really counts…”


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Why doesn’t Vault Options Suck?

Good question. At the moment I can’t really find something that stands out and makes me give a “thumbs up”. The minimum deposit is just 100 bucks which is less than the industry’s average so this may be considered a positive thing. Almost all other main features of their website are common and already seen before.



Vault Options Full Review – How Secure is My Vault?

Right from the start, this broker looks and feels just like many others and the only difference seems to be the color of the website and the name. Ok, but let’s keep an open mind because if they really are professionals, the website design has less importance.  After all, we are not trading and choosing brokers based on design alone. Vault Options is based on the Spot Option platform which we know to be both easy to use for newbies and complex enough to keep more experienced traders satisfied. All the usual features like 60 seconds trading, Option Builder and Live News Feed are present. Also, on the left side of the platform I noticed the “Trader’s Choice” bar which offers some hints about how many traders favor Puts and how many favor Calls on a certain asset. However, this bar is almost useless because all the brokers who display it fail to offer us important information regarding the source of the data. We don’t know how frequent the information is updated and how many traders are included in the calculation. This is some basic info that should be given and until it is shown, I consider that Trader’s Choice bar is there just for design purposes, not a real tool.


Vault Options weak spot (among many others) is the Education material which lacks almost completely. They do show the new trader how to open a position and they tell that Binary Options are available to trade since 2008 and are also called Digital or All-or-Nothing Options. That about sums up the education they provide… Not good and certainly, not enough. They don’t have any daily or weekly market analysis and overall it feels as if they were in a hurry to put the site up, without worrying about making it useful or complete. And speaking of incomplete, the website is offered in three languages: English, French and Japanese, but only the English version is [almost] fully functional. When you switch to one of the other two languages, just some sections change and most of the website stays in English. It’s disappointing to see such lack of interest from a company that wants you to give them your money. To translate the website in just three languages is not too user friendly, but if two out of three don’t work, that says something about the broker… and what it says is not so appealing. 


Overall, this broker doesn’t bring anything new, uses the same rehashed slogans and expressions but doesn’t make up for this by being professional or educative. It is probably best to keep your money in the “vault” of another broker or maybe in your own vault.



Is Vault Options a Scam?

There is a negative buzz around the internet regarding this broker, but clear evidence of a scam is not available. However, they lack transparency and all they provide in the “Contact us” tab is three telephone numbers but no address. This is suspicious to say the least and I am always very careful when dealing with an unregulated broker who does not give me their address. At the bottom of their page, an address is listed, but they never say it’s their headquarters or any other office address. It may as well be a mail or phone forwarding office, an empty building or their real address. On further investigation we found out that 777Binary and GTOptions have the same address listed at the bottom of their pages. Are all three the same company? Are they different companies sharing a building? Too many questions and too many suspicions… Remember, your money is your money until you give it away. So be careful who you are giving your money to.    


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VaultOptions Complaints

The internet and especially our Forum are full of complaints about difficulties to withdraw from Vault Options (one user claims he still did not receive $5000 of his own money although he requested it), unprofessional behavior coming from Vault Options representatives and even… verbal threats. Wow, now that’s a first: being threatened when I want my money back… I am rarely left without words but I guess this is one of those occasions. Where is this going to stop? I’ve heard about people being scammed out of their money, but never threatened. Of course, there is always the possibility the complaining customer is actually lying but I honestly don’t believe that. Notice I wrote “possibility” not “probability”. 


On top of all that, our Forum and others are full of obviously false claims of people who try to convince everybody how profitable and reliable Vault Options is. Of course, I cannot be 100% sure those are false claims, but when you see so many scammers as I did, you kinda start to tell who is telling the truth and who just joins a forum to advertise for a broker.


Vault Options Bonus

They offer a $100 bonus through but in order to withdraw funds (if you accepted this bonus) you will have to execute a minimum trading volume of $10K. Note that your own money will also be tied to the platform until this huge volume is achieved, not only the bonus money. The turnover required for their normal bonus is 30 times the bonus amount. Until this requirement is not met, the trader cannot withdraw any funds. The bonus varies and can go as high as 100% according to the advertisement on their home page.


Vault Options Withdrawal

Withdrawals are available via credit card but are limited to the amount you deposited. The rest can be withdrawn via wire transfer and will incur a $25 fee. Vault Options usually process a withdrawal request in about 3 days but an additional 5 to 7 days may pass until the money is available in your account. Minimum withdrawal is $100 which is reasonable.


Vault Options Extra

Usually this section contains something that really impressed us and is not a common feature of most brokers. Well, I must say that we are definitely impressed with the fact that Vault Options threaten their clients… it is also not a common feature of Binary options service providers and it’s the first time when I heard something like this. Like I already mentioned, it’s possible the “threat” thing is a lie and Vault Option representatives never threatened anyone, but at the moment I would be Extra careful if dealing with them.



VaultOptions Ratings

User Friendly 10/20

The website is offered in three languages, but only English works as it should. Broken links and missing content are also a problem so they get 10 points just because they use the Spot Option platform which is known to be user friendly and reliable.


Number of assets and expiry times 13/20

Their asset index is composed of 33 stocks, 11 currency pairs, 7 commodities and 28 indices. This is a decent trading basket but far from the “200 markets” they advertise on their home page. The expiry times range from 60 seconds to end of day and the trader also has the possibility to trade during the weekend (One Touch options) and to customize the expiries using the Option Builder.


Commissions, Support and Effective return 7/20

There are no fees to deposit money or to open an account but the client will have to pay a $25 fee for wire transfer withdrawals. I did not manage to contact their Live Support operatives and all I got was an option to send them a message whenever I clicked the Live Chat Button. Effective return ranges between 65% and 75% and the refund can go up to 10%. However, different sections of the website contain different information about these values. For example, the home page advertises 89% returns, “About us” section informs about 5% to 10% refund for OTM trades so they really do a great job at confusing the trader.


Deposit, Payment and Bonus 15/20

Minimum deposit is $100 and it can be made via Credit Card, wire transfer and CashU. Payments can be requested via Credit Card but are limited to the initial amount invested through that card and any profits must be withdrawn via wire transfer. The Bonus goes up to 100% of your deposit and there is also the possibility to receive a bonus of $100 through EverestForex.


Website Extras 6/20

I wanted a zero rating for this category is generated by an alleged threat made to a client and his family when he wanted his money back. It will be changed if Vault Options representatives can provide irrefutable proof that invalidates this threat. However I’ll add a few points for the SpotOption Platform


Vault Options Overall Ratings: 51/100

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Description: Full review of the Binary Options service provider Vault Options, with pros and cons and possible scam suspicions based on testimonies of former clients and forum users.


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29 Responses to “VaultOptions”

  1. Christine

    very unprofessional and have lied .

  2. Colette

    Today (10/5/13) I tried to open an account with Vault Options at the $100 level, and got an error message “Inalid Dollar Amount”. Called the US number listed and spoke with someone calling himself “Alan”, who informed me that the $100 level was a “September special” and nobody updated the site yet. Further, he said that the minimum was now $250 to open an account, and that they would match that with another $250 to up my account to $500. In other words, they want MORE money than the original offer specified. I, knowing that “A fool and his/her money are soon parted,” politely declined and wished him a good day. This SCREAMS scam, in my opinion!

    • Colette

      Further on this, there was absolutely NOTHING anywhere on their website indicating a “September special” of any kind. Heads up, people…don’t let their promises of extra $$$ blind you,and don’t let the crooks rob you blind!!!

    • Brian Kirkpatrick

      Believe me when I say you are very fortunate that you did not get involved with a company that got me for $26,000.00. When I invested with Vault Option in 2013 the minimum deposit was $250.00. In addition, in order to invest with Vault Options I was required to give “Carl” a great deal of information. With this information I ended us losing $26 grand in 10 days.

  3. nick

    I just deposited $1000 traded and now have $1170. The thing is if you take a secured trade or bonus money plan on having your money tied up until 4 months go by or you have 30 times your bonus value in account. I see a lot of people crying about this scam, i think people do not understand their policy? Be thourough and read and ask questions, they would be shut down by now if they were just stealing everyones money.

    • TomDNY

      Who’s gonna shut these scumbags down? Its totally unregulated. No one will help you get your money out. These scumbags are trying to get my wife who has Alzheimer’s to give them money. And sadly she thinks they’re real. Nice people. Stay away

  4. Leonard Antram

    they are bullshit, I got approval for withdraw but no money!

  5. R.Victor Grant

    Be ware buyer this Broker is very slick. sick. Do do use them for Any thing> you may kiss our money Good Bye!

  6. Glenn Blake

    I made a $100 deposit today with no problems at all

  7. Larry

    In a nut shell, dishonest, poorly trained, hide behind deception. I was trying to download soft ware , when they scooped my ph, number, sounded legit. so I invested the 500. The the hook was if I put in another 1500, they would match it and all trades would be secure. First trade was o.k , second trade lost , then the story changed, first response was ” you cannot get the bonus and the gaurenteed trade” , second response was that the broker was demoted, now when I ask for a manager, I am told , their is no manager, just a senior broker. Information is sketchy, but to me this is a basement operation . I will just see what it takes to get my money back. USE EXTREME CAUTION WHEN DEALING WITH THIS GROUP”

  8. Michelle Morris

    where in the state is vault options found? Is there an office? what is the mailing address?

  9. Mike

    I’m still waiting for my money to appear in my bank. Spoke to the broker in charge and he said that they have approved the withdrawal request. I didn’t even signed up for any bonus scheme with them though. Feeling so cheated and disappointed having to deal with these people. I don’t even know how to get back my money now. Broker told me that it was approved and processed but I still see the same balance in the trading account and status is still pending. Anyone out there can help me?

    • NICK


  10. Geoff

    I have a gut feeling this mob are crap. I have contact emails on several occasions, not one single answer. I initially deposited $250, have traded for a while and have a balance of around $380. I submitted a withdrawal request, checked it later “Pending”. Checked it a couple of days later, “Cancelled”. WHAT THA, I thought. Therefore I have sent another email requesting an explanation. Note!! I did not take any deals or bonuses. At this stage, we will see if I get a response from anyone, but on past form I would say it could be unlikely. THINK, I would like to grab them by the scrotum and twist violently. Let you know later, how I go.

  11. Inger

    Then don’t answer mails and not on chat support.they call with promises saying You’ll get Your money back with Your cc. When I try to withdraw My money it seems impossible. Pending- canceled

  12. Frank

    Is vault options a trusty broker and is there someone ho knows the program instant profit? Is is a help tool program that whil help you to make beter percentage for winnings but you must deposit best on vault options ware this programs works best whit!?!

    • suzanne

      Hi Frank, I would stay away from the instant profits software. You can only get access to the software by signing to vault options through the link on his website. I am suspicious of his account balance that he shows in his videos as each time someone signs up and deposits money with vault options through his link, he gets paid a referrer fee by vault options. In the video he indicates that his software is only available for 50 people. I have seen emails promoting this software for several days and I have checked out the video again today. I find it hard to believe he has not already had 50 people sign up with vault options so I suspect that once you deposit with vault options via his link and you get the software, you won’t get any support in the future from him as he has already been paid a referrer fee from vault options. Once you get to the second video where he congratulates you on become an instant profit member, the video plays well until it’s time for him to reveal a bit more about his software then the video malfunctions then starts from the beginning again. Sorry but I smell a scam and I would steer clear of this product.

  13. Wendy

    Thanks everyone for your comments helped me out on weather to buy Instant Profits Software…goodbye to that product Cheers..

  14. Andrelita

    These people are scammers. They promised you the world, but do not deliver. I deposited $5,000, because the broker that I dealt with, promised me that the $5,000 was secured and that whathever happened I will get the money back. As I she made a bad transaction with my money and I lost the whole $5,000. She hang up on me and disappeared. She goes by the name Jill Smith, which is a fake name created. The lady is from India. I called several times after they kept passing me on to something different. Some claimed to be in the account recovery department and tha my file was put on their desk to work with me; the only thing I need is to add more money. They are scammers and they prey on people.

  15. Danita

    December 10, I tried to fund my account at
    Vault Options. They told me that I have to have a card that does international transactions. To make a long story short my card could not (because it was not an international card. I then told that I can wire the money. I thought I would have to wire the money to New York where they told me their office is set up. I was blown away when they told me that I would have to wire the money to Bulgaria. Diego, one of the agents said to me our office is in New York but we bank off-shore. Now, you know that I am not going to wire any money to Bulgaria. A fool and his money is soon parted.

  16. Randy Churchill

    Vault Options is very deceptive and they take advantage of peoples ignorance. The old saying beware of people bringing gifts applies here. Vault will call you on the phone if you have an account. They have an army of brokers who will convince you to take insurance on your account. They even told me that the insurance was not a bonus but it is. Don’t believe anything they tell you. Refuse everything they offer including trades, insurance, bonuses, butterfly trades with insurance. Especially avoid Andrew Fox who is the most unethical broker I have seen in a long time. If you want to see my video on Vault and my experience with them Click here:

  17. Daisy

    Never deal with this company.
    I have been given four different email addresses to contact support.
    They all come back failed status.
    Their support phone number asks you to leave a message.
    Their brokers are rude.
    They give out false support email addresses.
    There is no way to contact them.


    Does anyone know what can be cone??

  18. Francisco

    VaultOptions is a platform of binary options very misleading . At first you get the more friendly face and lure you to invest more and more, when you’ve already invested you get two or three winners little light trading amount , then you get a slightly higher trading and you go and you lose , of course this does not is so , then they call you to tell you very nice not to worry that lacked little to gain and proposes a secure trading with much more amount to get your money lost for them.
                 But is not everything here . When you’ve lost a inportante amount lost by them calling you another course another broker other than telling you as you had many missed the broker first no longer working who have hechado and to recover all the investment the new broker , but of course with a condition you have to cover the Gold membership is $ 5,000 thereby guarantee that you ‘ll get back what you invested and they have scammed. Then you repeat the method again small amount and then wanting to recover all make you lose and I do so on an $ 7,200.

  19. Francisco

    There is no way to get agree and report them as a group. This band of scammers. VaultOptions.

  20. Francisco

    There is no way to get agree and report them as a group. This band of scammers. VaultOptions.Here we report the scam.

    Filing a Complaint with the IC3

    The IC3 accepts online Internet crime complaints from either the actual victim or from a third party to the complainant. We can best process your complaint if we receive accurate and complete information from you. Therefore, we request that you provide the following information when filing a complaint:
    Your name
    Your mailing address
    Your telephone number
    The name, address, telephone number, and Web address, if available, of the individual or organization you believe defrauded you.
    Specific details on how, why, and when you believe you were defrauded.
    Any other relevant information you believe is necessary to support your complaint.

  21. Martin W.Wind

    After having deposited 2000.-€ they offered a bonus of 2000.- more and the special assistance of a SENIOR broocker to work with and do some good trades,the result was they burned my money in 5 days with looses and when I complained there was nobody to claim ,no managers nobody to talk no address,nothing,if this is not a bunch of bandoleros please tell me what is it?

  22. Bogdan G

    … sorry to hear it. Did you read our review?

  23. Peter B.

    Ths VaultOptions really knows how to get money out off your pocket. I started with €200 he confinced me to add more -> €800 so we have a €1000 -> to get silver. Broker tricked me into this !!

    Then Broker asked add more money , add just another €4000 so you get gold memebership! I did not do that because i didnot have that money.
    The broker would add also a €1000 whith he did not!! Later when “”try” to withdraw -> Supervisor on the phone -> would send me a form, just fill in and you get the extra bonus off €1000. They did not send it just a promotion -> fund and get 150% !!

    Next day he called lets make some money. He manched to play all the moeny in just 2,5 hours. Not only my own but also all the bonus money.

    Total loss for me = €2500

  24. Kevin

    It’s a scam. I worked there for three days thinking it was a legit call center and then I found out it’s a scam. there are no brokers, just regular people believe me the whole team I was were struggling college students and another thing I’m in Dominican Republic not in New York like they say. STAY AWAY.

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