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  • UBinary
  • Bonus: up to50%
  • Options Profability : 70-85%
  • Rating: 7.6 / 10


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Broker Name: UBinary
Platform: UBinary
Founded: 2011
Bonus: up to 50%
Return/Refund: 70-85%/+10%
UBinary Overview


No. Of Assests : 56
Regulated : No
Demo Account : No
Minimum Deposit : 250
US Traders : Not Accepted
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Review Last Updated 2016-01-26 17:08:06

Editor’s Note – Why Ubinary doesn’t Suck in 50 Words

Advanced charts! Ubinary recently started using a proprietary platform, developed in-house and the best new addition are their advanced charts. Basic technical analysis can be conducted through this new platform; trend lines, oscillators, moving averages and you can even choose your time frame (wow!!!). Unfortunately you cannot trade directly from the advanced chart and you will have to switch back to the normal view of the platform.


Why Ubinary does Sucks?

The bad reputation gained lately by Ubinary really sucks. We don’t know if this is because ill intent or simply bad management but people complain a lot about not receiving their withdrawals and that unauthorized trades are being placed in their accounts. We have no hard evidence the complaints are legit, but Ubinary should work on their conduct and reputation.


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Ubinary Full Review: Evolution – Not Doing It Right

Ubinary was founded in 2011 and operated by PPT Capital Ltd (98519), Belize, a company that is not regulated. The address listed on their website is 43-45 Portman Square. London W1H 6HN, UK. When we first Ubinary them, the website and platform looked mediocre. Now they have totally revamped their style, bringing a fresh and more polished approach.


Their Frequently Asked Questions and Glossary are pretty helpful and a newcomer can get an idea about what are binary options, what are the returns and the risks. Of course, they don’t emphasize too much on the risks because that wouldn’t be good for business. Instead, they focus on how fun it is to trade Binary Options and how you don’t need any experience to trade them…Here is where I don’t fully agree with them. If I want something fun I watch a movie, play a video game or do anything else that entertains me. They also explain to me that I don’t need any experience. Hmm, maybe I don’t need any experience to get started. After all, everybody is a newbie when they start to learn a certain activity, but in order to become a real trader, experience is definitely needed.


The Economic Calendar is nicely structured, informing me about the importance of each economic indicator or event and some short explanation of the event. The website does not contain any major spelling mistakes, any broken links and gives an overall professional feel…or at least more than others do. A great addition since our last visit is the Advanced Chart that gives you the feel of being a real trader by allowing the use of basic technical analysis tools such as trend lines, moving averages, RSI, MACD, etc. It’s great to finally see a broker who recognizes the importance of technical analysis charts and more than that, it’s great to see that Ubinary improved since our last visit (at least from a technical point of view). Speaking of improvements, recently they’ve introduced Social Trading in order to align with the “follow-mania” trend. I don’t believe that following others is the way to go (especially as long as you don’t know who and how skilled they are), but it’s worth mentioning.



Is Ubinary a Scam?

Ubinary is not regulated and this should be a warning sign. The early days of Binary Options when no broker was regulated are long gone and now all respectable brokers seek regulation, so Ubinary should step up their game. Well, at least a company name appears at the bottom of the page (PPT Capital Ltd.) and an address is given in the Contact Us section. However, the company is from Belize and the address is from London, UK (main headquarters) so we don’t know the address of PPT Capital Ltd.. Sure, that alone doesn’t make them a scam but if you decide to trade with them, you should do a thorough assessment of their conditions and decide for yourselves if it’s the right broker for you.



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 Ubinary Complaints

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room: our Comments section below this review is full of people who complain about the fact that Ubinary managers trade the clients’ funds without approval and lose them all. Also, withdrawal requests are not followed through and people don’t see any of their money. Our website is not the only one where people complain and if you want more information, you may check forexpeacearmy.com, a well known forum for user reviews and scam findings among other things.


Ubinary Bonus

The bonus offered differs depending on your initial deposit but here are some guidelines for the volume needed in order to withdraw (keep in mind that bonuses can be different, depending on your particular case): 20 times the bonus amount for a 30% bonus and 20 times bonus + deposit if you’ve received a 100% bonus. If you accept a bonus, you won’t be able to withdraw until you meet the trading volume requirements. We recommend checking these requirements prior to opening an account and depositing because changes may occur.


Ubinary Withdrawal

The minimum withdrawal is $50, which is good because it gives the traders control over their money. The time needed is 3-7 business days for credit cards and up to 10 business days for wire transfers. As usual, identification documents must be submitted.


Ubinary Extras

The Advanced Charts are a great addition, one which I believe should be made available by all brokers. Recently they’ve added “The Flip” which is a feature that allows you to reverse your trade before expiry time.



Ubinary Ratings

User Friendly 15/20

The platform is intuitive and easy to use. The site is available in just 3 languages. US customers are NOT accepted as of late. Their recent face-lift makes the website more eye pleasing but slows it down considerably.


Number of assets and expiry times 14/20

Their trading basket contains 30 currency pairs, 6 indices, 6 commodities and 17 stocks. Expiry times range from a quick 60 seconds to the end of day and recently long term options have been introduced, as well as an option builder.


Commissions, Support and Effective return 15/20

There is no commission to open an account. They don’t offer information about withdrawal fees but a $50 fee will be deducted every 100 days from accounts that have been “neglected” (whatever that means). Live Chat is unresponsive and it took me close to half an hour to get a 4 letter answer (“$250”) to the simple question: “What is your minimum deposit”. The advertised return is up to 95% but of course, not all assets will offer such a high payout (at the time of writing most assets had a payout around 70% but Apple and USD/HKD were at 90%).


Deposit, Payment and Bonus 16/20

Minimum deposit is $250 and can be made through credit card, CashU (and other e-wallets) or bank transfer. Minimum withdrawal is $50 and is stipulated in their Terms and Conditions (previously this wasn’t mentioned). Bonus ranges from 30% to 100% and certain trading volume requirements must be met before withdrawing (see above).


Website Extras 16/20

The Advanced Chart is a very good and much needed addition and the same is true for their “Flip” feature.



Ubinary Overall Ratings = 76/100

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50 Responses to “UBinary”

  1. Wayne Gilling

    looking to take part? Can you advise me that this is really a good move?

  2. Chin

    I heard ubinary accepting neteller, is that true?
    I will only taking a part of the brokers who support neteller or payza.. Can anyone tell me?

  3. Ubinary is ufxmarkets

    Check out the website forex peace army and do a search on ufxmarkets, they are a scam. I made a withdrawal from Ubinary and guess what my statement said the payment was from …….. yip ufxmarkets. They almost cleaned my account out by putting in trades without my permission. Took my account from $1000 to $100 in 4 trades, 1 of $300 and 3 of $200. Then still tried to get me to deposit more money. My address is sailfish9229@gmail.com if you want proof.

    • Cliff

      So you are telling me that they trade your account without your permission?

    • Ayman Melehy

      same happened with me. Started @ 11/13 and after a while asked to withdraw my balance $220 – after short time I login to my account to see that $30 – made me trade without permission.

      I have long email with them but finally – nothing happened

  4. William Bedri

    I have been trading with UBinary and have found their account management team to be very helpful and they will even make a few trades for you. They want you to make and I found that they answer your questions in a timely manner and there live chat is just that, a live chat. Overall I have been very pleased with my results. They also provide test(SMS) trading information and trading signals.

    • Ishan

      hi have you had any problems with funds withdrawal … i read many reviews stating them as scam or people couldn’t withdraw money from account

    • Christof

      Just the fact that you write like you are one of ubinary employees makes me very uneasy and actually proves how much of a scam you are.
      I have numerous problems with them and hope to get my money back, like so many other complaints here as well.

  5. Emmanuel

    Am yet to believe till now. Ubinary.com is a fake binary options but out of my stupid curiosity and their constant lure and disturbance, I fell prey to them. I deposited $400 to my trading account with the help of one Jessy who acted as my account manager. Am an experienced trader who can make money with binary options trading, (you can test me on that). All the while I placed trades in the platform as its coming to the trade expiry, the graph will just rush up to out of the money. This happened many times and I lost all my money with them. I imagined me losing my whole money in binary options trading for the first time.

    Today being 12th of November, 2013, I went to make a withdrawal of #110,000 ($694.88) from my local bank account, I realised that my account balance is lower to zero. Guess what? The so called Ubinary agents, made a withdrawal from my bank account because they helped me to deposit on my trading account. I gave them my visacard details to help me. This is a pure criminal act.
    I list below the problems I had with them till now:
    1. They called and called and called and lured me into depositing with them.
    2. Ever since the day I deposited with them, I received no call from them anymore.
    3. The so called account manager Jessy ordered me to placed a put trade on gold which he promised to insure if I lose. I lost the trade but he never insured. He refused calling, mailing or even signaling me in anyway at all.

    4. I strongly state that their charts and website is manipulated against the trader.

    They hire agents, who go to online forum to make good comments of them while its all lie.

    5. They duped me by using my credit card details with which they helped me deposit to debit from my local bank account without mandate.

    6. They never called me again after the deposit.

    7. Their website constantly hangs when you place trades especially 60seconds trading so that can’t monitor to double up before trade expires.

    8. I laid complaint more that 10 times, but they never replied. They called me more than 30times prior to my deposit. But after deposit, they didn’t call anymore. When I call them, they either ignore the call or leave it to a robot and/or even pick it without talking.

    In the name of the living God, the money they stole through my visacard is my last hope of investment so as to start up a living again. Am a student who is applying for an admission and its through the money that I should have raised up fund to help myself. I pray CySec to look into this case urgently and save me because my down. Am damned now. I never scam someone but this company ubinary.com has just killed me. It just remains stabbing or physical killing for me to die.

    Investigate into the matter instantly and help me.

    Please please please, help me recover my money from these thieves. I made no agreement with them to auto-charge my credit card. And even at that, the debited money from my local bank account never reflected on my trading account. Save me and save other people who would fall prey into their evil crawls.

    • Dean

      hello, i work in uBinary and we don’t have an employee with the name of Jessy. also we don’t deposit funds willy nilly without permission from our customers. there’s a lot of scam calls out there, if you want to be sure you are trading with uBinary always communicate through our customer support with any issues, and when you deposit make sure its our website http://www.ubinary.com, and not some sketchy link.

      • Hi Dean

        I looked at the website, there are a lot of nice features, I did not find somewhere else! I am really interested to trade with them!

      • Ahmed

        Forget about the name (Jessy, Saad, Mazin any other names)
        But this what happened to me also
        i think it’s same sequence for every one

  6. Jason R

    UBinary does not pay out profits! I started with UBinary a month ago, made some profits and still have not received my money. I requested a withdraw 3 and 1/2 weeks ago. They FINALLY withdrew my original deposit. Their live chat is shit, they say that someone will call me back soon and no one ever does. I have emailed my account manager, ubinary compliance, and their finance team dozens of times and no answer. BEWARE OF THIS JOKE OF A BROKER.

  7. phil

    I didn’t have good experience with them. Expired postions were ending in the money or a tie and it would say lose almost every time. I didn’t like this broker at all.

  8. Husain

    I wouldn’t suggest this company to anyone. I had a very bad experience with their representatives before I even become a member.
    My story starts when someone called me and told me that I showed interest in binary option trading. I don’t remember registering with uBinary. I told him that I am not interested anymore. He asked me the reason I told him it’s because of religious purposes in trading binary options specifically. He kept asking me why and that if I am a Muslim in a way that let me uncomfortable. I tried to explain that I don’t know exactly why and asked him to read about it if he needs more information. He said and I quote “I don’t want to read about your religion” and he hung up. From my perspective, I consider this unprofessional, unethical and racist from a newly born company.
    I tried to report this incident, but when I went through their website, there’s now contact information except a contact form. So I thought I’d give it a try. I sent the complain 7 days ago and no one replied until now. So I used the Live Chat and guess what, they terminated the chat when I asked to speak with a supervisor.
    You are the judge my dear trader.
    Best of luck

  9. Martin

    I had a bad experience. I use several brokers, because each have some advantages. Ubinary turned out to be no good. Never realy earned any money. I couldn’t trade normaly – problems followed one after another.

  10. dzab

    Ubinary and all the binary option is nothing but a scam. I’ve repeatedly said / requested that I want to close my account and withdraw my fund that i’ve deposited. Each time different account mgr pastered me to trade. and they disappeared. then again i wanted to close and withdraw..then the acct mgr by the name of Joshua martin called me and again did not even allowed me to speak abt wanting to WITHDRAW. and promised and pastered me to allow him to invest for me and do it by end of this week. And he did…he made 2 trades each abt 250 and 280 and loss. all my fund now is ZERO. they are nothing by scammers. There was NO training and definitely I have been cheated. So everyone. Beware.


    Joshua Martin
    Senior Accounts Manager

    skypename: joshua.m.ubinary
    Phone: 44.203.608.1229

  11. Rene Sosa

    Don’t trust on Ubinary, they take the control over your account without permission and placed trades and at the end they finally lose the money(well is like stolen from you), Mike Edwards is a terrible traders and the system doesn’t allow to withdraw your money, they usually say that they will make the withdraw process in your name.

  12. salim

    This is a professional scam company I put money with them when i try to withdraw they begin in few hours contracts without my permission and my account become 0 aftrr withdrawal request…it is Israel company with fake sddress in UK

  13. Yolanda G

    I recently funded my account with UBinary on June 3, 2014. I immediately received a call from Senior Broker who called and provided a brief history of his expertise, asked me what my goals were & if I intended to become a long term investor. However, their online chat service is horrible. I tried several times to get to communicate an issue but was not able to get anyone online. I was annoyed with the ongoing pop-up requesting additional deposits. I made a few hundred dollars above my investment. After testing the quality assurance portion for customer service and its platform, I have requested a small withdrawal to see if the integrity of the site is valid. As a final note, I don’t think there is a brick-mortar building for this company or its parent company. I have asked for the address from the compliance coordinator and my senior broker and have not received a response.

  14. ubinary is scam

    I made withdraw 3 and half weeks still have not received money. Do not trust them.
    When I first opened account; I gave them my credit card detail hoping they would deposit $1000 as agreed on phone. But soon as I finished conversation on phone logged in to ubinaryaccou t; guess what they deposited $2000 from my card. After 2 weeks IIn early finished all credit balance on my account. Then another consultant called me to invest another $2000. I said I do not want to trade any more. In spite of my advise he withdrew another $2000 from my credit card, bow I canceled that card. Very bad experience. Never ever trade with this shit company called ubinary.

  15. Ubinary Scam

    I opened account with Ubinary couple of months ago with a deposit of $500. After few weeks account manager Steven asked to deposit another $1000 to upgrade my account to managed account. I did not agree to this but instead they debited $5000 from my card without my consent. I asked to close my account and withdraw all the balance. They never responded to all my requests. Again another account manager Ethan contacted me after few days and he promised to make my account profitable if I deposit another $5000.

    I again asked to withdraw the amount and close the account. But I was shocked to find that he had deposited $5000 without my approval for the second time and opened few bad long term trades which went to loss. He too didnt respond to any of my withdrawal requests instead placed long term trades to lock the money. All those were losing trades. They make money by losing our positions.

    I have’nt received any amount so far. My mistake was I did’nt cancel my card after the first transaction.
    Stay away from Ubinary, its a scam.

  16. name bruce

    hi I am just about to join this company today but I have read these reviews is this all true regards bruce

    • Jason

      Don’t use this company. U have no control over what they do with your money. I told my broker to keep my positions below a certain amount numerous times and he gave me whole i understand. Week later my positions were over double and now I’ve lost pretty much everything. And now no reply from emails.

  17. fadi majdalani

    one week ago they took over the phone from my mastercard 250$ to open account, they opened nothing and the next day they throw me in the hands of another man on line and then also a third man to talk with me then in the following 6 days nobody called and i received no emails about my investment wallet, today after 7 days someone calls to explain, i told him thanks i want my money back but he did not want to listen to this and ended the phone call, now i claimed at my bank for that piracy to get my money back

  18. Anthony Berge

    I lost $86,500 Aussie dollars and am still in the process of trying to get it back. I sold shares l had set for my retirememt at the request of Steven Connor,he even told me which shares to sell.He painted a pretty picture of the things to come,he said by the end of November 2015 that i would have $180,000 US in my account and i could withdraw 12 to 18,000 a month.At Xmas 2014 the account was doing well but approximately a week before the end of January 2015 all that was left in my account was $252. I saw the account going down rapidly so i told him to stop loosing my money,it was all low risk which is what i asked for,i asked him not to trade unless he knew for sure it was a winning trade,at this stage there was about $67K left in the account and it was a Friday,by the following Monday there was $30,000 less in my account..steven says he specialises in long term trades,so what he does is tyes your money up in long term trades so that you have no free balance which to withdraw from,Steven will gain your trust and tell you what you want to hear,he will give you hope to fullfill your dreams and then pull the rug out from under you. Dont trust the bastards,dont open an account with them unless you want to loose your money.My feeling is that Steven has a physchological issues and needs help as no normal person would do this to another,especially knowing that they are nearing retirement.

    • Ram

      Good day Anthony , Looks like I am another muppet fooled by Steven Connor and Chris Paulson into investing . Facing similar issues with withdrawals and destruction of my account with irresponsible trades. We need to take these disingenuous mongrels to task. Have you tried to report them to the A.C.C.C. ? Best wishes.

  19. botsog

    bad experience with them. i deposited $100 and as per FAQ, minimum trade amount is $20. i traded EURUSD with an investment of $20 but when it was initiated, my full deposit of $100 was shown as my stake. very bad broker!!! not trustworthy!!! i will never ever trade with them again…

  20. L.Au

    have an account of Ubinary.com and and my account manager called Chris Paulson. The first 1.5 months the communications go smooth and we did make some profits. Then my account manager asked me to put on 10K USD to make sure I get minimum 20% profits per month. after I have put in the money, he advised me to trade on the fixed assist and with longer expiration. Then He keeps on putting big trade over 1000. Then we kept on lossing trade and my money gone. During the early June, I was told my account manager was absent from duty due to family issue and and there was another so called senior manager Steven Connor skype me, telling me he is more senior and he requested me to send another 10K USD for him to manage my account…… I rejected and I requested him to withdraw the money for me. but no action and no reply. Then I have sent email and calls and skype to Ubinary, for sure, no reply. the people who answer the calls keep saying that i have already forward your request to your department head. I have requested them to stop trading and withdraw all money but no reply. I have found they have put trade last friday and all my money gone to 58USD now. They are SCAM and they are stealing the money from clients. Do not trust them and I am trying to see how I can get back my money.

    • Just the truth please

      Dear L.au can you please provide an update as to the above situation I have the same account manager and was told in June that he was in Ireland for a conference anyway I was today about to give him $10kAU and luckily didn’t reading the above comments can you please let me know if you got your money back

  21. JD

    I just noticed the name Chris Paulson. Looks like I may have narrowly avoided being scammed as I was about to arrange a $AU30K transfer due to his clever pitch. Anyone know anything about this man who seems so genuine over the ‘phone? JD

    • tudor williams

      Sorry to say this but Chris Paulson is yet another scam artist, if that is his name? stay well away from these guys JD, and check your personal account for unauthorised withdrawals if you opened an account with a card payment.
      The London office is bogus, I’ve been there, ( its a virtual office) apparently they are based in Belise I’ve read??, i won’t go into my own story but its ended up in loss, about £9k -£11k.
      wherever they are hiding, i will be on a flight in the new year to track them down. they don’t know it yet, but they have bitten of far more than they can chew on this one.
      I hope you haven’t handed over any coin in the few months since you posted your comment.

  22. Verona

    Anyone had dealings with Ryan Allman please? I am concerned for money we have invested. (now have a large credit card debt and young family to support). If this falls through we will be devastated! Thanks. (Really worried now!)

  23. Allanah

    Same is happening to me right now! I requested a withdrawal on the 4th September 2015 and still waiting for it (14th Oct). I have sent several emails to all concerned telling them to close my account immediately and the broker, Robert Klein, then went and traded my account so that I couldn’t close it!!!

    I have made a complaint to the Action Fraud and CySEC. Can you all please do the same so we can get this company struck off. Also, name and shame these brokers so others doing research can find these comments. By the way another Review Site, TradersAssets, told me that the risk was the broker not the markets and it is all my fault for being a newbie!!!!! Some conspiracy going on here?

    • Mark

      Hi Allanah,

      Have you got your money yet? can you please provide contact details to the action Fraud and CySec that you speak of i too have been conned by this mob and what to take action against them.

      kind regards,

      Mark Jones

  24. Christof Alberts

    Same complaint here. Made withdrawal on 2nd October 2015 and heard nothing since. It shows on my account that the money is taken out so it is somewhere. Chatted live and they promised to get back to me and I sent email as well with no response. That is really unprofessional. Maybe they just take long for withdrawals, but then they should get back to you at least. I will wait a bit more until I make a formal complaint on this site.

  25. David G

    Thank you for these warnings, everyone. I was tempted to give this mob a go, but, it sounded too good to be true, so, I looked for some reviews of this company, which you guys kindly provided. It’s looking pretty obvious how these guys made their money – theft. Seriously, good luck in getting back your losses, but, unfortunately, it doesn’t look promising. these scammers need to be scammed themselves. Anyway, best regards,

    David G.

  26. tudor williams

    After reading the top of the page, i feel that if you guys are trying to clean up this sector you should go back to the old saying that there is no smoke without fire. How many people need to say the same things until you guys make it clear to your site users that ubinary is a scam???
    EVERYTHING that your readers are saying is true, i myself am in the middle of the very same thing today. traded up to about £9k-£11k, on screen, all good, went away for a few days to rotterdam, checked my personal bank account balance through app on phone, two unknown, unauthorised withdrawals totalling £4846.00.
    Through lloyds bank, had money returned to my account thank god, contacted ubinary,” sorry, we cancelled your account because you cancelled your deposit. THIS is not true, my deposit was $2500 months before this theft.
    many phone calls, help desk on web site, now not even working ( blocked IP address maybe???) ANY option chosen from automated reception leads to one guy called Zaid ??? account manager suddenly unavailable, on holiday, on lunch etc etc. London office, non existent, I’ve been there yesterday, its a virtual office with a very overwhelmed young lady who told me that she gets so many people walking in looking for ubinarys office.
    i can’t even look at my account and have never had a penny out of that account which now they won’t even discuss.
    ill keep you guys informed as to any developments but please, please, please for the love of god, let people know the truth, its so unfair not to.
    its worth mentioning that i collect money for individuals, i have travelled all over the world to find people that owe money. IF these people think they can hide in another country and get away with it, they will come unstuck this time for sure. ill let you know.

    • paul k

      hi tudor,cant beleive these thiefs .you say the took money directly out of you own bank account and not your account on their trading platform?

  27. Mike

    All I can say to all of you is……Thank you. I most certainly will not invest with this firm.

  28. PM

    Warning! Stay far away from Ubinary.

    I have trade upon their system.

    They transferred money to them selves from my personally account without asking me and without informing me.

    Against my orders they trade on my account and lost more than 16.860,17 usd, which was

    80 % of the invested amount. It happens within 10 days.

    They also trade to courses far away from the market price. The trades were constructed.

    They do not return my money after I have asked them to do it. And has not done after 4 months.

    Ubinarys peoples are unprofessional and not trustworthy.

    They say they have headquarter in Great Britain, but they are not based in GB and they have no license from Gambling Commission in Great Britain.

    Ubinary is owned by PPT Capital Ltd., which is registred in Belize.
    Ubinary is blacklisted in more countries. I can prove it all.

    So keep far away from Ubinary. You will lost all your money.

    Ubinary and their peoples are unprofessionals.

    Bad trading platform. No payout. No services. False address. No contact possibility. No real address.
    I would like to hear from you, who have been scammed by Ubinary. Mye-mail is:g.albek@stofanet.dk

  29. Ozze

    There is my story.
    Was looking at binary traders offering on line service. Checked out a lot of reviews, warnings … on the internet.
    Come across ubinary.com Did more digging and decided to take a punt … they seems to be a global outfit.
    Sign up in beginning of December 2015 making sure that all credit cards numbers are covered as front and back fotos were required.
    Deposited 5K to start. Traded for a few days with positive results …. naturally you need some knowledge of charts and trading secrets.

    Just before Christmas got call from “senior trader” Mr.Benjamin Molner. Conversation was very nice kind of friendly. Initially he was suggesting positions to open, very good results. Suddenly my balance went right up to the sky. He guided me to new positions and got “win” US20000 in just 15 min time.
    Than he open long term options like up to 30 days or so on very high stakes. Later I found that these options are unrealistic …. simply loss of great amount of money.

    Next day I’ve noticed strange things happening with all computers, internet connection went down to less 500 kbits/second from usually 6MB-9MB. i could not connect to my banking on line, Web sites were going funny, tablet was like dead, smart phone was going crazy. My development machine was doing strange things. Made complaints on social media on ISP pages. Connectivity went to normal speeds.
    Oh good, still could not connect to my bank, trading went crazy ….. loosing positions that were impossible to loose …. checked out on some other charts provided by NASDAQ, XE.com etc…etc….
    It was already January 2016. Had a couple calls from”mentor” Benjamin. Complained about behavior of trading platform. Now and then could make positive trades as I was still learning the art of trading I made big loses and gains resulting in $0 profits at the end … well this is binary trading.
    If have little or no knowledge of tools and how to use them …. you will loose for sure. Still could not connect to the internet banking. Than I got call from the my BANK telling me about huge money transfers from my accounts and asking when I repay over limit … big …$$$$. Wow …. I did not know about as could not login to bank …. time out, time out …. Eventually managed to login … and … what is going on ??? statements were old … so still did not know about illegal, already knew that there was a big security compromise including my ISP systems.Started cleaning my systems (yes … worms and trojan horses were found ) GOOGLE found out that tablet is compromised so they reloaded Android. Nexus was shutting down and restarting for hours, same happened to the phone but it took not long. Finally I could receive security tokens from the bank …. I went to internet cafes but it was no hope as phone was not receiving sms from the bank. Well …finally I can do trading … if I had any balance left!!!
    At the mean time I had a couple calls from the “mentor” he sort off was trying to get me out of trouble, it was just a game ….. now it is impossible to get in touch with him. I even got a bit of money transferred back but was just like to keep me cool and confident as well I was asked to deposit more … funny guys ….
    By the way emails to the “bosses” … my mentor was a bit upset that I complain or point out the flows- naturally implemented by them as you already know, in trading platform.

    Now bottom line::
    Stay away from ubinary.com there are reputable traders out there not scammers.

    • Linda Yates

      I had a long conversation with them requesting them not to trade more than 10% of my balance and explaining that I wasn’t in it to make quick returns. However, after agreeing the strategy over the phone they went away and placed 4 $1000 trades without my permission and lost two of them. They didn’t make any attempt to use the tools available to flip or buy ou the trades to mitigate against losses. When the other two trades won they placed a large trade that has almost wiped my account clear. These people are not professional traders. They are rogues and should be avoided. They should be forced to close down but its difficult to find who could do it.

  30. Bryan Wood

    Misuse of my invested funds
    My Ubinary.com experience
    During October 2015 Ryan Allman my Account Manager
    outlined a plan for me that could return around 2K to 3K per month
    on the US$20,000.00 I had invested
    And by December 30/12/2015 the account was progressing according to the plan
    In the 30-day period that the markets were open
    From 06/11/2015 to 22/12/2015
    There were 15 trades opened on my account
    With a turnover totalling $10,350.00 – averaging $690.00 per trade
    And by the end of December 2015 the account balance was $22,042.10
    showing a $2,042.10 profit in my account
    I was feeling good about my investment and happy with the way Ryan Allman was working with me
    Contacting me each day by Skype and by phone each Monday night to discuss the trading from the previous week
    There was absolutely no indication of what was about to happen
    On 04/01/2016 I withdrew $3,000.00 from the withdrawal section of my Ubinary portal
    The very next day 05/01/2016 the withdrawal was reversed by Ubinary
    During the next week I had several discussions with Ryan Allman about the withdrawal situation and he said he was “working on it”
    And on 11/01/2016 Ryan Allman made the same withdrawal (of $3,000.00) on my account and that was also reversed in the back office the next day 12/01/2016 by Ubinary
    And then later that day (Monday 11/01/2016) the reckless trading began and continued over the next 11 work day period to 25/01/2016
    Finally losing all but $78.25 of my December 2015 account balance of $22,042.10
    There were 15 trades with a turnover totalling $68,100 and averaging $4540 per trade opened on my account without any discussion with me
    Despite numerous emails and Skype messages to Ryan Allman and numerous emails to Max Gordon (Head of Ombudsman Department)
    requesting the trading to stop. Nobody answered my calls
    On Monday 25/01/2016 Ryan Allman finally contacted me by Skype, then called me on the phone and said he had been ill and he would now move forward positively with my account
    It was a positive phone call, Ryan seemed happy and saying all the right things, and I had the feeling that my account, and our professional relationship, was again back on track
    At the time of this phone call, on Monday 25/01/2016 my account was showing a free balance of $16,448.45 with no open trades in the system
    Then within two hours of our phone call, all but $78.25 of my balance had been placed on trades
    And by Thursday 28/01/2016 (three days later) every trade had been lost
    Leaving me with $78.25 in my account (which I cannot access)
    Their trading actions in the last 11 work days were totally, Irrational and irresponsible and completely out of character with the previous two months
    Despite many requests I have not had any response from Ryan Allman, Max Gordon or any other person from Ubinary
    As soon as money is deposited into a Ubinary account, they take full control of the money deposited, as the withdrawal section of the portal cannot be actioned by the account holder
    Based on my experience, Ubinary.com is a scam site
    It may be of interest to note that on 04/01/2016 the Main Headquarters address was changed on the Ubinary.com website from:
    Portman Place London UK to Badenerstrasse 549,8048 Zurich Switzerland
    I have screen shots of all of the account details and copies of all the Skype conversations and emails sent to all parties
    Can anything be done?
    If nothing can be done and this really is a “Buyer Beware” industry,
    Then how can the public be made aware of this disgusting scam company?
    Bryan Wood

  31. Robert

    From my experience with ubinary they cannot be trusted i had a broker with
    them who advised trades some of which turned out successful and started to
    make a profit things changed when he left, so i was told, the new guy started recommending reckless trades which i had to rescue.
    I decided to stop trading, as soon as i told the broker i could tell he was not happy.I requested a withdrawl of funds in January i have only received a third of the amount.They will not respond to any sort of communication.

  32. Hailey

    We have traded with these guys and they are the biggest scam out! We have $50,000 sitting there and our account manager Benjamin mollner won’t let us take it out and he won’t transfer it back to our account! We can’t get in contact with the compliance part of the business and no one returned any emails or Skype messages now! We are reporting them to the uk police to try get our money back! We are from Australia anyone want to contact me on Facebook please do so! Hailey knight

  33. Jess

    My boyfriend signed up for the account. They told him they were regulated but after doing research I found they’re was no sure-fire proof. Also, when he tried to get his money out they dodged the question and then continued to ask for another deposit of over $100. However, when he said he didn’t have the money to put more money in they said and quote “oh, you’re lying”. Then told him to “shut the f*#* up , I’m sending your money back”.

  34. Tony Evangelou

    No one should spend a cent with them. Stay awayyy.they scammed me for 90k AUD. Luckily it was all done on my credit card so my bank managed to get all my $$ back , took 3 months though..never deal with them. They are professional conmen. They even tried to get me to transfer $$ to Bulgaria. Ben Molnar was my so called account manager. Stay away from them . I have reported them to every government dept and will do all i can to shut them down.

    • Fang

      I was just scammed.
      Could you please tell me how you took action on getting your money back?
      I really need help


    • Dean

      hello, i work in uBinary and we don’t have an employee with the name of Ben Molnar. you were a victim of a phishing scam, when you trade with a legit company make sure you do it with their official website and customer support vie phone and email.

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