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  • TraderXP
  • Bonus: up to100%
  • Options Profability : 65-75%
  • Rating: 6.3 / 10


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Broker Name: TraderXP
Platform: SpotOption
Founded: 2009
Bonus: up to 100%
Return/Refund: 65-75%/0-10%
TraderXP Overview


No. Of Assests : 83
Regulated : No
Demo Account : No
Minimum Deposit : 200
US Traders : Accepted
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Review Last Updated 2014-01-19 11:22:13

Editor’s Note- Why does TraderXP suck in 50 words

On our last review we told you that TraderXP are definitely a marketing machine. Well, this hasn’t changed much. They really know what traders want and publicize it pretty well. The variety of assets and trading tools blinds trader’s eyes like a neon shining on a dark road, but once you get used to light you find out that you’re someway off the road. Variety is only good once you know what you are doing, and if you know what you’re doing, why don’t you look for a broker with higher profits?


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Why TraderXP doesn’t suck in 50 words

On our last update to the TraderXP review we informed you about the fact that a new owner has taken over the company, all the unsatisfied costumers would receive their money back and the site will undergo a serious make up. team kept monitoring and we see there are some improvements; for example, their Daily Market Analysis is actually up to date. Of course, this should be a normal thing, but since almost all brokers in the Binary Industry are really bad and the standard is so low, we are very glad to see an up to date market analysis. But don’t get your hopes up because the Weekly analysis is dated November 28, 2011… way to go TraderXP.



TraderXP Full Review- Profit is Inside?

Launched on late 2009, TraderXP 100% web based platform could be considered as one of the veteran Binary Options Brokers. TraderXP is based on SpotOptions trading platform, very simple to use and trade, and with over 53 assets available to trade TraderXP became a very popular broker. Since the last time we visited them, they added more assets to their offer and now traders can choose between 33 stocks, 15 currency pairs, 7 commodities and 28 indices which is a significant improvement compared to the previous 53 assets. TraderXP provides great trading tools such as One Touch Options- enabling traders to trade over the weekend, live news feed and also provides to its costumers support and live chat available in 12 countries 24 hours a day, always polite and ready to help. However, on our most recent visit we were disappointed to see that their Live Chat is not available and a client’s options are limited to sending an e-mail. This is actually embarrassing for a broker who wants to be the “leader”. Also, they say they have an “award-winning” customer support team… but that team is nowhere in sight.


So why does TraderXP Suck? Profits are the answer, sadly, especially because TraderXP’s slogan is “Profits Inside”. Minimum deposit is above average while the bonus percentage is less than 25% and makes the initial deposit bonus lower than most other Binary Options Brokers. A trader who decided to trade with TraderXP will receive a lower initial amount of cash than he could receive from other brokers. Furthermore, TraderXP In-The-Money profitability goes only high as 75% in good days, which make them lower than most brokers, but nevertheless Out-Of-Money refund is average (5-10%). Risky investors who know the market and do hesitate to make large trades will find these cons plus the maximum investment which is only 1000$ as a big problem, so I wouldn’t recommend high risk (=High Profits!) traders to trade with the XP. Another issue that might pop for high rollers is the charging fees added to most withdraw methods. More solid investors will find these cons as pros since the large amount of assets to trade and investment limit makes trading broader and assumingly less risky, off course only in case you know the market well.


The website is not entirely functional and a lot of Frequently Asked Questions are totally missing: the “Transactions” and “Trading” sections of the FAQ are displayed at the top but they don’t work or at least I couldn’t get them to work. Instead, they just answer questions about the platform and account. That’s just the regular babble about how easy Binary Options are, how profitable and what currency I can use for opening an account. In other words, I can find there everything I can find on other websites but when it comes to particularities, they slam the door in my face and give me no information. They have a “Demo” tab which is actually just a video explaining… nothing. Information is a rare gem on the TraderXP website but they do have some good educational material, especially when it comes to explaining what fundamental analysis is and what the most important economic indicators are. However, this is not enough to make them stand out of the crowd.




Is TraderXP Scam?

While searching the web for comments and reviews about TraderXP, I couldn’t have missed the amount of trash and negative comments written about this company. Many low-class marketing so called “review” sites claimed that TraderXP had actually stole it’s glossary, but had no facts to prove it. The glossary is not complete indeed but I’m not sure it’s stolen. Many other claim that TraderXP cheats or don’t payback profits. My opinion about all of this is actually different. In some cases low bonus is actually better because it makes the withdrawal easier, so complaints like these matches better other bad Binary Options Brokers, then TraderXP. Moreover, I think that most of those complaints come from beginners who lost their money very quick. Why beginners? Because TraderXP is not for beginners. The large amount of assets demands experience to handle, and the bonus isn’t large enough anyway to make stupid decisions. Another downside for beginners is the minimum investment 200$, which is average but usually matches more the amount of bonus and the lack of any kind of loyalty offers. Overall, I believe TraderXP isn’t a fraud, actually the other way around- I think they are pretty good, but nevertheless, trading with TraderXP will not make you profits. My advice to traders who know the market and know how to make profit is to stay away from traderXP, the same goes to beginners. Solid investors who wants to trade overtime may find TraderXP more enjoyable, also thanks to their real time yahoo news bar and the brand new Pro/Fast Option (details at the bottom), but don’t expect the biggest profit withdrawal available in town every month.


Traders still complain about this broker and it seems not much has changed. They don’t provide an address in their “Contact Us” section or anywhere else, just some phone numbers and a P.O. Box address. I’m not sure I want to do business with such a broker, to be honest and I personally would go for one of the reputable SpotOption brokers.


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TraderXp Complaints

Unfortunately when we checked online forums and websites for any complaints about TraderXP, this is some of the comments we found: “They are a bunch of cheaters trying to cash on innocent traders. Avoid like a plague”, “Trader XP is a huge scam and a ripoff of your money. you wont see one penny back off your money…” or “Scam, easy to make a deposit and impossible to get your money back…”. These comments are from different people (apparently not the same guy posting on different websites) and as you can see, they are not positive to say the least. Of course, we could give TraderXP the benefit of doubt and believe that maybe those negative comments come from their competition trying to give them a bad name… but a fact is a fact: there are numerous complaints online about TraderXP, coming from apparently legit clients.


TraderXP Bonus

Their Bonus goes up to 25% of the initial deposit and to withdraw you will need to trade a volume of 20 times deposit + bonus received. Until that volume is reached no money can be withdrawn from the account. TraderXP also offers a $100 bonus through EverestForex but you have to exectute a minimum trading volume of $100,000 before withdrawing funds. That is a too high volume for $100 bucks worth of bonus.


 TraderXP Withdrawal

Withdrawals are charged 35 units of the currency you deposited in and 30 days must pass since your last deposit. I don’t know why they added this condition, but it’s restrictive and appears it is there just to suit their needs. The processing time for a withdrawal is between 5 and 10 business days.


TraderXP Extras

At the time of our first review, TraderXP had some Extra features but they failed to improve and innovate and now all their Extras are just standard for most brokers. TraderXP is just another face in the crowd when it comes to this kind of features. 



TraderXP Ratings

User Friendly 16/20

TraderXP is 100% web based platform, so there’s for software to be downloaded. The website is not clean and organized because some links don’t work properly, FAQ is missing entire sections and some questions return the wrong answer. The demo is misleading because the customer expects a Demo account with virtual money but all he gets is a short video. There is a live news sidebar available and finally scrolling between assets is easy and simple. The glossary is a bit short and doesn’t cover all terms, and sometimes the site is getting slower due to the amount of details and scripts running on each page.


No. of Assets and Expiry time 16/20

Total of 83 Assets: 33 stocks, 15 currency pairs, 7 commodities and 28 indices put TraderXP in the top half of the industry in terms of assets available to trade. It’s good to see they improved at least one aspect since our last visit; however, it was not the aspect which needed improvement the most. Another plus is the Touch option available for trade over the weekend when the markets are closed for a chance to make up to 400% return. They recently introduced 60 seconds trading.


Commissions, Support and Effective return 12/20

TraderXP do not charge any fees or commissions from investors when they deposit or purchase options. A dormant account (accounts with no transactions, deposits or withdrawals for an entire month are considered “dormant”) will be charged a monthly fee of 5% of the account. For withdrawing via wire transfer TraderXP charge 25$, credit card withdrawals are free of charge. TraderXP support is available on 14 international numbers, or via email. The service is helpful and polite, and should be available 24 hours a day (why do they sound like salesperson’s more than investment advisors?). However, we could not contact Live Support (unavailable on 3 attempts) and this is a major disadvantage for them. Another downside of TraderXP is the uncompetitive returns for In-The-Money which rises only up to 75%. Out-Of-Money refund is average 1-10%.


Deposit, Payment and Bonus 12/20

Minimum deposit is above average- 200$ or 200€- depends on the currency used. Deposit is available via Credit card, Wire transfer (Min 500$) or CashU. Withdrawals are available via the same methods +cheque plus postage. Minimum of 100$ for withdrawal. Additional withdrawals fee do not apply on C.C. TraderXP bonus goes up to 100% which is highest bonus possible.


Website Extra’s 7/20

TraderXP has some useful and refreshing extras such as the Option builder, where the trader can customize trades that will follow their personal trading style. Another great extra is the Yahoo live news bar, keeping the investors up to date with latest news. However, these were considered Extras some time ago but the Binary Options industry is moving forward at a fast pace and now the features mentioned are just standard for most brokers. As a result, TraderXP loses points on this category, bringing them from the previous 11/20 rating to 7/20. 



TraderXp Overall Ratings: 63/100

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54 Responses to “TraderXP”

  1. Mervin Plavnik

    Just want to inform you that I bookmarked your article for future reference. Thanks!

  2. Henrik Boyander

    TraderXP is a scam, no doubt about that – do your DD and you will be convinced. Also check out traderxpwarning questions are very welcome!

    Trading fx for +20 years so no beginner mistakes here!


    Hi they are really faruds. I been chaseing them for my money to transfer them to my account and until now no response. Everytime they ask me to submit docs and then they go quiet. Even there live chat option never works.
    Is there any way we can take legal steps against them?

    • Mohammad

      I agree the fact that they are SPAM,and fraud people.I asked them for my money and received noreply!!!!!!!!!
      Please be carfule they are SPAM and bastard.


        BECAUSE TRADERXP does not tell the new prospect that if I wish to trade currencies I cannot be from the USA I funded my account and did get a bonus and then did a trade in the stocks area and cam out OK on the trade I have more than what I personally put into the account. I wish to trade ONLY the FOREX (currencies) though. I was not told that I could not trade currencies prior to my funding. Now I can not retrieve my funds. I found another broker that allows me to trade currency and I need my funds sent back to me so I can fund the new account. How do I get my funds sent to me??

        • trader X

          Their Bonus goes up to 25% of the initial deposit and to withdraw you will need to trade a volume of 20 times deposit + bonus received.

    • Gideon Venter

      I agree that Trader XP is a scam.The same as people above,to withdraw money is not possible at all.No replies to emails sended to them.When you ask to speak to someone about your problem ,no one will make a move to answer you.All my money that i’ved made was taken and they are all a bunch of crooks.I would also like to take legal steps against them.

  4. NLP

    Absolutely fraud. once they start sending you emails, they won’t stop. those people should go to Jail.

  5. Henrik


    I had problems with TraderXP in the past but in all fairness I have to say that even if it took some time to settle, everything was solved to my satisfaction.
    As I have not been trading binary options for several months now, I have no recent experience with TraderXP or any other binary options brokers so cannot say who you can trust and wo not.

  6. Davonte

    Well it worked out for me, idk about the “technical issues” but I won requested my money and it was deposited in my account without problems

  7. Mounir

    Stay away from them once you deposit your money you will never get it back

  8. Unknown


  9. Sharon

    I have funded my account with $1000 on the 12 nov 2012 and when i try to log in with my details they are declined.
    I just want my money back

  10. ana

    Trader XP
    I fund my account with 200usd on novemver 13 with charge to my credit card. I ask the refund of my deposit several times and nobody gives me an answer. I think that my money has been stolen.
    Please nobody put their money there. Does anyone know to whom may denounce this type of thieves?

  11. Roger

    SCAMMED ME BIG TIME! I would request withdraws and never get them,the clock would stop in the middle of trades causing you to lose!Changing the rules Took $800 from me and got not a penny in return!! How is that a promise to make money at home!

  12. margincall

    I’m a client of One of the reasons why I registered on this forum is because I want to alert people who is currently trading with, or is interested in trading with them in the future.
    Since Oct.10/2012, I registered my first binary option account with and starts trading with ( I began with a mandatory 500USD, depositing in to my account with And for almost 2 month, I was lucky that I had made some profit.
    On December 6, 2012 I requested a withdrawal of partially the money in my account, but problems starts coming. At first they said in order to do a withdrawal they need 5-10 business day and required my bank account. Then after I sent to them all my documents and information, I waited over 10days, during this period I sent email to Mr. Paul every day because I found out they closed my account on Dec 12, 2012- I could not logon to my account anymore and I still had some position opening at that time. Mr. Paul explained that their risk department inspects my account, but on Dec.20, 2012, Mr. Paul replied my email said:
    ” Hi Mr. Wang,
    Sorry for delay. I just got the answer this morning. I can see your account has been closed and your initial 500 USD deposit refunded back to your credit card and rest of the balance forfeited. As I told you before risk department informed me you we’re abusing the system during trading and traded against site terms & conditions. I believe we’re not the first binary company you’re dealing with and you know exactly what I’m talking about.
    Regarding complaints on the net, I can find plenty of them about any other financial institute or even biggest corporations like Apple etc., so it doesn’t impress me at all.
    Thank you!
    Good luck in the future trading!”

    Are you kidding me—what is “abusing the system during trading and traded against site terms & conditions”? If someone won some profit, that is against your terms? In addition, traderxp is my first binary option broker, I have never traded binary option before. I don’t know why they said “ I believe we’re not the first binary company you’re dealing with and you know exactly what I’m talking about.” is a scam, and never believes what these liars say. And I’m writing to prevent other people from being fraud by them.
    I have screenshots what about everything including support chats, account statments etc. and I determined to get the complete account balance due to me or use every legal mean to have TraderXP closed down.In addition, I have already reported this to Royal Canadian Mounted Police(RCMP).
    Right now I am waiting for their reply.

  13. john

    How do I delete my traderxp account? Please help!!

  14. John

    I have requested a refund on my account of $900, after they charged my account an additional $500. They basically refused to refund my money. Crooks and Scammers. Stay away!

  15. byron

    Trader xp is in the business of fraud, not trading. If you manage a profit they will keep your money. If you incur a loss they will keep your money. Understand, they will keep your money.
    They do not honour or respond to correct documentation, phone calls or emails. They have someone called ” Guy Young” play arouind on Skype as if assisting but they have no intent of returning one Euro. Like many other suckers I wait for my funds to be returned. It does not happen fro they are in the fraud business only.
    Their currency trade quotes are also false. The keep option expiry times open past maturity if they are at a loss and close the trade early if they are in profit. They cheat in every way possible to defraud the client.

  16. oleg

    i have registerd to them ,and they start to call me everyday ,many times,proposing and persuade me to make deposit and take a bonus…i note that they are very intrusive in that way,tnks god i come to this forum,i will never make a deposit at such broker!!!

  17. manuel

    i agree i deposit 5000
    they gave me the gold account promiss to make trades with me so they did 3 trades then asked me for 5000 more so i could have high returns when i told them i don’t have more money
    they stop contacting me or helping me with trades i lost the 5000 on first deposit plus bonus
    they find a way to take peoples money in a very charming way they tell you that you will make much money it is a scam they are just sales people traned to sell something they don’t have and make comotion on peoples money they really suck it is the truth

  18. lee chee yoong

    I don’t know whether whether you called TraderXP a scam website or not? I have been requested for a withdrawal for more than 1 1/2 months by now but no news on my refund at all. Don’t cheat by the those comments above.

  19. James Saulsbury

    This is the biggest scam in the world! They got me to the tune of $21,000. Wish someone could put these people in jail!

  20. mike s

    That’s funny Jordan Gray from Trader XP swears they aren’t a scam wink wink, I have wasted so much of his time that you should definitely do the same and tell him how much you lost and that they are nothing but trash.

  21. Goran

    I’ve been trying to get my money back from Option Click .. for a whole month. These are $ 200. I have sent all the information they need without any progress. Most recently, he said in chat that ahn could not help me, and shut down the chat page. And then I wonder. How would I take out substantial amount of money …. sick! Now I had to give up and give them my $ 200. SO BEWARE Same with Trader XP …

  22. Jerry

    Frank, I too had the same problem, not being able to trade currencies with TraderXP. However, after speaking with the broker, they transferred my account to one of their “partner” brokers called BoCapital. With this broker, I was able to trade currencies. However, I would not recommend neither of these brokers to anyone because they both use aggressive tactics. But if you start trading the currencies, and meet the trading volume requirement indicated under their “terms and conditions” then you may be able to withdraw your deposit and profits without an issue. I hear some people are starting to have some success getting their deposits and profits back. If you should get any money back, take the money and find a better broker!

  23. Chunu

    This company is a scam!!! I emailed them numerous times to withdraw my profits. I received no response at all!! One day they called me for one of their marketing calls asking to invest money. At that time, I told the guy that I never received the profits that I wanted to withdraw. It had been a month then since I withdrew. The guy said “ohhh the cheque is in the mail.” I even confirmed my address. It has been now over 5 months and I never received my cheque!! They never answer your calls or respond to emails or live chats!!! What a scam and what liars!!!

  24. Maria Carmen

    Dear Margincall,

    TraderXP is a financial trading company which has mandated terms and conditions for our clients to abide by in order to create a fair trading platform. Without knowing the full details of your account, we can assure you that if you are entitled to any funds according to our regulations, you will receive such funds with no problems or delays. Perhaps there was a misunderstanding regarding your account, in which case we would like to take the initiative to solve it. Please contact our customer support team with account identification details at and we will do our best to analyze and resolve your situation.

  25. Maria Carmen

    Dear John,

    If you would like to delete your traderxp account, please contact our customer support team and they will assist you right away. Our email is

  26. Maria Carmen

    Dear John,

    TraderXP is a professional trading company with strict rules and regulations applying to our clients and brokers. Every call is recorded as well as all documents that our clients have disclosed to us. It is against any ethic and rule of our company to charge a client without their full permission. If there is a charge we made without your permission, we would like to know about it immediately so we can correct such a mistake and refund the money. Please contact us at .


    Maria Carmen
    Customer Support

  27. Maria Carmen

    Dear Lee Chee young,

    TraderXP has a set of terms and conditions regarding withdrawal. If your account meets the criteria for withdrawal, there shouldn’t be such a long delay. If you have a withdrawal request that has been pending for more than a week, we would like to look into the issue so we can take care of it. It is possible that you cannot withdraw at this time due to a bonus you may have taken (we would need to review your account to determine what the holdup is). Please send a personal email detailing your account details as well as when you requested for a withdrawal so we can respond appropriately as soon as possible.


    Maria Carmen
    Customer Support

  28. Ivan Buckley

    Hi All.

    BEWARE OF TRADERXP. After too little research, the fact that 2 years ago the company had been relaunched under new ownership with promises of improved customer service; I decided to give TraderXp a chance. That was a mistake.

    I have been waiting almost 2 months for a response to my initial withdrawal request, and 5 weeks for a follow up withdrawal request to effectively close my account. I have sent numerous support emails to chase up communication, also directly to a guy called Zack (my first point of contact).

    The idea that they have brokers to advise and help is laughable – they are there to persuade you to send them more and more money and when that proves unlikely all semblance of communication is stopped!

    My broker, Danny (phoning from Bulgaria), offered several services if I deposit more then more.. oh no I meant these services would be available after you deposit more… you get the idea. He repeatedly deferred his commitments and didn’t seem to maintain more than a basic CRM system (this guy is still a mug: I’ll routinely contact him…. ooops he’s no longer a mug: better forget him).

    In short – every bad thing you have heard or read about this company, no matter how far in the past it relates to, seems to still be true. No customer service (although I note they do dedicate time to responding to critique here). Their on-line live chat is never manned. Once your money is deposited it stays deposited.

    You have been warned.

    And if TraderXp read and respond in the manner they have for other posts – yes I understand the withdrawals and yes my requests are within those limits – and finally if you had bothered actually responding to my direct communications, you would not have to respond here!

  29. Dan Clark

    One requirement for withdrawal that you failed to include in your review of TraderXP is that they require that you execute a trading volume of 20X the value of your initial deposit + bonus before you can initiate a withdrawal … very restrictive!

  30. dan


  31. Gilbys

    Thanks all of you who shared your experiences with traderxp!i am now fully informed about it!good thing is, i did not make any deposit yet!

  32. tommy

    I report my experience with TraderXP as follows:

    On 3 Mar, 2014, I opened an account at TraderXP deposited $250 into the account. After I opened the account, I received phone calls almost every hour from the day I opened my account, kept asking me to jet up the account to their Gold level($5000) so as to receive their 1 to 1 service. I refused them every time. However, about a week later, on 11 Mar 2014, they just debited my credit card for $5000 without my permission directly!

    And they keep asking to put another $5000 in the following week so as to increase the account to $10000 so as to get a so-called “generous 50%” bonus. I rejected and hang up the phone every time.
    I felt something was not right, and I submitted my withdraw request the next day, they just cancelled my request within half an hour without my permission! Immediate after had cancelled my request, they followed by putting 50% Bonus into my account even I did not ask for and rejected to take their bonus.

    And it’s been over 3 weeks after I submitted my withdrawal, I have not received from them and the withdrawal request on the Banking History is still in Pending status. I emailed them numerous times to their CS support, but no response.

    I reported my story to my bank on 18 Mar 2014, the bank said they will do an investigation on the matter.

    After 3 weeks’ time of my withdrawal request, I have been keep emailing TraderXP’s CS and the account manager, Mazen Obaida, for withdrawal. But no response from the CS, non from the account manager, and my withdrawal request is still pending.

    On 2 April 2014, I just received a call from another guy, Adam, asking me to open a trade claiming that if I can follow his instruction, I can double my money in my account and withdraw half of the account. If I am not going to follow his advise, he will open the TRADE HIMSELF and TRADE FOR ME until he blow up the whole account.

    Besides, he kept saying that I must follow his instruction before I can make any further withdrawal!

    Don’t you think it is a BLACKMAIL?

    Don’t trade with this company. I have lost over $5000 and experienced the worst customer service in my whole life. And what’s more are my ID copy and Bank account numbers and credit card number are fully exposed to this company!

    This company is an absolute scam!


  33. Joachim Hagg

    Stay away as far away from TraderXP you possible can! They don’t even honor their own terms and conditions. That says about all about these scammers. The whole company should be forced in to bankruptcy ASAP!!!

  34. Henk

    After lossing a lot of money, I decide to stop. The remaining money I want to withdraw. Forget it, they always cancel the withdrawel without explanation. DON’T put any money in this company. You will not get it back.

  35. Mohamad

    Can somebody help me with this. Just create acc with them but not yet transfer any $$.What will happen if I back out or tell them that I want out? :(

  36. Aries Mendoza

    Thanks for this information. It is very useful for me since I intend to use traderxp. A governing body should take a closer look at complaints from legit traders. They should not allow hard-earned money go to waste. Shame on you traderxp!


    All be careful with your credit card. My suggestion call the card center to block transaction after doing transaction. It happen to me ones. I been joining one of the Binary Trading company few week ago and i did Log in and key in all card detail in order to start investing .What happened one day- it was lucky to me with the Bank i have in my country in which for every transaction sufficient or insufficient transaction , i will be receiving SMS to my hand phone. Great..ha!!
    ( Suckers taking action -)
    On the 10 april 2014- 1 am to 5 am morning .. while sleeping i receiving SMS Msg from Bank telling me Transaction has been successful done with $$ – What!!! upon receiving that Electronic text message Time : 1: 00 am – 2:00 I can’t even sleep thinking of that suspicious transaction . Well before my money GONE – i immediately call the card center to investigate and to BLOCK all Oversea TRANSACTION . Huuuhhhh!!! Crazyyyyy !! Investing with any of the BINARY TRADING COMPANY is Risky…. You can be a winner few minute than a looser a few minute after that.. hahahaaa!! Soooo BCAREFUL BEFORE THE BIG BLACK CAT EAT and CATCH YOU. I’m just lucky- I Get my money 1k back.. There are really as hole and mother sucker fucker.

    To me there are really professional – My advise to all BECAREFUL WITH YOUR CREDIT CARD. CALL THE CARD CENTER TO BLOCK YOUR CARD TRANSACTION AFTER DOING TRANSACTION to any Binary Company . By doing so- there don’t have any chances to get your money in the card while you SLEEPINGGGGGGGG!! BROTHER AND SISTER..

  38. Ken

    Yes trader xp is a scam i have been trying to withdraw $900 for well over 2 months. Have sent them all the required documents that they requested,as of today i have sent them an email requesting when my refund will happen.I did not take any of there bonuses, Be warned be careful they are not to be trusted.

  39. mandla

    im mandla sibisi from south africa. it sound like uve done a thorough research about traderxp. everything you say its true.i fell on the same trap this week 200 dollars is gone and for me as a south african its a lot if u count it in rands.

  40. Daniel Buffington

    TraderXP is most certainly a scam. I recently was charged my entire account balance of $300 as a “maintenance fee” due to inactivity. Oddly enough, I was only charged this 24 hours AFTER I attempted to withdraw the funds in the account.

    Stay far far away from these guys.

  41. James

    I been trying to get my money back for about 15 Days now and they give you the run around.

  42. paul mccusker

    i have been unable to withdraw any money and they then turned around and withdrew it all in inactivty fees

    105421 10:22 10/06/14 £447.00approved InactivityFee
    104860 07:45 03/06/14 £50.00 approved InactivityFee
    86733 08:00 29/04/14 £495.00 canceled
    85149 09:10 09/04/14 £495.00 canceled
    54716 21:39 20/03/13 £500.00 approved Credit Card

  43. Rose White

    TraderXP is a scam through and through. First they tried to make unauthorised $3200 and $300 deductions from my debit card! Then when they found that account was one I use for small daily shopping expenses and had no money in to prevent such thefts they claimed they did the attempts to try get money to fund my account! But I replied that all I wanted to do was pay with $100 a week to see if it was possible to make money on Binary Trading.
    I then tried a few small bets and lost all apart from making one $70 win.
    Then they stared calling me urging me to invest the $3200 as a sure way to make money. I refused so they used $2000 of their own money and apparently made a super win but then took all the money back. Then they used my money to make small bets which all lost.
    I decided to try their Touch Options betting each way on the reasoning that in a onehorse race an each way bet will win or at least get my money back but despite the promises of 400% return all the Touch bets lost! How can that happen?
    In a casino if I draw a seven and bid $20 that the next card will be higher and $20 that it will be lower I will win $20 plus get my $20 back but with TraderXp I lose both bets!
    The nice guy kept phoning urging me to invest – sorry gamble – big to make big money but I say if their site was legit then any bet would make money?
    Right now I’m trying to close my account and get my closing balance back to try another binary.

  44. JJPFX

    Stay well clear of this broker. I even got involved with an individual broker that promised £10k/mth profit. The first trade made me £3600, all following tips I reduced the amount he advised me to trade. If I would have followed his advice it would have wiped out my account. The remainder £4k in the account I am trying to get out. They simply refuse to refund my money.

    These people are thieves and need to be locked away. If there is anyone who can help me to get my money out I would be grateful if they get in touch with me.


    • SCH33

      I have exactly the same problem – they do not let you withdraw profits. having real problems.

      Check out

      • WKLMP

        Avoid them like the plague… They actually closed my account with $52k in it and cannot be reached. Their contact numbers put you in a queue that automatically disconnects after 10 minutes. Email no response. This is after they asked me to put in almost $7k to “free up” my funds to clear the bonus. Luckily I used Paypal and could reverse that last payment but my initial (quite substantial) investment is gone… Adam Ansari is particularly a scammer. Do not believe anything he says.

  45. Jaap Piersma

    Withdrawal is impossible as they require 20 times the deposit plus bonuses. Account manager promise the world but disappear from the face of earth if their promises don’t materialise.

    Please do your self a favour and do not deposit any funds into these scammers. I am trying for more than 6 month to get £ 4000 out to no avail.

  46. Johan de Lange

    My withdrawel request is still pending from 12/12/14, e-mail do not work and their live chat account have been suspended. Are they still in business??

  47. fie

    Thks all for the info I almost fall for their game. The called me 5time and was alert that number been reported and they email me asking me for my detail like bank bank no.fuhh tt was close

  48. K van laar

    Tradorax seems a good broker! I invested 5000 dollar and made 28000 dollars with trading. Including a bonus of 5000 dollar from tradorax! Very Nice i thought! I waggered the bonus so that i can withdrawal my money! I took the risk to trade and went very good!

    I was happy with my profit and want to withdrawal 25000 dollars! I logged in and gone was my money! My account manager ( i dont even speak or know him) invested 5x 5000 dollar for 6 weeks to make my profit more! How stupid is that? Everybody knows thats not possible, its gambling!

    Contact tradorax is the most difficult thing in my life! E-mails the wont answer, telephone they dont answer or give you an answer on a brutal way!

    I let some authorities investigate this broker, they look professional, but its a scam! The never pay out only take your money and when you trade good they steel your money with an story that the account manager did that, the most stupid story!



    kind regards k van laar
    Kvanlaa8224 my tradorax account

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