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  • TopOption
  • Bonus: up to100%
  • Options Profability : 72-85%
  • Rating: 8.3 / 10


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Broker Name: TopOption
Platform: KeyStone
Founded: 2013
Bonus: up to 100%
Return/Refund: 72-85%/0-30%
TopOption Overview


No. Of Assests : 56
Regulated : CySec, FCA
Demo Account : Yes
Minimum Deposit : 200
US Traders : Not Accepted
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Review Last Updated 2016-06-06 13:25:40

Editor’s Note – Why TopOption doesn’t Suck in 50 Words?

Regulation! Regulation! Regulation! Now we’re talking! TopOption is operated by Safecap Investments Ltd, a Cyprus Investment Firm established in 2008 and regulated by CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) and the FCA. Safecap is one of the most prolific firms active in the online trading industry, in addition to operating well-known websites, such as, GoForex and ForexYard. Knowing that we are dealing with a respectable company allows the trader to sleep better at night and removes a lot of doubt.


Why does TopOption Suck?

Although the operating company has some good years under its belt and it is a well-respected participant to the online trading industry, the TopOption product is a rather fresh one, launched in 2013. Only time will tell if the team that operates the Binary Options broker can live up to the expectations and high standards of the parent company. Even though TopOption is owned by the respectable Safecap, we still have to see them prove themselves. In my opinion, if they want to be able to compete with bigger brokers, they need to increase their assets index and offer more exciting VIP perks.


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TopOption Review – Trade My Way to the Top

TopOption is owned and operated by Safecap Investments Limited, located at Treppides Tower, 6th Floor Kafkasou 9, Aglantzia P.O.Box 26522 CY2112, Nicosia, Cyprus and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) under license number 092/08. More info about the owning company can be found on their official website: TopOption is also authorized to operate throughout the European Union by a number of regulatory bodies, all available on TopOption/Regulation.


Even from the first minutes spent on the website, clients can see they are dealing with a serious broker. The website looks polished and well designed, not like the normal white label platforms that look like mirror images of one another. The technology is provided by KeyStone, plus TopOption managed to personalize the platform and to repack it in a new form, paying a lot of attention to detail. There are no broken links and the whole experience feels totally uncluttered. Fortunately there’s no trace of the overly used slogan “We focus on who really counts. You” and the education provided is more than just empty words or misleading information like “Binary Options are not risky…” They call things by their names and don’t hide behind words: they inform the traders that they are risking their money when trading Binary Options, just like they risk it when trading any other financial instrument.


Like I mentioned before, TopOption is owned by Safecap Investments Ltd which is a CySEC and FCA regulated company. The difference between an unregulated broker and TopOption is huge: all the information is publicly displayed and you can be sure it is real because they are constantly verified by CySEC. Ok, but the most important and appealing thing about regulation is that your money is kept separately from TopOption’s money. In other words, they don’t have access to it and cannot use your money as they please. Once an unregulated broker gets a hold of your money, it all depends on whether they are honest or not; if they are scammers, there’s not much you can do about it. The money is lost and you don’t even know who to sue or at least where to find them. This horrible scenario cannot happen with a regulated broker (well, the world may end tomorrow so I guess everything is possible) and more than that, because your money is held in a separate account from the broker’s, in case of bankruptcy, your money will be safe. There’s more: TopOption undertakes serious risk protection measures like the Investor Compensation Fund insurance protocol of up to 20K Euros per client. Do not mistake this insurance fund for the trading insurance some brokers offer you. It has nothing to do with protection against losses incurred from trading. That’s the trader’s problem. They protect your money against other non-trading related occurrences.


A lot of brokers offer daily market analysis these days but unfortunately that analysis is anything but daily. Usually it’s so old that spider webs and cracks appear on the page. That’s not the case with TopOption; the analysis is indeed a daily one, they have a good economic calendar with events ordered by importance and expected impact, “Breaking News” section and overall, they provide a professional environment, just how Binary option trading should be. Let’s just hope their eagerness to be professional doesn’t fade away when some time passes and this is not just an attempt to create hype around them.



Is TopOption a Scam?

There is absolutely no scam suspicion related to TopOption, due to the fact that the owning and operating company ( is well respected and regulated Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) and the FCA (UK). Traders’ money is kept separately from TopOption’s money in a segregated accounts in case of bankruptcy or manipulation. Only time will tell if the team at TopOption can rise to the top of the options industry.


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TopOption Complaints

Team advices every newbie traders to make this search for themselves. It’s simple! Try Googling TopOption complaint, scam, fraud, etc, and make your own research. Here’s what we found: The only complaints I’ve came across till now have been about the platform lagging/freezing from time to time and I’ve experienced this myself. We’ll keep you updated on this matter when we know more.


TopOption Bonus

The client can choose between 3 types of accounts: Starter (min. deposit $100), Pro (min. deposit $1000) and VIP (min. deposit $5000). Each account comes with different bonuses: the Starter account can receive a welcome bonus of up to $250, Pro account holders can receive a bonus up to $500 and VIP accounts come with up to $2500 bonus. In order to withdraw the Bonus, a turnover of 20 times bonus + deposit must be accomplished.


TopOption Withdrawal

TopOption does not charge any withdrawal fees but the money must be sent to the same source it was debited from. Once the withdrawal request is approved, the client may wait up to 7 business days until the account is credited. However, TopOption mentions that 7 days will pass only in “exceptional circumstances” which makes us believe that usually withdrawals take less than that.


TopOption Ratings

User Friendly 18/20

The website is available in 10 languages, the information has an intuitive layout and the trading platform itself is both accommodating for rookies and complex enough for seasoned traders. Except the platform lag, another downside is the time displayed on the platform, it cannot be changed to your current time. Forgetting this time difference can become a major issue when picking expiries! Website is available in 10 languages.


Number of assets and expiry times 16/20

TopOption’s basket of assets is composed of 16 stocks, 13 currencies, 8 commodities, 16 indices and 3 pairs for a total of 56 tradable products. Although it is not an impressive number, the most traded assets are available so the trader can surely find a good opportunity among them. The expiry times range from 60 seconds to the end of the year, with an option builder feature which allows you to customize your trading. Roll Over, Double Up and Sell Option features are also available.


Commissions, Support and Effective return 17/20

TopOption doesn’t charge any commissions or fees for opening an account or for withdrawing funds but there is a $5 monthly fee for Inactive Accounts. Their Live Support is helpful, quick and offered in more than 10 languages. The effective return goes up to 85% but unfortunately there’s no refund for OTM trades.


Deposit, Payment and Bonus 17/20

The minimum deposit for a Starter account is $200, a Pro account requires $1000 and VIP accounts start from $5000. Deposits can be made via Credit Cards, wire transfers and e-wallets like Moneybookers, Neteller or WebMoney. Withdrawals must be made using the same source of the funds (if you use a certain bank account for depositing, withdrawals will be made in the same account). Once processed, a withdrawal takes up to 7 business days. Each account type comes with different Bonus amounts and the wager is 20 times the bonus + deposit.


TopOption Extra 12/20

Regulation of the owning company is a rare thing when it comes to Binary Options. The owning company of TopOption is regulated by CySEC and this grants them entry in the exclusive club of the elite regulated Binary Options service providers. Could have more extras.



TopOption Overall Ratings 80 + Regulation (+3) : 83/100

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38 Responses to “TopOption”

  1. Jason Tran

    Topoption is fully EU regulated . I have heard that if you live outside Europe ( US , Australia or Asia ) , it Would not help you . Is that true or not ?

  2. treidaaja

    confiscation of winnings only giving me my deposit back after having won my first trade

  3. Daniel

    Good broker. Period

    • Bobby

      I closed my account with TOPOPTION over what I perceived as a manipulative trading platform. Additionally, TOPOPTION is not interested in the progress of their customer as they never even attempted to give me a personal training after depositing $2000. I only realized this after 24option gave me training for six consecutive business days including live trading with experts during news releases for depositing just $1500. I was motivated to increase my deposit to $10000. If it was a strategy by 24option to get me to increase my account value, well, the strategy really got me.

      It is unfortunate that I have this negative impression of TOPOPTION as I respected them at the beginning based on reviews I read. But with my personal experiences which I do not want to talk much, I have decided to truncate our business relationship.

      My advise to potential traders is that they should read users experiences rather than relying on website reviews before signing up with any binary options broker because my first broker, marketoptions are closed at the moment but their website is working which is deceptive and a potential source of scam. I have lost so much money due to lack of support from my previous brokers. 24option is my third broker. Good luck to every trader!!!

  4. Mandy

    I have signed up with them over a week ago…
    Support has been ok prior to depositing, but after depositing, try to get a demo account, they throw you around and no one will give you one, everyone that responds to you will tell you that it’s not up to them to give you one and they will look into it for you but it never comes..
    This broker also uses quite large spreads that are inconsistent…I would stay clear of them for this reason alone.

  5. DJ Pickels

    Made a first withdrawal of $500. thanks BOTS. spread is also good, cant’ understand the comment above

    • kosoik

      I cannot understand the comment above either. I am a Topoption trader , a new one, and I can assure you that I was immediately offered a demo account when I asked for it. To be even more specific I currently use the practise account and the team of Topoption is very helpful and not pushy. Very reliable broker period!

    • Roberto

      People complains about lags and price manipulations. Are you experiencing such issues ?




    • adejoke

      Thank you for verbalizing this. I thought i was the only one experiencing this situations. Top options are very manipulative and they are not that good at it.They tried to be smart at cheating but they are not even that good because they do the changing of price,freezing of platform,never giving exact entry point e.t.c right in your face. The sad thing is that you still see their name listed as one of the Best brokers in almost every website which i personally do not understand how come.Regulated my A**.SHMEW!!!

    • jeevan

      You can check the closing rate on every reputed website.So even you have don’t get confusion .



  8. Cobbs

    TopOption’s trading platform is extremely laggy. On EVERY trade it takes AT LEAST 2 seconds for the trade to be placed. The platform just freezes up, causing a good entry to be missed. I’m not sure what the problem is, it doesn’t seem to happen at other broker’s like optionfair. Could be down to lower liquidity, either way, I wouldn’t recommend TopOption at all unless you are after the Option Builder which few other broker’s have.

  9. zic

    I wanted to open account with them but combined ecpitience made me to stay aside.
    how do i mean?
    Any forex trader should check;
    Forexyard review by forexpeace army by thesame forexpeace army
    And even Goforex review by forexpeace army.
    Bexause those brokers are one of them, i can not waste my time with them.
    Without advance research, you never can tell because the name topoption is still new in the ear of financial traders.
    me or not i have spoken a kind of live testimony.

  10. Rudolf1974

    I m not satisfied with because lagging gtraphs in him websides,rollower not running and in left side bargraph it is not real as traders choice. I owerinvesting 170 dollars without profit his graphs not corresponding with real graphs.One fundamental thing: not candle graph i dont recommend for young new users.

  11. Kökény Szilárd

    My first broker, support was very good, they have support even in Hungarian, i was suprised. I requisted a demo account and i got one.
    I have made 600$ with them already (at first i only lost, but i know how to trade properly)
    Top notch broker, i personally recomend it.

  12. kwesi

    Oh! now i don’t know, I’m so confused, I’ve opened an account with topoptions which i was about funding today until i read these comments. which brokers are better options? somebody help, i really want to start trading but i don’t want to loose my money. A few list of brokers will be fine

  13. midhun

    Can I use top option in India? Is it a real trading site can anybody help me please

    • edward

      hi midhun..i use top option in Uganda, Africa and i havent got any problem with them, they send my profit within 24 hours…i recommend it to anyone wanting to trade binary options.

  14. pelumi

    huh this commentary box is sometime a confusion box.some people say go for it, some say stay away. am confuse what do i do

  15. manolis

    You guys are crazy! I’ve won many trades with a large difference (more than 30 pips) and theis system says that I LOST!!!!! I have never seen such cheaters.

  16. jeevan

    Can you please provide me good website for Binary Trading .

  17. Russell Brown

    I won trades 20 points in profit on real market and they had it as a loser, not happy.

  18. Yasir

    tomuch Spread this broker going to charges , some time wining trade will go loss , we will win in mt4 but of spread we will losss here

  19. aggelos

    24option and topotion do this i was having ral markets open like yahho finance and freestockcharts or a system tha i register for free for a demo 100k in all 3 of the i was in the money in this 2 platforms i was out the reason i put at 1.24567 and the number when i open the trade go to 1.24675 then i ask them why this happens and they didnt answer SCAMS

  20. Nila

    I have trade with them. In the beginning I lost my money because of my lack of risk management. But later I made consecutive 8 to 10 wins per day. I withdraw my profits within 24 hours. I don’t know how they will treat when I win in big amounts. That I have to see then. At the moment they are a good broker. but platform is little slow and executions take 1-3 seconds some times which is a big effect some times…..

  21. Ayman Melehy

    I agree with Nila. TopOption; their platform is slow and sometimes freezing.

    But withdrawal process is quick and no one asking why. I made deposited twice and withdrawal no hassle.

    I agree with that 24option/stockpair are good binary companies. I am customer for 24option for more than 2 years now. Actually, I did not receive any help in trading my account was Standard.

  22. BullsAndBeers

    Anything not FSA regulated in Europe is a joke. So makes BO kinda a joke in the first place with as hard liner the SYSEC. If you look for a place that you can trust and send you your withdraws. Well, Topoption is one. Is it a broker you can trust? No, but what BO broker you can trust? NON!

    Ok, here is what they do to screw you. They rig charts! Think they have too much newbies and don’t realize seasoned forex pro’s might come and have a look. It’s quite a cool tool to protect swing positions. Funny how they represent it as something for the newbie trainer, but that aside.

    But they rig their charts and patterns. If you don’t have solid external charts. You screwed (unless the trend is supa dupa obvious which makes it hard). But if the trend is slow or in conselidation they scalp it, so it has a higher change you going to lose it buy a few pip, but in fact, those are not the real numbers and price.

    You can notice when a account manager is watching you. They lag you, reject you and when time hits strike, they lag it till its out side the money. If you trade forex outside office times and time is up. Bam, instant proccessed. Win or loss. Within office times, they lag the sh*t out of you. I had one keeping proccessing for 20 seconds. I was 30 pips in the money and thought I won. They lagged it so long and took my money. If you read this as newbie. Go away from Binary Options. Learn forex and CFD’s. Real trading!

  23. michael berkhout

    Maby u guys just suck at binary? I made a 400Eur out of 50eur. Olin just 2days. Yeah,maby it lags sometimes, but ever thought that when there are a lot of cars on the highway,even the highway can jam(traficjams) so yeah, avoid those office hours. And yeah,welcome to the stock market, it changes every sec.

  24. Chun Khoo

    I’m trading with this broker. All I can say is TopOption is not the best but it is not unacceptable. I read lots of comments on the lags, for which I don’t deny. If you’re trading 60, 90, 120 secs, the lag does happen a lot. Furthermore, don’t be surprised that they do counter offer you with another rate if the odds are most likely against them when you’re trading on the 60, 90, 120 secs trade. This counter offer thing do mess up your mind when you’re trading in these types of trades. Hence the chances of losing your trade is quite high with this psychological mess up.

    As for manipulating prices, TopOption does that too. Sometimes quite often. The expiry price will suddenly pops up or drops down 7 to 10 pips in a split second upon expiry and rises up or drops back to the current price shown on trusted charts, for example Reuters. Lost quite a bit when they did all these bs stuffs.

    Coming to withdrawals….. why the heck do they have to split my withdrawals into 3 payments when my withdrawals were only 300 each time?? The latest incident was just 2 days ago when they split my 201.36 withdrawals into 3 payments at 3.38, 150.00 and 47.98 respectively???

    Are they broke?????


  25. Leon

    I used several brokers before. This is the worst one. Reason is I play the NFP and use short expiry times. As soon as the market changes I place orders. This platform wants to requite everytime I say trade. Lost every trade because of this. Not in any way close to average if you play short time expiries.

  26. Ashton

    Re: Top Option- My account manager was pleasant. Despite me stipulating that I did not want an bonus,I received 2 system pending bonus offers linked to a points system. Some guy said to me recently that there were no charges or spread for Binary options. This is incorrect, the spreads are in excess of 0.1.This is ongoing from the start to the end of the trade. Needless to say this makes trading very difficult. I found trading forex difficult enough at actual rates. i traded 196 times in a month and won 119 trades a win rate of 61% and lost all of my investment.

  27. boudy

    They are so honest I received my $200 withdrawal in only 3 days im so glad and satisfied with them. Id highly recommend TopOption for those who want to stary binary options trading

  28. Peter Smith

    Emmm…..mixed views on this broker, wanted me to deposit £200 before they would provide demo acct :( They did relent after my initial deposit of £100 but it was for 2 weeks only – my “personal manager” said he would try for a extra week extension when i sent him my lol reply i did not hear back >lol.

    Yep novice to expert in 3 wks sounds about right!

    Now when i see Spot Option platform i know to stay away as its too easy to manipulate strike rates not that i think any BO broker would do such a thing.

    Strike rates were very poor after 21 GMT and expiry times default to 1 hr intervals :(

    Graph display of option selected are not great.

    So on balance i believe there are better broker out, but get a regulated one.

    • Anonymous

      So what Broker is reliable then ?

  29. Mary

    Is there Closing time in trading because they are not allowibg me to trade anymore at 10pm. I am using a phone application and i’m always having problem in opening it it’s always automatically closing it prevents me from signing in.

  30. Mary

    Until now I cannot do a trade. Whenever I open my topoption application which takes time to open it saids trade closed. What is happening? I am new to this that is why I am worrying. Before I chose topoption I have done some research also and majority said that it is genuine it is even one of the top here in the UK. Can someone help me please. Thank you in advance.

  31. jeevan

    Please try to put your account number with have to check what happened.

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