TitanTrade Overview

  • TitanTrade
  • Bonus: up to 100%
  • Options Profability : 70-85%
  • Rating: 7.2 / 10


Broker Name: TitanTrade
Platform: SpotOption
Founded: 2013
Bonus: up to 100%
Return/Refund: 70-85%/0-5%
TitanTrade Overview


No. Of Assests : 63
Regulated : No
Demo Account : Yes
Minimum Deposit : 250
US Traders : Accepted
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Review Last Updated 2015-08-11 09:34:23

Editor’s Note – Why does Titan Trade Suck in 50 Words?

The minimum deposit at Titan Trade is $500 (depends on region and your negotiating skills) which is above the average of the industry. They call this account a Micro/Test account so they must believe we are all rich people and 500 USD is pocket change. No no, that’s too much and should be changed in the future. The number of complaints received against TitanTrade is a bad sign you might not want to deposit this big sum at first time. The Broker is also not regulated, and doesn’t seem to have such intentions. I believe the worst thing is that instead of improving, this brokerage is going backwards and destroys the little credibility they have left.


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Why TitanTrade doesn’t Suck in 50 Words? 

Right from the start, I can see I am dealing with a brokerage that offers a polished product. Unlike several other companies, Titan Trade presents us with a professional looking website, without missing or broken links and enough information about all aspects of trading and banking. Unfortunately, a functional website is not all you need to be a great broker and lately TitanTrade don’t really live up to their slogan “Ambition has no boundaries”. Come on, you had such a great start, why disappoint us?



Titan Trade Full Review – Might Not be the Next Best Thing

The brokerage was launched in late 2013 and their website is owned and operated by Titan Capital Limited, a company located at Global Gateway 8, Providence, Mahe, Seychelles. They are not regulated so we cannot provide a license number or the name of a regulatory agency. The payment service provider is Titan Trade Solutions Limited , London, UK. The always-popular SpotOption platform is the “weapon of choice” for Titan Trade; of course, there’s no need to download or install any software as everything is 100% web based and on top of that, SpotOption is a platform known for its ease of use, intuitive interface and almost flawless functionality. Choosing the most well known platform in the industry allows a lot of traders to start trading right away, without having to learn all the features of a new platform and also creates a trading environment with [hopefully] no software problems.


The website is well organized and has the right amount of marketing material, without being too intrusive or annoying. All the information is easy to access and during my time spent on titantrade.com I didn’t have any big issues when trying to find answers to my questions. It is true that similar material is found on other websites as well, but after all, trading is an exact “science” (the basics at least) and it’s normal to see similarities between different people trying to explain the same thing. Overall I think they did a good job in the educational department (compared with others), offering a lot of videos, tutorials and even quizzes on the most important aspects of trading. There’s also an e-book which can be downloaded for free from their “Academy” section; you won’t find any ground-breaking stuff in there, but the general idea of Binary Options trading is explained well enough. Unfortunately, their “Trading Strategies” section needs a lot of improvement and creates some confusion; I can only hope their Account Managers don’t use the strategies depicted there to trade your money or to give you trading tips.


Titan Trade offers 5 types of accounts, with minimum investment ranging from $250 to $10,000+ (for the VIP account). Of course, there are added benefits for a larger deposit but some of them are not really justified. For example, the Platinum Account ($5,000 – $10,000) comes with “additional education on RSI and Moving Average”. Well, this information is available for free on our website and I don’t believe anyone should use it to convince traders to deposit thousands of bucks. But don’t let my bickering put you off. Although there are some things that can be improved, Titan Trade seems to be a professional and reliable broker, but only time will tell if they can become a titan of this industry.



Is Titan Trade a Scam?

This broker has been in business for quite sometimes now. We know for sure they are normal transparent, making their owning company and physical address easily available on their website: Titan Capital Limited, Trident Chambers, Victoria Mahe Seychelles. To me, one of the first signs of a scam is the lack of an address and name but so far, Titan Trade doesn’t fall into that category. Other very worrying facts like the growing number of complaints do affect our overall scoring. As time goes by, the number of complaints picks. We always need to be more cautions when dealing with a non regulated broker. Make periodically withdrawals, check your balance and expired trades, contact your support every once in a while, and most importantly – keep us updated! Still Available for US based traders.


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Titan Trade Complaints

As always, our team is doing the job for you. We search the web for any complaints, comments, feedback from clients, summarize them and try to bring the truth behind them. When it comes to TitanTrade, we couldn’t locate much complaints surfaced regarding Titan Trade’s services. We have quite a few complaints right here on BOTS,  most of those complaints are accusing support for being unreachable. We are worried about the growing number of complaints, and that definitely affects TitanTrade Overall score. Our team will keep monitoring and will update this review if any major complaints emerge.


Titan Trade Bonus

The Bonus percentage depends on the type of account you open and can go as high as 75% of the initial deposit for the VIP account. In order to withdraw the Bonus, the client “must first complete a turnover of deposit amount x30” according to their terms and conditions.


Titan Trade Withdrawal

Before making any withdrawals, the client has to provide Titan Trade with the required identification documents. Once this one-time process is completed, withdrawals can be made via credit/debit cards and wire transfer. Once a withdrawal request is processed, it takes about 5 working days until the money reaches your account. Minimum withdrawal amount for credit card is 100 “in your currency”. To be honest I don’t really understand this way of explaining things and I am not sure if my currency means my country’s currency or my account currency. Also, they state on the website that “There is no fee for a credit/debit card withdrawal.” But in their Terms and Conditions they clearly say “The Company charges a fee for transfers of funds standing to the credit of a Trading Account from the Company to the Client, currently equivalent to USD 30 per transfer.” This is a typical broker behavior.


Titan Trade Extras

As an extra feature I can mention Pairs trading which becomes more and more popular these days. Although the pairs offered are not many, this type of trading brings a new dimension to binary options.

  • Lots of Option Types!
  • US availability



TitanTrade Ratings

User Friendly 17/20

The platform used is one of the best available, being both intuitive and efficient. The website is well structured and polished but unfortunately it is available only in English and Russian and this makes it totally unfriendly for a client who doesn’t understand the language. Spot 2.0 is a great platform.


Number of assets and expiry times 16/20

Their trading basket includes 20 currency pairs, 8 commodities, 11 indices, 28 stocks and 4 Pairs. Note that not all assets are available for One Touch Trading, 60 seconds trading or Long Term trades. Expiry times range from 60 seconds to 15 minutes to end of trading day and Long Term options can be even set for the end of the year. Expiry sometimes sucks.


Commissions, Support and Effective return 15/20

There are no fees related to account opening but a 30 USD fee will be charged for transfers of money from the company to the client. Unfortunately, when I tried to contact live chat support, all I got was an option to send them an e-mail, but their effective return can go as high as 100%, which is very very good compared to the industry average.


Deposit, Payment and Bonus 14/20

The minimum deposit is 250-500 which we consider to be medium high for the industry. Credit/debit cards and wire transfers can be used to deposit funds with Titan Trade and the same method will be used for withdrawals (minimum withdrawal is 100 or the entire account balance if it is less than 100) which can take up to 5 working days before being available in your account. The bonus is 20% for the first account available and 75% for the VIP account; the turnover needed to withdraw the bonus is deposit x30.


Website Extras 10/20

Pair trading is an innovative new way to trade binary options and we consider it a positive extra feature. There are quite many interesting option types! Very long list of available trading methods and copy trading (spot 2.0). Good School Academy, Builder, Touch Options. US availability is always an extra.



Titan Trade Overall Ratings = 72/100

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110 Responses to “TitanTrade”

  1. nicusor Says:

    i am affiliate
    i can’t contact affiliate manager , not respond at my emails
    i not have any data in order to contact titantrade affiliate

    • mark Says:

      man same here, need info, no response for withdraws is been 9 days since i ask for it, no response from the emails, telephones, or chat??? please need help this guys just called once, when i deposit they disappear

      • Keishel Says:

        Same here been trying to reach someone for days!

        • Max Says:

          Hi Keishel,
          I am thinking to invest with titan trade
          how is your experience with them are they good trade they ask me to deposit 5000 and I will get 4000 credit its seem to good to be true
          did you invest much with them and did you get any withdraw also did you make money trading with account manager your helo much appreciated

          • richard Says:

            Dont ever take a bonus, unless you never want to see your money again!

          • michele Says:

            Don’t do it – you will not see your money again

          • Scam Says:

            beware guys.

            There are some fake comments, on apologies to Titan for complaints on not getting their withdrawals on time.

            No Brokers should take days to withdraw, we are in the 21st Century

          • Banksteen Says:

            Titan trade say they will help you with good tips , but only if you invest more , you will never see your money again Richard is correct , do not take bonus , and avoid the money sucking no it all (ye right) senior brokers they only convince you to invest more and say that it is a sure trade (ye right ) bye bye money , another sucker bites the dust.

    • graham Says:

      Hi to all who are thinking of investing in titantrade, DONT! the way they treat and speak to you is an absolute disgrace, they are as keen as mustard to take your money, I bought in as I was interested in the autobot, so I invested £500, for weeks I was getting emails every day saying that the autobot was winning 8 out of 9 investments, so the guy from titantrade phones me as soon as he knows im interested and tells me about the autobot and how it works, so like I said I sign up and put in £500, he tells me he will email me all my details to get into my account (that did not happen) he tells me he has switched on the autobot (that also never happened) so I leave it 6 or 7 hours and still nothing, so I get them on line and finally get my details, 3 days later they ring me and ask me what I want, with that I ask about why the autobot is not trading for me, he replies about being patient and that there has not been any trades which was bull cos I got emails saying they had won 9 out of 10 bets on 2 days and 8 out of 9 on the other, so I tell him and he starts being loud and extremely patronising, with that I told him to —- off and put the phone down, my experience with them I give 1 out of 10, my advice is STAY WELL AWAY FROM TITANTRADE IF YOU DONT WANT TO BE TREATED LIKE A C–T

    • Leonard Says:

      Hi nicusor, I just joined Titantrade and am in constant contact with my advisor. I was told that I can withdraw from my deposit any time even if the gave me a Bonus.

      Go on Skype and add to your Contact list Daveg he is my advisor and very helpful.

  2. J. Duval Says:

    On their FAQ page their say they do not offer demo accounts. How did you get the information that they offer them?

    • Martin Says:

      Their Demo is case based. You should first deposit and than ask for demo. this is not a free demo so be sure you want to invest before you do so!!!

  3. pete Says:

    How can you say that Titan is a trusted broker when you have not verified that they pay out withdrawal requests without problems??

    For you to say that a BO broker is trusted you have to verify that the broker pays out withdrawals! There are too many brokers out there that are great platforms but they screw you when you try to get your money out.

    So, my “two cents” is that you need to do more homework.

    • Jennifer Says:

      Screw Titan Trade. I’ve been trying to Withdrawal my money for A MONTH. I’ve sent in my documents. and now I can’t withdrawal until I talk to my account manager on the phone. Which is just stupid, and I don’t want to because he’s going to try to talk me into the “opportunities” they provide. Way too much to withdrawal.

      • Jennifer Says:

        Hi, please delete the comment above. They got everything worked out. Thank you.

        • Trinni Says:

          Hi Jennifer,
          So this worked out for you in the end? It is not a scam?

      • Karim Says:

        Jenifer I agree 100% with you….I am walking in the same shoes….

      • Bas Clieff Says:

        in error I deposited 500 us with titan trade and within 2 hours explained it to them and asked they return it REQUEST NOT REPLIED TO
        CHATS AND EMAILS NOT RETURNED just a runaround now I have faxed their head office and will take the matter to the police
        customer service NON EXSISTANT service to me POOR!!!!!

    • mark. MD Says:

      Very true Pete I am finding that out now after investing !!

  4. rafik Says:

    Pete you need to do your homework not them.its obvious that titantrade pays the website for its publicity and does not reflect the reality as you mentionned correctly they are a new broker and no withdrawal tests have been made.so the review on their website is purely fake

    • Martin Says:

      Don’t offend me. If you don’t want to believe this review – don’t. If you have another opinion about this company – leave it here. If you have any complaints – write them up. If you disagree with the facts presented about – you can disagree. don’t call me fake. I never denied any critique whatsoever, never will. The truth is a sum of a few other truths, let’s find it together. I know the team and I made every possible research to ensure this broker. They’re not regulated, it’s a downside, but I don’t think any reviews website, any, not even the most reputable Forex reviews websites, tried depositing into every single broker just to check withdrawal. We do out best, the best, the ensure we provide the most honest reviews.

  5. k mate Says:

    TitanTrade is a strong brand. I have been trading with them for not very long time, but as for now I had one withdrawal and fair number of trades. Everything looks smooth and normal. I will continue to trade with them in the future, because their platform is really great.

    • Laura Says:

      I agree with you

  6. Tatiana Says:

    My dad is in the same situation, and there is no way to communicate with anybody. do you have your money back yet? Any info will help!.
    Thank you

  7. Terry Says:

    Just went to their site to check out their trading platform. The site started out in English, but when I clicked on the Trading Platform menu, most of the page turned into some foreign language … maybe Dutch or German. Made it impossible to find my way around, after that!

  8. rod Says:

    I deposited with titan trade, but didn’t do well, so decided to withdraw and give binaries a rest for the moment (looking at some strategies that look like they might work well) First time i tried to withdraw they talked me into staying – lost more money – put in withdrawal 10 days ago. Broker rang me last night to say i hadn’t been trading – what the…??? … yeah, i had put a withdrawal in!!

    Will see how long it takes to get my 478 dollars back. Or – going by what others are saying here – IF i get my money back

  9. Gavin Mandri Says:

    Screw Titan Trade. I’ve been trying to Withdrawal my money for A MONTH. I’ve sent in my documents. and now I can’t withdrawal until I talk to my account manager on the phone. Which is just stupid, and I don’t want to because he’s going to try to talk me into the “opportunities” they provide. and i was promised that i would double my bank and they put me in 6 trades all 4 lost and i cant withdraw my money anymore ?/
    Rate it-0/10

  10. General Says:

    I funded my account with 500usd from the deposit tab in my account with titan trade. The amount has been deducted from my card but has not been reflected on my account. I have tried to contact them with no success.

  11. Marcel Says:

    Has anyone experienced success with Titan? How long was the process to withdraw your funds from your Titan account?

  12. Daniel Says:

    I started with this company two months ago were everything seemed legit, were a broker agent lady named Rachael sent signals everyday and we communicated almost 3 times a week with a lot of helpful tips and everything pretty.. Well..guess what? NOT ANYMORE, I’ve been trying to get a hold of them, so far no success, they don’t answer my emails, the “24/7″ chat doesn’t have any personnel, and the worst of everything is after I sent all of my documents and asked for a withdrawal, all of a sudden my bank called me due to illegal transactions that were made with my debit card at random websites I didn’t even had a clue about, which is a technique some scammers would use to cancel the method of payment, and with that been said there’s no way you’d be able to get your money back until you talk to them. Coincidence? I don’t think so, avoid at all cost these people. To some people If you want to be part of this, my suggestion is do better research and if it’s possible find a company with some regulation at least (in my opinion)

    • Daniel Says:

      They started contacting me again, although is a different account manager, let’s see what happens now..

      • Daniel Says:

        Same guy here, just finally received the withdrawal I requested almost 2 weeks ago.. Apparently the compliance department was verifying all of the paperwork and documents I sent the first two weeks when I started, so definitely feeling better now.. but considering the lack of communication, specially the live chat on their website (it’s almost a joke) I’m gonna keep reviewing all actions and steps taken by this company. So for now if you are already trading with Titantrade keep doing it, and for the starters or people looking for this business opportunity I would encourage them to start with a low investment ($300 – $600) or something you can afford. And of course all of these companies will always offer some kind of bonus which is not bad if you’re a long term investor, just take under consideration that if you don’t reach a turn-over they will basically deduct the bonus from your total balance before approving a withdrawal. As for now, that’s all folks. Happy trading!

      • mark Says:

        i dont have that luck, waiting and waiting for a response

      • Daniel Says:

        Again, submitting a review, after the first account manager I was disappointed, now I’m actually very irritaded, that second person they assigned she doesn’t even know how to trade, she made me a loss of a $1000.00, and today just at the moment when finalizing my trades on the commodity silver the results were totally wrong compared to the charts of investing.com. I’m withdrawing all my money, this is just another stupid binary options ripoff.

      • Vishwajeet Pandey Says:

        Keep us posted!

    • Anthony Says:

      yes I’ve delt with Rachael as well, I also had charges on my debit card that were unauthorized. These people are difficult to get a hold of, stay away!

  13. John Brucato Says:

    Joined Titantrade and funded my account but right from the start I was disappointed with customer service. I had a question so I tried live chat but that was all morning. All it kept saying was all operators are busy please wait. That was all morning so I decided to call their worldwide phone number it just kept ring nobody answered the I tried calling their UK phone number same thing. Then I sent an email it was never answered. At this point I don’t know what to expect.

  14. DuncanW Says:

    Once they have your money, they have it. They do not return calls, emails or live chat request.

    They have cancels trades leaving me vulnerable to exposure. Their reporting sucks ..

    Try doing a chargeback with your credit card company to get your money back

    • Jason Says:

      Have you been successful in your credit card chargeback filing? Please let me know as I am under the same situation with TitanTrade.
      Thank you.

    • Jason Says:

      Have you been successful in your credit card chargeback filing? Please let me know as I am under the same situation with TitanTrade.
      Thank you.

  15. gwen Says:


  16. Eric Says:

    Do not, I repeat, Do not fund with Titantrade! I funded with Titantrade when Michael originally came out with his signal service. They will not payout your profits. I’ve had a pending wire transfer since August 5th for profits. I must of filled out the wire transfer form 4 different times. They don’t ever acknowledge receiving my wire transfer info but just keep emailing me a blank form to fill out again. My account manager Daniel Venter is a complete idiot and a con man. He wanted me to invest money for a trade and I said no, I just want my profits. Now he won’t return my emails or skype messages. I’ve sent him nasty follow up emails. Titantrade support live chat is a joke. Titantrade is a scam!

  17. Rustam Says:

    Hello everybody, recently I was abusing some employees from TitanTrade that they do not send my money from my TitanTrade account. I want to say sorry for everything I was telling, because today I have received my money back from my TitanTrade accout, and want to say you can trust TitanTrade as this Broker always takes care of its clients and pay all the money that was deposited and earned during trading. Sorry TitanTrade one more time for my bad word before, now I can trust you. Have a good trading for everybody with this broker.

  18. Allen Says:

    I deposited $250

    they kept telling me to deposit more.
    i refused and tried to withdraw my deposit,,,
    Now no one is responding!

    my balance is gone!

  19. John Talbot Says:

    Titan Trade has terrible Customer Service. They do not answer the phone listed on their website, and the Fax number is aparantly an invalid fax number. Also, their “Live Chat” feature is not operating. I have been trying for over a week to close my account and have my funds returned, so far with no success. Do not open an account with Titan Trade unless you like to throw your money away.

  20. campai Says:

    I had some issues wits some trades, and I tried to call the broker that was assisting me and I wasn’t able, but the next time he called me and I was angry at him for not answering he told me to contact him via email because he is always on the phone.
    So, I recommend to everyone to use email.

    PS. I made 2 withdrawals. First one was completed in 5 days, second in 4.

  21. Danny Says:

    Rustam…sounds like Titan Trade scared you pretty good by threatening you?

    Not that I don’t believe most of you guys but why have Jennifer and Gavin Mandry copied each others comments? Sounds like maybe a fake complaint from a competitor to Titan Trade?

    And to Daniel! Thanx for keeping it real. To other people making up their mind I have to say that 2 months is far to long for them to verify any sent in paperwork. That was a lame excuse made by them!

    Please keep us all posted!

  22. Anisiobi Says:

    mind you titan trade is the biggest scam on the planet earth, i asked for withdrawal, it took 29days after pressurizing them, and they credited my account immediately after 15mins, they withdrew the money back. they are scammers, BOTS, please contact me for proof and evidence

  23. idane Says:

    Titan trade calls you once after you make a deposit then they’re gone. they’re not a trusted broker at all. They do not respond to anything after they get your money. Their addresses don’t mean nothing really.

  24. Nani Says:

    I am a member. First of all i am really regretting myself joining this option. From the start I felt something funny about this company but since I want to use the Auto bot software that used their option so I just registered.
    1) when i asked someone to call me from the live chat before i make a deposit, no one call as if no one bother..
    2) after making deposit still no one call even after many times asking
    3) when they call they only want me to deposit more money so that i make more profit as if
    4) after i rejected to deposit more i did not hear from them. Nor replying my emails.
    5) i requested for withdrawals but they said i need to send documents for verification which i did.
    6) unfortunately they did not reply email saying i have sent the documents not that they have received my documents.
    7) i asked life chat they said the company has received my documents but need to verify them which take 10 working days.
    8.) until now i did not received any emails from the back office nor my emails are replied by my account manager.
    9) i am still waiting for my withdrawal which has been 2 weeks already.

    How can we say this Option is valid?

  25. herbert spearman Says:

    I have been having the same trouble with titan trade as a lot of other people.They will not respond to my request for withdrawal,email,chat,or support ,and no response on the web site.my advise is stay away.


  26. Arthur Says:

    Ditto here on Titan Trade. I made good money on some of their recommendations, but I can’t get any of it. They will not send it to me. It’s now been weeks that I have tried to make a withdrawal and I can’t call any one or get a response to my emails. Their phone numbers are a joke because they never answer.

  27. Brian Says:

    That is the perfect question Pete, and one that I was asking myself. I have been trading binary options for little over a year now and I have ran across a dozen or more reviews on binary options platforms like this one only to find they have not come close to doing their due diligence. YOU binaryoptionsthatsuck.com CAN NOT CALL A BROKER “TRUSTED” if you have not even tried the withdraw process. That is the number one issue with UN-regulated scam broker. You should read some of the comments on your own page. That alone will tell you that Titan Trade IS NOT a “TRUSTED” broker.

  28. tanya Says:

    titan must be a scam. no replies from emails-hours waiting on live chat,and when you get through-they evade my question-which is why after a month i haven;t got my withdrawal-i get told keep your phone line open you will be getting a call in about 5 mins.No call till next day from broker who assures me I will get my withdrawal.Well i haven;t,and I will have to take it to the fraud people.I;m on disability pension,behind now in bills and mortgage and having to eat at a mission

  29. Fred Says:

    Not a good company, keep changing account manager, if you try to contact someone to have information none answer. In addition you have to put amin of 250$ to open an account and if you decide to put some more meoney the min is always 250$, with just 100$ is not possible. They want just steal your money that’s it. DO NOT TRUST!!

  30. rodney Says:

    i’ve been trying to get a refund from Titan Trade for two months. At first there was a problem with my complaince papers because i had funded my account twice – i needed to fill out two separate forms. They didn’t tell me this. Only when i asked when my money would be refunded did i get an e-mail back. That took a month.

    Now, that my compliance forms have been approved, i’m STILL waiting. One month later. E-mails get no reply.
    New account maanger. i told him that i wanted to try Mike’s Manual trading signals using the money in my account at Titan Trade. Simple. Still nothing. Get e-mails telling me about NFP soon…
    Going to e-mail the account manager and ask him to find out when my money will be refunded. Have little, or no, hope of hearing anything.

    So, from now on, i’m am never going to trade unless its a regulated broker. Got a phone call from some broker asking questions. Told them i only deal with regulated brokers and never heard back. Good!…lol

  31. Alexander Says:

    I registered with Titantrade to be able to get mike’s manual signals as the autotrader webpage said my country was blocked. i registered with ease but my problems began when i wanted to deposit funds. i was getting this message with every link i clicked:” session expired”. thankfully an account officer called Richard Kovak called me and assisted in getting my account funded. i had to give him my card details over the phone which i was not happy with. Moments later he informed me my account was funded. To verify the funding of the account he had to reset my password twice before i could login to view my account balance. I submitted my identity verification documents immediately after payment, they were accepted and verified. Richard advised me to switch browsers to incognito mode, clear cookies and all, that all would be well with my account. Richard said it had to do with my browser or computer. Well, i tried trading mike’s signals on their website and was not satisfied, once i switched tabs to view freestockcharts or investing.com, (they were loading, up and running without hitches) the message appeared again: session expired. i had to re-enter my password and username each time to obtain access to my account. It is to be noted that other brokers websites where i opened demo accounts had no such issues. This disrupted my entire trading session. A times i could not get access back into my account till the day passed. even keeping my account open for some minutes without moving the mouse had the same effect: “session expired”. In my frustration i eventually asked for a withdrawal ( On monday morning 3rd November, 2014) via the account after succeeding to login with the reset password given by Richard. the review above says that withdrawal takes 1-3 business days, but a lady from support at TItanTrade said it may take up to 7 business days to my Mastercard, NOT A BANK WIRE!!! i can make available the email threads for our interactions. No one acknowledged receipt of my withdrawal request apart from Jennifer who instructed me to click on withdrawal via my account. i informed her that I had already done that. i have posted screen shots of my account where it says: “withdrawal request being processed”. No one has yet responded to it, neither have I received any payment alert from my bank. today is 6th November, 2014, no hint is on the horizon of my funds being returned. I am disappointed with their services and hope they correct the impression I have of them soonest. refund of funds is all i ask- without any fees deducted as the review states. this is my first withdrawal.


  32. willie phillips Says:

    I cannot get a response either by email or telephone about withdrawing my balance and closing my account. What can I do ?

  33. Richard Says:

    I had 15 unauthorized charges run through on my debit card after I made a deposit to Titantrade. I can’t say for sure that it was them. But their “brokers”, do these people even have licenses, were very aggressive and unprofessional. And they won’t respond to my emails or live chat messages.

  34. Georgina Says:

    All I can say is that you cannot complain about the customer service because there isn’t ANY customer service. You hold on to a call for more than 2 hrs and no one answers your call. NO emails gets answered and withdrawels do NOT get processed. Brokers like Titantrade give the industry a bad name. Its not about the functionality of a broker platform but solely about how the customer gets treated and how quickly withdrawels get processed.Brokers will get lots more customers if they practisce this very basis rule in growing your business!!!!

  35. Jonathan Says:

    My name is Jonathan. I am not related to any broker company out there. I am a full time pastor in the US. You can see me at bnc.org and jonathansharp.net. I just started trading binarys. I opened up an account with titantrade on Wednesday and placed and won first trade on Friday for $455. I am sending in docs to validate id so I can withdraw and see if they are a legit broker. Something tells me they aren’t but I wanted you all to know I am a real person just trying to help others out…. I will post again with the results. Take care

    • Peter Says:

      Losing over 70,000 these guys are absolute modern day gypsy thieves.

      They talk to you by saying hi buddy , then pump you up to get your money to buy in to trust them while knowing they intend to steal everything, okay buddy.
      So I started in Aug 2014, started off with Peter Pretoria, he had me take 75,000 from my 401 k after I retired of 30 years. When the bank stopped the transfer and closed my account because they were suspicious of putting my money in a bank in Bulgaria. When he did not get the my money, he dumped me and I never heard from him again. I then was put with Ruby Jones she did nothing but waste my time after 1 month of never hearing from her I then was picked up by Marcus Deloreen he talked me into given him 55,000 dollars I was never told anything about a bonus and he kept telling me he was going to send me profits. Then Monday would come and he would never give me any profit. He told me I would get 20,000 back. Then when I try to get my money for the first time ever 12.9.14 he tells me you have to do a 900,000 dollars in trades, mind you I have 104,000 dollars with them and was never ever told until 3 and a half months after I had opened the account. Do not give these guys any money they will not answer emails they do not answer calls they do not provide any customer service it is all a lie the only thing they do 24/7 is take your money and leave you with nothing. I would not be surprised at all to hear that a older pensioner in the UK is robbed by them who does indeed go out and hunt them down and kill them, just because they know they are old and its all over.

    • vboekhoudt Says:

      Jonathan, have you done any trading before?

  36. Peter Says:


    Just about ready to freak out. I have about 70,000 invested and when I told my broker Marcus I had no more money to invest and I need to get money out to pay back the credit card and get back money I needed to live he now refuses to even speak to me.

    Whatever you do Do Not give them any money as soon as you run out….then so do they I do not believe in murder but when you get screwed like this out of 70,000 that is all of my money… the idea does cross your money. I

  37. Alexander Says:

    I registered with Titantrade to be able to get mike’s manual signals as the autotrader webpage said my country was blocked. i registered with ease but my problems began when i wanted to deposit funds. i was getting this message with every link i clicked:” session expired”. thankfully an account officer called Richard Kovak called me and assisted in getting my account funded. i had to give him my card details over the phone which i was not happy with. Moments later he informed me my account was funded. To verify the funding of the account he had to reset my password twice before i could login to view my account balance. I submitted my identity verification documents immediately after payment, they were accepted and verified. Richard advised me to switch browsers to incognito mode, clear cookies and all, that all would be well with my account. Richard said it had to do with my browser or computer. Well, i tried trading mike’s signals on their website and was not satisfied, once i switched tabs to view freestockcharts or investing.com, (they were loading, up and running without hitches) the message appeared again: session expired. i had to re-enter my password and username each time to obtain access to my account. It is to be noted that other brokers websites where i opened demo accounts had no such issues. This disrupted my entire trading session. A times i could not get access back into my account till the day passed. even keeping my account open for some minutes without moving the mouse had the same effect: “session expired”. In my frustration i eventually asked for a withdrawal ( On monday morning 3rd November, 2014) via the account after succeeding to login with the reset password given by Richard. the review above says that withdrawal takes 1-3 business days, but a lady from support at TItanTrade said it may take up to 7 business days to my Mastercard, NOT A BANK WIRE!!! i can make available the email threads for our interactions. No one acknowledged receipt of my withdrawal request apart from Jennifer who instructed me to click on withdrawal via my account. i informed her that I had already done that. i have posted screen shots of my account where it says: “withdrawal request being processed”. No one has yet responded to it, neither have I received any payment alert from my bank. today is 6th November, 2014, no hint is on the horizon of my funds being returned. I am disappointed with their services and hope they correct the impression I have of them soonest. refund of funds is all i ask- without any fees deducted as the review states. this is my first withdrawal.

    UPDATE 10th November 2014: JENNIFER RUEBEN from TITANTRADE SUPPORT informed me via email that my withdrawal request was being processed and they would inform my broker and finance department about the issue.this is exactly 7 days after my request was submitted from my account.still awaiting funsd to my account.


  38. Alexander Says:

    UPDATE: JENNIFER sent me an email on the 18th of November, asking for my mobile number!! she said that my account manager had been trying to call me, asking which time of day they could call me. bollocks!! i sent them screenshots of my existing profile on the platform. my phone number and account balance are still there. i have received no call after that!! now another guy called Alan fergusson sent holiday greetings asking i fund my account again!! i must be nuts to do that after not having received my withdrawal. will keep you guys posted.

    • Peter Says:

      You may think about asking the card company you are with to do a charge back of the funds you have given. Forget any profit they claim you made, you will never get it that is part of their game never give just take. Two companys I have had luck with is Citrade and Zoomtrader. They give profit back. When you speak to your card representative tell them the company misrepresented the truth. Customer service is suppose to be 24/7 it is not, phone is never answered and emails are never answered. I got back , you can as well.

  39. rodney Says:

    Kevin Wilson – Titan SCAM
    i have had a withdrawal sitting in Titan Trade for MONTHS. Nothing …
    Kevin Wilson – the 3rd “account manager” i have had, rings me up trying to get me to put More money into my account and get VIP trades.. The promise of LOTS OF money. Blah blah blah.. i listen.. explain my circumstances .. he talks over me.. going on and on ..
    When i tell him that i can’t put more money in when i have Never received a withdrawal – he tells me that another account manager has tried to ring me up many times without success. He yells at me that i should answer my phone!!
    I hung up. What arrogance.
    I have NEVER received ANY phone call from anyone at Titan Trade – apart from the account managers – who only seem to last a month or so …
    This is the second time someone from titan trade has rung up shouting at me over the phone.
    But don’t worry folks – i know i will NEVER get my $700 back … lol
    And he wants me to deposit more… yeah right.
    Keep dreamin’.. and i’ll keep dreamin’ of getting my money back

  40. JM Says:

    Opened account and experienced successful trading with account manager until her medical leave of absence. Started with 250 and invested over 10K and earned 50K. My account was closed unbeknownst to me and advised it was closed due to charge back to my card. I did not request withdrawal or to close account. Just wanted credit of bank fee and 5K debit that caused overdraft leaving remaining balance to re-invest etc. I hope to have a favorable resolve; however, the current handling of the account is unacceptable from whomever or which upper management closed the account. The Account Manager is scheduled to return and based on relationship with her this isn’t anything should would have done. I hope all funds have been sent to me and they didn’t keep the rest as that would be criminal. I am disheartened by this but not discouraged. There are reputable companies to work with and hopefully in the US the regulated firms will incorporate binary options. I hope I’m proven wrong in this and the sloppy presumptuous mishandling of my account will be overshadowed with full deposit of my money. They have improved customer support line (more people now); and I would love to write back citing my concerns were for nought — just unprofessionalism. If my funds are in tact I would be willing to work with the account manager again, she was diligent and immediately addressed any concern. Hopefully I’m not in denial… I just need to see all funds deposited to my account and really hope I haven’t been a fool separated from my money. I know I’m not to blame for the appearance of any impropriety — it just hurts knowing or sensing that I could be a victim here and that would be really bad… i have screen shots showing my balance and earlier copied transactions that support balance and email transcripts. I hope I’m proven wrong and they eventually improve their act. But tampering with client account without notifying client is unacceptable-period. There is always a proper way of doing things-particularly in business.

  41. fragrancedove Says:

    all is sweet talk .. im poor and i am more poorer .. karma will do what they did to me.. :\'(

  42. fragrancedove Says:

    i have kids to feed.. thats all i have to invest 205usd.. i have no one to help.. hoping this trade help me but i end up no one help me.

  43. rizwan Says:

    this titan trade is scam.me while trading if need emergency then we can use your card, but he put first trade all my money 350$ & he miss used y credit card sweep 250$ & put again big trade 1500$. i dont know how he make. but both trade lost& he dump my account & card,be alert with this company.

  44. jason Says:

    customer service is terrible.

    at 12 am gmt, 60 second trading is not available for 15 minutes eventually they advertise 24/5. i have sent several emails with screenshots but never gotten a response.


    we asked the broker to withdraw some of the money today 2-3-15 we need to take care some living expenses and this is the BS they said…

    Please let me explain my situation I was told by a binary option

    broker(titantrade) if I put up $2000 dollars I would be a VIP they would give me a matching bonus all I had to do for that bonus is make 30 trades no mention of 30 times of the amount deposited. I got smart read their terms and conditions to their agreement and they put the bonus credit into my account I never touched it. They also gave me 6 risk free trades told me I could trade the whole account 6 times and they were risk free, I ask them so if I don’t use a robot they told me the problem with a robot is that if you use one they don’t work consistently and you will lose your money. I said so if I use a broker is it better? they said YES because a broker can help you with market conditions. I said I need to make money because this all the money me and my family have it’s not about becoming rich it’s about making an income. I told them that I was laid-off and needed to make income for my family. They told me that it would not be a problem to produce an income starting of 3 200 a month to start if I used a broker. I said so if I put up $2000 dollars I will be a VIP I will get VIP treatment they told me yes VIP treatment is signals, and a US contact number to the broker 24/7, getting help with fundamental reports telling you what way the market is going. I said again so using a robot versus using a broker they discouraged me from using a robot and said a broker is who you want to use I will set you up with my best broker because you are a VIP the broker has gave me no help up to this point. I have asked numerous times so you are going to give me risk free trades I can trade my whole account he said, “ don’t worry its risk free” but would not help me build this account something don’t make sense I have currently made a few trades to build that account once was 1800 first one I lost, then they put the 1800 back because it is risk free, second was 1800 again after they put the 1800 we traded it and won 3276.00 82% of it. I sent email to the broker and asked for help he wants me to put a 1000 to 5000 and offered me more deals he sent me a strategy DMA cross strategy with MACD that I don’t even understand. I find it not helpful at all then I made another trade for $3000 and I lost that one then it was risk free so they put back the 3000 the broker sent me an email stating that I used 2 RISK free trades already. I made another trade for $3000 last night 2/3/15 GMT time and I lost that one. Keep in mind these were risk free trades insured trades no strings attached. It says nothing in the agreement about risk free trades. I’ve sent numerous emails to the broker ensuring that these are risk free and that my initial 2000 dollars cannot and no way be encumbered in anyway. As I was told from the beginning by the broker that “NO THEY ARE RISK FREE”. Now to get the money back in my account they have a new policy that they just started two days ago. The broker said, “you have to sign this agreement” and the agreement is not even with the broker that I signed up with that agreement ties all risk free trades to bonus and that applies to all terms and conditions. I refused to sign this agreement and will not but they don’t want to give me back my capital either I made 1800 risk free plus my $2000 that they debited from my bank account. all I want is honest deal not brokers telling me that don’t use a robot. You will not make what they are telling you and go through us we will give you the red carpet treatment. They don’t tell you it’s a bait- and-switch get you suckered-in. Now, you know what the broker is saying to get my money back sign this agreement and “you will only have to make 20 times the amount of the account” so 20 times the amount of the money that was in the account that I have lost. So I have lost risk free mind you 7800 hundred now that’s risk free trades plus they are saying the amount of the bonus that is in my account that I did not accept which is 3000 dollars plus that amount that I deposited which is another $2000 dollars so let’s just round that to 10,000 dollars and some change the broker said,” you sign this agreement and you will get a refund” I said what refund are you talking about these were RISK FREE trades there is no refund but now they have hit me with another agreement and they will not even put the money back in my account until I sign that agreement 20 times that amount which comes to over $200.000 dollars just to get back my 1800 plus the amount of 1800 that I made on one of those risk free trades. I used my $1800 dollars to place that trade none of theirs. They don’t care that my family is suffering that I can’t even pay my bills now that I can’t even make my house payment, that I can’t even provide food for my family I have a little girl that’s 5 years old they don’t care. Now they told me that if I don’t sign this agreement I will have to make 30 times that amount which is 300.000 US dollar. All I wanted was a way to be able to support my family so I would not have to go back to construction in April of this year, so I could stay home when my little girl goes to kindergarten they told me that I would be able to make 3100 to 3200 starting off if I used a broker instead of robot or an automated machine they made it really good to get me in. Then they hurt my family at the end of the day all I wanted was a real deal HONEST people not taking the last of my family’s money I really thought they were trying to help us. In return, I was going to stay working with them build this account with the brokers help as they agreed if I didn’t use the robot and like I was told they told me with in the first 6 months I would be around $60, 000 thousand that was fine I was not trying to get rich all I wanted to do is be able to support my family that’s it. Now we have nothing we are faced with getting water turned off, electric turned off, losing my home, and top it off starter went out in our vehicle. So who is real? who don’t have this kind agenda? who really cares about others? and will not hurt them like this broker has done am telling everybody this I don’t know what to do it’s not fair but when you take from my family I will go to end of the earth to protect my family I just hope I can help protect others.

  46. John Says:

    This company takes a long time if at all to allow withdrawal from taking place.

  47. Maria Says:

    I find titan trade business deal weird. They removed US$2,000 without my consent emailing then for weeks and about the second month not even one of them is responding or listening to me. I never signed and authority for for them to remove from my using my card. None of them is talking to me regarding my refund. I cancelled my card with my bank here because they know my visa card details. I was trading with $250. Then they were asking for $10,000 which I did not have. and they removed $2000 without my consent. Even now I am still trying to get my reimbursement from them. Is there any one who can give me some tips to get my money back….Its a waste of time following almost everyday

  48. scammed Says:

    Titan Trade is the most miserable place you can ever put your money!!! I have been trying to get my money out for 2 months to no avail. Now they say I can’t make a withdrawal because there is a bonus in my account. THEY PUT THE BONUS IN MY ACCOUNT 28 DAYS AFTER I FIRST TRIED TO WITHDRAW MY MONEY!! PLEASE STAY AWAY!

  49. Nabaraj pandey Says:

    yes, you are absolutely write.These people are absolutely suckers. Please don’t trust them as i am a victim.i have lost £1500 and was going to lose £250 more as i came know how they were persuing me to save my lost money by investing in for more and get the money back by the recovery manager.The main broker went broke that means he was in a meeting with someone.Now tell me what to say about Titan trader this happened when i wanted to withdraw a amount promised by Brian who is the broker, as said i lost all £9524 in one go.

  50. Ludwig Says:

    The past 2.5 weeks, I try my 250 euros to get back, nothing happens, no reply to my email, I have written countless emails and I did not back up my money today. I have just opened an account and I immediately got a call and should increase my credit to 2,500 euros. I refused and told you I would first start with 250 € and thus were not the masters agree, Now I’m trying unsuccessfully to get back my 250 euros and nothing, absolutely nothing happens.
    It’s a shit load and there are scammers, so stay away from TITAN TRADE !!!
    If I do not get my money back, I’ll show these assholes and you ass off this dirt Pack !!!

  51. LT Says:

    Video proof that the binary options broker TitanTrade is a SCAM. They are liars and committing fraud and theft. Do not trust anything they say, especially Marcus Delorean and Jeff Nelson. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IE4vV9MMd8M

    • DC Says:

      Friend, I am having the same problem as you,but the people involved are different. How am Brazilian, they put two people of Brazil to make contact with me, Leopold and Rodrigo (Algo). They are scam.

  52. Laura Tritch Says:

    Do not give this broker any money. You have to provide so much information to get your money back.
    I had 91 euros when I started the process of withdrawal. This money had been in my account since last fall. As soon as Titan saw that I put in a request on line to withdraw my money, they took 25 euros for an inactivity fee for March and then took another 25 euros for inactivity fee for April. I got a call from them about my remaining 46 euros. She said I need to go back online to do the withdrawal again to get my money. I just got an email from Frank saying my account was less than 100.00 so he could not do a wire. Titan Trade is a scam. They are crooks!
    Stay Away for Titan Trade

  53. Donald Kuss Says:

    I opened my account with $2500. Was given great service over six months while I added anther $2000. I eve received a bonus of $1000. As soon as I wanted to draw out some money they disappeared. I was getting daily calls or emails from personal broker. When I told him I was not putting in any more money until I could draw out a regular check he stopped calling and emailing. Haven’t heard from him in over two weeks. I am waiting for my existing trades to clear so I can close my account. If someone knows how to get the money back from them I would appreciate the help.

  54. Paul Says:

    As per reading previous complaints I too am experiencing the same problems, no response from the broker that was assigned to me & my account ( John Louis & Justin Phelps). My account was approved & set up now almost 2 weeks ago & no trading or investing has started as yet.
    It’s seems to a growing trend that I am reading about trading with Titantrade. I total I have sent 6 emails to the brokers handling my account & have even tried the live chat line only to get the run around & end up talking to an answering machine.
    If after a few more attempts I don’t get any response from Titantrade I’m pretty sure I will be closing down my account & demanding a full refund of money deposited.


  55. Andy Says:

    Almost fell for this broker and an over-the-top auto-pilot trading software (Aussie Method).
    Read this: http://www.forexpeacearmy.com/forex-forum/scam-alerts-folder/37716-nrg-binary-another-binary-options-scam-broker.html

    They’re crooks. Enough said.

  56. MB Says:

    I dealt with two brokers from Algo Capitals who use Titan trade platform. The two brokers are Marcus Delorean & Sean Louis. I lost already USD 5k based on the predictions they gave, not mine. They keep pushing you to add more fund, however, I didn’t after the loss and decided not to deal with them. I didn’t reach a stage to withdraw any money. My intuition is that there is manipulation with the system. The two gentlemen never teach you how to trade but rather trade on your behalf giving you the sense they are masters in what they are doing, however, they are not. I recommend everyone not to deal with them or binary options in general…M

  57. IJ Says:

    Who can you trust in this world, This woman in the video(Quick cash), so friendly, using kids to make you feel she care? But steel and lie is only a finger short, they will loose doubled from what we loosed now, May God have Mercy on them.

  58. Lawrence Says:

    I have very bad experience ith Titan Trade. Accpunt manager who said he is senior broker with 95% success rate zeroed my account in 2 rading section. He lost 4,500 on first trading section and 4,000 on the second day.

  59. Ann Says:

    I have an account with Titantrade. Brand new to trading. Deposited 250.00. they asked me to make it up to 2500.00 and was given a “bonus” of 2500.00.
    First day of trading 1000.00 call, 1000.00 call, 1000.00 call, 1600.00 call. Lost the lot. Now they want to give me a “special offer” deposit a further 12,000.00 to help make up the losses. I will accept the 2500.00 loss and work off any turn over I have to ( I signed the agreement) but I am not willing to give them access to another 12,000.00. Am I being unreasonable? Is TitanTrade a legitimate broker?

    • russ Says:

      Titan is a scam.They build your trust get you thinking they are legit get you sending more money and when your ready to withdraw you can’t get in touch with them your withdraw just sets there and no one will confirm it and then they will wipe your account out in one trading day so you don’t have anything to bring back. $30,000 wiped out in 6 trades all loosers on there recommendation. Had alittle money left and been shut out of account and no Idea where that money went. They are not regulated so not sure what options I have to get back into my account. They do what they want with your money so stay a way and save a bunch of grief.

  60. Maria Says:

    I have only deposited $750 so far. I have no idea if they are trading for me since I have only spoken to the trader once when asked to deposit money. I saw an offer of a free e-book which I could not get unless I would be a new client and deposit money when not knowing anything about it. I think an e-book is essential before depositing money so at least one can understand some of it. I sent an email requesting a confirmation that I had sent another $250 but did not get an answer. I am almost sorry I started with Titan Trade as I see many binary options info and videos on computer and they offer money automatically as soon as an account has been opened and funded. At least I would not be so painfully broke. Maria

  61. Maryna Says:

    dont do anything wies ith titan trade or spotfn both scams if you want your money back. i have over 30,000 with titan and they will noteven let me ask for a draw on the money when in was told that i should be able to with draw at least 5000 dollars per month out of my acct which we were making easy until it came time for a withdraw and than in 10 minutes the lost me 19,000 which took my acct to a little over 36,000which is my whole retierment savings help pls if any one knows how to get this money back from them do we need to press chargesin many countries or what shall i do as well as many many others like my self. i do have a lawyer friend in england and i am going to call him and he is not cheap but maybe if many of us go together he may make a deal for many of us> Thankyou

    • Ann Says:

      They can’t trade for you? They can tell you what to do, but can not go into your account?

  62. Phil Says:

    Why would you delete your comment when Titan didn’t respond properly in the beginning?

  63. phillip volschenk Says:

    Hi i need to know if this is a scam i have regestard en need to deposid my money to get started but firs i need to know ir this is a scam i am from south afrika you my call me on +27797720410 my regards hope to hear from you soon

    • roger Benscoter Says:


  64. Bonnie Says:

    I have been investing with Titan Trade for a month
    I invested about $50.000 and am down to $48.000
    I have found them easy to get a hold of
    I have taken a withdrawal and had no trouble getting the money out
    I also have bonuses – about the same amount I have invested.
    I signed a form saying if I take out money before the agreed usuage of the bonuses – they take 30% – however I also get 30% when it arrives at my bank account as im Canadian no I have had no problems yet!!

  65. everett Errington Says:

    I found Titan brokers very bossy and very difficult to deal with. They don’t seem to understand how to trade profitably, they trade all your account then hope for the best. I do not recommend them at all. Lost a lot of money with them.

  66. awglobal Says:

    Hi All,
    Dont deal with the broker and he is suck! He keep on pushing you to deposit more money in order to earn more money and ask you sign the bonus package.on the first day of my trade within 1o mins I have lost all of USD 250 with tintan trade broker. So unprofessional!!!!

  67. Nicole Says:

    I did like a lot of people check their web …and to my surprise I got about 5 different person call me about 25 time …asking me 350.00 Canadian( from Alberta)to start with…I had no respect for that sort of aggression. Not professional for a minute!!

  68. sudaama vitthal Says:

    After persistently explaining to titan trade by email, my one day trades weren’t providing any result, positive or negative, I finally got a response that: with the minimal chance of a successful trade for that period being [forecast?], my money wasn’t being placed on a trade [by an algorithm, presumably or a trader] and it was suggested for the same amount, $50.- my test amount for the platform- I would have more chance of my trade taking place if I selected a week. So I’m testing that advise from today.

  69. pravin Says:

    made with drawl request 6 weeks ago. Every time I telephone the support I am told someone will contact you from with drawl team. You cannot withdraw YOUR money unless someone contacts you from with drawl team. So far no one has contacted me and if you ask the support to transfer you to with drawl team they will not do that.They keep telling me (LIES) that they have tried to contact you but I have not answered .. LIES. I believe they do not want to pay me.I think the company is fraud

  70. zanini Says:

    40 days I requested the looting and so far nothing. Stroke of typical or poorly organized company. I do not recommend.

  71. Chris Says:

    I was “coerced” into investing €7000. First line of attack is to join them and trade “Golden “Trades”…..which, hey presto….lose !! Titan Trade manager then warmly assured me- no worries- will recredit your account as they are our “guaranteed Golden Trades”….what they do not tell you is that this re-credit is a BONUS…and when,finally, you get to read the small print- you have to TRADE your TOTAL investment + Bonuses x 20!!!! — this calculates at €345000!!! – No way in hell to trade that amount to qualify for withdrawals….I did manage to coax the account manager to refund me €3000….and am now fighting to refund the last €4000….even after TitanTrade has agreed to exceptionally refund the €4000 and close my account (pocketing €11500 profit) BUT no answers, no contact…as usual! Does there exist a UK claims company that can visit this total scam and apply pressure to commit them to respecting their own Terms and Conditions? – Otherwise DO NOT TOUCH TITANTRADE. Have a great day! CD

  72. Dave Says:

    Hi I’m Dave
    Opened an account with just £250, thought to be dealing with just 1 Account Manager and I advised my available times. But was then bombarded with daily phone calls during the day from compliance dept for excessive documentation. Also contacted by another Account Manager, why?
    Decided not to start trading with them so requested return of funds but they ignore and don’t return the funds either.
    Do not trust them and do not invest anything.

  73. Friedrich Says:

    Started with Titan around 8 months ago. Don’t know where these negative comments are coming from. Submitted the documents they requested and been withdrawing profits ever since. I didn’t take a bonus though…

  74. berthold Says:

    Spend your money to the Red Cross or the Salvation Army.
    You’ll never get your money back. Why: 1. if you wish a refund you get stuck in never ending emails or discussions, but no money back; 2. the binary trades eg lead to permanent losses; the trades you can´t influence. You get several phonecalls each day.

  75. Cashedup Says:

    We accidentally transferred $1000 euro and signed up to titantrade. It was VERY HARD to make contact with them. They refunded every cent back though within 3 working days.I an in N.Z. we emailed over 50 times with no responce but a broker called to ask us to put more money in and was very forcefully saying he would give us bonus money etc but I was insistent my money be refunded and cancelled my credit card. Mistake made Sunday .money refunded today wednesday.

  76. Val Says:

    I’ve been pushed by this company to deposit £8250 in order to start trading, and rushed into signing a Bonus Application that ask me to reach the required trade volume of 20 times my initial investment plus trading benefit (bonus) without really understanding what that meant. My mistake to sign it, now it looks I have to reach £250.000 trade volume before i can make a withdrawal. My question is: can I get out of this? It was a terrible mistake as I invested all the money I had in my bank without knowing that I couldn’t withdraw, as they kept telling me that I can withdraw my money anytime. This is unfair trading as it was a lie! they didn’t explain that if I took the bonus I couldn’t withdraw. I kept asking and they keep saying: no problem, don’t worry the money is yours, you can withdraw your money anytime from your account. I wonder if I can get my initial investment back at least, as they were aggressive sellers and not making sure I understood the whole process.

  77. Martin Says:

    Hello dear
    We are aware that some brokerages offer bonuses that are too high or the required turnover is too high. However, if you accepted such a bonus, there is not much we can do now to help because you agreed to certain Terms and Conditions. Here’s what you can do:
    • Don’t accept a bonus without reading the Terms and Conditions
    • Some regulatory authorities (CySEC in this case) mentioned that a trader’s invested amount (not the bonus) should be available to withdraw even if the turnover hasn’t been reached: circular CI144-2014-02. Inform your broker about it.
    • Ask your account manager or a representative of your broker to join this discussion

    Yours truly,
    BOTS Team

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