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StockPair Overview

  • StockPair
  • Bonus: up to60%
  • Options Profability : 75-83%
  • Rating: 9.2 / 10


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Broker Name: StockPair
Platform: StockPair
Founded: 2010
Bonus: up to 60%
Return/Refund: 75-83%/0%
StockPair Overview


No. Of Assests : 112
Regulated : CySec, FCA
Demo Account : Yes
Minimum Deposit : 250
US Traders : Not Accepted
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Review Last Updated 2016-03-28 13:01:45

Editor’s Note- Why StockPair DOESN’T Suck in 50 Words

Simple put, StockPair is a different breed of binary options brokers. Unique Trading platforms, highly transparent, very accurate and such a user friendly platform, warm support and great tools. No wonder stockpair is my first choice, and preferred broker. Update 4/2/2014- StockPair Officially Regulated!


 Why Does StockPair Suck in 50 Words

Bad news for US traders – due to EU and Cysec Regulation, Stockpair will stop accepting new US based clients. Existing clients are still able to trade with Stockpair. Once again, US clients are deemed to Search for a new broker. On another matter, there’s no out-of-money refund on Stockpair.


StockPair Review – Different Breed of Brokers

Stockpair is a brand of Nextrade Worldwide Ltd which is located at 30A, Ayias Zonis Street, Fantaros Court, Office 302, CY-3027 Limassol, Cyprus and has a full range of regulations and licenses including a Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) license No. 229/14, and acts in accordance with the European Union Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID). They are committed to protecting clients’ funds, as every client is eligible for the protection of the Investment Compensation Fund (ICF) of up to €20,000 (see investor compensation fund). As I mentioned before, Stockpair is highly regulated (see “Terms of Use” to see a full list of authorities that have licensed them).


StockPair is considered to be one of kind in the industry. Until now, I couldn’t find any other promising broker that offers this extensive list of great extras, and believe me, I’ve seen SpotOption tries. Browsing their website is actually a fun experience, modern and very easy to use. The profits offered are above average even compared to Binary Options brokers, with an average of 82% return for most assets. To prove once again their true-innovator status, StockPair has recently introduced another way of trading binary options: KIKO options. Have you ever struggled deciding what expiry time to use? If yes, then rejoice because StockPair knocked it out of the park by completely eliminating expiry. If it sounds too good to be true, believe me, it’s true. KIKO stands for Knock In – Knock Out and it works like this: the trading platform will offer you two target prices – one above current price and one below it – then all you have to do is decide which one will be hit first. If it takes 10 hours to reach one of the targets, don’t worry, there’s no expiry time so a trade can last 1 second or 1 day or whatever time it takes for price to reach one of the targets (just pray it’s the one you predicted). The potential payouts on KIKO options are a bit lower than on normal UP/DOWN options but the difference is not that big in my opinion (80% for UP/DOWN EUR/USD and 75% for KIKO on the same pair).


Besides being a pioneer in the field of technology of binary options, Stockpair has pioneered a new bonus system with no restrictions on withdrawals – a known problem in the industry. Stockpair bonuses are given as “pending” and are released into the account when the volume is met. This is typical to Stockpair’s reputation of being client friendly.


In terms of trading, even fresh beginners can understand how their platform works. In many regards, StockPair trading is easier and less sophisticated then competing binary options platforms. The proper question isn’t “why should I choose StockPair as my broker?”  Rather, the question you should ask yourself is “why not?” I say – YES! Defiantly worth a shot!



StockPair Pair Trading Intro

If you haven’t heard of Pair Options yet, you’ve never been to StockPair website. Besides being a great binary options broker, they have those Pair Options they’re called after… (: In my opinion, StockPair Pair Options trading is an alternative trading method to Binary Options. They’re both binary, i.e. they both have put or call options, but the trading style is different. For me, Pair Options are a bit simple and yet more “predictable” in a way.  Traditional binary options trading, on the other hand, provides more great, new ways of generating profits online with more tools and trading options due to its revolutionary technology. StockPair now has them both.


First, what is Pair trading? Pair Trading is similar to a combination between Forex trading and binary options trading; a trader has to choose between two assets, the goal is to decide which one of these two assets will perform better (relatively to other or the same value) after a specific expiry time. There are two kinds of trade possible:

The first is relatively value, called “Floating Pair”. For example, let’s say I choose the Google-Apple pair. Google is having a great day and the stock price goes higher and higher. Apple one the other hand, is having a slightly weak day, the stock price is going up but slowly and is more or less unstable. Now I need to choose- will Google’s value (now worth 622 points)  be higher than Apple’s value (now worth 610 points) at the end of the day or the other way around? It’s up to you. Since Floating pair returns are based on a relative odds, choosing Google (the favorite stock to win) will generate around 10-15% while choosing Apple, which is considered the underdog, will generate around 400% in returns.


The second way of trading is the “Fixed Pair”. Let’s say I choose the Microsoft/Apple pair. Now, all I have to decide is which asset will perform better in the next XYZ time (expiry times range from a few minutes to a few days). The returns are fixed and even for both assets. Yes, pair options are very simple indeed.



Is StockPair a Scam?

We have been monitoring StockPair progress for almost 5 years now, and I think I can say with much confidence – StockPair is NOT a Scam. We have looked into many binary options forums and asked traders about their services. It appears this company is taking good care of their costumers; everybody seems to be getting paid on time and no serious complaints are have arisen. StockPair is already regulated by CySec and by a large number of other European regulators, including the British FCA. For a complete list of agencies that have authorized StockPair’s activities, see StockPair->Guide.


StockPair Complaints

While we do our best to keep you in the know, we always advise you to do the homework on any broker you are considering depositing with, just to be on the safe side and ensure you are making the right choice. When we searched for StockPair complaints we couldn’t find a single angry comment. We checked several binary options forums and review sites, and the worst were frustrated US based traders (since StockPair isn’t accepting US clients any more under EU regulations). It seems like traders are satisfied with StockPair service, but it is advised to check again privately, just in case.


StockPair Bonus

StockPair only offers their clients a bonus after depositing a minimum of $200. I know some traders are looking for big bonuses, but I always advise traders to refrain from bonuses, unless you’re a serious trader. The wager is 40* bonus given. In the case of withdrawal without fulfilling the wager requirements, all losses will be borne by the original deposit and the remaining balance may be withdrawn. There are also Cashbacks.


StockPair Withdrawal

The are no limits on the withdrawal, which is very important for serious traders. StockPair claims to process the request within 48 hours, then another 3 to 7 working days have to pass until the money is available in your account. The usual methods for withdrawal are available: Credit Cards and wire transfers, as well as e-wallets (Neteller, Skrill).


StockPair Extra’s

At, we are looking for something different- not the regular ,so-called extra you read about in other review sites. Here is what we thought is different (and awesome!) about StockPair:

  • Revolutionary Trading platform
  • Transparency in business
  • Up to 400% Return for a single trade – fixed options
  • Reuters Live Quotes, very accurate
  • Pair Trading
  • KIKO


StockPair Ratings

 User Friendly 18/20

StockPair’s unique trading platform is a browser-based platform, with no need for any software to be downloaded. The website appearance is crisp, modern and very user friendly. The site, as well as the trading platform, is very clean and elegant. There’s a FAQ section and tutorial for newbies as well. StockPair’s website is available in 11 different languages,  including English, French, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Greek, Korean, German and Dutch.


No. of Assets and Expiry time 19/20

Total of 110 assets, 13 Currencies, 7 Indices, 86 Stocks, 4 Commodities. The expiry times are extra awesome, stretching from 60 seconds to a couple of minutes, Intra Day and a few months, for most fixed pair assets; Floating pairs are available within a day, week or a month only. KIKO Options have NO fixed expiry time! Extra points for the expiry setting system!


Commissions, Support and Effective return 17/20

StockPair doesn’t charge any fees or commissions from investors when they first deposit or purchase options or afterward once they withdraw. StockPair’s support is available via 11 international numbers- in English, French, Italian and Spanish and more or via email. The live chat service is very quick and polite, although I didn’t like the form needed to be filled before the chat which includes E-mail and Phone number. The effective return is among the average-high in the industry- 85% In-The-Money, with an 80% average return for most assets for fixed pairs. Floating pairs could reach up to 400% or more return. There’s no Out-of-Money refund.


Deposit, Payment and Bonus 17/20

StockPair Minimum deposit is average – 250$ or 250€, that’s great for beginners. Deposit is available via C.C., Wire transfer, Neteller, Skrill and many more. Withdrawals are generally available via the same methods. StockPair offers a welcome bonus of up to 60% only for a minimum deposit of $250-$500. There are also monthly cash backs on volume.


Website Extra’s 18/20

Pair Options Extras: in the Binary Options Trading department, StockPair has some great trading tools, such as the early closure and extend, the charts that are extremely helpful and last, StockPair supplies its customers with market reviews, guide and news, all live and updated! A personal favorite of mine is the introduction of KIKO Options, a feature exclusive to StockPair, which gets them the extra points for this category.


StockPair Ratings: 89/100 + Regulation Factor (+3) = 92/100

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187 Responses to “StockPair”

  1. Alex Dersky

    I agree with your marks, which are good , by the way, also found they are fair (market prices correct) and process withdthrawals (over 1,000) quickly.

    • Patrick

      can you Withdraw like a $2000,- on your credit card??

      • Troy McLoore

        Only if you deposited $2000 from your credit card.Anything after that is skrill cheque with a $2.50 process fee or wire transfer with a $25 fee.

    • Patrick


      • Tre.P

        I’d also like to know how to withdrawal the money once made.. I have the app but has no “withdrawal” selection, only a deposit :/

        • Troy McLoore

          You have to buy a laptop or a desktop and on both,you’ll see the withdrawal option on the left,after clicking on my account.

  2. Kelline

    Indonesia region can’t access it..
    a little pity though..

  3. vaughn ferguson

    I must say this company is very honest and trustworthy,excellent support and help i enjoying trading them.

  4. James C

    Thank you for your review, which is pretty accurate.Traders can appreciate the the asset prices from my experience are the true market prices,which is not always correct for other brokers that take a “slight” advantage. This can make or break a trade.

  5. Ray

    Traded a few and lost most of them. Requested refund of balance and I received the money within 3 days (good on them).

    This is not Options Trading, although it is binary.
    The short time-frame bets are more like betting on which horse is going to win or lose although past track performance is of no relevance.

    It doesn’t matter what the fundamentals are – it’s a pure gamble.

    The long time-frame options are more appropriate as a speculative investment – like a Forex Pair without the past history for comparison.
    If you’re a serious Options player then I’d give this one a miss.

  6. Nikunj

    Just traded first time and gained some good amount of money. After registration, they contact you for a little introduction of the website and can provide further assistance. Very friendly customer support and very user friendly website.

  7. mohamed

    and there is no moneybookers option idk why>

  8. Jana

    I am totally new to the trading platform. what is the minimal amount to start up with and please explain if you have a demo platform to learn before starting up. I am in a lot of debt already adn need money very very badly to live and sustain with my kids. Hence being cautious. Please don’t mind.

    • Mario

      Jana be carefull….Only play with monwy you can loose..If you’re in a bad economic situation you can be worst after going to binary

  9. azizaaaj

    I want to try StockPair
    But i need to know What are the minimum and maximum trade amounts for a single option?

    • irfan

      dear azizaaaj, you can chek out there FAQ page , you will find there all the answers you need

      • mohan

        Hello Irfan ..Where are you from? Are you using this platform to trade?

    • Troy McLoore

      20 and 600

  10. walyd

    hi, is there any one have withdraw from stockpair. and does it work in my country ,KENYA?

  11. Kings

    hi wayld am from kenya contact me we tak more about binary options 0728779021

  12. irfan

    well its awsome, i just join befor 3 days , and its going very nice the price is always accurate, i did not feel anything silly it seems it gonna change everything for me and the best part i feel its there expiry time starts from 5 minute and i use only that till now its working for me, further i will update on next week

    • Salman

      Hi Irfan.. I am think to join the stockpair but need some advice as I am totally new in the field. Can you please write me you email or send me an email to so that i can reach you. Regards

    • faizan

      Irfan i also new in this filed please can you guide me??? my Mail Id is

  13. oleg

    i tryed make registration at this site,but i couldnt do that…they say “you cant make registration from your region”btw im from Belarus,i ask to chat help whats wrong,they after long waiting answered to me that they work with Belarus and advise me ask for my bank..??))starnge,when i answer that i didnt make deposit yet,why i need ask for my bank??,thay answered that my government policy blocked his site)))again strange answer…because its not banned i can visit this site,but i cant make registration…then it was no more answer((chat help is zero!!!

  14. Amy

    verify the closing price in your position is the same as the live-time closing price. In live time I was clearly in the money. However, while watching my closing position it appeared to be out of the money. I just got scammed for $650. How could live-time be wrong? I’m awaiting customer service response to my screen shots. I will be checking all of my losing positions against live time. This has made a skeptic out of me. BEWARE

    • Troy McLoore

      If you play the 1 min trade and end up at the money,you lose,it’s their policy and you have to accept it.If you were a technical pro,you wouldn’t complain and how did you lose 650 on 1 trade,when their max bid is 600?

  15. Eboss

    If your account balance is less than $1000 if you set your trade and press the BUY button the amount is always $100 which goes into trade, if you forgot to change the amount. I would prefer there would be to $0 with a popup window to enter the amount one likes to trade

  16. Jim BIN

    I am trading with Bollinger Bands and signals , like epecially the ability to choose expiry time , and the accuracy of market rates. wish they woul accept American Express, but found that wire transfers bot ways work faster than cards!!

  17. magar

    anyway my best broker stockpair.

  18. Patrick

    can you Withdraw like a $2000,- on your credit card??

  19. Tony

    Anyone know how to activate demo mode at Stockpair? I have made deposits totalling USD 700 over the month or so I have had an account there.

    • Troy McLoore

      They have an excellent live chat costumer service,ask them.

  20. chrystael

    i am from Nigeria. anybody from Nigeria trading with stockpair? please contact me 2348163677255. would wana try them though i like topoption very well. but would wana try them. thanks

  21. Ivan

    I must be an accountant or a person that have knowledge in finance. To use this.

  22. Joe

    I wish they enabled early closure for options expiring less than 1 hour as well .Other than that the platform is really amazing

  23. Felix

    After I thread in case ,how do I get back my money?

  24. PM.Raveendran

    Why traders from India are not allowed to open an account with Stock Pair ?

  25. Jonathan

    If you read the little letters at the end of the page:

    “The prices and returns we present on our site are the ones Stockpair is willing to sell options at and are not necessarily the real time market levels”

    In other words, they can screw you whenever they want to.

    • Troy McLoore

      They’ve never screwed me in 2 years.

  26. Larry

    I tried StockPair. Started out with $400.00. (minimum they say is $200.00). Next day I get a call from StockPair basically telling me that if I didn’t start out with at least a $1000.00, I would probably fail. I started out using StockPair strategies that I found on You Tube and sure enough, I failed. Got it up to $600.00 and lost all of it. I contacted StockPair a little over a week ago and haven’t heard from them yet. Definitely not a recommended site.

  27. Sta Bol

    I am having an issue with right now, I’ll reserve further comment until I see how things will finally work out, so far,not so good.

  28. RAFIK


  29. carlos

    Are you working with this company and have you made eany money?

  30. twirl

    Wow.. 60 sec trade available now in stockpair! lol

  31. John

    After listening to an advertisement (without any trading experience) signed up to StockPair and deposited $700 with CC. Traded 60 sec. binary options for most of the night, having at pick $4300+, ended up with $2000.
    Took my $700 back, just to make sure I’m not down, and to check how this withdrawal work.
    I’m very happy for having fun and possibly making some money.
    Will let you all know about my next experiences, for now is weekend.

    • John A

      looking formard to seeing what speed they process request! Please let us know since I am a financial trader as well

    • Anonymous

      Well? How did the withdraw go?

    • dave

      bro send me your email adress.

    • Salman

      Hi Bro. can you send me your email so that i can have you kind advice so can you please drop me a test email to

  32. Greg M

    You can perform 60 second trades on stockpair.

  33. phil

    this is stockpairs TOS read line two…what a load of crap!!!!!

    The Company reserves the right in its sole discretion to refuse, cancel the services, and/or refuse to distribute profits to anyone for any legitimate reason including, but not limited to:

    1. any instance when the Company has cause to believe that a person’s activities on the site may be illegal;

    2.any instance where the Company may suffer any fiscal, regulatory, or pecuniary disadvantage by virtue of anyone’s activities;

    3.any instance where one or more transactions on the site are judged by the Company to have been performed in violation of this agreement.

    • Kevin Lee

      Hi Phil,

      Sadly enough they are allowed to do that since they are doing business with us. It’s almost the same as a person going to a casino and winning $5million in one night. That will bring a huge dent in the casino’s budget and of course, without any hesitation, that person will be kicked out.

      It’s something that we can’t avoid but just have to keep in mind when trading with Stockpair or any other binary option platform.

    • Troy McLoore

      Nothing wrong with those terms and conditions.I’m one of the few “lucky” ones who makes more money there than i lose and get my money,every month for years.

  34. mani

    i am in india are allowed to open an account with Stock Pair

  35. Amanda

    Really who writes these reviews? Stockpair staff seemingly…
    4 days and counting for simple account authentication.
    4 days and counting on no response from emails to support and compliance.
    All this to authenticate an account to enable withdrawls – 4 DAYS AND COUNTING. NO CONTACT, NO RESPONSE. 48 Hours turn around is LIES – they are flat out responding to Emails in 96 hours. FAIL

    • Mark

      You’d have to be a genius to expect appropriate customer service from ANYONE, ANYWHERE, at Christmas time, idiot.

  36. Jose

    If anybody have a problem withdrawing the money because i want to open an account,BUT I’M WORRIED ABOUT THAT.THANKS

    • Kevin Lee

      Hi Jose,

      I’ve been trading with StockPair for a month or so and I haven’t had any withdrawal problem. Like yourself, I was a bit skeptical about their withdrawal procedure. So without trading, I deposited $200 and requested the money back (after submitting the required forms) and the money was in my bank account within 2 business days. The transaction was clean. No extra phone calls. No long emails.

      I’m still trading with them and I’m going to be staying with them for a long time because this is the first binary option platform that I’ve found more confidence in in all areas.

      So hopefully that answered your question Jose. Feel free to ask any more questions about Stockpair. I’m more than happy to answer your questions.

      • Mark

        Sounding a bit too much like a Stockpair PR rep, dude.

      • Andre

        So are you experiencing withdrawal problems with stockpair lately?

  37. RAFIK



    • Mark


      Don’t be UNREALISTIC. You have no right or authority, nor are you correct to state that their rates are 100% accurate. They are not at all such a thing. They are perhaps in the mid 90’s on accuracy. What kind of idiot claims anything is 100%.

  38. daniel chungu

    Can I access it in Zambia (southern africa region) and be a member?

  39. Anh

    Hello, I have some question, hope someone can answer
    Thank a lot!
    1. I’m Vietnamese, can I trade at stockpair?
    2. Do I need to authentication my account by ID, adress, photo… in order to deposit and withdraw money? If not, when will I need to do that?
    Thank again

    • Anh

      Hi Anh,

      Where do you live in? In Vietnam?

  40. fredy

    i am in the usa and i use stockpair they have good platform easy to use but i recomended if you are new in this study analisis tecnic use meta4 or any realtime chart and practice with chartisc method and start with minimum investmemt read books chartisc check this broker

    • Md

      Hey freaky, I am from USA I need to know did you withdrawal money and it’s work good .please can you let me know that

  41. RAFIK


  42. RAFIK


  43. Daniel Borelli

    if trading with stockpair is free how do they make money?

  44. RAFIK


  45. Elizabeth

    I am new with Binary. However, I am interested to open account with Stock Pair. Any recommendation? Please, give me some feed back about this company! Thanks.

    • kur

      i hv read all comments and nobody said they pay u when u request withdrawl

      • Kevin Lee

        Hi Kur,

        I’ve used StockPair for the past 4 months and I’ve made a $200 withdrawal in that time period just to make sure that they pay on time.

        And they kept their promise. After submitting my 3 documents for withdrawal approval, I received my money in my account after 2 business days.

        That’s the fastest withdrawal I’ve ever seen or observed.

        Hopefully that answered your question Kur.


        Kevin K

  46. RAFIK


    • Chris Reynolds

      Deposited $2000 to start trading built my account up to $7500 Turned over necessary bunus $30000. Tried to withdraw. Wont let me. Cancelled my withdrawal. Will have to get legal advice to chase money

  47. michael

    at the top of the page it says us investors NO is this true and what is skrill ?

    • admin

      Information is correct indeed – Stockpair will stop accepting US clients due to regulation in EU.
      Skrill is an e-payment method, very common in the US.

  48. DeborahB

    I am also confused somewhat by this latest review of Stockpair. You used to show US traders accepted, now you do not. I opened an account with them a few weeks back based on your good reviews here. I am in the US.

    • admin

      US based traders who already have an account on Stockpair would be able to keep trading with them. However the company will stop accepting new US traders due to EU regulation.

    • admin

      Also find updates on the top of StockPair review

    • Anonymous

      I talked to the Stockpair support today. Apparently they just won’t accept any new US traders. Any US traders who made an account with Stockpair before the change will be allowed to continue to trade, deposit and withdraw as normal.

  49. Anton

    I used to really like these guys but they’ve dropped the ball of late.
    If you try to place an order due to market sensitive news it always comes up with a “Due to market conditions we are unable to place your order” type message meaning their now somewhat incompetent servers can’t keep up with the rest of the market. Don’t bother trying to place a trade at these times as it just won’t work or by the time you get in it will be too late. Not really up there with the rest of the market because of this and too unreliable.

  50. fanie

    I’m glad for so many people having a great experience with stock pair. My experience with them is pathetic.
    I have had a discrepancy with them in regards to the information that you get in your open and closed positions window is not the same as the information in the initial trading history.

    In the closed window area during trading it showed ‘out of the money’ in 3 trades, whereas my trading history shows ‘at the money.’
    Because of this false information I received during live trading, I doubled up on my following trades. Have I received the correct information I would not have hurt my account as I did.




    • Peter

      which country do you live sir?


    hi Fannie

    i had the same issue but i realised it was not a fault of their own sometimes what happens is a position can be In the money and be out of the money a few seconds afterwards.let me give you an example you purchase a Gold position CALL/UP at 12:27:12 for the next 15 minutes. The expiry for your position will be at 12:42:12 precisely ; every single second counts;so the position could have been IN the position till 12:42 but unfortunately started to be out of the money the next few seconds onward 12:42:01;02;03.12 and could be be In again after your 12 seconds it happened to me as out seconds when you buy or sell its very important.rgds.Jean

  52. wilfred

    here is the thing. i have opened an account with them and i have had some decent run, i requested for withdrawal today 20/3/14 of $100. if the am know waiting for the transaction to be approved then after i would really know if they are legit or not. i got into this cos of all the positive ratings i read about time will tell. lets wait until monday 24/3/2014 to c whether it will be approved or not…

    • Martin

      I don’t understand your post, really don’t. You asked for a withdraw today! what’s the point in posting it here? why saying “let’s see if they are scam or not”?? isn’t better to post AFTER they process your request? will you update us after? or just leave us all wondering if it’s a scam? This is dishonest.

      • wilfred

        wats there not to understand? i hav issued a request and surely i will give update. currently, the payment is still pending so as soon as its approved i will let u guys know.

        • Prabhat

          So they or not, i’m also very much positive for this company and want to put money in binary option. Or please suggest any binary option which is really work.

      • wilfred

        am pleased to say that stockpair is indeed legit as they have transferred the money to the original account i made the deposit you all can trade with them. thanks man for the referral although i didnt use your referral link

  53. carlos

    hello, the site stockpair dont me pay last two withdraw and closed my account, the site say that i dont was in terms and condition, but i win in site, the problem is that platform that accepted my traders.

    i leave the video for you see

    • Anonijuice

      This is my personal opinion on Binary Option Brokers after surveying the different brokers and reviews extensively for a month. You may want to do your own research too to validate my claims.

      Most if not all of binary options brokers operates like a Casino; you’re welcomed when they profit and you’re locked out when you consistently withdraw large sums. Based on what I saw from the video you uploaded you did cashed out big, and the rest is history.

      Most of the people who’re able to withdraw their profits cashed out in smaller figures and usually only the first few withdrawals, this is so that you could be their advertising tool in spreading word of the goodness of their platform to others.

      Smaller sums of people, like you, who are able to make profit are not able to withdraw their “investments” and are locked out with seemingly weird reasons. The only people I noticed who are able to consistently withdraw hugh sums are those who promotes the brokers, which I’ll mention a few below. uses and promotes Banc de Binary in their website and videos, we all know never to use Banc de Binary, check their reviews if you want to know why. But why does never had problems Banc de Binary? That’s because has 2,000 YouTube subscribers, and any news good or bad pertaining to Banc de Binary will propagate quickly to these 2,000 people.

      YouTube Michael Freeman promotes a hugh range of binary options brokers and uses Anyoption. But why does Michael Freeman never had problems with Anyoption when people are facing withdrawal issues with them? (Example: ,page 4, Non US Trader post) That’s because Michael Freeman has close to 6,000 YouTube subscribers, and any news good or bad pertaining to any brokers will propagate quickly to these 6,000 people.

      I was able to craft out a system to win in binary options which worked perfectly in a demo account, but I’ll never risk a cent with any of these binary options brokers. They have to resort to scams as this system of doing business have no real success of profiting amongst smarter traders, and that’s why any trading platform from banks don’t offer this kind of binary options trading.

      Cheers. :)

    • Steve

      The other video on your YouTube channel, posted at the same time, appears to recommend them as a good broker.

      I’m confused.

    • Marcel

      Any News? Did you recieve your funds meanwhile?

  54. optimas

    hi i think most of the people here who is familiar with stock pair. so can anybody help me plzz in 60 sec. option if i choose other amount option then how much the lowest amount i can invest and can i put any amount as i wish like 10, 25, 55 like this kinds of amount? plzz if anyone knows that inform me.

  55. wilfredo

    hello guy my name is wil if someone want to learn trading I will teach you first you have to learn candlestick and doji hammer hanging man piercing pattern dark cloud morning evening stars shooting star send me a email I will help you

    • siva

      this is my mail id

      please guide me… i want to earn option trading

    • JamesDw

      I read all the reviews as I am interested to start trading but very sceptical about all these platforms and the reviews. I need to develop a way to earn a second income as well as build a “business” for years to come. Thanks any help will be welcome

  56. Ryan

    Is anyone from Malaysia using this broker?

    • MenZ

      Hi Ryan.

      Yes I’m from Malaysia.SInce you found this site earlier,did you tried trading using Stockpair?

  57. Ryan

    Is anyone 4rom malaysia pls let me know tq.

  58. Ndumiso

    Are South Africans allowed to trade in StockPair & how much is the minimum intial deposit inorder to start trading?

  59. Daniel

    I’m yet to teat the waters

  60. Rhys

    I created a gold account a couple months ago.
    I just made my first withdrawal of $5000 with no problems at all. it only took 2 days for them to process like they said.
    So im very happy with this broker and would recommend them to others.

  61. ken woodside

    I haven’t opened an a/c yet.
    Their Trading Platform seems VERY BASIC with NO MACDS,CANDLES or
    Would appreciate any comments.

  62. mirko


    i am a beginning in binary options, and i thank you so much for the informations in this website. It is the best i have ever seen since i start my interest about binary options.
    After a lot o research i got the point to choose Stockpair as my broker, but… i spoke with a lady of Stockpair, she said me that they don’t give the demo account anymore! (!!??)
    She said because the people with demo account use it without any study and strategy, and they loose (demo) money. So she said it is better to use real account since the start so the people have to have the knowledge and do them better…
    What do you think? I would prefer to have a demo account, but still i really like stockpair…
    Do someone else know that they don’t give demo acccount anymore?

    Thank you so much!


    • Fifty Dana :)

  63. Azli

    Anybody from Malaysia?

  64. hoang duong

    Is anyone from Viet Nam who trading on this system? I’d like to have your advise before deposit the fund to trade. Please email me at: or call me at +84 977359800. I’ll more than happy to call you back for your further advise. Thanks in advance my Vietnamese.

  65. Joshua Henry

    Stockpair is a huge scam!!!
    I deposited £200 made some money from it, I tried making a withdrawal and after six weeks I still haven’t recieved my money! I call them and they lie to me all the time.

    • Senior

      Joshua, can you help us when did you made your deposit because from 10 July 2014 to 29 July 2014 6 weeks is not yet over, please help me on this to help me make up my mind before I commit what I have.

  66. pelumi

    this site can not accessible from nigeria

  67. Lars

    I trade with the BSB guys ( who run a binary trading room. They all recommend Goptions or stock pair. I use the former. (they or I are not affiliates btw, genuinely those are good brokers).

  68. hägen

    I started to trade with SP (live) this week and I am very impressed by the pairs-option. Really interesting and, until now, successful.

    Does anybody know another broker who offers pair-trading with stocks?

  69. Rams

    I can’t seem to find on their site what their monthly fees or commission fess are–can anyone tell me what that is

  70. jerome

    Is it safe for me to trade from stockpair from south africa?

  71. Luis Marques

    I Have a few questions about STOCKPAIR:
    1.The minimum deposit is $200 to start trading, and which is the minimum to withdrawl? Can we make withdrawls more than oine time per month or ther’s a limit to do so?

    2. Does STOCKPAIR charges fees from withdrawls?

    2.To make our first withdrawl do we have to trade a certain number of times? If so how many?

    3.Does STOCKPAIR suports Paypal?

    4.Which is the maximum amount we can withdrawl?


    Luis Marques

  72. hägen

    I will quit from BOs, but nevertheless I want to mention, that I was very satisfied by Stock Pairs.
    After some bad experience with BDB (late night calls), I changed to SP.
    Very friendly and good support.
    Then I decided to change to Forex and quit BO.
    The withdraw from SP (nearly 500 $) came without any problems within just 3 days.
    Really good broker, very trustable.

  73. Miti B.

    My 2 accounts at was closed without any warning last night. There’s money still there: GBP269. In their email, they said they will transfer all balance to my very first account. Stockpair has got a good reviews. Let’s see what they will do. I have screenshots of my trading. I hope you have to take every screenshots for every tradings for every brokers.

    I will update when status change.

  74. Nickzen

    Id like to know whats the MOST anyone has been able to withdraw? i think thats kinda important.

  75. sam

    Where does the money come from when the trade is won, be it a call or a put, if it is not from the company? It is easy to know who is paying who when the trade is a loss. So, is it not in the interest of the company to make sure that whoever trade loses?

  76. Ross Murphy

    I have been with stock pair for 5 months now and i must say im impressed my account manager Larry and i were able to make a plan and consist to making my future happen i am greatful for good workman ship

  77. Got_scammed

    Stockpair will get you to open a account and credit all your profits to that account (which means that you’re not able to get a single cent of your profits). Only your principal investment sum goes back to your credit card.

  78. Bryce

    I am from South Africa and I am wondering what will happen if I work in dollars and withdraw in dollars, will I have to pay exchange rates or would it covert automatically and go into my South African bank??

    • Emmanuel

      The software does that conversion and based on your banking institution, however, whichever currency status your money is, no cause for alarm it would be automatically be deducted to the equivalence.

  79. sami

    well this happened to me as well but the other way round , I wanted to receive my money on my skrill account but they credited my bank card instead . this is because its on their terms and conditions<;you have to first reach the amount of money you initially deposited (card or skrill) and then you can ask them to pay you into your skrill/card whichever you like.They are not a crooked business , the payment is done automatically via their system , unless you specify them the mean of payment you wish them to pay you ,there is nothing you can do ; but surely they dont steal money from traders and you will get your money

  80. Sanel

    how do you lose money on stockpair? or is it even possible? I’m fairly new to the trading world

  81. Emmanuel

    I just signed up with this broker and deposited $200 just token for a try out, having executed tireless investigation about this binary broker. I hope and aspire for the best from them, but so far they seem promising.

  82. Gonçalo

    Howdy! what’s the minimum trade size? I’ve looking in google but seems some say 20$/€ others 12€/$. So I’d like to know. Im very appreciated :)

  83. jade

    As of Dec 20t, 2014 … all exsiting American stockpair traders will no longer be able trade with Stockpair

  84. steve

    Jade, I also got one of those e-mails, it is a sad day.
    anybody that can access stockpair (non US ) I recommend them and would stay with them if I could. Accurate pricing, good withdraws and great custom service.
    I am not sure where to go, Boss option? CT option or Empire option seem to be the only recommend brokers. Ct seems to have a lot of restrictions? Any trade on these?

    • jade

      Steve I have been leary about trading with any binary options that is not regulated so I signed up with Nadex. They seem pretty good just learning how to use mt4 platform.

  85. jim sandberg

    You now can not accept me as a new US client?

  86. Henry

    Reply from STockPair to my email…
    The minimum amount to open a trade is 12.
    It then goes up straight to 20 with no options in between, meaning you cannot open a trade for 13, 14, 15,16,17,18, or 19

    The highest amount on 60 and 90 second trades is 750.
    For all other trades, the maximum amount is defined by your account type.

  87. edik

    I don’t know how and why in my region indonesia can’not access it. Anyone please explain,thank’s alot.

  88. VPN

    I feel a bit strange about Stockpair. Why?
    Well, there is a and a

    Is it the same? I asked the chat and they said it’s two different companies, though the websites are near identical. However, the difference with the two stockpairs is their Terms of Agreement, and ALSO the fact that only is regulated, which is not… Strange, so strange.

    I wanted to change my broker to stockpair because of all the nice reviews I have read, but now I’m having second thoughts.

    • Fabio

      I think that them are the same website. Now if you type .net will be redirected on .com2

  89. Terry S

    I am fairly satisfied with this broker.
    Only uncomfortable point I would raise is that they don’t return us our investment when it was Tie.

  90. Alex

    Would just like to know, as i’ve seen many comments on many Binary broker reviews, about these brokers just to be like casinos. So what is the most amount of money someone has managed to withdraw from Stockpair. Are we talking a few grand or has someone managed to withdraw 10’s of thousands?

  91. edo


    Can anybody tell me how to CLOSE my account with Stockpair?
    I mean,i can´t find ˝close my account˝ option anywhere…

    I have opened an account with them,but changed my mind,and now would like to close that account.


    • louise

      just withdraw all of your account balance and abandon your stockpair account. they will close your account within 2 years of not using it.

  92. eva

    Does this broker accept clients from Kenya. Let me know. Am very interested

  93. Eric B. Seely

    I find binarytilt trading platform very easy to use, you don’t actually need a technical knowledge to be able to understand how binary trading goes. I also don’t have issues with any of my withdrawal request from them. I hope I could help shed light to those who don’t believe that binarytilt offer a high standard of services to their client.

  94. James

    Stockpair has been very good to me, trading there 2 years. Most important is the accuracy of the platform and not playing games (its their own platform, not spot) , and great customer service, no withdrawal holding… they are regulated , so you need to submit docs, worth the effort if you are serious.

  95. Naomi

    Can anyone tell me what is their minimum trade position? I need a broker that offers low minimum trade positions because of the 60 second strategy I’m using.
    Can anyone also recommend me any reliable or regulated broker that offers low minimum trade position? I know of Traderush but their reviews isn’t very good on this website :(

    • edo

      I use
      They are reliable and regulated,and you can open a trade with just 1 $.
      Their minimum deposit for opening an account is 5 $.

    • Ayman Melehy

      I agree with Nila. TopOption; their platform is slow and sometimes freezing.

      But withdrawal process is quick and no one asking why. I made deposited twice and withdrawal no hassle.

      I agree with that 24option/stockpair are good binary companies. I am customer for 24option for more than 2 years now. Actually, I did not receive any help in trading my account was Standard.

      min. investment per trade is $12 or you have to select from their box which start $20

  96. ryan

    Is there anyone here from Canada with stockpair

    • Oumy

      Hey. I am from Canada but i didn’t start yet. Are you actually trading with stockpair ? If yes can I put my money in ? Please tell me about your experience

  97. weiliang

    china region can’t access it..
    a little pity though….

  98. Me

    I want to read comments of people with experience using the programm. To those who are too lazy to do some research themselfs and post questions like ‘Can i get that in my coutry?’ get off your lazy butt and look at the site mentioned and you have your answer. Thank you.

    • Andrew

      did the biggest mistake in my life to deposit $200 on their website. The so called 100% bonus only comes after you trade 40 times this amount, which is $8000. What a fucking joke. Then they provide that strategy to follow the sentiment and increase the value of the trade if the previous one was lost. Did that 3 times in a row until I lost all the bankroll i had. Some of these trades were in the money until the last 2-3 minutes when the graph went mental in the other direction. Do not fall into the trap of these scumbags, all they want to do is sweet talk you into something and take your fucking money. I am so disgusted,but after all is my mistake for trusting these fucking knobheads. NEVER AGAIN!!

      • Mick

        Pay no attention to the sentiment bar, open another live chart and watch the candlesticks to gauge whats happening ie “trending or ranging”
        If you don’t know how to read candle sticks or trade the bounce, go to and learn its not hard.
        I trade 60sec binary’s with 90% success trading the bounce.
        And while you can start with as little as $200 its better to start with $1000 and dont worry about the bonus, then limit your risk till you build your account up.
        I find Stockpair to be a great site, friendly staff, quick withdrawals to my debitcard

        • Maestro

          Hi Mick,
          Would love to learn how you trade 60sec binary’s with a 90% success rate.
          Do you train or teach how to?

        • billy

          which charts do you recommend??? i mean the best site….

        • JAc

          What do you mean by trading the bounce? What sort of price action are you looking for on a 60 sec chart because that is very quick to trade. Cheers

        • JAc

          Trading the bounce on a 1 min chart is not easy. What sort of price action do you look for on a 1 min chart and do you use support and resistance? Cheers :)

  99. Greg

    The disappointing thing about Stockpair is the fact that a ATM trade is treated as OTM, you forgot to mention athat and I am surprised the due diligence that you guys do!! My 2 cents. So you have 1 ITM and 2 x OTM’s as at the money is treated as OUT!!!

  100. Andy

    For the MODERATOR specifically:
    I live in Canada and have traded live with StockPair with 1 min XAUUSD BOs. I was using a strategy I came across on a BO information site that also had great things to say about StockPair. I was somewhat successful but finally stopped trading with StockPair because of the frustration level at having my trades not filled, over and over.
    – My internet connection and computer are excellent
    – Plenty of liquidity in the market as I usually started trading at the NY open
    – all programs reloaded and working properly.
    But still, at least half my trades were being rejected.

    Then I read THIS article and ended my account:
    Can you have a look at this and provide your insight, especially at the “How can you be so sure you are being targeted specifically?” section? Not being able to take the trades I wanted over and over seems to lead some credence to the article’s claim.

    • Martin

      Dear Andy,
      I’ve heard some people talking about their accounts being targeted and manipulated. Let’s be honest with ourselves. On a few hundred $$ account, would someone bother manipulating this x account? This company (stockpair) and others having turnovers of a few million dollars. There’s a saying here, if something bad happened to you, you go ahead and tell 17 people. If something good happens, you tell 3 people. I don’t know this website you mentioned, this website is selling signals, I found some of the content well written, but that’s about that. Wouldn’t close my account because I read some article on a remote website. Then again, I would trust only myself with my money, so do what you think it best for you.

      • Andy

        Hi Martin,
        I understand what you are saying but I was having the same experiences as the article’s author. Over and over, they just wouldn’t fill my 1 min trades. Even if it is a technical issue (which Stockpair claims it isn’t) I can’t get the trades I want during high liquidity times….so what’s the point?
        And to think some brokers DON’T manipulate prices and trades is just naive.

        • Aaron

          I have not traded with stockpair but I have been targeted with 3 other companies.

          I have proven it (and encourage all to do this as well if you suspect you are targeted) by opening one window with the home screen showing the price for say a 15 min expiry and then one for the 60 sec options I am trading.

          The price will be the same. Yet 3 times across 3 companies when I am risking a large portion of my account they will manipulate the price significantly on the 60 sec where my trade is.

          After I lose the prices match again.

          Yes they target and scam. I do not trade BO again for a couple years now.

          Though I am considering stockpair.

      • Dama

        This is my main concern with all BO brokers. I believe they make all there money when we lose so I think anyone that gets on there radar will be stopped. Maybe we could have a thread asking for people to post if they have long term consistent withdrawals to better explore this issue?

        • Dama

          their…need to read posts

    • Tommy

      Watch this video and you will understand why. The name of the video is…how do you know if your binary broker is messing with you by julian wong. This video is on youtube. He explains everything about broker side “risk management features” that are meant to trip up good traders. You are probably a good trader and they want to trip you up.They want you to leave.

  101. Chun Khoo

    Undeniably the best broker. Unfortunately I think they do have a communication breakdown within their departments. I initially registered with them using another email address. That earlier email address was compromised along with my credit card so I had to change to a new email. Although they had approved my verification for my earlier account with them, I was asked to verify again. I promptly did. However this time around, they told me that they could not accept my internet billing as prove of verification. Why was it possible with my earlier email but not now?

    As of today, I’m unable to trade and unable to make any deposits all because of this issue. They kept insisting on my power or water bills. Question is… How the heck am I to produce those utility bills when those bills are under my landlord’s name???

    All the same, if you were to ask me, Stockpair is still the best broker around.


    • French

      Hi Chun Khoo

      My utility bill is also under my landlords name, I send them my rental contract and they excepted that.

  102. Don Loughnane

    I joined stockpair in a moment of desperation when I was laid up from major lung surgery. I deposited $200 to start and later added$500 at the urging of one of their reps who stayed on the phone coaching me until I lost the $500. I did not do anything for the last year, primarily because of my health and financial situation. In fact I forgot about it! I just had an online chat (3 times) with a Jane Greene, who advised me that the $240 balance in my acct was used up by “dormant account fees” of $20.00 a month and quoted clause 18 of the terms and conditions. I say I chatted 3 times because every time I asked if anything can be done to help me out she would freeze me out of the chat. I think their rating is over blown and would be interested in REAL opinions of this shady company who takes advantage of seniors and desperate people!

  103. Troy McLoore

    My rating of stockpair is 100%.Their forex pair values may be off by 15-20 pips but move in EXACT tandem with original forex data,so it will never be an issue in any loss or profit situation.Making money is always hard but their withdrawal process is almost easier than going to the banking machine and very quick live chat costumer service.

  104. Greektrader86

    Stockpair is one of the best binary brokers together with 24options….they are legit and honest but i would like them to have more special features and better charts for technical analysis with candlesticks….i would recommend them….

    • panos

      hi can you tell me you have made big profits with stockpair? beacause thats the problem if you have stable profits they tell you that you manipulate the system im not tell that for stockpair but there are many scams out there

    • French

      Hi Greektrader86

      I trade with Stockpair but use chart on my other screen

  105. dougie

    I note the three currencies in which one can have an account, however being from in Australia that leaves me exposed to fluctuations in AUD. How ca this be mitigated ?

  106. lindsays

    ### Case 2405 Solved – All issues cleared ###

    This company sucks, first day I trade, won $$$ in the end, they ripped off all the trades and profits and their explanation is because there was some technical issue! Why don’t you figure out all your issues first and then deal with people’s money! waste of time! when I try to withdraw, someone from their company call me and saying they want to ‘teach me some strategy of trading’and need to have extra money in the account and try to get me cancel the withdraw!

    • Charissa Setter

      Did you get all your money in the end

  107. anthony beale

    i signed up and deposited 200 dollars 3 times ! me total rookie new nothing and still know very little but still interested ! got no coaching and not even any words of wisdom about there ezbot trading thing anyhow i proceded to lose my money ! i emailed them and only after i lost third deposite did i get instructions of how to use and set the trading bot! i know i did not have to start trading and i could have stopped but went on on my own ! all my own decisions but still no help or recourse ! i would say do your home work

  108. kudzai

    what is the minimum amount you can place a trade with???

    • declan


  109. Hans dorfman

    I just got my Euro 23.000 withdrawal of profit, on time. I am trading with Stockpair for 14 months now, very accurate and transparent platform and service.

  110. A Northern Soul

    Initially signed up with Stockpair but made no deposit of funds as of yet. Reading the review I checked with the British FCA website, typing in the name StockPair in their company search, they did not have Stockpair in their registration!!

  111. A Northern Soul

    My mistake.
    StockPair is a brand of Nextrade Worldwide Ltd.
    Nextrade WW is registered with the FCA.

    Reg No. 626334

    3 Pythagora Street Pythagoras Court 4th floor Limassol 3027 CYPRUS

    Hey but for a newbie at least I’m checking them out!!

  112. Ray

    Not sure I understand why so many brokers, that are regulated in Europe and therefore cannot serve the US, still insist on trading in dollars.
    Surely Euros would make their European audience feel more at home?
    Keep up the excellent work.

  113. Yong Khoo

    For withdrawals, if we funded our account using our Debit Card, would we be able to make subsequent withdrawals to our Debit Card after our withdrawal in deposit is already offset?

  114. Lennox

    I read there reviews everything seem too nice so I joined and ask about their demo account they told me you need make a deposit first then I asked them about sending a wire transfer they sent all the information about them your name or id or account is no where on the wire transfer letter??? So I asked myself if they care so much about their clients and business maybe put some thought in that.I’ll be closing my account today.

  115. Mary

    Hi, does stockpair have a demo account? thanks

  116. Wilson Pina

    Martin K,

    Stockpair’s minimum deposit increased by $50 and it is now $250.

    They are currently trying to change how they work in order to accept users from all Countries.
    SRC: Stockpair Newsletter

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