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  • Goptions
  • Bonus: up to100%
  • Options Profability : 70-85%
  • Rating: 6.8 / 10


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Broker Name: Goptions
Platform: SpotOption
Founded: 2012
Bonus: up to 100%
Return/Refund: 70-85%/0-10%
Goptions Overview


No. Of Assests : 63
Regulated : No
Demo Account : Yes
Minimum Deposit : 200
US Traders : Accepted
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Review Last Updated 2016-06-02 08:17:33

Editor’s Note – Why does GOptions Suck in 50 Words?

Last time I reviewed a Binary Options website that used the slogan “We focus on who really counts. You.” I said that I’m going to be sick if I see another one. Unfortunately, it was the first thing I noticed when I started my review of GOptions… This overly used phrase screams “We don’t care about you and we don’t even take the time to create a new slogan”. More than that, they call themselves “… the most professional and objective platform for trading…” bla bla… so we have another “market leader” on our hands.


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Why doesn’t GOptions Suck?

They claim to have one of the fastest withdrawal processing times in the industry today: same day. Great! But. The client will have to provide the necessary identification documents within the first week of opening the account and to request a withdrawal Monday through Friday, 8am – 6pm GMT. These conditions are not too restrictive and after all, you cannot request a withdrawal Sunday at 9pm GMT and expect it to be processed until Sunday 11.59 pm. Common sense applies.



GOptions Review – Is My Money Safe with Them?

The company behind GOptions is Go Trading Technologies Ltd. registered address 3rd Floor C & H Towers 00152, PO BOX 2320, Dominica Payment services by Go Marketing Technologies Ltd. Goptions registered address 2 Lyuben Karavelov floor 2 flat 5 Plovdiv, 4002 Bulgaria. The Trading platform is powered by Spot Option, one of the best technology providers in the field of Binary Options. This makes the GOptions website highly efficient and provides a smooth experience for traders, without having to download any software. The website was launched in the early weeks of 2012 and overall it is structured well, the needed information is easily available and the tutorials are helpful, although nothing innovative is brought to the table in that area. But we were happy to see that GOptions are innovative in other, more important areas: they are the first to bring automated trading in the field of Binary Options through Signal Index which is a marketplace for Binary Options signal providers.


Once traders fund a GOptions account, they get access to Signal Index where they will find different signal providers who have their track record publicly displayed… and of course the monthly fee they charge. Once the trader chooses a signal provider, all the trades the signal provider makes are automatically copied and executed on the trader’s account. This eliminates the missed or late trades due to poor e-mail communication (or any other classic form of transmitting the signals). It’s good to finally see a broker who brings something new to the industry but only time will tell if this automated trading feature is the winning formula.


As mentioned above, GOptions uses the Spot Option platform which is known for its functionality and capability to respond to more than one type of trader. In other words, the rookie will find it easy enough to just pick up and use, while the experienced trader will find enough advanced features to satisfy the need for a more complex trading style. And talking about different traders and their different needs, GOptions offers 5 types of trading accounts, each with specific features and benefits. The VIP Platinum account offers a 100% deposit bonus, 10% trade insurance for any losing month and three months of paid auto trading signals among other stuff. Pretty good it you ask me, but the minimum deposit is $10,000 which is too high for the average trader. Well, not everybody is a VIP.


Overall GOptions show potential but they need improvement in certain areas like choosing a real slogan, updating their Daily Market Analysis and their Blog. This review is written on the 12th of June and they provide traders with Daily analysis for the 6th of June, while the latest analysis on their Binary Blog is for the 5th of February. I will refrain from making any comments on that because I am sure everybody can judge for themselves how helpful that analysis really is.



Is GOptions a Scam?

It’s a war out there! People are claiming GOptions is a scam because Signal Index allegedly erased bad trades from the history of some signal providers to make them look good. Also, some signal provider used the name of another, more prolific provider just to get attention and subscribers. Unfortunately the VP of GOptions publicly confesses that he suggested this little name “trick”. From there, all hell breaks loose and a full-on internet war begins.

At the moment this article was firstly written, their Terms and Conditions state: “This Agreement is made by and between Longmont Ltd, the operator of the brand name “GOptions” as well as the site and you.” Of course we can deduce that their operating company is Longmont Ltd…but we found on the Internet an earlier picture taken from their website… in this older picture, they state that GOptions is “… owned and operated by Massive Consulting Ltd (Registration #1547635), a BVI registered company.” The addresses of the two companies differ as well. This review was updated on November 2015 and the current holding company is Go Trading Technologies registered in Bulgaria. Now what can I understand from all the arguments related to scam suspicions, switching addresses and owners? Why did the name of the owning company change? Did Massive Consulting Ltd sell the website to Longmont Ltd and now to Go Trading? Is this all an elaborate scam? A lot of questions, right? For me all those questions have just one answer…


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GOptions Complaints

It is not hard to find complaints about GOptions on the internet, although one of them stands out: a customer claims (he posts pictures as proof) he was promised 5K to deposit 25K with GOptions and no volume or time restrictions regarding withdrawals but then an argument started when he needed a withdrawal (several of his withdrawal requests were canceled). GOptions representatives claim on the BOTS forum that he edited the pictures to serve his cause and that he is the actual scammer. From where I stand, this is the picture: a client has graphic proof of what he is saying but everything GOptions representatives can do is say the client edited the material… Well, maybe GOptions can prove what they are saying because at the moment the client is the only one who presented any proof.


GOptions Bonus

The Bonus differs depending on the type of account you opened and ranges from 25% to 100%. To withdraw the bonus you will have to reach a trading volume of 40 times for every $1 bonus. If the bonus you received exceeds 25% of the initial deposit, you will not be allowed to withdraw any amount until the trading volume of 40 times is reached.


GOptions Withdrawal

The minimum withdrawal is $100 and must be made to the original source (i.e. if you deposited via credit card, you will have to withdraw to the same card). GOptions feature a same day withdrawal processing for eligible customers (ID required) but there will be a delay of 5-7 business days until the money will be available in the client’s account.


GOptions Extra

The partnership with Signal Index and the auto trading feature are a nice innovation and show us that brokers try to bring us new and cool features. However, all the scandals and arguments surrounding this issue cast a dark shadow over all of it and greatly diminish its appeal.



GOptions Ratings

User Friendly 14/20
The website is offered in just three languages, a fact which will keep away a lot of customers, but overall the layout is intuitive and pretty easy to use. Spot Option’s platform offers tools for both rookie traders and experienced ones.


Number of assets and expiry times 13/20
According to the Chief Operating Officer of GOptions, they offer traders over 250 assets. On the website, they advertise “over 200” assets. Unfortunately we couldn’t find so many. Here’s what assets we could find on their Asset Index and their platform: 17 stocks, 13 currency pairs, 7 commodities, 22 indices and 4 pairs (stock vs. stock or index vs. index, etc). That’s a total of 63 assets… Expiry times range from 60 seconds to weekly but by using the Pro Trader feature of the platform a trader can use features as Buy Me Out or Roll Over so the expiry time can be modified.


Commissions, Support and Effective return 14/20
A $25 fee must be paid for wire transfer withdrawals but no fees will be charged for registering an account. Their Live Support is helpful enough, polite and pretty responsive. The effective return goes up to 85% on certain assets. Out of the Money returns are available only on a few assets and according to their Live Support, the refund will be shown on the platform when placing the trade.


Deposit, Payment and Bonus 14/20
The minimum deposit is $200 and can be made via Credit Card, wire transfer or CashU. The payment request will be processed the same day but in order to qualify for this lightning fast withdrawal, the client has to submit verification documents and to comply with a few other conditions. 100 Min Withdrawal. Once the request is processed, 5 to 7 additional business days have to pass until the money will be available. The Bonus ranges from 25% to 100%, depending on the type of account.


GOptions Extras 13/20
The fact they offer automated trading through Signal Index is definitely an extra feature but using it gives you less control over your trading. Demo accounts are also available for clients with funded accounts.


GOptions Overall Ratings 68/100

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71 Responses to “GOptions”

  1. Moses

    I registered with GOptions on Monday -August 26th and deposited $1000 but they took out $1,500 saying it was an error so I asked them to leave it that way that I didn’t need to withdraw the extra $500. As of yesterday August 28 my balance was $10,178. Today I’m trying to login and I can’t , I even try resetting my password but it says my email doesn’t exist in the platform. I have called the numbers on their platform but it’s not going through. Can you advise what to do?

    • Chris

      Hello Moses,
      Were you able to eventually log on???… Have you been able to withdraw any funds?

    • Paul

      Hi there, I was unable to access my account the other day after using it several times. I tried the resetting the password feature after speaking to a consultant online called Claudia. I went through the procedure but had to go to my hotmail account directly as it wasn’t coming through to my mail account server. HORROR! My £953.5 account balance had gone to £3.51. I looked back at the trade history and found 4 trades placed within 20 seconds on the same Eur pair which totalled my whole account! £500, £250, £100 and £100 and guess what!? They were placed on the 60 second feature!!! I HAVE NEVER USED THE 60 SECOND FEATURE! Who can predict a trend in that short space of time? so…..

      1. Password had been changed, so couldn’t access my account which was accessed the day before perfectly.
      2. Im at my parents for the holidays (happened 7.15pm Dec 23rd 2013) my laptop has an access password and they are 62 and 63. They dont know how to use my laptop never mind place a trade on my Goptions account.
      3. The whole account was traded on a trade feature I’ve NEVER used. Who does that? Trade their whole account in 20 seconds in the same direction anyways? Ive sent an e mail to support after talking to Claudia the chat support on their website. I have proof of these trades on the history and have taken a screen shot as evidence.

      I will keep you informed BUT I would STAY AWAY! This is not good practice at all!!!

    • Md

      Please do not trust Goptions. It’s a scam. Their fraudulent act makes me looser. They will take your money and never give back. They are here to fraud with ordinary people. Beware! They could be extreme danger for any body

    • Joseph

      I deposited 200 after one day i m unable to login.A link was sent to me to reset my password .I still cant login.The live chat is no longer active.I m sure this us a scam platform

    • Eros

      Same story with me although I deposited EUR 2000 I earned up to EUR 10000 and today as I am trying to log in I can withdraw my deposit and they still require the verification docs that btw have been verified some time ago – I got confirmation by email from their support team.

      What would you do If you were in my shoes?


    • charles boots

      When goptions converted their platform to “no US customers” their agent, ronnie adams, immediately traded my account to zero in 28 minutes. One thousand dollars to zero in 28 minutes. So far goptions has shown no interest in talking to me about this, despite my efforts.

  2. av

    anyone made a withdrawal from this broker ?!

    • Gray

      I have, just $305 but they kept the $5. I feel that my prices were adjusted. The charts and the trades were off. The charts says it’s going up while my trade shoots down last 20 seconds til I lose then it goes up..

  3. arlen

    tradersroom the worst platform on the internet FAKE PHONE NUMBERS ,FAKE NAMED BROKERS GREEKS WITH FAKE JEWISH SOUNDING NAMES LIKE THAT FAKE MARK GOLDMAN! STAY AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE After years of tradeing I use RBOptions without a doubt a class above any platform on the net Leigh (a real person ) will get you yuor money with no excuses they are based in Canada

    • rainer

      Hi Arlen
      i read about you us still use them if so would you
      still recommend them..ty

    • pete

      yes ,
      it has happened to me.
      They required more documentation that i can’t provide and all the sudden they disappeared.go option is a scam

  4. Claude

    Good experience so far with this binary option broker. Much better than what was experienced with broker such as who took forever to perform a withdrawal. VP of operations called to inform an issue with a lost bid and refunded 250$ on the spot. He could have leave it “as is” on his side as it was not visisble on my side but it made a difference from what was previously experienced with other brokers. Just performed a withdrawal to check the process before adding additional funds. Results to be shared down the road… So far so good just wish that I did find my broker and stop to go from one bad experience to another. Brgds, CK

  5. Jonathan

    Here is my experience about

    This email is being sent to Metabank and Western Union and Visa for their records.


    I am requesting a chargeback of $200 from and I am enclosing the reasons down below in this email.

    On December 6th 2013 i had $200 transferred from my Western Union online card account to Go Options. I asked for a refund of $160($40 trade loss) from them recently because they refused to answer my emails shortly after submitting my US
    identification as requested by their website. I put in a withdrawal request and they have not refunded me.

    Today is January 6th 2014 one month later and i still have not heard from them. My login name and password which has always worked on my laptop,smartphone and two android based tablets is now officially blocked from accessing my account at this address.

    Yesterday on January 5th 2014 i sent this short SMS message to Amanda Castle who was a Go Options Wealth Management team member.

    Hello Amanda Castle,I submitted five pieces of ID and a $160 withdraw request on December 22nd last month and since that time Go Options has ignored my emails and my refund request. Any ideas as to why this is happening? Jonathan Stokes

    She did not reply.

    Amanda Castles Google Circles link

    In conclusion this entire experience has been a gigantic hassle for me and I am asking for your help in recovering my funds.

    The whole situation reeks of a scam.

    This was an email that i sent to Gooptions requesting my money back and they still have not replied.


    Dec 22, 2013

    I am requesting $160 of my funds to be credited back to my card. My initial deposit was $200 as of December 6th 2013. $40 was lost in four trades at the time and I am on a budget. Do not want to lose anymore funds.

    Considering trading more later in the future when i have more to work with.

    Attached is my id and mailing address.

    Thank you.

    Jonathan Stokes

    From my Western Union online account statement.
    Dec 07 2013 07:32:07 PM EST
    (200.00) POS Signature Purchase International GOPTIONS.COM

    Jonathan Stokes
    424 W. Bakerview Rd.
    Suite 105-287
    Bellingham,WA 98226

    The physical mailing address is included as a photo attachment under About us.

    In conclusion this entire experience has been a gigantic hassle for me and I am asking for your help in recovering my funds.

    The whole situation reeks of a scam.

    Thank you for your time and assistance in this matter.

    Jonathan Stokes

    • Cammo

      Glad that I readed these coments! Fuu.. already wanted to invest, coz I want to trade 30 sec! Thank you! Will avoid!

  6. joseluis

    My experience has been excellent…so far!!

    jose luis

  7. Goptions Scam

    DO NOT!!! I REPEAT, DO NOT INVEST WITH GOPTIONS. I just recently got burned. The representative enticed me with Bonus offer and I got 80% bonus of my deposit amount. I asked him what the withdrawal process was like and he stated that 30 times in trade volume and didn’t clarify. Then I went ahead with trading. After over 40 count of trades performed and wanted to withdraw. I was told I need to make 40x of the 80% bonus. For example, 1000$ bonus x 40 = $40 000 worth of trade to be able to withdraw any money from the account. This is impossible!!!! The bonus locked in my money and right now I backed off and in the process of a dispute. ALL SCAMS. I have prove and screen shots if anyone needs them.

    • Sidd

      When you say that you were offered a bonus of 80%, is it possible for you to DENY the bonus when the account is opened. I meant not take the scamy bonus at all and just trade with all your money, because i have realized that most of the times these bonuses are tricked with some clause to the customers

  8. Karen Kitchens

    I was so excited to get on and learn and trade. I had a wonderful man contact me (Ben) and walked me through everything. He was a fantastic person! However, they say same day withdrawal but that does not seem to be the case. First, you have to fill out a form, send in pic ID, copy of the card you used, and a piece of mail then they review it and decide if or when you get your money back!! I have been trying since Friday to withdraw my funds, it is Monday and still nothing. I would NOT recommend this site to ANYONE!!!! Go elsewhere

  9. Romeo

    GOptions is just a pretentious bunch of thiefs and scammers. They just take your money and if you don’t agree with their stupidity, than your money is gone or they will keep it as hostage. I just singed a complain at the police office. I think everyone they scammed should do that. These guy suck big time.
    These people like Jim Avery, Jeffery Burke, Lee Moore, Maya Doron are just scammers and don’t know the first thing about selling services. Just scammers.

  10. ANtonio D

    So I have a terrible experience with theis people and one of there “US” brokers that help people here is the US. I was hassled until i deposited 2000.00 after a month of unsuccessful trading I wanted to pull my remaining $400.00 out and it literally was the worst nightmare ever. After multiple phone calls emails, getting pass around to different people it has been 2 weeks and i STILL have not received my money yet. I get excuses after excuses why it has not happened. I sent an email to the head guy Adam Stone and never got anything back. STAY AWAY from this place there are terrible to deal with.

  11. Paul

    I opened an account with GOption and chat with a service person called Lily to ask her open a demo account for me to practice and she agreed if I deposit my account. So I did deposit $200.00USD to my account and then ask her for the demo account for many times in 2 hours. I got no respond at all. Then I decide to withdrawal my fund.
    When I check my credit card transactions that I only received $151.00USD, not &200.00USD.

    Below is the email with GOptions:

    Adam Stone (goptions)

    Mar 18 04:58

    I would not recommend that as our terms are air tight – – Point 11.

    Charging back to us, hell you will probably win after going through a ton of process.
    Also, we will have your information black listed online. Thats your name, card info and details blacklisted by thousands of other binary brokers and operators.

    The General Stone
    COO & CO Founder

    Mar 18 01:25

    Hi Jim,

    Your TERMS & CONDITIONS did not say $49.00USD fees for no trading charge. I did not use any your services. You should not charge me fees. Please refund all my money or I am going to call my bank to charge back.


    Jim Avery
    Jim Avery (goptions)

    Mar 17 21:56

    This is actually not an error
    This is the Non-Use Fee we charge for an account that did no trading and was simply deposited into
    This is not allowed by our terms and carries a cost.
    If you choose to return at any point down the line, we will obviously reimburse you in full


    Jim Avery
    VP of Support and Customer Service

    Mar 17 21:19

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I have attached the transaction history for my account on March 11, 2014, that is deposit $200.00USD and withdrawal $200.00USD on same day. But when I check my credit card account transactions that is received $151.00USD back to my credit card (see attached file). Could you please find out the error and refund the amount that was deposit amount of $200.00USD.

    STAY AWAY from this.

  12. George Gerez

    Goptions is one of the best binary options trading platform

    I have 2 year Binary trading experience and I have to say from other trading platforms I used before(Traderush,24option and stockpair) Goptions is remarkably better for the following reasons.

    -You have 100% on your account and your money, meaning no one will call your phone telling you to deposit more money and put whatever amount on the trade they tell you that you should do.

    – 30 Seconds Option for some traders this might seem insane but this tool is terrific if you are experienced enough to take advantage of the spikes in the market

    – Perfectly synced with the netdania Forex charts which is great because you’ll be sure there is 0 manipulation from their side.

    – 24 Hour withdrawal which means that the money you withdraw will be in your account next day or sooner, your account must be verified for this but it only takes 1 day and a few requirements for you to verify it.

    -Customer Service is the best I have experienced in any trading platform, they are really there to serve you and help you with your questions, not like other platforms like traderush that will try to make you deposit more of your money.

    feel free to message me if you have anyother questions about their service to or even my phone number (US)617-304-4353

  13. Juan G

    Please Please i repeat,do not trade with goptions they are a bunch of scammers as a matter of fact all binary trading platforms are a bunch of scammers if you don’t belive me start trading with one of them and try to withdraw your winnings i also think that michael freeman who has a website is a scammer too because he promotes a lot of the trading platforms such as goptions i wrote my bad experiencei had with goptions on michael freemans website which was never approved to be uploaded to his website because it was something negitive about goptions please keep your hard earned money and don’t give it to these scammers. God bless….

  14. Matt McFarland

    I would ignore any comments from people who forst less than 1k. In addition ones who use bonuses. It is really stupid to even think you can get anywhere with 200 dollars no less then thinking you should withdraw bonus funds. I mean really?? Smh. has worked well for me

  15. mad

    So I have a terrible experience with these people and one of there “US” brokers that help people here is the US. I was hassled until i deposited 2000.00 after a month of unsuccessful trading I wanted to pull my remaining $400.00 out and it literally was the worst nightmare ever. After multiple phone calls emails, getting pass around to different people it has been 2 weeks and i STILL have not received my money yet. I get excuses after excuses why it has not happened. I sent an email to the head guy Adam Stone and never got anything back. STAY AWAY from this place there are terrible to deal with. There “US” account manager DANIEL GANT is loser. He will push you and call you 100 times to add more money into your account. Months later I STILL have not seen a dime. this place is a joke and If i ever meet anyof these people in person…

  16. stephan

    Wow, I wish I read this before they scammed thousands out of BOAT Users They solicited us and said its fine to run your formulas here and win no problem we make millions you win we win, we all benefit. They changed the Terms of Service and froze all the accounts refusing to pay even though my account never broke the terms of service $200 to $5000 in 3 weeks and they were still saying no problem dont’ worry about it run it next week. Adam Stone has a youtube channel he goes on to say he’s the asshole that wins money when some idiot loses – they are really one of the worst brokers don’t trust a word they say.

  17. Pascale Lessard

    My primary gmail account was disabled back in February 2014, and since then, I have sent them all the picture ID, credit card payments to them with the dates, a utility bill and everything they have asked me. I got in debt to 1,600$ and I still cannot access my account.

  18. Wayne

    I haven’t tried it yet but. But my question is y do u need to send in I’D to transfer money to your account that you signed up with. Maybe I’m wrong. But once the person on the other end gets all your personal information. They change your password to your account so u can’t log in and have the money transferred to their account.

  19. Lou

    Can ANYONE tell me who is the best broker for US clients and what is the best signal service to go with it?

    It seems like many brokers offer their “free” signal service IF you open an account with THEIR recommended broker… which obviously tells me that they’re getting a commission from the broker for my opened account… why else would their signal service be “FREE”? They sure don’t do it for “man of the year” award!

  20. Slava

    I like to add my story as we’ll. I deposited $500 to this broker and can’t get it back. 3 weeks they making all kind of excuses with my residence proof and so on,. I like to find out if there any way we can complain on them. When I open an account with them I ask them if they accept us traders the answer was positive and Claudia woman from chat room, says they have most of the client about 70% from us. This is horror. They are not regulated by us. So they they can scam as long ans as much as they want.

  21. Daryl Johnson

    I’ve been with GOptions since August 2013. Like all Brokers in the Binary Options, each has its limitations as well as its pros and cons. It’s impossible to please every customer in this business. As for me and 43 other partners, we have experienced bumps in the road that have been cleared up immediately. Each person is assigned a manager to their account and it really depends on that individual manager and how they address each situation sad to say. However, the majority of the comments posted here are true. In our experience, all of them have been cleared and taken cared of. As long as they are paying us and the platform meets our needs, we continue to trade with them. We have 2 other brokers that we use, however, we always go back to GOptions because of the overall services that meet our needs.

  22. Eduardo

    Be careful with your mastercard and visa cards. They are emptying the card accounts, with no vast deceive them and now they are stealing credit cards.

  23. Sam Axe

    It is now more than 2 months ago I had requested a payout. The money is no longer on my account. According Goption it was transferred to the correct account number. There is a search request in the running. The request is also 4 weeks old. I think I never see my money again. Don’t trust Goptions!!!

  24. MK20s

    I would recommend Goptions to any new or experienced traders because it is a platform that offers a variety of assets like stocks, indices, commodities and currencies and options that are easy to use. Beginners like experts have access to their binary blog in which they can get to know the market and learn new trading strategies. Also, not every brokers offer the 30sec binary option which can be a less stressful choice compared to the regular 60sec or even the 5min. Therefore this option can be more profitable in the long run. Plus, they added a new Forex option to their platform that one more time be a huge + for their traders. Finally, my thought according to this article about “Why doesn’t Goptions Suck?” is because it’s a reliable website and simply not a scam. Here are my top 5 brokers in no particular order: traderush, bancdebinary, goptions, 24option and gtoptions. Hope this can help you deciding!

  25. Gary Handsen

    I found their service awesome to be honest. I don’t see what everyone is on about and I have to admit, if little me gets a withdrawal in a matter of a few hours after making a request, something must be up. There’s no smoke without fire is what my mom used to say. It would be so much better if this site actually tried to do something with these claims here rather than just make it a big board of angry people.

    In any event, my experience has been very good. I started in May of 2014 with a small starting deposit of 500. If got it up to 783 by mid July and was in contact with Jim Avery over there who was very helpful. I was also in contact with Adam Stone who helped me with my strategies and took time to call about once every 2 weeks just to check in and ended up speaking for over an hour on each occasion.

    But in June I wanted out, primarily due to so much negativity on this and other forums. I needed to see if I was about to get screwed. So I asked for the whole amount. I was called by Adam just to verify the withdrawal (I had verified the account when I opened it) and just told him the facts. I can’t say he was pleased but he said that it was my money and my choice. So that night (the 13th of July) I asked for a withdrawal, I saw it APPROVED on the 14th, and I got the 500 initial deposit back on my card on the 18th. The profits can’t be sent to the card (apparently) and they sent it to my paypal account on the 15th.

    So I honestly have no idea what the story is elsewhere. I am not even getting into their good service level and the platform which in my opinion is simply great. So I came back this week and plan on staying with GO after closing my accounts with BDB and 24O.


  26. Dave

    Does anyone know of a broker that is trusted and offers the “follow” feature?

  27. Cory

    They have spotfollow which is simply awesome !!! I am making loads of cash and now made a 3rd withdrawal with my account. I seriously love these guys ! Highly recommended !

    • rainer

      Cory are you real or are you affiliate of this broker..can you show withdrawals..I am about to open an account and fund it..but I am undecided.which or even if I should do it can you respond to my

  28. David

    how in the hell do you log in to go options?

  29. goptions "customer"

    What a scam! Forget trying to get your money back! They are the worst sort of people. “I’ll have a manager call you”, never happens. Avoid at all costs!

  30. ryaN

    Hi guys.

    This a heads up, that I have been scammed by Goptions.
    Please note that I have all the evidence as in screenshots and emails.
    But First my sorry:

    About 2 weeks ago I deposited 500$ into my new Goption account and I started to do my normal trades, I loved using there trading system called Forex, this is where you can put a buy order and a stop order.

    With this I was extremely positive and was this non-stop wining for me.

    I did an average of about 8 to 20 trades a day, had 1 to 3 loses a day, so this was big profits for me, my account went from 500$ to 7595$ within 2 weeks. This was amazing for me until!

    The day when I applied to withdraw 5000$, at first the withdrawal was cancelled, then I reapplied for it and was cancelled again. Then I got a call from 1 of their technical ppl saying that there is a problem with the account. After a full day of me sending emails and chatting with them on live chat, they came up with the stories that there is nothing that thy can do about the account, I will have to reopen a new account they will deposit 500$ into my new account with a 500$ bounce for me to start over, or thy can credit my credit card with the 500$. I do not want the 500$ bounce, I know you need to make a certain volume before you can withdraw. But they are forcing me to take the bounce or credit my credit card.

    I do not know guys but what the hell is going on, have all the scammers taken over the internet, what is the internet for, scammers only, how far is this going to go, why aren’t these ppl getting stopped about you guys but how far are these things going to go. I won my money fare the square and yet crime wins all the way, and nothing happens.

    I will be posting this on ever website I can find on the internet if law can’t stop them I will.

    • Okane

      Hey, please join our forum CommuniTraders and share your story!
      There are others like you with the same experience. See ya in the forums then!

  31. Mercy

    Goptions binary is a scam. Everyone beware!!!!!!!
    when they take away your money they try every means to steal it.
    I deposited $300 with them they traded 3losses 2 win.
    When I decide to close my accounts and demanded my money, since 30th December,2014 and to date they have not paid my money back.
    They have made my account seem as if I have successfully withdrawn my money. THEY ARE THIEVES AND SCAMMERS.

  32. Trader X

    To add to all the threads: this site doesn’t even support secured web browsing (SSL/ HTTPS) which is totally required for any financial institution from my point of view. So anyway I would never register anything there. when I enter I don’t even get redirected to the secured environment.


    For me, they are EXCELLENT!!!


    According to my research, and my own experience Goptions have their scam schema and is as follow:
    1. They accept the victims
    2. They allow them about three to four withdrawals easily
    3. Them, for unknown reasons they create any negative situation either invents a series of difficulties for the victim, to simply to avoid more withdrawals …
    4. And finally, they runs away with the victim’s money!!!

  35. manuel

    i was going to join Goptions but i did see a red flag when they told me not to deposit 200 best deposit 500 i told them i want to start with just 200 and they told me don’t wait untill you have the 500 to deposit ummm red flag not honest broker

  36. John

    I been with Goptions since March of this year and I lost my wallet so I got a new credit card and sent phot copys to them and asked for a withdraw of only $100 and this is the email I got back……..Basically, we can only apply a credit to a card that has already used on our system.
    If you submit a withdrawal today, we need to process it and credit it back to your old card, which will be active for 6 months after you cancel a card and replace it with a new card.
    Your fund will show on your new card since it is attached to the old card number.
    You may check with your bank about this and they will tell you the same thing.

    > Mark Stevens,
    > GOptions Compliance

  37. VA

    If Goptions refuse to refund your money back to you assuming that you didn’t take the bonus, here’s the link to file a compliant and have them help you get your money back.

    Do not let them keep you fund – take it out while it’s still there…

  38. matthew

    Hi Reggie, tell me how your program is doing.I am so new to this industry.I am not new in bussines and understand at times, things dont always work out right away. Thanks Matthew van leeuwen.

  39. Ralph

    I opened an account with Goptions on September 2014 with $2000. I completed the identificación and verification proccess. They confirmed me by email and gave me the welcome Message. I made my trading and won 460 in one month. At fiesta I tried to withdraw my winnings ($460) but the withdrawal was canceles by Gootions. I tried to withdraw several times, and they always cancel my request. It has been imposible to recover my money. Goptions cancel my withdrawal requests every time I do it. I tried to contact customer support so many times, they tell me that they going to check the issue, and asked me to request the withdrawal again, and the result is the same. They just cancel my withdrawals. DO NOT REGISTER WITH THEM. STAYDONTSTRAY AWAY FROM GOPTIONS, YOU WILL NEVER SEE YOUR MONEY AGAIN.

    • edgar

      Hey Ralph. I wish I had read this forum sooner. I deposited $2500 last December 2014 and made 2000 profit and I am unable to withdraw my principal and my profits. Have you recovered your money yet?

  40. John

    Hi there, is there anyway of making a claim for loss of funds. I found out that my account manager knowingly lied to me so I would invest money. In short, he got me to invest money under false pretenses. (I have since found out that he no longer works for GOptions because of his dishonesty)

    So far I’ve spent around 6 months emailing GOptions and explaining my case. Proving his actions as dishonest, and well as saying I have some proof of this (I have a recording of some our conversations) however they refuse to address it. Is there anyone I could speak to, is there any legal liability. Really not sure what to do so would appreciate any help.

  41. Same Guy

    Same day withdrawal my ass. You won’t see your money again. Fighting with them for 2 weeks, same BS. I see some people fight with them for months. Your money is not coming back out of that account willingly. Any post that says they are “hassle free” is just them spreading nonsense. They aim to keep your money.

  42. pete

    I like u enjoy tradin . so sighed up first was the 250 bucks . then they want 1000 I paid 750 after a few words . then they want 3 grad . again after words I gave the 2000$.then they wanted another 3 grand to make me a diamond trader .. contact between them was all over the show .they blamed it on the world clock .I started thinkin something was up when he told me that I would win 5 outa the 6 of which I did . how could he have known . tried to withdraw my money . told me I had to have a overall turnover of 40 k . then he lost 14 trades in one go … sounds suspicious . money gone no contact since . save ya coin . I to would love to find a legit trading system . lets know if u do .ive since found out they are not regulated and a represented of another CFD trading company told me they are one of the worsted an that my money never gets to the markets . that its all a clever site, platform, scam .

  43. Mat

    I signed up and funded my account after being recommended by a signal provider company. Showing proof that they pay when request withdrawal. Soon after I funded my account they took all my money and deleted my account.

    Since then any communication from my end has been blocked. When I try Chat live to them i’m blocked – it doesn’t even show the chat Icon no more unless I access from a different IP port. When I ring it doesnt go through anymore either.

    I have contacted my bank and have shown proof of recorded conversations of them promising a service they don’t deliver nor what is specified within their policy. I have also given screenshots proof to show I have communicated with them and as soon as they realise it’s me they block me. I’m now going through the Fraud department with my Bank.

    This company is 100% not legit, I hadn’t even place a trade and my money was removed and account blocked from entering!

  44. Bakhtawar

    Hello all,

    Don’t waste your money. I am not able to withdraw anything at all and now they are not eve answering my calls. Live chat is blocked on my ID. All has gone wrong. I need my money back.Please join hands against them.

  45. Cassandra

    I have an account with who are an affiliate with Go Options. They share the same Billing and Clearing services. I am feeling really stupid after handing over the last of what’s left in my credit card thinking I could tripple the monies so as to pay off my debts. They use good looking pictures of hot men or ladies to be your Account Managers. These Account Managers are taught to flirt like crazy with you so that you are lured into depositing more money into their business. Empty promises of bonuses and risk free trades that never eventuate coz you haven’t traded enough times!!

    I have so far lost USD$750 and was assured of a 100% bonus but alas, NOTHING!!

    Does anyone know how we can bring these guys to justice and report them to the Online Fraud Police for investigation? They need to be stopped and arrested. It’s a crime to steal money from innocent people.

  46. Martin

    Hello dear
    We are aware that some brokerages offer bonuses that are too high or the required turnover is too high. However, if you accepted such a bonus, there is not much we can do now to help because you agreed to certain Terms and Conditions. Here’s what you can do:
    • Don’t accept a bonus without reading the Terms and Conditions
    • Some regulatory authorities (CySEC in this case) mentioned that a trader’s invested amount (not the bonus) should be available to withdraw even if the turnover hasn’t been reached: circular CI144-2014-02. Inform your broker about it.
    • Ask your account manager or a representative of your broker to join this discussion

    Yours truly,
    BOTS Team

  47. anon

    Hi all. First of all, sry for my english!
    I created an acc. there just for test. Didnt make deposit. After that, they began to call me near 10 times a day and night. I received calls, when was sleaping near my doughter 9 monts old. They called me at 2:00am, 4:00 am etc. I asked to delete my acc. They did it, but i still receive few calls a day from that idiots. When i tried to speak with them in chat, they said, that havent my number now and that calls are not their and shut chat window. Im angry. My rating is 0 of 100. When i was writing this text, i received 1 more fking call.

  48. scamvictim

    I did not mention my name and email since its not important.
    Traders I beg you please do not go to goptions. they are not regulated and they have there people to give free webinar to make you believe. But truth is they are not regulated. Even if you try to trade you cannot withdraw your money. Every time you chat with them. They will promise you that you will get your money but not even in your dream.
    Please I wanted to help you out to save your money and not to be one of a victims like me.

  49. Ram

    I would add that I am very disappointed with Goptions. I have been trying to withdrawal my money and close my account for six plus month and no action. I cannot access my account anymore and cannot speak to anyone. I have send over 2 dozen email and no respond. I have try calling the US number and all I get is a recording to leave a message and I do but no one has call me back yet.

  50. GEROL

    To Whom It May Concern

    I work for the US government and was deployed I sent the below e-mail to and got no answer. Can anyone out there help me in this matter?

    Please help me access my account. I work for the US Army and have been deployed
    and now I am back in the states and I tried accessing my account and I could not
    get into it. I have over 6,000.00 in the account and would like to start

    Thank You.


  51. Elwood Lynch

    GOptions is the WORST broker I’ve ever had the misfortune do deal with!! No way! Would I ever recommend or use them again. It takes forever to verify a account, then they tell you your account isn’t verified. When you challenge this, they accept that your account is verified. When you try to withdraw funds, they will decline the transaction with no reason, make You go round and round to try and find out what the problem is. They tell you that your account isn’t verified! They you prove to them that it was and it goes on and on… They actually had the nerve to pay me in USD and charge me the conversion rate even though I had a euro account !!!! Then the site mysteriously goes down and you can’t contact anyone, when you do, they’re incredibly rude with sharp and unfriendly correspondence! It’s clear to me that you have no comeback with this cloud and you’re completely at their mercy. There are other companies that are very trustworthy and reputable, but GOptions should be avoided at all costs. Forgot to mention that in the beginning, they pester you with calls to get you to invest more! When you don’t, you get the treatment I received!! I did speak to a so called account manager when I wanted to close the account. He said he tried to contact me hundreds of times!! I asked him how many messages he left, he didn’t like that at all! :-) The answer was 0! I told him to close the account and send on the funds. He said he would but never did, that was last November!! I got so fed up that I just blew the balance ( over 900 euro) on a couple of trades just to get rid of it. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else do this though. Just DON’T USE THEM!!!!!

  52. Aleks

    They exclude the possibility of playing a particular currency in a situation of 6-7 successful games in a row.
    They add every time 2 to 3 points against the CALL or PUT.

  53. Claudia Kautz

    I made a deposit at Binary 8,a daughter company of GOptions.A female acc.manager promised to trade with me at the beginning.She placed one trade , won and wanted a referral of a friend or family member.I wasn ´t able to give her anything ,she disappeared, I asked for a withdrawal,which is pending since 26.Feb.2016.I `ve sent a lot of emails-no response-I asked for help at goptions-only bla bla

  54. Hendrick

    Hi i ve sent referal to g optipns. Agent., affiliates. But g options. Don’t. Want pay. Me since. January. it’. My e mail i will put this to youtube

  55. Robert Visentin

    I made a deposit of $25,000 in June 2015 into a live to be traded by Matthew Jefferson and Daniel Gant with Goptions. Daniel Gant told me I could not make a withdrawal from this live account for 3 months. The account grew to $61,000+ and when I wanted to make a withdrawal after 3 months I could not. I talked to Daniel Gant in Dec. 2015 requesting the withdrawal and he told me he would get back to me in a few days to start the withdrawal process. I have never heard back from Daniel Gant and he will not answer my emails. I was given a number of different of excuses as to why the withdrawal would not go thru and finally was told that this account was not a live account…it was a demo account…..WHAT!!! I have been trying for months to contact Goptions to clear this matter up and proceed with the withdrawal and I can not get anyone with Goptions to respond. They will not return my emails and are completely ignoring my inquires. I need help in recovering my money….CAN ANYONE HELP???? Thank YOu

  56. Scott Sinfield

    I made a withdrawal request for £1127.99 and nothing was done for 10 days! Despite the fact that it says “same day withdrawals” on their website. Then after those 10 days my account was taken over and trades were placed on my account without my knowledge or permission. all of the money was lost (other than £27.99 that is left in the account which i cant withdraw because the minimum is £100).

    My email and phone number have been blocked by the company and they are refusing to deal with the situation.

  57. Michael Malone

    I can’t withdraw any amount of my original deposit… Stone was no help either… I didn’t sign up for any bonus either…

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