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  • EmpireOption
  • Bonus: up to40%
  • Options Profability : 70-82%
  • Rating: 8.6 / 10


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Broker Name: EmpireOption
Platform: SpotOption
Founded: 2010
Bonus: up to 40%
Return/Refund: 70-82%/0-5%
EmpireOption Overview


No. Of Assests : 100+
Regulated : WTC
Demo Account : Yes
Minimum Deposit : 100
US Traders : Not Accepted
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Review Last Updated 2015-12-09 12:28:03

Editor’s Note – Why EmpireOption doesn’t Suck in 50 Words

EmpireOption doesn’t suck because it is changing the way binary options are traded. As simple as that. The broker is based on SpotOption, but unlike other SpotOption brands has retained control of its own brand. This broker is based in Montevideo, Uruguay and is regulated there as a legitimate business under the country’s commerce code. Empire has recently changed many things about its operations that have increased its value to binary traders, especially those located in the U.S. The most important thing to note is the way it handles trader accounts (*Update: No US clients accepted) There is a progressive system that rewards traders for building account balances with things like immediate, free withdrawal.


Why does EmpireOption Suck in 50 Words

Binary Options brokers like EmpireOption are pretty similar to other brokers because they are based on the SpotOption platform. Many white label brokers are using this great platform so it is not easy to find one; I guess that’s the reason why so many people keep asking me about the same brokers over and over again.  EmpireOption is yet another broker based on the Spot platform but one that has taken SpotOption to the next level and remained an independent company, licensed and regulated in Uruguay under the country’s Commerce Code. The major downside compared to regular Spot2.0 platforms is the lack of short expiry times… Very limited list there.


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EmpireOption Review – Founding A New Empire

EmpireOption was launched in late 2010 by Riverjor SA, located in Montevideo, Uruguay at 1294 Luis Bonavita, WTC. Processing is provided by Brighton Digital Services Ltd with registered address 11A, Arcade House, Temple Fortune, London, NW11 7TL, United Kingdom. U.S. traders can reach them at phone number (212) 845-9749, French clients can call +(33) 975 181671 and their contact e-mail is: support@empireoption.com. Currently they are not regulated put have started the process to obtain CySEC regulation. EmpireOption are a 100% web based SpotOption platform with no need for any software to be downloaded.


It’s no secret new binary options brokers are opening to business almost every month since 2010, but some of those brokers are quite shady and therefore suspect of binary options scam (a big problem with white label brokers). The difference with this broker is that it is not a white label like the others. Most SpotOption brokers have less than 60% control of their websites and are tied into the SpotOption cashier system. Not EmpireOption. This broker has remained independent and in control of their own business, because it is an independent business, not a spin off. Empire provides its own banking and cashier services, among other advantages. Many brokers are using a prepared trading platform as their trading system and change a little their web site design to distinguish themselves from other binary options brokers, but they are actually more or less the same, or just a copy of a successful binary options broker. It took me only a quick glance at Empire Option to understand that EmpireOption is trying to do things differently and they don’t want to be “just another” SpotOption brand. Their website is well structured and the entire experience is pleasant because you don’t have to spend time to search for information which is scattered all over the place. Everything is where it’s supposed to be. And the more I learned the more I liked it. The trading platform is very user friendly, there are many trading tools and options and the payouts are good. The whole trading experience and graphic design are top graded, similarly to all SpotOption based brokers, but with the new Spot2 platform they have gone above what the average broker is doing.  Empire uses the platform to its full potential, offering one of the most complete lists of assets around and make for some of the best binary options trading when coupled with the available expiries.


Is EmpireOption a Scam?

EmpireOption is not a scam. It is a legitimate business of Uruguay operating in the Uruguay WTC Free Zone. However, some of the banking requirements may seem to be a little unconventional, especially if you are planning to open a small account and make a lot of withdrawals. Smaller accounts are discouraged from making withdrawals by minimums, maximums and trading requirements. The smallest account tier is the Micro. It requires a minimum balance of $200 and goes up to $500. Withdrawals cost $30 each and you must trade at least 20 times, with at least $25 per trade in order to be eligible for withdrawal. The largest account size is the VIP with a minimum balance of $20,000. This account has no withdrawal fees, no minimum and no maximum and only a 5 trade requirement. It also comes with unlimited free and immediate withdrawal as long as you maintain the monthly requirement. Is this a scam? No, maybe it is a bit restrictive, but it is also a way to reward traders who are trying to build account equity, not just skim a few bucks out of the market.


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EmpireOption Complaints

One small but important step before depositing into any broker is checking a few search engines such as Google for any broker complaints. It’s very simple, Bots.com are doing the work for you. The thing is that all brokers have complaints on the internet – if one doesn’t, something fishy is going on – and Empire Option is no exception but considering that they are in business since 2010, the amount of complaints is very few and during the last couple of years they are even fewer so it’s fair to say this company was indeed improved in terms of client’s support.


EmpireOption Bonus

The bonus at EmpireOption is average, around 30% for any deposit. This amount grows as your account grows. There also may be additional incentives from time to time (currently they are running a trading contest with accumulated 70K USD of prizes). The standard trading minimum volume is 30 times * bonus. In order to make any withdrawal of any kind you must meet the minimum trade volume.


EmpireOption Withdraw

We checked out the withdrawal policy at EmpireOption and found some interesting results. Withdrawal is based on account tier. The lowest account has a minimum of $200, maximum of $500 and requires 20 trades in order to qualify for withdrawal. The highest tier, VIP, requires only 5 trades and has no minimums, maximums or cost. The middle tier, Plus, has a ten trade requirement, a minimum withdrawal of $100 and a max of $3500. Micro accounts take 10 working days to process, Plus accounts take 5 working days to process and the best, the VIP, are immediately processed and sent to your receiving account. For withdrawals of over USD 1000, EmpireOption is entitled to make the transaction via wire transfer.


EmpireOption Ratings

User Friendly 19/20

EmpireOption is based on the popular SpotOption2 platform. The website is very user-friendly and has been recently improved. The trading experience flows nicely. The platform is modern and graphically attractive. EmpireOption.com is available in 5 languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish, French and Deutsch.


No. of Assets and Expiry time 19/20

The total number of assets varies during the day as one market opens and another closes. There are over 2 dozen international indices including the major U.S., EU and Asia-Pacific indices, 8 commodities, about 20 currency pairs including Bitcoin and over 100 stocks. Expiry are not that great however. The platform allows you to choose expiry that ranges from 30 seconds to end of day to end of the week, next week, end of the month, next month and the next on out until the end of the year, but very limited choices when it comes to short expiries.


Commissions, Support and Effective return 17/20

EmpireOption don’t charge any fees or commissions from traders when they first deposit or purchase options. Withdrawals from the Micro Account are charged with a 30$ fee for all methods with that fee decreasing as your account grows. EmpireOption support may not be the best I’ve seen. The effective return is close to average with a range of 70%-82% for In-The-Money. The Out-of-Money refund is also below average, stretches from 0-5%.


Deposit, Payment and Bonus 18/20

A minimum initial deposit of $100 is required at EmpireOption for a Micro account. The deposit methods which are accepted by this trading platform are Money Bookers, Skrill, Payza, Credit or Debit Card and Wire Transfer. Withdrawals are generally available via the same methods with minimum fees applied. The first withdrawal of the month is free for all account types except Micro. Depending on your account your withdrawal will take anywhere from 10 days (Micro) to immediate (VIP). EmpireOption offers attractive Bonuses but in order to get the bonus you will have to request it, it is not automatic. The volume required to withdraw any money if you accepted a bonus is 30 times that bonus.


Website Extra’s 13/20

Based on SpotOption trading platform, EmpireOption provides a nice set of trading tools and options, including Roll Over, Double Up, 60 seconds binary options and Sell Now. The trading technology provided by EmpireOption is modern and extra user-friendly. There are also some market reviews put together by EmpireOption, a live news feed bar, free trading signals and a trade simulator to test out trading ideas.


EmpireOption Overall Ratings = 86/100

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41 Responses to “EmpireOption”

  1. mel

    you give this review… the question is…did you register to empireoption? most people who give negative reviews are not even investors or members themselves.

    • Darian

      I traded on empireoption and made more than I invested the only way you can lose money is changes in the market which is extremely volatile and they are quick and responsive in all honest opinion they are not a scam

    • alan

      hello, empire option sucks, thats all i can say i could not withdraw my funds

  2. Katherine

    I traded on their site. First of all, their CSR’s are incredibly rude. They don’t answer question, can’t speak English talk over you and send you emails FULL of sarcastic, snide comments and laced with profanity. Yes, I have the emails to prove it. Not only that but the website itself is full of terrible grammar and typo’s….doesn’t inspire confidence. That in itself was enough to turn me away from this site and cancel the card I’d used to fund the account.

    • Empire Option Support

      Hi Katherine,

      I am an official representative of EmpireOption’s support team. Thanks for your comment.

      We are very sorry to hear that you had this type of communication with one of our Account Executives. We do have excellent Account Managers who speak perfect english, so please send us an email to support@empireoption.com to assist you in a proper way.

      Best regards.

      • David M. Pacheco

        When I first talked to a Rep from Empire Option’s, His name was Frederico Demczylo. He talked me into putting up $500.00 of my money and he said that the company would put up the same amount. After that he got back to me and told me my account was activated. He didn’t tell me how to get to my account or anything else about my account and I’ve e-mailed him a half a dozen times and I still have not herd from him. So did he rip me off or what I would like someone that is his boss get back to me as soon as possible. Or I will contact someone who investagates Stock Freud. Please get back to me ASAP.

    • Thompson

      I corrected my email address on this response to the question of: Is Empire a scam?

      In December 2014, I registered though Quick Cash System to make trades. QCS clearly stated that I may withdraw funds at any time. QCS then advised me to register at one of their recommended trading sites and send the required $250 minimum deposit to trading firm. The only firm that was available was Empire Options. The other options state “not available in USA”. Empire Option trading site pays commission fees to QCS for soliciting customers to make deposits at Empire. I then registered at Empire and deposited $250. They also charged me an unknown charge of $7.99 for the deposit transaction. I was unable to coordinate the QCS site and Empire to make trades and eventually my Empire log ins would not work either, so after I had sent over 100 emails regarding being unable to trade, set up 3 or 4 new email addresses each time at their request with assurance that it would work now, had QCS and Empire point fingers at one another, I requested a refund. In the meantime I had numerous requests ignored by Empire/account rep Natalia for access to my account since my log ins did not work, and still do not work as of June 2015. Last response from Natalia/Empire in January 2015 was to give her a chance to look into it. No response as of June 26, 2015. If Empire was a reputable firm they would be straightforward and tell potential customers upfront before a deposit is made that there are no refunds of deposits. A refund is different from a withdrawal. With all of my documented problems, Empire should refund my deposit in order to maintain an appearance of integrity. I am notifying my bank, the United States Postmaster General, the United States Attorney General, and the Regulator of the Commerce Code of the Republic of Uruguay that I have been unable to access my Empire account log in since December 2015 and they refuse to refund my $250. Look at Katherine’s reply back in September 2012 and it took Empire until July 2014 to respond. Enough said. USE CAUTION.

      • Christine Leckie

        I totally agree with you. I too am trying to withdraw the initial investment of $250.00 and am getting nothing but the run around from one individual named Fedrerico, who completely ignores all questions, has never explained anything , the web site has not worked since I signed on, I have NO trust in any of
        the things I am told and still get ignored when I pose a question. All I am asking for is to close this account which I have never used. I too am filing with various agencies, and the whole lot of them prove to be a group of illiterate jerks who cannot speak let alone the english language, and send out stock e mails every now and again I would like to contact you.

  3. leumas

    hello is there anyone scam in empireoption?

    • Walter

      AVOID THIS BROKER!! You can’t withdrawal unless you complete there ridiculous 20 trade minimum. After loosing 75% of my money, I still can’t get my money out, which is exactly to 20 trades. Yet, they still denied my withdrawal. You can’t cancel, withdrawal, or close the account. Of all brokers I dealt with, this one is only broker that doesn’t give you your own money. Avoid this thieves.

  4. Darian

    I would like for more person to give their feedback on empire options

  5. Laurent

    Well i have proof that Empire Options is just a scam… I put in 100 and i have lost it gone…. now when i lost the last trade i checked my numbers here they are….

    654967 $5 EUR/USD 15:15 19/12/12 1.32866

    15:16 19/12/12 1.32867

    Now before i went to check my account within a spit second i went to the binary options tab which Ryan the support apparently couldn’t find… the number was reading 1.32858 so i should have won but i didn’t and as Ryan said i would have lost anyway so i would tell anyone stay away….

    You don’t get much help if you are new to this and to get a practice account you have to invest more money so again money talks the rest can walk………

    • opus

      same thing happened to me. i won the trade, but all of a sudden when speaking to customer service, the trade dropped 25 points in less that 5 seconds. BS. They told me something about volatility, but it wasn’t that. unless there was a HFT issue that none of us heard about, it was something else! Don’t use this broker!

  6. Lauren


    I am from Spain and i am user of EmpireOption, I deposited 100€ and when i had +500€ I request a withdawal on 15 January 2013. Today is 9 febreary 2013 and I still didn’t get paid.

    Live chat told me that during the week i would recieve the money and as you can see I write this msg in this site because I STILL WAITING MY FUCKING MONEY.

    If you want deposit in EmpireOption,, its because you are stupid,,, I don’t know whats gonna happen but I am still waiting my fucking money after 24 days from my withdrawal request.

    All my documents has sent for verification and I deposited with Moneybookers and they only can process this withdrawal with Bank Transfer.

    I am angry every time i go to my account and there is still my 500€ there.

    This is not fucking serious,, i have tried anothers binary options sites as: 24option and 24bulls and they paid in less than 10 days.

    Stay away from EmpireOption,,, I will update this message if I recieve my money.

    Next week I will kill someone if they do not pay me. This monday I will try to talk with live support again and I tell her that she is a fucking LIER, telling me that i will recieve my money and my money is proccessed from last week and I did not get this money in my bank account.

    The worse live support ever, one time I wait 40 MIN!!!!! for an simple answer ( I ask her, when i will recieve my money ). She told me on 4 Febreary…. and you see,,,, that was a fucking joke.

    Stay away from EmpireOption, when i register, someone will calling you offering you the best…. when you withdrawal… nobody will care about you…

  7. Muhammad Maqsood Siraj

    Empire Option comments required is it a scam or not?

    • Empire Option Support

      Hi Muhammad,

      I am an official representative of EmpireOption’s support team. Thanks for your comment.

      I can tell you that Empire Option is not a scam in any way. It is a regulated Binary Options platform that receives its market prices feed from Reuters, a very reputed company and one of the top providers in the financial industry.

      Please send us an email to support@empireoption.com to assist you in whatever you’d need,


  8. Miguel Arruabarrena

    I am actually an active trader from EmpireOption.com.
    I live in Spain and I never had a problem to make withdrawals.
    Their customer support in spanish is very good and always with time to hear you.
    I really don’t know about their customer support in other language.
    Their promotions are ok, to be honest, equal than any other binary option platform.
    Why I am still trading with them? Because they always pay my benefits on time and with no problem.
    Another important point is they are regulated in Uruguay not in Cyprus and I think that my money is secure there, outside Cyprus problems.

  9. Daniel

    Don’t trust this type of game. 60 seconds operations are scam. Behind the “volatility”, allways they make some adjustments. Too many delays, to long expiring time and if you compare the rates with some independent charts, you will see big diferences of the rates. Stay away. You can earn some money but finally you will lost everything. Don’t believe in “strategies”. All are fake and there is no special secret to get money shortly.

  10. botsog

    just don’t deposit and trade with them. that’s it!!!

  11. Stu

    I have just come to the conclusion that ALL of these Binary brokers are thieves. Once you get in there is a different attitude with the reps etc. I think i will just back away from this mess. By the way Empire is located in Uraguay and they are not regulated. Buyer be ware

    • Empire Option Support

      Hi Stu,

      Thanks for your comment.

      Empire Option is a 100% regulated platform, and it is regulated by the law of Uruguay because its headquarters are located there. As a matter of fact, we are the only binary options platform in the market that clearly states where it is located and invites clients to visit their offices.
      I extend the invitation to every client of ours or non-client that wishes to visit us.

      Please send us an email to support@empireoption.com so we can clarify any other doubts you might have.

      Kind regards everyone.

  12. M B

    Yes, I’ve tried several BO sites. My last one, the Green Big website, I got GBP12,xxx in my account. No bullshit man and I lost it all again. Money in there was NOT your money. It’s theirs since they tried, convinced you to make trades again until you lost it all. Just like Casino, NO MONEY COMES OUT. Trust me, it’s NOT your fucking money. What you see is NOT what you’ll get. WYSNWYG. Doing other thing more worthy than this.

  13. opus

    I won’t say they are a scam, but they have info going around that they are regulated. they are NOT! i’ve traded numerous platforms and did quite well. traderush, banc de binary (before they stop taking us traders) NRGbinary and 24hour option. I always got a fair shake, i can’t seem to win at all on their platform, but the same trade win on traderush. go figure. also, do not get a micro acct. you have to place 20 or so trades before you can withdraw and the cost is $25/trade. I will NEVER use them again and would STRONGLY advise others to stay away, as well.

  14. Fred

    I use Empire option and I’m so disapointed. I deposit on a day that they double the deposit five days now from the initial deposit and I’m still waiting for the money. I win some trade but I lost more than I win. And when the trade stop … They make it continu so I’ve lost most of my trade cause the trading was continuing … THIS IS A REAL SCAM STAY AWAY FROM IT ….

  15. cole masose

    These people removed options from my mobile trading platform why i dnt know now i cant trade on the go…very dissapointed

  16. Zoot

    I do not trust.

  17. dennis arhinful

    please how can i deposite money
    how can i see my daily profit
    do u take paypal
    where is ur bank details for wire transfer

    • Empire Option Support

      Hi Dennis,

      Thanks again for your comment.

      Please contact our support team sending an email to support@empireoption.com so we can assist you in these matters right away.

      Best regards.

  18. cole

    very slow withdrawal otherwise honest broker

  19. wilber

    Before this was not as good broker but now is one of the best in all aspects to improved now recommended if ***Translated from Spanish***

  20. Dave

    Anyone known of FourMarket or heard of it Reputable trade method? Legit or scam? And are they new onto the trade market?

    Please advice anyone whom dealt with them.


  21. Wang

    they are always polite to answer your question before you deposit , when you have a profit they will not replay you and you will not get the money. Do not believe them!

  22. Iri

    Stay away!

    Lost all my money in my account in one night.
    On monday i traded once and won the trade, i logged out and went to sleep, because it was late.
    The next day i was in shock. All my money was gone!
    I went to my trading history and saw many trades but this was not my trades, because i traded that day only once

    I Send a message to them and told about the situation.
    respond time was very long, anyways they respond that i have to check the trading history and that`s it.
    They just don`t want to admit that they have stolen my money, so watch out for empire option

  23. John

    I have been trying to have my account balance sent to me for several weeks now, and close my account. They made me send all kinds of information and then said I was verified. But nothing else has happened with my request since then. It is a small account with a balance of $275. Have I just lost my money? It appears that way. That makes me extremely unhappy…..

  24. Md Shamim

    All binary option brokers are 100% SCAM. No mater regulated or not. Its all same. so stay away from thes scammer. 24ption, topoption, anyoption, banc de binary all are same,

  25. Md Shamim

    whoever promote them they are also part of this scammer. So do not believe if some one says that he has no problem with any broker thats mean he is a scammer too.

  26. Guest

    Stay away from Empire Options. They are full of liars and thieves. I have been trying to do a withdrawal for at least 3 weeks, and they continue to come up with excuses and have not approved my withdrawals yet. I have spoken to these crooks on the phone many times, and each time, it’s the same old song. They come up with nonsense excuses about why the money has not been sent yet. The first thing they told me is that I needed to meet a certain volume requirement and then after meeting it, I would have no issues with a withdrawal.

    So here we are, I met the volume requirement and these people are still giving me issues about receiving my money. They have not been helpful at all and they have not approved my withdrawal requests, even after meeting the volume requirement. They are stalling. They are definitely con artists. Stay away from this company. Do not do business with them. They are extremely unprofessional and they lie straight to your face over the phone. They lie for a living, is what they really do. Keep your money away from Empire Options.

  27. Bennie Manns

    So Empire Option Support, What do you have to say about all these negative reviews??? I was going to began with empire option but after hearing all these disappointing reviews and no good responses from E.O. Support I have to say that I am considering a change of thought.

  28. karen

    empire option is no longer taking US customers. I just tried to open an account based on your recommendation and they said they do not take US customers now even though the website says they do. There is no “united states” to select in their list of countries when you try to register

  29. Pierre

    Like many people I am experiencing the same shady business practices with Empire Option. My latest deposit was $3,000 with Empire Option, after losing most of my money I decided to close out my account. I was told that I could not close my account until I completed $30,000 worth of transaction investments because I was given a bonus when I deposit the $3,000. I did not asked for a bonus, their broker called me several times asking to deposit more money on top of the $1,000 I had already deposited. Saying it would be easier to work with my account if I had more money. As soon as I deposit more money, he disappeared. Well, my account went from Plus Account to a Micro Account from all the money I lost. Now I met their criteria and did $57,000 in investment transactions. Made them money and lost mine in the process. Now my account is Micro account and they don’t want to close it and refund me the little bit I have left. I already taken the lost of my deposits. Is that not scam or what? Terms and Conditions says nothing about not being able to close my account. I did no illegal activities per their policies. I just lost my hard working money. All these complaints can not be wrong. Empire Option needs to do the right thing. Empire Option very risky, very shady! Don’t do it!

  30. Dan H

    These guys are only in this to take your money. I started with $500 and a trader called and said I would need to add $500 before they could trade my account and offered a matching bonus (I was green). He told me I only had to do 3x volume or 3000 in trades before I could withdraw any profits.

    No trades were done for almost 2 weeks even though I called and emailed. Then someone called trying to convince me to deposit another $1500 so my account could be traded at 5000 and I would see a better return. I asked him how that was possible since there was zero activity and no way to “follow” anyone since all the traders were maxed out at 100 followers.

    He said that he would have someone correct the situation. This was on a Friday and on Monday someone traded my account. They lost over 1000 of my money. No one would answer calls or email for the next 3 weeks. I have been trading on binary since. Their signal are bonus. The trades ALWAYS lost more than they win, constantly eroding the balance. I tried to withdraw but you have to have 30x times the bonus or 30,000 in volume, not 3. (I am at 7500).

    The signals are rigged and not based on anything other than numbers plugged in by EO. No matter whether put or call, they will manipulate the numbers to effect the outcome.

    ZERO customer service
    ZERO contact
    ZERO response to emails
    ZERO response to emails
    ZERO response to chat

    They guys take your money and then ignore you.

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