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Global Trader 365


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Broker Name: Global Trader 365
Platform: SpotOption
Founded: 2013
Bonus: up to 100
Return/Refund: 65-75%/0-10%
Global Trader 365 Overview


No. Of Assests : 100
Regulated : No
Demo Account : Yes
Minimum Deposit : 200
US Traders : Accepted
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Important Notice!!! GlobalTrader365 – Site is NOT Working! 4/2/2014


Editor’s Note – Why does Global Trader 365 Suck in 50 Words?

GlobalTrader 365 sucks because it gets a lot of complaints. About withdrawals. Withdrawals are a touchy subject and important to traders. Everything I read on the website seemed to be legit but the complaints say it’s harder to get your money out than they lead you to believe. In fact, you may not get it back at all. Funny thing their slogan is “Binary Options Trading Brokers you can TRUST” (Capital letters as seen on origin).


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Why Global Trader 365 doesn’t Suck?

This broker might not suck because it is a SpotOption white label. This means there is a good frame work for trading but it does necessarily mean the broker is good. GlobalTrader365 has all the options, assets and expiry choices you would expect to find of any broker in this class.



Global Trader 365 Full Review – Should Have Been a Good Broker

GobalTrader365 is yet another SpotOption based broker and comes with all the bells and whistles you would expect to find. The web site is set up with a clean and crisp look, the platform is easy to use and navigate. They have a full asset list including over 100 stocks, indices from around the world, a full listing of traded currency pairs and commodities.


Available options types and expiry is also good. This broker has all the features of a SpotOption broker including High/Low, OptionsBuilder, One Touch, 60 Second and ProTrader. The available expiry are also good. They have them ranging from 60 seconds through the end of the month, the end of next month and out for at least 6 months on most of their assets. Returns are said to be in the range of 80-85% but from what I have found most are closer to 71-72%. The Options Builder is only available for some of the assets, a few from each category, and expiration is limited to 24 hours out from time of purchase. The Pro Trader feature is a larger chart that traders can use to trade assets directly. It is OK but nothing worth switching brokers for.


The banking requirements, as listed on the web site, are pretty standard for the industry. Deposits can be made by credit card, wire transfer, MoneyBookers and Maestro. There is no fee for withdrawing to credit card or one of the on line wallets but there is a $50 fee for wire transfers. Withdrawals to credit cards are limited to the amount initially deposited but there are no limits to withdrawing by wire. When reading the terms and conditions I was alarmed to find no mention of withdrawal requirements but found what I was looking for under the FAQ’s. After meeting all the identity requirements which include an official ID, proof of address and proof of CC ownership it will take up to 3 business days for requests to process. After that it can take an additional 5 business days for the funds to show up in your account. This means it should take up to two weeks and no more to receive money after submitting withdrawal requests.



Is GlobalTrader 365 A Scam?

GlobalTrader365 might not be a scam but then again I have to take . It is a SpotOption white label, SpotOption is a reliable platform provider but unfortunately that does not mean GlobalTrader365 is a reliable binary options broker. The broker has a phone line for Cyprus customers, but that does not mean it is regulated or even based on Cyprus. I couldn’t find an address for them so I really don’t know (you can be sure I looked). Based on the reviews I have read the platform is good to use but you may have a hard time getting your money back from them.


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Global Trader 365 Complaints

The complaints I read are pretty bad. Most people tend to agree that there are problems with the platforms and getting your money. The platform seems to be have trouble working when traders want to trade; glitches and other errors lead to losses. The company does not seem to mind because their terms say you assume all risk caused by interface errors whether they are your fault or not. This leads to the other major complaint which is that you can’t get your money back.



Global Trader 365 Withdraw

According to the FAQ’s withdrawals should be pretty standard. Once you meet identification requirements all transactions are processed it will take up to two weeks to get your money. Withdrawals methods listed are standard for the industry and include credit cards, wire transfers and MoneyBookers. Credit card and MoneyBooker withdrawals are not charged a fee but all wire transfers incur a $50 charge.



Global Trader 365 Bonus

GlobalTrader356 has a “number of attractive reward features for new and regular customers”. The trading minimum is a low 20 times account value but this may not matter if you can’t make a withdrawal anyway. If you try to withdraw before meeting the minimum the bonus and proceeds from it will be canceled. So far as I can tell there is no time limit listed but each bonus may also have individual stipulations.



GlobalTrader365 Ratings

User Friendly 18/20

This is a very nice looking web site and platform. It is easy to use, easy to navigate and offers a full listing of assets, expiry and types of trading.  They have a good education center for newbies that includes videos and an ebook. Only English,  French and Chinese.


Number Of Assets And Expiry’s 18/20

This is another area where this broker stands out. Of course it is nothing more than you can find on any other SpotOption based platform. They have over 100 stocks and indices from around the world including Russia, Israel, Turkey, China and Japan. The list of forex options includes all the traded pairs and the commodity list is complete as well. Like other SpotOption brokers expiry ranges from the shortest 60 second trades up to end of day, tomorrow, end of week, next week, end of month and next month up to about 6 months out for most assets.


Commission, Support and Returns  12/20

This is where this broker begins to fall short. Of course, there are no commissions on trades but the effective returns make up for this. Some places advertise returns up to 85% on “most trades” but what I found where returns averaging 70-71%. The Options Builder offers some protection for bad trades. Live support is available but I got the same automated responses I have gotten from other brokers. Additionally, there are too many complaints about poor service, especially about withdrawals, for me to trust them.


Deposit, Payments and Bonus  7/20

Again, it’s the complaints that are burning this broker here. Deposits are easy, no problem there. It’s the withdrawals that are giving them problems. According to the website FAQ’s it should only take 2 weeks for withdrawals one conditions are met. The reality is that traders are having a hard time meeting those requirements because the broker is dragging it’s feet and not providing good support. The bonus is OK and varies by account but the trading minimum is fairly low, 20X account size, and comes without a time limit.


Website Extra’s  5/20

There really aren’t any “extra’s” here. It is a white label so there are tons of brokers out there with the same features. One thing that might have been an extra was their market updates. Of course when I went to check it out the posts were from last year, very current and useful for traders in my opinion (that was sarcasm FYI).



Global Trader 365 Overall Ratings: 60/100

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9 Responses to “Global Trader 365”

  1. Victims

    This Global trader 365 is really a scam site that they wants all your money in, when you do your withdrawing that time all funny things(nasty) pops up that would keep on saying would take such a such day to get your withdraw approved and 7-8 days to get the fund in your bank. Their support are worst in such a way that they couldn’t reply your email with all kinds of errors, some are copy and paste from the previous email.
    Already half a month, they keep on repeating the …withdrawing are rquired 3 to 5 days to get approval…… never ending story.

  2. Ben Humble

    Dear Sirs

    Ref:- Stop scammers and report abuse ref no:-un-cxe-YmVuQHF1YWxpdGl3b3JrLmNvbQ==-s6-rt-rs…..Ben Humble and details offenders below email….
    2007 Abc Company, Street address. Unsubscribe from this newsletter.

    I am being super spammed by all the below since my asking them to stop and refund my money for a scam that i did NOT elect for. I was sold one idea and offered help and 0nly received an email contact with a Bryan Miller who at a later date BLOCKED my personal email and received bounced emails as a result of them NOT wanting them to respond to me. They have now placed me on to many other responders, with different names and IDs, to continue with the abuse of this same ideas and same sales of these trading organizations (listed below) that i am NOT interested in nor was i told from the start would have to deal with as a result. I was sold the idea of making money with NO effort and making a $1000 a month with our help! There was of course NO support of help and was NOT the product that we opted in for and i cannot get my money back from them. There are many other complaints against the below emails and websites and would ask you to please get to take responsibility and stop there bad business practices as a result. There is NO support and they involve others to pester you to UP-SALE for more money from you and their agents calling from their mobile numbers in the USA, i think, to pester you almost on a daily basis. Numbers include +17184070988 & +17184070993 & +17183403094 as well as many undisclosed calls with NO ID at all. I also have copies of ALL the bounced emails to which have never been responded to as well and blocked afterwards and are available for your kind attention as a result. This message and all its contents will be copied through to the media and the authorities for their reference just in case you decide to also ignore this official compliant. This sort of business behaviour must NOT be allowed and someone should stop them in their tracts!
    Please will you investigate this matter and all those involved providing they have provided their real contact details as a result. If not please can you pass this message onto the regulators who are responsible for monitoring this abuse? I am sure where there money is paid into such as Clickbank and other merchant accounts systems (details below) that you will be able to track who these scammers are and stop them as a result. There is enough on the forums on the net as it is and we are about to provide some details on the net in order to warn others and help them as a result. Please do take this matter seriously! Thank you.
    Yours Sincerely
    Ben Humble 0044(0)7509323330

    Mr Bryan Miller and associates and friends and contacts as well as their organizations and scammers such as:- & ‘’ &
    ‘’ &
    Jim Mitchell &
    Molly Harris (MBS Payments) & and some others already deleted from my spam box…

  3. steve

    Can’t get into the Global 365 site.
    I’m guessing I’m not the only one scammed by this ‘Broker’.
    What happens to our money now? I had a good kitty still in my account with Global 365.
    Thanks for nothing ‘Automated Income App”- (who I went through to put my money with Global 365).
    No explanation given to me after numerous attempts to contact them both!
    – shame on you both of you! Beware of G365 & Automated Income App.

  4. Maria Cristina Cataldo

    I blocked my credit card. They are still calling me in the middle of the night, that makes me crazy! I want to be left alone. If they continue to bother me, I am going to an international trial wit the FBI involved.

  5. hembled2

    Sorry for the following log dissertation but GlobalTrader365 but current and to be users should know this is the actual Technique GT365 (GlobalTrader365) used/is using on me).
    My name is Ray H. I signed up for GT365 in the fall of 2013. I had been laid off work for over 9 months was couldn’t find a job .I need a way to try to bring in some rather quick money if possible. I knew binary trading is like rolling the dice in Vegas.
    After several month I was actually becoming addicted to the process and realized I really need to stop since I was in the hole with my investment even with the expert (?) help of the GT365 traders. I was assured by GT365 that my initial investment would be safe and returnable all I would actually loose is what I had the investment trading account which was 4K at closing. My original investment would be returned if I wanted to close my account. At the end of February 2014, I told GT365 I wanted to close my account. I was told I shouldn’t bid for at least 10 day while my account was being shut down.
    I was passed to the accounting to have my initial investment returned .The’ first’ accounting Manager told me I need a 10% transfer fee which was there vendor price to process the return. I was to pay the transfer fee via Green Dot Money Pack card ( 6 $500each). This was accomplished,. I provided the number on the card to the accounting Manager. Once these were processed and completed I would receive my money in a week ( which week?) A week went by I called and guess what the Transfer fee vendor was no longer accepting Green Dot Money Pack cards. So what happened to my initial 3K The initial 3K will be refunded with my initial investment $ +3k) transfer fee, The 3K replace should be paid via Vanilla Reload cards so ( 6 $500 Vanilla cards purchased and number provide to the Accounting Department. The next phone details were left on my phone by accounting Managers. translated by providers internet translation program.
    (201) 359 8451
    New Jersey

    Monday | March 31, 2014 | 12:47 PM EDT | 44 seconds
    “Hello R this is Brent Stevenson calling from global trader three six five remember I’m the leasing office. I’m just calling you to keep you in the loop to let you know that your money is Francis. Please keep in mind that is four two five business days before you’ll see that money approved as a deposit on your account. Okay so you know within the next couple of days to send that money is approved and already (?) put into a deposit in the-week (?) I’ll be giving you a call to confirm with you that funds are available for you When the money didn’t show up the next week I was informed the only 2K of the 3K had processed and I need to forward another 1K in Vanilla Reload card and the 1K that didn’t process previously would be added to my refund of original investment + 4 k now).
    So Enters another accounting Manager, phone call ‘I just got back from vacation and see your transaction hasn’t been processed. It is my job to see this gets processed. However; the previous Manager didn’t have the authorization to process the 1K so it failed. Please send the 1k needed via a Green Dot money card (remember 1st Green dot transaction and the 1k will be added back to your with you original investment’ ( Initial investment + 5k).
    (347) 832 3003
    New York

    Thursday | April 3, 2014 | 3:19 PM EDT | 37 seconds
    “Hello Mister H this is David Stafford from the Accounting Department giving you an update on the status of the portfolio. The files has been released on Tuesday which means that you will be receiving the phones and no later than this upcoming Friday which is three to five business days. There were released. It was a little problem and delay on the Merchant. They were released on Tuesday. If you have any questions please give me a call at my number. I’m gonna be in the office until six Eastern standard Time. This is Dave Stafford. Thanks a lot for your time. Have a great day.”

    Oh No! The next week I get a call from the new accounting manager who was on vacation and my file was placed on his desk to handle because there were a lot of new promotions to the Account Dept. (?) and everyone was messing up. But he would address my file because he could fix it. After a phone conversation on April 9th he would look at my file and let me know. I told him there are no more transfer fee going got be paid. I was to by him that the GT365 management had decided to give the accounting managers a fee for very transfer fee received (now the picture is starting to clear. Low n behold the New account manager called on April 10th and all my transfer were processed and he was waiting for a confirmation number from the vendor and an approximate date my money would be deposited to my account. Well here we are today April 25th and no deposit. I have called every day since the 16th of April to get the confirmation and date of my promised deposit. No one answer the phone and all I get is a recording to leave a message and someone will return my call (it hasn’t happened yet. You decide and be aware of the tactics used by theGT365 Accounting dept. I am seriously considering forward this to a government, state, national or international, country cyber internet scam web site. I am sure GlobalTrader365 has been reported and some finical entity is looking at them already ,but maybe this is the one of many that breaks the camel’s back.

  6. Jonathan Lokni

    yes they still try and call me to. Doesn’t this count as harassment? Especially if you tell them “DO NOT CALL THIS NUMBER AGAIN”. I would like to file some form of legal charges on this company

  7. Ryan

    Global Trader 365 is a boiler room operation without a flicker of doubt. They’re not regulated, so complaining against them to the NFA is not gonna do much good. But how do you deal with these scambags? Should you complain to the Mayor of New York City office, as they seem to be in NY? I’ve invested with these lowlives and they never gave me back my money. Who can advice what to do please? Thanks.

  8. Mary G

    I invested to a platunim membership because they said that I would get the best trades. I never got any of the services. I also to tried to withdraw my funds, they wanted 10% and taxes. The amount went to 2,200. They said I made a mistake and tried to get 1,400 more and said that I could get my orignal deposit plus the extra 10% if I paid this because someone messed up. I said just send me my money. I have not heard from them. I am trying to find a company that will help. I want my money it is not theres. It seems they were using my money for their trades. This is garbage. This company needs to be investigated which I think they are. Anyways if anyone knows a certain unit of investigators I would appreciate info… Do not put all hopes into this company.

  9. Riano

    Add me to the list of gullible fools who’ve fallen for this scam. I was, like many of you, trying to work my way out of a financial hole when a broker from Global Trader 365 contacted me, making all the same assurances mentioned in the comments above. I fell for it, hoping it was actually an answer to my prayers. It wasn’t. Instead it was the beginning of a financial nightmare that jeopardized my family, my home, and my business. After losing all of the money I invested, I was then sucker-punched again by the “INVESTMENT INSURANCE” scam, most likely perpetrated by the same con-artists employed by Global Trader. Like Cynthia above, I was overjoyed when I heard there was a way of recouping my losses, as explained by Chad Johnson and Stephen Smith at W&Y Insurance (most likely a fake company as well). After calling me daily, explaining my situation, and assuring me everything was on the up and up, the proceeded to wipe out the rest of what little financial reserve I had left, leaving my home and the well-being of my family at risk. THESE PEOPLE ARE COLD-BLOODED, HEARTLESS, AND SOCIOPATHIC PREDATORS, who have absolutely no reservations whatsoever about leaving you in financial ruin. Everything they promise is a lie, and they deliver those lies so confidently and well-rehearsed,that even the most suspicious minds are eventually persuaded to take a risk at recovering of the money they’ve lost. No matter how tempting it is, IT IS A COMPLETE SCAM! Beware of ANYONE associated with GT365, no matter how convincing they may come across to you. They will show you compassion to the point of fake weeping and choked-up voices as they listen to your story. NONE OF IT IS REAL! I can only hope that karma will deliver to them 10-fold what they have done in financial damage to struggling people like myself. I’m sure they will not be stopping anytime soon, even if it means re-naming their investment platforms, investment insurance companies, and fake broker and agent names (Stephen Smith, Chad Johnson, and other wholesome American sounding names). No matter who contacts you regarding GT365 investments, insurance, or financial loss recovery, THEY ARE ALL SCAMMERS. I’ve collected the following names and numbers associated with the investment insurance scam part of this financial nightmare, and they are as follows:

    Stephen Smith – 646-879-3850
    Chad Johnson – 347-497-6917
    Peter (?) – 877-572-7714 ext. 1221
    Marvin Elliot (McCarthy Insurance Group) – 844-299-0799 ext. 502
    W&Y Investment Insurance – 1-877-572-7714 ext. 1220

    They all have chosen VERY American-sounding names in order to lull you into a false sense of security; however, most of them speak with a slight accent. They do not have a website who’s contact information matches what they have given me, and WESTERN UNION wire-transfer is their preferred method of payment. Money is sent to the following recipient:

    Destination: Dominican Republic
    City: BANI

    You will probably end up paying the fees twice, because the first time, you will send it in USD, they they will tell you it should have been sent in DOP (Dominican Republic Pesos). They will offer to refund the first USD payment by adding it to the settlement amount you’ll be receiving.

    After both wire transfers are submitted, they will tell you that they cannot wire you the funds for a different number of reasons. They told me that since I didn’t register as an investor with the SEC, my funds are being held pending a money laundering investigation which has been opened up against me. After a few days, they informed me I would be contacted by the SEC and ordered to surrender to authorities in the Dominican Republic to face those charges. Of course, then I realized the entire thing was a complete scam, because of the absurdity of it. Nevertheless, they got my money, and I won’t be seeing any of it again. My financial problems went from bad to abismal within one week, and now they won’t even answer the phones when I call (and I call non-stop for at least 2 hours everyday–something we should all do perhaps).

    In summary, I hope this information is useful in preventing someone from falling into the trap I did. I cannot un-do my own stupidity, but maybe this information will prevent others from suffering the losses I did.

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