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Bloombex Options Overview

Bloombex Options
  • Bloombex Options
  • Bonus: up to100
  • Options Profability : 68-73%
  • Rating: 5.1 / 10


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Broker Name: Bloombex Options
Platform: SpotOption
Founded: 2010
Bonus: up to 100
Return/Refund: 68-85%/0-10%
Bloombex Options Overview


No. Of Assests : 109
Regulated : No
Demo Account : No
Minimum Deposit : 200
US Traders : Accepted
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Review Last Updated 2015-07-28 13:05:07

Editor’s Note- Why does Bloombex Options Suck in 50 Words

There is no doubt over the fact that Bloombex certainly is a part of the Binary Options brokers’ category which does not deliver what it promises it will. A mere glance through the description of Bloombex is enough to make us understand that it is just another average broker and it has no special features that can be helpful to us.


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Why Bloombex Options Doesn’t Suck in 50 Words

Unlike most Binary Options brokers who does not support PayPal, At BloombexOptions a trader can deposit and withdraw via PayPal. Only a few brokers allow PayPal service, however, the maximum withdraw via PayPal cannot exceed the deposited amount.


Bloombex Options Full Review – Nothing special with Bloombex

Bloombex Options was founded in 2009 and is 100% web based with no software needed be downloaded. My first encounter with Bloombex options already raised a couple of question about the authenticity of this company. Some sources show the company to be set up in Singapore. However, there is a bit confusion on this aspect as they seem to be registered in British Virgin Islands. The information about their launch year is also contradicting because some sources list the launch year as 2010 and others as 2014. After a discussion with their support team we found out the year of the launch was 2009. The owning company is Bloombex Ltd. with their European Support Center located at Wilhelm-Raabe-Strasse 14, Duesseldorf 40470, in Germany. They are not regulated by any agency and information about this company is scarce.


Bloombex has been introduced as a versatile trading platform which supports forex as well as binary options trading. There is nothing new about this platform and it seems to be very similar to the other binary options trading platforms available in the market and this is why I personally feel that Bloombex scam is true. Some of the essential features which can be highlighted about this trading platform is that at a glance the platform looks great, the one touch weekend options seems good, there are multiple assets to trade on, demo seems informative and the numerous deposit options makes us feel like it is a great buy. The OneTouch trading option helps traders to keep their positions open throughout the day and thus, they can hope to reach the payout, however, we must understand that Bloombex is not the only trading platform to provide customers the One Touch option. In fact, I have personally used several top trading platforms and all of them seem to have this feature.


Is Bloombex Options A Scam?

I have just discussed that there is nothing unique about making Bloombex sound like the ultimate binary options platform. All its features seems to be present in some other trading platform as well and hence, now we need to find out is Bloombex Options scam or not? Now, I wouldn’t actually refer to Bloombex fraud because the customer representative who is trying to make you buy this is only worried about the initial investment which you will make on this platform. You should understand that the minimum deposit and withdrawal on this trading is quite high. So, when you make your first investment, you are treading towards loss that’s pointed on the traders side. Most of the newbie investors might not take into consideration the initial high investment which is quite high and in turn, they are not offered any new trading tools which are the first major setback of this trading option. For me, personally, the unavailability of fine trading tools makes me lose interest in this binary option trading. The OneTouch Trading option and the clear indication of tracking the expiry time of an asset is all that is provided from this trading platform. The fees charged by Bloombex are enormous and there are hardly any benefits that can be reaped from such an investment. In fact, for such a high minimum investment, you can certainly go for a top rated trading platform which offers you the right trading tools for you to play in the binary options domain. There are no analysis tools and no live news feeds, and the bonus is too big as well. After I understood the cons of the Bloombex binary option, I just wanted to warn all the possible investors to stay away from this trading platform and just want to make sure that you do not fall into the trap of Bloombex Options scam.


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BloombexOptions Complaints

Searching for broker complaints and fraud alerts is always an important task; it’s so easy to do that anyone can perform that simple search. All you have to do is check Google for Bloombex Options complaints, scam, etc. here is what found- Unfortunately, our search for Bloombex options complaints came up empty. We couldn’t find either any positive comments or negative ones. They’re quite new to the binary options industry, we’ll just have to wait and see.


BloomBex Options Bonus

The bonus at bloombex options is at least 30% for any deposit. Another add says that with every 100-500$ investemte you get a 100% bonus. No information about the wager.


Bloombex Options Withdrawal

Check our article center for more information about withdrawal, and why it so important. Bloombex Options allow a few withdrawal methods, all of them are charged with fees. They claim the withdrawal is fast, but it’s actually quite usual.


Bloombex Options Ratings

User Friendly 15/20

Bloombex website is based on a 100% web based platform. The website is quite user-friendly and makes trading quite easier.  The platform looks good and is graphically attractive. You will be able to access the website on all the trading levels and it is said that even if you are beginner, you can get it correct with the Bloombex options. Also, the website has been cleanly organized and it is quite easy to locate the icons. The FAQ section has been clearly laid out for the convenience of the clients and the learning tutorials are good as well. Bloombex is available in English. Arabic, German, Russian and French.


No. of Assets and Expiry time 13/20

The total number of assets is 65 which include 17 trade stocks, 15 currencies, 6 commodities and 27 indices (Update- up to 109 assets). As this is a new binary options broker, the expiry times is only one hour, one day and one week which is a real disappointment from this trading platform.


Commissions, Support and Effective return 5/20

Bloombex don’t charge any fees or commissions from traders when they first deposit or purchase options. Withdrawals are charged with at least 1% to 5% of all fees, depend on which withdrawal method is chosen. All withdrawals have a minimum of 100$. Bloombex support is only supported via email or fax number. Bloombex live chat is pretty mediocre; it took awhile to get a representative on line. The effective return is the average with a maximum of 75% In-The-Money. The Out-of-Money refund is between 1-10%.


Deposit, Payment and Bonus 9/20

A minimum deposit of $200 is required for Bloombex Options and the maximum per option is $1500, above average for minimum and below for max. The deposit methods which are accepted by this trading platform are PayPal, Money Bookers, Liberty Reserve, Credit or Debit Card and Wire Transfer as well. Withdrawals are generally available via the same methods with minimum fees applied. The bonuses quite vary from time to time and they are able to offer a 30% bonus on all their deposits.


Website Extra’s 9/20

Some of the extra features of the Bloombex website which needs to be taken into account are the Daily Market Review and the Expiry Rates which is regularly updated. The Demo Tutorial is quite helpful to beginners and the Trade Platform Link also helps to practice trading on the platform. Other than those, Bloombex has no special features, which makes them far behind most binary options brokers.


Bloombex Options Rating 51/100

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139 Responses to “Bloombex Options”

  1. DougRH Says:

    1- Are there ANY Binary Options brokers that you Do recommend that you don’t think are ripoffs and scams and that you DO recommend?
    2 – What are ‘Out of money option refund’ in Binary Options?

  2. Tracy Says:

    I have big problems with Bloombex Options, everything started out fine I was trading and I found it to be easy untill it came time to withdraw MY money the site claims 24hr customer service BIG LIE I cant get anyone no response to emails I tried several different ways the fax number on the withdraw form went to someone else the fax contained all my important information and I cant get anyone on the phone… not use Bloombex

    • Noah Says:

      Hi Tracy,

      The same goes for you. T, (the commenter below) and I have made proper contact and have sorted out the misunderstanding. They are very satisfied with our assistance.

      I’m sure T would be happy to confirm my statment.

      Please contact us via the correct available channels.
      We’re always here to answer any inquiries Tracy.



      • Jose Says:

        I am also having serious problems with Bloombex Options. I deposited 600 €, and after some weeks I ordered a withdrawal. After couple of weeks waiting for the withdrawal, suddenly they blocked my account with no reason and told me that my account was under the risk department.
        Now it has past more than one month and my account continues blocked and I haven’t receive the withdrawal I ordered.

        This is not serious, playing with the effort and the money of the people. I thought this platform was serious, but until now they have demostrated to me they are acting like scam.

        • Tim Says:

          Same has gone for me. It has taken them 11 days since first contact and I still haven’t had my account closed. Then I tried to call, email and use their instant messaging with no response. All the emails say is my account executive will be contacting me.

          • Joanne Says:

            Even my gmail warned me against opening my last email from these. I was going to join 4 different brokers according to my mentor for $250 each, and when found bloombex starts at $500, I crossed them out of my list. Then they changing my amount from $250 to $500 and I had not even finished the form, let alone clicked a submit button. My bank is settling this for me. Steer clear for your money’s sake and remember, they are not regulated.

          • Mike Green Says:

            Well, I am a newcomer to Bloombex, I opened an account last week via the Milleniumapp opportunity, deposited £250 went to open my account to action the auto trader and it states that the trading site does not exist and that also the members site does not exist. Nobody will reply to my e-mails and now Live Chat has stopped talking to me.

          • Kathy Vavrecka Says:

            I deposited 3x into bloombex-options wanting to trade witha company using bloombex.thing went back and forth so i decided to withdraw my money instead they sent it back then requestedd it back now making my total $1450.00 since the took it out and put it back init should not of been i asked if i couldchange it tothat one company,i spoke to someone therenow they said thatit was all put to boostafftraders I do not have any idea who they were orwhere they are at.I want my money back now.

          • Lori Says:

            I’ve been asking for my REFUND of $300 for 3 weeks. The company that I signed up with said it was a 60 day money back guarantee. I have sent all of my documents in, and they claim that I haven’t. I called after I sent them, and they confirmed that they got them. However, my broker keeps yelling at me saying that he didn’t receive them, and that I wasn’t going to get my REFUND anyway. This is not okay, and I need some advice as to getting my REFUND back.

          • Ionel Says:

            I would like to thanks to Sandra Lequime and to her team. I have made a withdrawal and I have received the money after 24 hours. My relationship with bloombex-options was very good.

      • Sue Says:

        Noah, I have been lied and deceived by Sean Everett, promised a refund, sent paperwork twice to close my account.. This all started just on 3 weeks ago.. Now I’m being totally ignored.. I’m furious.

    • Sandra Lequime Says:

      Dear Tracy,
      Please send me the details of your complaint and I will make sure to transfer it to the relevant department

  3. T Says:

    Yeah the affiliate program is horrible they wont/dont even answer you or tell you how things should go.

    • Noah Says:

      Hi T, I’m the Senior Affiliate Manager at Bloombex-Options. I don’t know why you would claim such a thing here, but I’d be happy to assist if you contact us properly via email, skype, chat or telephone.

    • Henry Says:

      For anyone who is thinking about investing with Bloombex.

      DON’T DO IT !!!!

      I’ve been trying to withdraw funds for over 5 months now and they keep giving me the runaround. Now my “broker” won’t even respond.


      There are many other platforms to use. Save yourself the headache and go elsewhere.


  4. Noah Says:

    Hi Tracy,

    The same goes for you. T (the comment below) and I have made proper contact and have sorted out the misunderstanding.

    I’m sure T would be happy to confirm my statment.

    Please contact us via the correct available channels.
    We’re always here to assist in any way we can Tracy.



  5. Anand Says:

    Bloombex is definitely a number one scam..

    Ive deposited $10000 dollars and they appointed a manager for my ac.

    when i try to withdraw there comes their true colours. They blocked my ac for more than a week and do research with my ac and they get the bonus as their weapon and they ve deducted everything and they asked me to trade with a sum of $2000 dollars to $300,000 dollars of trade which is logically impossible.

    So i just stayed away from this by lossing my $10000 to them.

    so people who ever wanted to join them, if you got millions of money and do not know what to do and just want to spend money for fun, then go with this.

    Otherwise im begging to those who got a thought to invest this platform, m telling you guys,..this platform simply fucked up.

    they try their best to swallow your moneys ive tried few platforms and this platform is the worsest ever..

    Pls do not deposit with this bloombex.

    • Noah Says:

      Anand, please tell the truth. You received your funds as you requested. We have the proof if anyone here wants to see for themselves. The fact you lost a few trades does not make us a “scam”. We do our best to keep our clients happy and satisfied. Please contact us if you have any further disputes instead of trying to smear our good name online for no good reason.

      • Andre Says:

        Even if someone is lying about this platform I am still concerned over your willingness to display information about that person’s account. I would hope you wouldn’t show any proof under any circumstances.

  6. Dannie Blaine Says:

    I have opened an account in Bloombex and I think my trading is doing really well. I started with a $300 deposit and right now as I checked I noticed that I already have $635 in my account after a couple of months of trading with them. I know that the profit they offer is not even high compared to other binary options but I am happy on how account advisers handled my account even if I made a really small investment. I think I will be investing with them in the future.

    • Noah Says:

      Dannie, thank you for the positive feedback. It’s funny that although we are marked “not trusted” by this site, if you take the time to actually read our review, it’s not bad at all! I tried to rectify our trustworthiness here but it costs too much lol. People shouldn’t believe everything they read online.

  7. Bill Says:

    have found several instances of what can only be manipulation of price data opening a put or a call the current price is not always accurate to the current price even to the point that if you open a second window to the same data in another session to the same platform the numbers can be quite different from identical charts at the same time, I have captured several screen shots where the charts have been completely different by quite a few points then adjusted back during the open trade so you loose interesting that adjustment does not occur on the other open window to the same data where there was no trade placed, there is either a problem in the platform or the platform manipulates the price to increase the likely hood of loss.

    • Noah Says:

      Bill, it is impossible for us to “manipulate price data” when we’re getting our live feeds from Thomas Reuters and are a SpotOption brand. Maybe some other brokers that have their own in-house developed platforms do what you claim but we cannot even if we wanted to (which we don’t). Please forward us the screenshots and our Technical team will look into it to check for any issues. If there were discrepancies, your account will be credited for those trades. I’m sure if you profited you would want to keep those profits regardless of any technical issue?

  8. Phound Says:

    I’ve concluded that, despite all the defensive protests from “Noah,” Bloombex is a scam site. The negative comments here speak for themselves. So does Bloombex’s dishonest self-promotion involving phony sites that pretend to rate Bloombex. Legitimate companies don’t need to create fake sites to give themselves high ratings.

    • Sandra Lequime Says:

      Dear Phound,

      Bloombex is not a scam, it is a legit financial online solution.
      We are putting all our efforts in our site and our service and are not wasting our time with “self promotion site”- whatever it might mean.

      We are committed to our traders and to give them all the required tools to put all the odds in their favor while placing a trade (ebooks, videos, lessons… a full educational center absolutely free, is put at the disposition of our faithful traders.

      The rating sites are independent sites which anonymously tried our services and are, for your convenience, helping you to find the most adapted broker for you.

      If we are rated with high scores it is because of our dedication and our professionalism, nothing is shady about that.


      • Tim Says:

        i Agree Sandra well said , they have been good to me ..

  9. Jose Says:

    I am also having serious problems with Bloombex Options. I deposited 600 €, and after some weeks I ordered a withdrawal. After couple of weeks waiting for the withdrawal, suddenly they blocked my account with no reason and told me that my account was under the risk department.
    Now it has past more than one month and my account continues blocked and I haven’t receive the withdrawal I ordered.

    This is not serious, playing with the effort and the money of the people. I thought this platform was serious, but until now they have demostrated to me they are acting like scam.

    • Sandra Lequime Says:

      Dear Jose,
      Has this issue been resolved?
      Please send me your mail (the one you signed up with to Bloombex-Options) the most common reason an account could be frozen or sent to the Risk Department, is if there is a suspicion of fraudulent activity by the PSP (Payment processor), if this is the case it would also explain the reason why you are still waiting for your withdrawal.
      Also are you certain you provided us with all the requested documentation and that you answer your withdrawal conditions?
      I will be waiting for your mail to inquire this issue further.

  10. damien lewis Says:

    Thanks everyone I almost deposited 1000.00 us dollars I think I will go to Nadex these foreign binary option brokers are scum

  11. mary Says:

    I had no problems withdrawing I deposited $1000 GOT $294 BONUS MONEY AND MADE A $1000 IN TWO DAYS THEN WITHDREW IT THE $1000 IT WAS IN MY PAY PAL ACCOUNT WITHIN A WEEK

    • Jose Says:

      So you were luky, actually very luky… Too like. Great that you reach the volumen to withdrawal in just two days… Good for you.

      Bloombex is a big scam, and there is not doubt about that. People have to know that and should be aware from them or they will lose their money.

      • Sandra Lequime Says:

        Dear Jose,
        I am very sorry this is your feeling and would love to know based on what assumption you are making such an adamant claim- we count today more than 20000 active traders which are more than satisfy to get their earnings through PayPal or wire transfer.

    • Jason Says:

      Mary’s submission is a big lie. I’m sure it’s Bloombex option’s self promotion. There’s no way bloombex would allow you to withdraw your money after they’ve given you a bonus. They require you to do a certain volume of transactions before you can withdraw your money. while you are trying to achieve that volume, they add another bonus to your account without your consent, the bonus never reflects in your account balance for you to even question them and then when you think your account qualifies for withdrawal, they tell you that you cannot withdraw your money. Consider your money lost, once you open an account with Bloombex.

    • Sandra Lequime Says:

      Dear Mary,
      I am happy to see you are experiencing the real Bloombex-Options’ experience and took the time to positive feedback about it 😉


  12. Ed Ford Says:

    I am also a newbie in binary options and I tried Bloombex options as my training ground. So far, I have learnt a lot of things on their Education section which help gain leverage and make my trade more profitable. I think the return is awesome and I need to debunk what other traders are saying with regards to the withdrawal period. It will only take them longer if they find discrepancies on your account, but so far, based on my experience there is no sign of any delay on the 7 day period that they promised.

    • Sandra Lequime Says:

      Dear Ed,
      I am happy to see you are experiencing the real Bloombex-Options’ experience and took the time to positive feedback about it 😉


  13. Gina Says:

    I have tried since 23rd JAnuary 2015 to make a withdrawal. There is always an excuse and once again as the previous posters have stated you have referred me to fraud department because I wanted to withdraw my money without trading because I lost a lot of money with other binary options brokers so I wanted the money back that I had left. There is nothing fraudulent about me. I am a stay at home mum who was looking to make pocket money from binary options but instead you are refusing to give me back my deposit amount of £300. I have lost count of the times I have been on live chat to be passed around from one operator to another. I have sent numerous emails asking for my money back to be told you only do quarterly refunds and it would be better for me to place some trades. Absolute nonsense. If I don’t get my money withdrawl auctioned within the next 7 days I will be reporting you. You are a scam broker. People please do not use Bloombex Options. You will loose your money because even if you win trades they will not action your withdrawal request.

    • Sandra Lequime Says:

      Dear Gina,
      Has this issue been resolved?
      Please send me your mail, (the one you signed up with to Bloombex-Options) the most common reason an account could be frozen is if there is a suspicion of fraudulent activity by the PSP (Payment processor), if this is the case it would also explain the reason why you are waiting for your withdrawal.
      Also are you certain you provided us with all the requested documentation and that you answer your withdrawal conditions?
      I will be waiting for your mail to inquire this issue further.


  14. jason Says:

    I too am having serious problems with this trader, also Withdrawing money from my account. It has been two months I have sent all the paperwork they have asked for and I have not been able to withdraw my money. I will file a complaint with the BBB after I write this review. I suggest no one trade with this company. You will get more of your money back if you just throw it out the window.

    • Jose Says:

      I am having the same problems. I am waiting for 4 months a withdrawal that never arrives. Also, they have blocked my account and I can not even login into the platform.
      I suggest to file a complaint to the Security Exchange of the European Union. The email where we have to send the complaints is:

    • Sandra Lequime Says:

      Dear Jason,

      Please provide me with your mail (the one you signed up with to Bloombex-Options).

      Since November 2015 we moved back the treatment of compliance in-house (it was out-sourced for the first 5 years of our activity) as we realized many requests were not treated properly, since we are taking care of it personally.

      I would like to look into the possibility that you were one of the unfortunate traders which fell between the nets of the out-sourced service.


  15. kewal kaler Says:

    Last night about 11pm I wanted to try Bloombex after I saw their email in my box it was promising but when I tried to deposit $200 or 250 or even $300 it would not take it says I only deposit $500- that was minimum,as I trade next couple hrs I kept loosing out of 40 to 60 trades I did I only won 5 to 10 times and rest 50 times I lost,even I tried their signal which tell me to which option I should take,put , or down, but I lost. By 2 Am I lost all my $ 500- and I tried to call and chat but they did not help me, this Bloombex is disaster I would not recommend to anybody it’s total loss. Thanks. Kewal

    • Sandra Lequime Says:

      Dear Kewal,

      Please be aware that Bloombex is a Binary Option Platform only we do not provide nor BOT nor signals. You subscribed to a third party which promoted his “expertise” while connecting to our platform.

      Binary Options is not a FREE-MONEY secret system, it is a financial tool where with a good knowledge and an educated forecast you CAN not “will” but can earn big.

      We put at your disposal an educational center with ebooks- courses and videos to make sure you go and trade responsibly.

      In 3 hours you, by what you said,placed around 60 trades… 60 in 3 hours!!!!
      I can’t believe you are blaming Bloombex for acting irresponsibly.


  16. Michael Says:

    Bloombex refuses withdrawals. I have been in contact many times still no success in getting my money back.As with many signal offers they receive commissions for referring traders to the platform. I had been referred to Bloombex three times. I submitted a withdrawal to close two of my accounts. I did not need three. I was notified one was closed by Netpay. The other which had more money did not appear. I inquired why. After many inquiries I still have not gotten a satisfactory answer from chats or emails. I called and they say they are going to get to it…..

    • Sandra Lequime Says:

      Dear Michael,
      Have these issues been solved?
      Please inform

  17. Bruce Tomlin Says:

    1. Bloombex – Made small deposit just to how this works, this is what occurred
    2. Guy calls me to invest $20k in Amazon because of drones, ZACK’s has Amazon as a HOLD.
    3. One winning trade was paid at Tied.
    4. The next trade took $100 and disappeared.
    5. This is a boiler room operation in my opinion and the system is designed to see if it can take any “win” during validation, the price you see at end is not the price that is completed after validation from what I can see.
    6. I chatted with someone there, they said they could not help with that.
    7. Naturally, as a fairly large stocks and options trader I wanted to see this in operation. And, when I want to gamble, I can go to the horse or dog track, at least there, when I win I win and it is clear. My opinion is to avoid this company like it was the plague.

    • Steve Says:

      I’ve been having a similar experience with Cherry Trade..Entry times fluctuating after I have hit the call/put button waiting for “verification”. It should be locked at whatever rate it is at the moment you hit call/put the 1st time. Then trades that clearly end in the money even if by 1 digit are counted as losses after “validation”. They may be nice on the phone but the platform execution is kinda sketchy.

      • Sandra Lequime Says:

        Dear Steve,
        As I answered to Bruce,
        Such a “glitch” occurs if you have an unstable internet connection – It has nothing to do with the Platform

    • Sandra Lequime Says:

      Dear Bruce,
      Regarding each point of your post

      3. Please provide me with your account details at Bloombex for me to be able to check that – send me to my mail your full name and your email with which you subscribed to Bloombex, for me to be able to find you in the system.
      It is very rare but as we are using technology bugs may occur, it is important to contact customer support or our private broker as soon as such a “glitch” occurs

      4-5. Please take a screen video and screen shot of this event and send it to me- it might be related to your internet connection (I believe that’s why It has been said to you that “we can’t help you with that”…)

  18. Gary Says:

    My experience with Bloombex Options was not a good one. Over the July 4th weekend (2015) I discovered a video on YouTube explaining how Binary Options can be very profitable if done right. I did some research, looked up a few trading websites, and decided to go with Bloombex which was recommended by someone doing a YouTube video. They require a $350 USD deposit now, so I used a credit card to make the deposit. I was leery of using PayPal as it would give it access to my bank account. Long story short, Monday morning came and I decided to try my luck at Binary Options, 60 Second trading. I won some and lost some, and after a couple of hours decided to do a little more research to see if I was doing something wrong, or to see if I could improve my odds of winning. But when I logged back on after a couple of hours I discover my account balance which was at $325 was now down to $0.00! Not only that, but the trading page would not load, and gave me a message saying it was redirecting me to a “broker deposit” page, but it is still in the process of redirecting after about 20 minutes now. I STRONGLY urge anyone who is considering Bloombex Options to AVOID them like the plague!! Apparently they are not on the up and up. Thank you.

    • Sandra Lequime Says:

      Dear Gary,

      I am extremely surprised by your post and I have 3 questions for you.
      1. Did you speak with anyone from Bloombex to clarify this situation? Customer service/ compliance?
      2. Are you certain that among your 60seconds trades you didn’t take any middle-long term trades (5min/1hour/3hours)- it might very well be that you forgot about them and when logging back in they expired and were wrong forecasts of the market tendency.
      3. send me in my mail your account details for me to be able to look into this as I am quite certain the middle term trades are the reason and I would like to check it.


  19. Scott Says:

    I deposited $400.00 into the account, and can’t find my account to trade??

  20. Francesco Says:

    i’ve been with bloombex for almost an year now,never had a problem with them,until the withdrawal moment.This broker doesn’t seem to have any intentions to honor his debt,since i am waiting by more than a month and i still have to see my money.
    What’s more their customer service only seems to ignore me at this point when i ‘ve always been polite to them.I am speechless

    • Sandra Lequime Says:

      Dear Francesco,

      Please send me your account details (by mail, hereunder)
      Please be informed that we lately indeed realized that the outsourced customer service we were working with were very much criticized (thank to posts like your) and last November we transferred it in-house, to make sure you will get the best customer service and the most professional compliance you deserve.

      I will be happy to help you regarding your request ( if it hasn’t been treated yet)


  21. y Says:

    i signed up with this broker and first the lied and said they are regulated and second they they let me talk to a senior account manager his name rob he is a robbery for real convinced me to trade with him and he is sure about the trade blah blah and kept saying he is doing this for living and he knows wht he is doing he made me to push one call trade for the whole 5k and of course i am an idiot cuz i listened to him its my hard working money

    and of course lost it

    if you are manager how come you risk all your client money for one trade how come you called yourself a professional …and he called me again and still want me to deposit money so he can make it back its so stupid ..

    i honestly didnt push a trade with my own knowledge and didnt withdrawal any cuz i had ZERO so plez guys if you want to trade learn it and make your own decision dont trust any one .bloombex is a scam

    • Sandra Lequime Says:

      Dear Y,

      I am very sorry you feel that Bloombex had your worst interest in mind, it is absolutely not the case, all the contrary.

      Bloombex is in the process of getting regulated and as such we manage ourselves as a regulated platform would (that process is taking around a year and a half) any miss conduct would Jeopardize our last 8 month efforts.

      The all misunderstanding apparently started when you were transferred to a SENIOR BROKER (not account manager), Rob’s job is to consult experimented traders and present them with opportunities- being a senior, he is consulting big traders with big portfolios of short and long terms, and yes, most of their simultaneous trades are of around $5000.

      He indeed gave you his incentive, and you placed the trade- not him.

      Binary Options are a financial tool, although the all “concept” is very intuitive and might seem fun, you are trading your money; as written in the Risk Warning all over the site: “RISK WARNING: Trading digital options has some risks of partial or full funds loss. This fact should be taken into consideration by any trader who is planning to make profits by option trading. “, Bloombex is here to consult with you, recommend, train you but will NEVER take decisions for you!

      Believe me, if the trade was to be successful, a post wouldn’t have been written to compliment Bloombex team nor specifically Rob.

      You will always be exposed to comments of traders which DECIDED to take a risk and lost- the ones making a nice living of Binary Options thank us by investing more with us, not by writing on Forums.

      I am at your disposal regarding any question you might have


  22. Brodie Says:

    i gave my credit card details. should i cancel my credit card

    • Sandra Lequime Says:

      Dear Brodie,

      Wanting to entering the world of online secured trading is totally up to you, let me just reassure you that we have absolutely no way to access your account, to overcharge you, nor have the will nor the way to do so.

      The payment processing system which allows us to process your credit card are well known and are the most secured to guaranty the safety and secrecy of your credit card details.
      For available countries we even requested to upgrade our system to a 3Dsecured account – which means that you need to confirm your deposit by entering (in the deposit page of our site), a code that has been sent to YOUR mobile- that same code is valide only for the next hour and is sent only to you.

      I hope I succeeded to reasure you on that very important and sensitive topic


  23. Praveen Says:

    Bloombex is so pathetic in terms of withdrawal. They’ll never give you any reason for delaying in withdrawal. At the end you would be loosing your hard earned money. They even don’t return your investment.

    • Sandra Lequime Says:

      Dear Praveen,

      I am very sorry, That’s the way you feel.

      By experience, most of the withdrawal which are “delayed” are the following reasons:

      1. The trader is not sending the appropriate documents requested by our compliance department, to permit a safe identification of the destination and A SECURED transfer of the funds

      2. The trader opened long term trades, under that circumstance, requesting a withdrawal is like requesting the cancelation of a contract taken on an option. Although the amount still appears in your wallet, the amount is blocked, as the issue of the long term trade is still unknown.

      3. The trader is trying to withdraw the Bonus amount without reaching the trading volume requested by out clear terms and conditions

      I hope I cleared that for you.

      Withdrawals are allocated to traders on a daily basis, it is sent to their PayPal account or by wire transfer. I wish to have the pleasure to send you soon your earnings with Bloombex.


  24. Benjamin Bande Says:

    Dear Sir/ Madam

    I m just trying to get in touch with your accounts executive to find out why my I was not made aware of my USD 3000-00 was withdrawn from my account within 24 hours last 2 months ago..

    Please kindly get beck to me via my email so that we discuss this matter so that we establish an understanding and way forward for us all.


    • Sandra Lequime Says:

      Dear Benjamin,
      I am very sorry, but I don’t seem to understand your post
      Please contact me through my mail for me to be able to assist you asap 😉

  25. Chris Says:

    Me to Watched the Fastcashbiz videos and how they just sign up, push a button and the money started generating
    and the lady says “I’m never going to turn it off” I CALL BS.
    I Made a deposit of 550. I know it’s a cup of coffee for some but was everything to me and more as the money was borrowed. Ok my bad.
    Signed up on my tablet as shown in video
    Pushed the trade plane button as I guess this is the same button pushed on the video as there are no other buttons called trade on the app
    Guess what ? Nothing happened
    After you start to trade on your own with no knowledge and loose all your cash then a broker will contact you, like clockwork, then profile you, that’s fine if there for real.
    I told my broker, I’m broke, I rent and unemployed.
    He asked me to mortgage my home (after I told him I rent), get credit from my bank,, ha and even sell my car, for real
    I also emailed for advise, all I got back was a one sentence email asking were is the deposit.
    If your thinking of contacting Bloombex concerning anything accept a deposit you will not be answered
    To people wanting to get into binary options without any knowledge like me.
    1. Study dam hard before you think of signing with anyone, you tube, phone calls, ask questions, it’s your money
    2. Only go with regulated Brokers.
    3. Get your broker to teach you everything you need to know to be a successful trader
    5. If your broker doesn’t want to teach you and only asks for a deposit up front then find another broker
    6. There is no guarantee of trading under 5k for the first week, beware
    After blowing my last 550, the last conversation I had with my Bloombex broker was me asking for help or strategy to be successful and the blunt response I got was ‘if you can’t deposit 5k I can’t help you mate’ and he said goodbye.
    That’s my 2 cents worth

  26. Chris Says:

    There are no bonuses or guarantees with Bloombex, don’t be fooled

    • Sandra Lequime Says:

      Dear Chris,
      It would be unprofessional to guarantee profits, what Bloombex-Options is guaranteeing, is dedicated to and is excelling in, is to train, educate and support its traders for them to be able to place educated forecasts which gives them a huge added value while trading by themselves on your platform, nothing more, nothing less.
      Bonuses also exists! What doesn’t exist- nor at Bloombex, nor anywhere in the world- except in fairy tales is FREE MONEY!

  27. Lou Says:

    My experience: Tried depositing 300 dollars, but they pressured me into 1000 dollars with a 1000 dollar bonus. I wanted to only evaluate binary options, so I followed their advice and made two investments. Then the agent assigned to me pressured me to deposit more money, but I resisted. Ultimately one won, one lost. So I decided that this wasn’t for me. I requested to close my account and withdraw my balance, but I received an email stating that I haven’t reached the relevant turnover amount. Their helpline indicates that I have to make 27 dollars trade for every dollar bonus before i can withdraw anything. I wish they had stressed this condition before I started.

    • Sandra Lequime Says:

      Dear Lou,
      Bloombex-Option is a financial tool, only adults are able to subscribe to our site as by law they are responsible enough to check all the terms and conditions as well as all the warnings clearly displayed in the site regarding the risks of trading.
      I can’t stress enough the following point, Bonuses are not automatically allocated to a trader, the trader has to agree to it, request it and understand it.
      The bonus is meant for you to have a bigger investment capital, to be able to generate more profit than what your original investment would allow you to.
      As such this money is allocated under specific conditions which are clearly explained on the site under the very clear name BONUS (
      Trading Binary Option is not a game, and money is not given for free.
      Binary option is, as written in our Warning in the footer of each and single page of the site, under RISK WARNING:” Trading digital options has some risks of partial or full funds loss. This fact should be taken into consideration by any trader who is planning to make profits from option trading.” As well as in the terms and conditions RISK DISCLOSURE:
      “You agree to use the Site at your own risk.
      Without limiting the undermentioned provisions, the services provided on this site are intended only to customers who are able to withstand the loss of any money they invest and who understand the risks and have experience in taking risks in financial markets. The possibility exists that you could endure a loss of some or all of your initial investment and hence you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. You should be aware of all the risks related to binary options trading, and solicit advice from an independent financial advisor in case of doubts.”

      I am sorry that many are confusing binary options with a game with a safety net.

  28. Tan Says:

    Their customer service is very unprofessional. I wanted to open an account with them but I wanted their platform trading hours. I went on the online chat, got a girl named anne who didnt reply. Past me to a zakk who took 5 mins to tell me to wait a minute. Frustrated over a simple enquiry about time, I ended the chat. Start over a new chat with lisa, who took in total 13 minutes to send me a link of asset times which doesnt even answer my question. Seriously, all three were inattentive and seemed to care little about your 9wn personal time and properly interacting with potential clients. I was going to join but that was in total ‘a headfuck’!

    • Sandra Lequime Says:

      Dear Tan,
      I am very sorry to hear about your bad experience.
      We are aware that there were some issues regarding our customer service as we were outsourcing that specific department. Since the middle of November 2015 we moved that service back in house, to make sure that any question our Trader might have will be answered professionally.
      I would love if you were to give us a second chance and try us once more

  29. Thomas Says:

    First off I am a 100% Disabled Viet Nam Army Vet. I am 65 years old and on retirement.
    I am not educated in the stock market and how it works. My problem started when I got an email about a program called Apple Bot, This program was suppose to have a win rate of 75% + and it trades for you automatic. I thought I would give it a try, I was sent to They sent a form for me to fill out and send back in, I filled it out and sent it back in with authorization to charge my card for 1000 USD. In a few days I get an email from my Bank saying I was overdrawn 800.00, they had taken 6000USD. I called my bank and canceled my card. I then called Bloombex and talked to Raymond Roberts, he is a real smooth talker, and said if you leave the money here I will put you in
    Our bonus program. I told him I could not afford to leave it all in there. He keep on talking and said they would match every dollar I left there, so I said I had to think about it. Also he had not told me about the terms if I did leave it there. I thought about it for a couple of days and decided I would leave 4000.00 and have them return 2000.00. I went on the site and filled out a return request for the 2000.00. Then I get a your request has been canceled, you have already begun to trade with the bonus provided, and have yet to
    Reach the relevant turnover. Well I did not even authorize them to trade yet and if they did, They were suppose to trade with the apple bot software. With me being uneducated
    And them being crooks they sure did take advantage of me. This went on with me talking with them on the phone time and time again, Then I decided they was just draining my
    Trading account because I might win 1 and lose 3, by now I had enough and told them
    To stop trading for me no more and send my 6000.00 back or I would report them.
    When you see all the emails, you will see what I say is true. I have had to warn them several times to stop trading with my account but they do not listen to my warnings. I need help with these crooks.

    • Steve C Says:

      I think this is how the traders in Europe make so much money from the robots, our losses fund their big 75-80% payouts..We’re forbidden by the CFTC to trade binary options with any broker not in the US, although many of us do it anyway and then something like this happens. The crooks know we really have no recourse against them, I think this is why the unregulated brokers are more than happy to allow Americans to trade. Then when they become regulated they want nothing to do with us..I’m not sure what you can do to get that other $4000 back from Bloombex other than learn how to trade on your own or find some reliable winning signals. For the next week or so I’m going to try a new signal service I just found and as a fellow vet, I’ll let you know if it is legit.

    • Sandra Lequime Says:

      Dear Thomas,
      I am very sorry to hear about your experience.
      The deposit of $6000 instead of $1000 is outrageous and is NOT AT ALL the way Bloombex-Option is working- we have no access to your bank account, nor your credit card details, the traders themselves are the one making all the deposits through credit card or wire transfer, may it be that it was a mistake of yours- did you make the deposit through the third party site (their ethic regarding banc details is unknown to me)?
      Bloombex-Options system is fully automated in order to avoid the possibility of having such a complaint of “someone trade for me” (relating to our professional brokers) we are a legit financial platform of self trading- not bot and no signal BUT we have external partners which are connected to our platform and are providing such services. You subscribed through that third party and gave them the agreement for their bot to trade for you. BLOOMBEX-OPTIONS has no way to access your account and trade for you, BUT A THIRD PARTY CAN WITH YOUR AGREEMENT WHILE SUBSCRIBING. This said while talking to Bloombex the Bot apparently started trading for you and in our automated system your request has been denied because of that. Your case intrigues me very much- and I would love to receive from you the following details to be able to dig further into this fraudulent third party which apparently is using our platform to take advantage of inexperienced traders.
      Please send me the name/ the link of that BOT and I will investigate that very very serious issue.
      Please also send me your email address with which you signed up or your full name for me to be able to find you in our system.

  30. MARK Says:


    • Steve C Says:

      I hope you didn’t fall for that. Sometimes the shady brokers will make the initial deposit fail on purpose so they can get you on the phone for the high pressure tactics of trying to get you to deposit more money and to take their trade “advice” for what is inevitably losing trades.

      • Sandra Lequime Says:

        Dear Steve,
        It seems you have been played by some illegitimate binaryoptions brokers, I can guarantee you that at Bloombex-Options there is not such a deviated policy. Just visit our site and make your own idea of it.
        Please also be aware that Bloomnex never gives automatic Bonuses, bonuses have to be requested by the trader and accepted by the management.
        There are of course terms and conditions to withdraw your money, which is very clearly specify in the site (in all the languages proposed- to guarantee every trader is aware of the conditions of their investment)

    • Sandra Lequime Says:

      Dear Mark,
      Seems that all that was proposed to you is a demo account for you to get familiar with trading and practice your skills without endangering your own funds.

  31. Ray quinn Says:

    I’m trying to find an account that was started and then I forgot about it when I went in the hospital and just came across the information for the account I have a Trans # 6DF53670B5946291N is there any way that bloombex can track this number I also have another # 65972546262303 I’m hoping you can help me find this account

    • Sandra Lequime Says:

      Dear Ray,
      I am not sure to understand the content of your post
      Please send me a personal mail and I will do my best to assist you

  32. Johnny Says:

    I initially deposite $600.00 and was promptly contacted by an account manager and convinced to deposit another $1,000.00 with promises to help me “make some money” beginning the following morning. That was in the latter part of November 2015 and I haven’t heard from him yet….it’s December 25, 2015 now. On Dec. 9, 2015 I requested a withdrawal of funds. Filled out the forms, scanned and emailed them as instructed…..nothing for days. Emailed them to find out why I hadn’t had a response….no response. After numerous emails and numerous “NO RESPONSES” from Bloombex, I’m now completely frustrated with them! I would highly recommend steering clear of this company with your money! I feel quite certain that “someday” I will get my money back, but I’m thinking that at this point only God knows for sure when that will happen!!

    • Sandra Lequime Says:

      Dear Johnny,
      Please send me the email you subscribed with to for me to be able to investigate further your complain.

    • Johnny Says:

      To follow up:

      It is now Jan. 20, 2016 and still no response from Bloombex! I’ve sent in more of the forms, signed, verified information……nothing! They don’t even have the decency to respond to my emails. Bloombex may not be a scam but they are certainly some of the worst business people I’ve ever dealt with! Also, the platform is slow to load, the FX rarely (if ever) works, sometimes verification of trades takes up to 2 minutes. It’s certainly not one that I would recommend! Trades also take way too long to be initiated. Not instant by any means!! I hope I can spread the word about these guys! I’ve given them the benefit of the doubt, but they have certainly failed in every area!! NO GOOD!!!

  33. Marcus Shock Says:

    How do I get my money back? Please help

    • Sandra Lequime Says:

      Dear Marcus,
      I don’t see in the system any withdrawal request, and I see that your dedicate broker tried to reach you on the 29.12.15- please ,make sure to contact your broker

  34. Sandra Lequime Says:

    Dear Tracy,
    Please send me the details of your complaint and I will make sure to transfer it to the relevant department

  35. Sandra Lequime Says:

    Dear Chris,
    We are a legit financial platform of self trading- not Bot and no signal BUT we have external partners which are connected to our platform and are providing such services.
    Our system is not a “one button”, I don’t know where you signed up, and I would love to know if it is one of the third party, we accepted to use our platform, but I can guarantee you that that one button “thing” is not our platform.
    Please send me the email you signed in with for me to see if you actually are in our system or someone deviated your funds pretending being us – Also, I am being very suspicious as the tone of encouraging you to endanger yourself is not the way our professional brokers are behaving.
    Please send me more details to my mail

  36. Sandra Lequime Says:

    Dear Scott,
    Please make sure your login details are right, and contact Bloombex-Options’ customer support department for further help

  37. Philip Theofanous Says:

    I am also a victim of this Bloombex… They Conned me from the start and are refusing to give my money back. There is enough in my account for them to keep the deposit they invested and give my funds back. Their managers act clueless to the TOC of trading volume and push you to deposit funds.. Like an idiot I went for it after being completely lied to by Stewart Owens. I will not give up on getting my money back.I invested $16000USD and am still pursuing this ongoing saga.Please be careful people there is no such thing as quick money…even the reputable Brokers are only in it for there own benefit. Unfortunately I learned the hard way..and will take some time…come hell or high water I will find the people responsible for robbing me…and will at least get most of my money back.Rather invest in something more stable and long unit trusts. Peace…Phil

    • Sandra Lequime Says:

      Dear Philip,
      I am sorry to meet you here too, we have gone through this already on another mediating site which after reviewing all the facts sided with Bloombex.
      Our communication is not over as I tell you on the other channel I am trying to find a way to come towards you. As the only way to satisfy you is to breach your contract, it might take some time and I ask you to be patient. Know that I am personally trying to find a way.


  38. Fiona Says:

    Hi Guys, I wished I had read your forum before I too got HARASSED, I originally invested 300 to FAST CASH then got bombarded with phone calls from some guy at BLOOMBEX, who said that fast cash was making bad bets, (that’s really all they are), and that they would make me loads of money if only I invested 10,000, he even tried to sign me up with a credit card, he said that if I took out the credit card today they could have it paid off tomorrow and that they have a really good relationship with the banks and that’s who pays them!!!wow think how that could have turned out,thank god I didn’t fall for that. Any ways, now we are in a stalemate with me going on National Television to out these scammers at there own game,Studios love scamming stories. Its not about the money anymore, its about the fact that they can get away with stealing good peoples hard earned money without any consequences. These salesmen are truly despicable and I hope everybody spreads the word about their corrupt practices and contact your bank to make sure they don’t support them, mine does not, and in fact alerted me to their scam, if the banks withdraw their support, that’s the way to stop them.

    • Sandra Lequime Says:

      Dear Fiona,

      Fast Cash is a third party which promotes our platform as well as many others brokers.

      Although Bloombex’s professional brokers are here to take you (traders) through the system, teach you and maximize your portfolio, Bloombex is not taking your credit card details at any point of time- all the contrary, you have to insert your C.C details by yourself in the system and activate the password confirmation sent to your phone to confirm the transaction.(3D Secure- requested by us to make sure no one can abuse your credit card).
      The only way to know you have been contacted by Bloombex when giving, your CC details on the phone will be waiting, pray and see that indeed when receiving the bank statement your account has been it has been debited by Bloombex LTD.

      Many scammers “so called brokers” are taking a free ride on our great reputation and are trying to present themselves as Bloombex.

      I am happy you didn’t fall for it.

      We have no way to stop this from happening, and those malicious actions are hurting us bad- many innocents like you are making the amalgam between them and US.

      Wire transfer is always the safest way to go or just by putting yourself, your credit card details on the site- never EVER give your credit card details to a stranger on the phone is my best advice.

      Bloombex invested in a secured payment solution, to make sure your data stay safe with you, please – make sure to use it


  39. Fiona Says:

    Hi Sandra,
    Thanks for that info, but my credit card was debited by Grey-mountain Management, listed as Security Brokers, Dublin.The platform that I view my account is defiantly BLOOMBEX, as its the same as those on line and I also receive emails from Bloombex when they trade.

    Also I did not ask for the bonus that was put in to my account and also I was not told this WAS a bonus only that it was a successful trade that had generated a profit of nearly $900 dollars, so right from the start I was lied too.I then got another manager, Sean Everett, who told me Eric Murphy had moved on and he would now be my new ” on line boyfriend” real professional. Alarm bells should have rang right there but because they had made a profit ( so I thought, in reality it had lost money, only the bonus looked like it was doing well) I trusted this one as well.

    So I don’t know what Bloombex you work for or if it is a different one,its a pretty elaborate cover if so, or perhaps just another smoke screen, but maybe you could tell me if these two people actually work for your company.


    • Sandra Lequime Says:

      Hi Fiona,

      I must emphasize the fact that you subscribed to a signal service which is using our platform to deliver their service. Your card has been debited by the signal provider, although the broker you spoke to is from Bloombex.

      I am not aware of the deal you signed to, but if you subscribed to a promotion of the signal with an automatic bonus, that same bonus has been credited to your account as part of the promotion you requested (again through the signal).

      I apologize if the light tone of Sean sounded to you inappropriate- he is indeed working at Bloombex and is reputed for his friendly attitude as well as his capacity of simplifying to its core the training of new traders for a quick and efficient understanding of the system.

      I hope you will forgive him for his light words and give him a chance to impress you with his real skills which are to generate with you great trades.


  40. Fiona Says:

    Again I did NOT REQUEST a BONUS and never wanted it, its simple really… take your bonus out and return my money to my credit card. Anybody who has a an ounce of decency would know this is the logical and reasonable solution to this grievance page or is BLOOMBEX that desperate for clients that it has to lie and steal and THREATEN people to keep their money???

    While I appreciate your reply and effort to give Bloombex a good review it is simply not true.If you don’t want these reviews about BLOOMBEX, then don’t let this platform use your brokers to do their dirty work, the buck stops with BLOOMBEX as they are the ONLY contact I have had.

    Also I will never trade with Sean again or anybody at BLOOMBEX,this company has destroyed any faith I had in fair trading, I was treated like an irrational female who does not know her own mind and is not entitled to her opinion even though it is MY money they trade with, It reminds me of an 18 century movie predict when women where thought of as second class citizens, some you win, some you loose, and Sean is a master manipulator whose only concern is for his own back pocket as it was he who told me that he receives payments from the banks on the trades they place, but thank you for confirming that it is indeed BLOOMBEX who has scammed me…….To everybody else reading these reviews you can be SURE that this is not a trustworthy company, please stay away from BLOOMBEX.

    • Sandra Lequime Says:

      Dear Fiona,

      I don’t see that my answer to you has been published so here I post it again:

      Let me correct you on a few points and I hope you will listen.
      Blaming Bloombex on a third party with which you have a contract is total nonsense!

      YOUR money didn’t arrive to Bloombex and Bloombex is not trading your money, Bloombex didn’t give you a Bonus neither.

      The third party which YOU CHOSE did!

      You subscribed with THEM, they gave you the bonus as you subscribed to a promotion of theirs which allocates you an automatic Bonus.

      Bloombex is trying to reach in an attempt to teach you how to take control of your account and stop you from keeping the automatic trading you signed for, having your best interest in mind and making you TAKE control of your own investment.

      I am very sorry to witness the mishmash you are making and am especially sorry that your own misunderstanding of your OWN actions and decisions are blamed on us in such a forum.

      I believe that Sean have been trying to explain to you patiently and in a simplified way, for you to fully finally understand the misperception you have of the situation. It has apparently been done without success as neither I nor Sean have succeeded to make you understand that:

      1. Your money is NOT with Bloombex
      2. Bloombex is not trading with your money – the third party with which you have an adult contract which allows THEM to trade for you on our platform is.
      3. Bloombex didn’t give you a Bonus
      4. Bloombex is not condescending towards you, Sean is just trying to reach your basic comprehension- without success apparently.

      As a woman working at Bloombex, I feel hurt by your sexist insinuations so let me reassure you that our team is composed by women and men which are nothing less than respectful towards each other and men are acting naturally as perfect gentlemen, also key positions in the company are held by women. So please accept and understand that Bloombex has simply your best interest at heart.

      You changed your mind regarding your contract with a third party provider and now are dragging Bloombex’s good name in the mud is not the responsible attitude I would expect from an adult which made a conscious decision while signing a binding contract with a service provider.

      I shall end this pointless exchange by recommending you to contact the provider and negotiate a way out of your contract with them.

      Best luck!


  41. fiona Says:

    As a woman dealing with another woman that works at such a supposedly pleasant and professional company, I find it perplexing that you’re treating me with the same condescending and frankly disgusting attitude that I received from Sean.

    So you want to talk FACTS:

    1. Yes I deposited 300 using Pay Pal with Fast cash, (which by the way has BLOOMBEX on the pay pal receipt), I had an account and traded on their platform on my own, with some success. I actually made 20 dollars, fair enough, no contract was signed and no verbal communication has ever happened between FAST CASH and me, so where do you get a binding contract from?
    2. I was then contacted by one of your employees, whom you have confirmed works for BLOOMBEX, Eric, who ask me to deposit $10,000 to do trade with him. As far as I was concerned this was a different company with a different name, this was not FAST CASH. I was not and have never had any communication with FAST CASH, it is the BLOOMBEX name that appeared on the deposit slip that I signed, as well as agreeing to the BLOOMBEX terms and conditions when you debited my credit card direct, NOT FAST CASH.
    3. I was then contacted by another BLOOMBEX employee, SEAN, who took over trading from Eric and became my new point of contact. He too asked for a further deposit because he had this GREAT, FANTASTIC, HUGE opportunity coming up in the markets that could potentially make my money back over night, if only I deposited the full $10,000 with him, who is YOUR employee from BLOOMBEX. Again, the deposit slip was from BLOOMBEX, NOT FAST CASH.
    Now, one would assume that if you are contacted by someone who works for such a reputable company like BLOOMBEX, as you so vehemently claim it to be, that when you handed over your hard earned money, you were indeed giving it to the person and company that they claim to represent and work for, which is BLOOMBEX. I even asked for an email to confirm their employment with BLOOMBEX, and received one.
    Not once did either of these employees suggest, imply or say in any spoken or written language that my money was not being deposited in Bloombex. If they had told me, or even suggested that FAST CASH would have my money, I would not have had any further communication with Eric or Sean, as the FAST CASH system did not work. As I said before, I traded on my own in that platform, it did not trade for me and I could not log on at all after 48 hours. It was then Eric made contact and I suddenly had an account with the BLOOMBEX trading platform. I was told over the phone by the BLOOMBEX employee, Sean that he had cancelled the Fast Cash trading account and my money was with them, BLOOMBEX, and that they would trade for me. Also I did not receive the BONUS until I had deposited 2,000 with Eric from BLOOMBEX. The bonus that I was lied to about; simply being told it was a trade.
    As far as I’m concerned my money was given to BLOOMBEX. If your employees debited my card from a shonky company, which you now claim, have no association with BLOOMBEX and that “it’s not your fault, or that I’m an adult and I’m to blame”, then that is fraud.
    Where is BLOOMBEX’s position in all of this, if not right in the middle? You’re accepting no responsibility or blame, carrying on with the sanctimonious attitude all you “lovely professional women and perfect gentlemen” have, spewing your lies and deceitful untruths over the telephone and in forums like this to unsuspecting and trustworthy people like me?
    Shame on you ALL!

  42. Amir Says:

    Noah if I’m not using PayPal is it possible for me withdraw from neteller?
    Do reply to my email

    • Sandra Lequime Says:

      Dear Amir,
      We are in the process of integrating Neteller to our payment solutions, in the meantime, we could send you your earnings through wire transfer 😉

  43. Sandra Lequime Says:

    Dear Fiona,

    I am sincerely sorry, I can feel your rage- If I sounded condescending to you, it was not my intention whatsoever.

    I am loyal to a company which has proven itself very loyal to me your allegations are hurting me personnaly, it might have sound in your “complaining hears” as if I was disrespectful to you, and I am deeply sorry about that.

    I read again and again your last post and it seems like you acknowledge that I have been cooperating until now, so let’s keep it together and go forward in the same effort.

    The reason why I am being so adamant about the truth is because you are confusing the readers of this forum by saying wrong and inaccurate facts.

    So let me please put some order and I will not repeat again and again the things I said before (-please read my previous answers to Fiona’s allegations to get the full truth).

    The Fact is that you never deposited $10.000 not once, and certainly NOT TWICE!!!

    You deposited $300 succeeded by 2 deposits in 2 different days of $2000 each for a total of $4300 net deposit, it is very far from the $20.000 you are presenting in your post.

    The reason why I keep answering to your posts, although you allegations are not being truthful to the facts, is because I am frustrated and I would like all the readers to know FOR A FACT:

    We are doing everything to try and talk to Fiona.

    We actually succeeded to explain and agreed on the situation of her account on the phone on the 22.01.16!!!

    But still after the talk (which took place after her first post) and the continuous exchanges in this forum , our team keeps attempting to talk to her again and again BUT she refuses to talk to her dedicated account manager.

    Fiona your account is making good money and you have- after placing close to 50 trades accumulated earnings – they were made thanks to the consultancy with your dedicated account manager (which you enjoy so much to discredit in this forum, and refuse to talk to since).

    For further answers, please contact our offices, we are also open of course to dedicate to you a new account manager (if you feel more comfortable talking to a woman, we will dedicate one of our best lady brokers to you).

    I recommend you to contact our offices- hopefully you will agree to talk to us…


  44. Leslie Whall Says:

    I too have been lied to. They are eager to take your money but it is impossible to get any out. They never told me I could not close my account once I received a bonus from them. They gambled all my money until it was gone. The first broker claimed he was my friend and could make me a lot of money. He lost all my money but $13,000.00. After a few weeks of calling him and getting answers like he is sick etc. the truth came out that he had been transferred to Japan. He never communicated this with me and neither did the company.
    They gave me another broker who also promised to make up the money I had lost and also lost the $13,000.00 before I could take any out. They would not let me close my account.
    This all happened in just a few months, with me making 100 calls and getting no where. This is the worst company to deal with ever. I want to file a grievance or write to the right authorities but do not know where to begin. Can you help me with this or call me. Is there anything we can do to get retribution?? My phone number 281-682-5650
    Les Whall

    • Sandra Lequime Says:

      Dear Les,
      Please send me in private mail the e-mail with which you subscribed,for me to be able to look into your complaint and transfer it to the relevant desk
      My mail is:
      Sandra Lequime

  45. Fiona Says:

    Dear Sandra,
    Despite what I’m sure are your best efforts, you’re still being condescending. I didn’t realise you were more concerned about the “readers” than actually addressing and fixing my issue, which should be your main concern.
    I really don’t appreciate the lies either, if you’re going to tell me to get my facts straight, make sure you have your own in a neat little line. You seem to be telling a lot of different stories, while I’ve been sticking to the same one, which you seem to be having trouble following.
    I obviously NEVER claimed to have handed over $10,000, never mind $20,000, which I did state in my previous post. If you had taken the time to read them properly, like you so adamantly declared you did, you would have seen that. What I did say in reference to your imaginary $20,000 is that both your traders ASKED me to deposit $10,000 each. So you can stop twisting my words.
    Funny, you suddenly seem to know an awful lot about my money, what’s been deposited and when. So which is it? You either do have my money or you don’t. Because if you don’t have it, I find it very odd that you would be able to see these deposits.
    Another bit of misinformation you have is the date you apparently “succeeded to explain and agreed on the situation of her account on the phone on the 22.01.16!!!”, when I haven’t spoken to anyone from BLOOMBEX since the 23rd of December 2015.
    Since you’re so busy addressing your “readers” and not me, then I would like to say that if any of them would like to see proof of all I have said, I would be more than happy to show the emails and receipts of all deposits. Feel free to email me at 
    Les Whall I completely understand what has happened to you and feel your pain. Email me at the above account and we can put our heads together and find the right authorities to take this too. I’m in Australia so I’m not able to ring the number you’ve put in your post.


  46. Ben Says:

    I have decided to leave a comment here because after submitting a withdrawal request I stumbled on this site and then started to worry about ever getting my money back.

    I only invested the minimum amount because I just wanted to give Binary trading a try, having had no experience of it before. After 35+ trades I decided it wasn’t for me, I had pretty much broke even so was happy I hadn’t lost much in the process.

    I, like many used a mix of software that auto placed orders and did some manual trades (The software actually did better than me) I did find sometimes the software would place orders without me realising so you really need to be careful about this, get the wrong software and I can see your money going quickly if it places loads of trades at once and I believe there are lots of dodgy software out there.

    I personally found the Bloombex site really easy and nice to use so was surprised to see the withdrawal process a little basic. One thing Bloombex could really improve on is communication skills. I sent a number of emails to the compliance address and never received a reply or acknowledgment of receiving my compliance documentation (I say never, I did get one). After reading the comments on this site I decided to contact Sandra L, as she seemed to be very active so thought she was a good contact. I basically asked if she had visibility to the withdrawal process and if my application had been looked at. She replied within the hour and said that she had passed my email to the compliance team and ask them to get in touch. This is where I thought ‘Here we go!’, but within 30mins I had an email acknowledging my withdrawal and I’m happy to say a day later the money was back on my credit card.

    So my experience was an ok one, I did get my money back and within 5 days of my request, although communication really needs looking at as it really doesn’t help keep customers happy.

    I’m from the UK so not sure if that speeds things up with regards to checking identity etc.

    I know this doesn’t help people who are already having issues but hoping it would maybe put some people at ease to see that money can come out of accounts rather than just in as after ready al the comments on here I became more worried than maybe I needed to.


    • Sandra Lequime Says:

      Dear Ben,
      Thank you for your truthful words- I also would like to thank you for your productive input and I will make sure to transmit to the relevant department your concern regarding our customer service, it will be taken care of.
      Sandra Lequime

  47. Yolanda Ramos Says:

    I am writing on my ex-husband’s behalf. My ex-husband who has a terminally ill disease decided to have faith in Bloombex and invest his life saving’s to leave our daughter’s an inheritance. Unfortunately, my ex-husband is watching his life savings dwindle away. No none at Bloombex will respond to him or allow him to withdraw what is left of his money. I am desperate to help him for our daughter’s sake, but I don’t know how.

    If anyone could provide some guidance or assistance, I would greatly appreciate it.

    • Sandra Lequime Says:

      Dear Yolanda,

      I am surprised to hear about your experience and would like to help you get assistance from the company.

      We would like to provide you with an amicable solution to your complaint and therefore urge you to provide us with your account number and a senior member of our department will be happy to contact you and work things out.

      Please send the requested details to-
      Customer Support:


  48. Syed Ali Says:


    I deposited $900 last year through Paypal and currently have $1100 in my account. I am not able to take time out for trading for a while now so decided to close the account. I submitted a withdrawal request in December and its been more than 3 months now and I haven’t received my money. Please help me get my withdrawal request approved. I also didn’t receive a bonus as I was aware of the terms and conditions. Thanks.

    • Sandra Lequime Says:

      Dear Syed,

      Please provide us with your account number and a senior member of our department will be happy to contact you and work things out.

      Please send the requested details to-
      Customer Support:


      • Michael Says:

        Dear Sandra,
        I was directed to Bloombex Options after I joined the Mikes Trading System. But I did not deposit to your company as I read all this negative feedback about customers not being able to withdraw their money. Why is this happening? Even the person who took NO bonus can’t get his money. So I can make a decision can you reply to my email please. I have already lost $8000.00 with another company due to lousy broker intsructions which lead to total loses.

  49. Tim Says:

    im using them and i don’t have a problem i ask them to send me $1000 and it was there in 3 days , i have been told they are setting up a System to make withdrawals or deposits much faster , they a far better than Inside option and Option Rally and they rank higher than Bloombex on this site ???

    • sandra Lequime Says:

      Dear Tim,

      Thank you very much for your positive feedback, I am very happy that successful traders are taking the time to share their positive experience with Bloombex as well.

      Have an Amazing Day 😉

  50. Renault Says:

    Sign up a Virlnext software recommended this brokers deliver great promises and assurance but failed to deliver when mentioned on subject withdrawal, account manager not responding mail request neither live chat reachable, please note all condition meet their withdrawal term and condition i strongly denial bonus before deposit and met the minimum $100 withdrawal amount, i was told free to withdraw anytime before deposit, the worst that cannot even imagine when failed to reach the account manager when mentioned on with withdrawal, within my trading account unable access the withdrawal option putting a request on withdrawal, with the virlnext software all winning trade signal unable placing trade a window pop up saying this asset is for VIP traders only, the minute encounter this log into bloombex platform placing same asset there is not once such pop up windows appear, about forty per cent such signals being block from placing trade. If any software recommended this brokers my advise forget about it lest you regret with the deposit lost. They are quick to call you once you lost your deposit that did meet their term and condition.

    • sandra Lequime Says:

      Dear Renault,

      Please provide us with your account number and a senior member of our department will be happy to contact you and work things out.

      Please send the requested details to-
      Customer Support:


      • mmr Says:

        People that call themselves John Davies Nick Gordon,George Taylor. Do not trust any of them. last e-mail to them :-
        CAll yourself a “CEO” do you. To me you are just an evil crook. Now I have nothing left and you had the audacity to ask me for another 50k to “recover”. Your mail shots telling the world a pack of lies will be reversed telling the world you are just a bunch of crooks and advising through media and social media, federal and international agencies and all other available avenues that you have managed to siphon $290K of my money in a very short period of time.
        This account was supposed to have been managed by you. Keeping your clients does not seem to come as a priority for you. Scamming and robbing people deliberately is your priority. I do not envisage anybody thinking of going into Binary Options using a scamming outfit like yours despite all the false advertising and mail shots you distribute to try and entice unsuspecting clients who are led by the lies and false promises given by you and your representatives.

        From all the reports and correspondence I have received, I am not the first person to fall foul of your evil ways but I sincerely hope I will be the last.
        This has to stop and I intend to make sure that you are put out of business. You may think you cannot be touched but there are powerful avenues available that will do just that. I have nothing let to lose you made very sure of that.

        • WW Says:


          I too was victimized and robbed by the same crooks, Nick Gordon and whoever else they claim to be. They took everything from me as well, over USD 230,000. I’m completely bankrupt from these horrible people. I declined their request to manage the account for me. I repeatedly told them over and over again not to trade anything without my approval. They just dumped all my hard earned money into ridiculous losing trades. They changed my account log in details over and over again to place unaithorized trades. I too have nothing left to lose. We must put a stop to their ways. Strength in numbers. Please contact me so we can take action against these criminal pigs. Email me please, William


      Well i got the same problem, i mailed account manager that i would withdraw because, after sending 5 times my validation papers, which they never asked after i deposited. I asked my account manager what was the problem , because with the same documents i was approved by two other brokers, she wanted to CALL me.
      I declined because didn’t see any reason and asked again what the problem was, no answer since then, then last monday they asked my validation papers, pretending i never sent them. So sent them again. Then they say that my papers are not ok, 24 option approved these same papers hum. I sent a mail again at the account departement what is precise the problem of my docunments i sent for validation, no answer

      So to make a long story short, they are now stalling my validation because i said to manager, well if i can’t get a mail explaining what the problem is , best that i withdraw because my trust is gone after this charade

      • sandra Lequime Says:

        Dear Andre,

        Could you please send me the email you signed up with, for me to be able to find you in the system and transfer your request to the compliance department.

        Please don’t be reluctant to talk with them on the phone as this is the most effective way to solve a problem.
        I am certain that you can appreciate the fact that we are not hiding behind chats or any virtual curtains, but want to solve the issue in the most direct way possible.
        Also, be aware that one document might be valid for one and not for the other, as each bank or payment processor has different requirements depending on the solution implemented.
        It might as well be that your utilities are dated more than 3 months back and are not valid as maybe, back then when you opened with 24options they still were under 3 month old…
        Please help us help you
        Send me your details to

        • ANDRE VANSYNGHEL Says:

          I sent you all documents and Withdrawel form on 6th of april and again today 12th of april ,nothing heard or seen yet
          Andre Hugo

  51. sandra Lequime Says:

    Dear Andre,

    Could you please send me the email you signed up with, for me to be able to find you in the system and transfer your request to the compliance department.

    Please don’t be reluctant to talk with them on the phone as this is the most effective way to solve a problem.
    I am certain that you can appreciate the fact that we are not hiding behind chats or any virtual curtains, but want to solve the issue in the most direct way possible.
    Also, be aware that one document might be valid for one and not for the other, as each bank or payment processor has different requirements depending on the solution implemented.
    It might as well be that your utilities are dated more than 3 months back and are not valid as maybe, back then when you opened with 24options they still were under 3 month old…
    Please help us help you
    Send me your details to


      Hello Sandra ,
      Glad somebody at bloombex is willing to help
      I sent new documents more than 1 and a half week ago and had no reply whatsoever from compliance, so i sent them now to you.

      I added a withdrawel request, i wanted to do that much earlier but with the validation problems still , i sent it all together

      Hopefully after more than a month my validation and withdrawel request will finally be a thing of the past

      Thanks again for the help

      Greetings and thanks Andre , name Hugo


        20 april, not a word from anyone , was it a one day miracle ?

  52. Ionel Says:

    I would like to thanks to Sandra Lequime and to her team. I have made a withdrawal and I have received the money after 24 hours. My relationship with bloombex-options was very good.

    • sandra Lequime Says:

      Thank you Ionel for leaving your positive feedback here 😉

  53. Brian Says:

    BLoombex have been less than satisfactory. FIne if you are putting money IN, but i have had literal arguments on the phone and on their ‘chat’ system.
    I took copies of the chat logs and dictated them back to them proving what they said. I had to go to the director – one G.O. and he did clear the first problem up with an over cocky broker.
    The second and final time i sent a withdrawal form in and was told it had been received. 12 days later i asked what is going on and yes, What form was that?? I relayed the copied chat log to the support member (the same one whom told me it was received). A long pause..then OK.
    The broker rang me then basically wouldnt listen to wothdrawals, stating things like, “You arent listening to me Buddy”. me – Oh yes I am, i want my money as on the form. Him – “But I want to make you a lot of profit”, me – Like I said, I dont have that sort of money to invest in the first place, so I WANT MY MONEY. Phone was put down.

    Still waiting for my withdrawal

    • sandra Lequime Says:

      Hello Brian,

      I am sorry to hear about your experience and I apologize for any inconvenience you may have encountered.

      I would like to provide you with an amicable solution to your complaint and therefore urge you to provide us with your account number and a senior member of our department will be happy to contact you and work things out.

      Please send the requested details to-
      Customer Support:

      Please put me also in copy so I will be able to follow up on your request


  54. WW Says:

    I previously replied to a complaint sent in my MMR as the events he described were almost exactly the same experience I had. Today I just received a call from those criminals saying that Nick Gordon was fired from the company and that they are here to help me. All I have to do is send them 50-60k more! Firstly, Bloombex stole all of my money so where is 50k going to come from. Secondly, it just goes to show what little respect or concern they have for those who are supposed to be their valued investors. It is simply an insult to my intelligence to think that I would ever consider giving them any more money. I had previously officially complained in writing outlining exactly how Bloombex staff placed unauthorized losing trades against my account as a way to intentionally deplete my account and the contact today was how they responded. They tried to tell me they have proof that I provided authority to trade on my behalf whereby I have numerous documented conversations demanding the exact opposite. My next option is to contact every regulatory authority even though these crooks are not regulated to report their operation and business practices. I know I’m not alone so to my fellow victims, please reply or contact me so that we can take action against this terrible organization together. What they are doing is not right.

  55. Andrew Says:

    Bloombex options site overall seems good, but as soon as you ask for a withdrawal they ignore your request. I never complain about anything or anyone normally but i feel compelled as ive been with this company for 7 months,all good until you ask for money.Trading is hard work spending hours studying charts and when you finally make money the company you are with are untrustworthy,some might say scammers but i will wait a few more days to see if my problem can be resolved.

    • sandra Lequime Says:

      Hello Andrew

      I would like to check if your request has been received by our team, for that I need to be able to transfer your exact details.

      Please send me the email you subscribed with for me to be able to transfer it to the relevant department for them to contact you.

      Send the requested details to-
      Customer Support:

      Also put me in copy, so I will be able to follow up on your request


  56. Baz Says:

    Hi all,

    I too am having difficulties with making withdrawals from Bloombex options.
    I emailed a withdrawal request on 14/04/2016 along with all the requested compliance documents.

    On 15/04/2016, the compliance department acknowledged my email as follows:

    “Dear Baz,

    Thank you for your email. Your account has been fully verified, and your withdrawal request has been forwarded to the Finance Department.

    If you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.”

    I phoned them yesterday (more than 7 business days later) querying my withdrawal and was told that my request was pending and to call back tomorrow (27/04/2016).

    Meanwhile I also emailed their compliance department querying the delay yesterday.

    I phoned them again today (27/04/2016) and was told that the delay was due to volume but no indication as to when the request would be completed.

    Judging from the numerous previous posts, I am sceptical about the outcome but
    like Andrew, will wait a few more days to if I get my money.

    I’ll keep you all posted.

    Watch this space.


      Well, i must say you are lucky that your validation came true, i sent them ages ago (almost 3 months now) , and withdrawel with it begin april but no response whatsoever.
      And even the person who, in this forum, seems to represent the company, has not replied to my emails she asked to send her.
      I will be forced to take legal action, so sad that this company acts this way
      Good luck


    Well as you can verify my previous complaint on 6th of april, i still have had no response whatsoever from compliance , Sandra or Emie who was my so called manager. Not even that my account has been VERIFIED , go figure
    I have only 14 days left to file a complaint and i will certainly do this before the end of the week, so yes this charade is going on nearly 3 months now

    I HOPE everybody files a complaint , so they become under scrutiny by the authorities

    • WW Says:

      I’m sorry to hear about the other innocent and honest people Bloombex is doing this to. They must be penalized or shut down for operating this way. Andre is right. We all must complain to put a stop to this. I’ve already filed a complaint with and Next will be the FCA at As I said in my previous posts, I will file complaints with every legal or regulatory body on this planet with the hopes of action being taken against these and consumers being made whole again. Alone would be difficult but together we can do it. If the Bloombex rep who likes to pick and choose who she replies to with false assurance that Bloombex is open to resolution reads this, I hope you alert your bosses that there is a big storm coming their way.

  58. Kai Says:

    Seriously, Bloombex need to do something about their “Signal partners”.

    Went for Centument not knowing it is actually via Bloombex, when they are requesting you for deposits and funds their service is awesome man. They will spam calls to your at least 5 times till you pick up, but when you want your money out, they do not reply at all.

    Awesome stuff, please watch out for scams guys.

  59. Jasen Says:

    So aggressive when taking money from me but when i asked about withdrawal, no news at all. I wished i saw all these reviews. They make it sound so confident but immediately they want more money out of you. Don’t do Bloombex! They have links for you to deposit money, but no way for you to withdraw your money. Spread the word! This Tom Gray guy claims he will help. But when I asked for withdrawal, totally now news and response…

    Initially wanted to start with USD300, he tried to get me to commit USD5000. Asked me for all my credit cards so he can get more money..
    Asked about withdrawal, he says the Compliance department will help you with that. They made me sign papers and stuffs, and thats when i smell the rat. I have been e-mailing them through all avenues but no way am I getting anyone to help withdraw my money.

    Why is the internet still allowing them to exist!?


    Can anybody tell me what channel is the best to file an official complaint with all my proof i have ?
    I mean , what official channels and if possible legal things can i do to try and get my money back ?
    I know that they are not registered, but there must be a way to get some authority’s attention for this obvious form of fraud.
    Any information is welcome

    admin , i don’t know if this is the exact location to ask this , but i have no other way to find answers fast, i have searched, but bloombex is in a lot of countries, i am from belgium, so i am a bit lost which has the most chance that a complaint will be looked into


    • Andrew Says:

      not sure but i would try this.

      • WW Says:

        I’ve filed a complaint with the FCA UK and

        I’d recommend all doing the same as well

    • Baz Says:

      Please read Tony Dunn’s post on Page 1 – Tradorax review.
      Perhaps you could do something similar.

    • Baz Says:


      I sent you a reply yesterday but wasn’t sure if you’d received so here it is again.

      Please read Tony Dunn’s post on Page 1 – Tradorax review.
      Bloombex is supposedly based in London according to their website so may be its worth reporting them to as well as elsewhere.

  61. Matt Says:

    I have had the same thing, I have chatted to a few people there via there chat service. Every time its a different excuse, that they are behind on withdrawals or that they wanted to chat with me first or try and get me to stay.
    I am not going to let them get away with this, if at the very least I will find out everything about this company and try and ruin them through the internet.
    If anyone has had a withdrawal from this company please let me know

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