Opening a Binary Options Account – How Much to Deposit?

Generating Profits with Binary Options Trading begins with the Right Deposit

Everyone wants to make money from online trading, but very few are willing to do what it takes to succeed. Some actually want to, but find they cannot because they do not have the money that they can afford to lose. This group of people can be excused; they are better off doing what they do best, which is working to get by and make others rich in the process.


Some people actually have access to some money, but this is usually spent on beer, cigarettes, women, endless outings, eat-outs, etc. Those who engage in these activities and refuse to commit enough money to binary options trading, where they can make their money grow, I refer as stupid. They are those who complain of not having access to trading capital, but have money to spend on things that add no value to their lives whatsoever. I actually like to keep distance from these guys because they really make me want to pull the little hair I have left all out with the way they argue and justify their spending habits.



The “Nice” Traders – $200 Deposit

Then there are the nice guys. They have money, they want to invest, but they also believe in not “risking too much”. But what constitutes not risking too much for this class of traders? Not risking too much means that they deposit the minimum needed for trading binary options: $200. They think they can beat the market by doing all the learning on demo accounts, and applying what they know on live accounts. They do not know that demo trading and live trading are two different kettles of fish. With a $200 live account, there is no room for mistakes and believe it or not, there will be mistakes made while trading the markets. I have never seen a baby trying to walk who has not fallen after a few steps. The same goes for trading. There is no way a trader will hit the live market for the first time and not commit a few blunders. Furthermore, most binary option trades start from $25, so it takes 8 wrong trades to knock out the account. So the $200 nice guys find too soon, that $200 is actually not a safe amount to start trading. A mistake or two and the money is all gone, and when you talk to them, they are like: “hey, I told you the market is too risky”.



Beware – Trading Sharks ahead

Then there are the smart guys. They understand that mistakes do happen, and accounts need to be able to withstand the mistakes and still have something to pick up from. Furthermore, bigger accounts enable better risk management. $300-400 is enough to start trading like the smart guys, $500 even better. If you have the needed capital, don’t just deposit $200 once then lose it and deposit more and more. Start with a fair capital to improve risk management capabilities.


Now here is the thing with smart money. The smart money guys make money from the nice guys. The market is a continuum, and the money flows like a current, from the nice guys to the smart guys.


Be smart; trade smart. You want to deposit. How much? Start with $250-$350 on one of our recommended binary options brokers.


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7 Responses to “Opening a Binary Options Account – How Much to Deposit?”

  1. Francisco Says:


    I generally agree with your opinion, but I have to disagree with your comment about “nice” traders:

    There are brokers allowing you to risk less than 2 $ per trade.

    With 100$ deposit you have to lose more than 50 times in a row to kill you account.

    Learning shouldn’t be expensive.



    • Claudia Says:

      Which Binary Broker will let you trade with a $2.00? I haven’t yet begun but that sounds like a good way to start. Thank you for your answer,

      • sergio Says:

        Claudia did u get a answer from Francisco, if so e-mail it to me.

    • clinton Says:

      what’s the broker name

    • RJ Says:

      Yes someone, please get back to me with the name of a broker that will allow a $2.00 trade. I deposited $200 with Trader XP and their minimum trade is $50 per. I’m planning to pull out that cash and find a company that will allow a lower trade – the lowest trades as possible – so as to be able to get some less costly experience :-)

  2. Dave Says:

    good i am glad that you have this little training session set up, its much appreciated

  3. Cindy Says:

    Starting with a low trade for beginners is a good place to start I agree. Contact me. Thank you.

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