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Signal Feeds Customer Reviews

Signal Feeds Reviews
Signal Feeds Overall Rating
60 / 100
Signal Feeds Reviewed By 1 Reviewers
Signal Feeds Last Time Updated 2014-03-31 09:33:52 GMT
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Signal Feeds Reviews

  1. hassan (Pakistan) reviewed Signal Feeds:

    I am not here to rate their service because the coolest part is i have'nt even tried their signal services. The reason why i am calling it a bad experience is because of their customer support. I was ready to get started and i send them a support ticket to call me or even get in touch through email but its been 4 days and i have'nt got any response from them and on their website they claim to reply with in 30 min max. They dont have any live chat or phone number on their website. I say if they are not even bothering to reply to one who's ready to get started, How can they give you support after you purchase and need any help. Bad, Really bad support !!

    Rating: 20 / 100
    • Tiago replied hassan:

      I try to contact support team but the emails was unreachable. Server down or they closed the doors?

    • Hassan replied hassan:

      Signalfeeds absolutely suck. If they have closed doors then they should have a public notice on their website.I dont know why still top traders recommend them.