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Regal Options Reviews
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Regal Options Reviews

  1. ron ( United States of America) reviewed Regal Options:

    First i placed a trade on a US asset (Boeing) with an expiry @ 1600hrs. the website showed a win plus i was using my own brokerage (ThinkorSwim-TDA) for better charting views . Regal Options did not assign my winnings immediately so i knew something was up. I opened a chat and they said that certain assets require further verification. I told them i had screenshots and they said to email them to support which i did. the next day i received an email saying "We have verified your trades and they are valid.Please note that the trade bar is just a visualisation of your trade showing its state every full 15 seconds even after your trade expires." So i emailed back and said that if that is true then you have a 15 second advantage over ever trade. In a later email i stated that your company did not provide full disclosure on how your trading system works and therefore i want to withdraw my funds. That started problem #2. I wait for 3 more days and the withdrawal transaction remains at "pending". So i again start a chat. This time i am told that i need to trade another $112,072 of volume before my bonuses have been satisfied before i can withdraw a dime. I answer that I was told by my so called advisor that all i needed to do to satisfy my bonuses was to complete 36 trades. I am replied back that i should have read the Terms & Conditions. Well i said i did and if that is in there it not clear at all. The reply is well contact support! So i am continuing on this round robin getting nowhere..can anyone help? please

    Rating: 10 / 100
    • Hermann Frank replied ron :

      I can not even open Regal Option Web-Page

    • Bren sarver replied ron :

      hi im trying to get a hold of regal options supprt iv traded with that broker last year and need my trans action history or all the money i lost with them to my my annual taxes thanks bren