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FMTrader Customer Reviews

FMTrader Reviews
FMTrader Overall Rating
84 / 100
FMTrader Reviewed By 3 Reviewers
FMTrader Last Time Updated 2016-02-22 15:37:33 GMT


FMTrader Reviews

  1. Mohd Adam Bin Abdullah @ S S (Singapore) reviewed FMTrader:

    This Company FMTraders are a trusted company and they don't cheat me or you but the cheaters are this graph Flow Chart needle that knew what you have bought and for how much more or less in Dollars or Pounds. The needle flows very slowly until you had called for or Put for than it monitors slowly and within than last 3 minutes of expiry time the needle moves faster and sometimes stops becos too many punters buying call and put and it calculates whether to eat our money or to eat one sided money. It's not the company controlling this needles but it's those business computers all in to decide this movement until left 60 Seconds than it changes it's flow. So, when you buy with your deposit or profit think that your money has gone than you can win by using your brains plus monitoring their needle flowing upwards or downwards and when you buy you must always buy that peak or else no hope for you to win some money in your trading business .You must also study your computer or device system and make sure there are no hackers whilst trading

    Rating: 70 / 100

  2. David Kelley (United States of America) reviewed FMTrader:

    The sad thing about this company is that even when they are wrong they don't stand by what is right. I had a trade that should have been in the money. Every other trading site had the same expiry rate, but them. The rate being under my call rate. When I spoke with my account rep he did agree that I had a point, but once he released that he would have had to change the trade. He had to speak with this person and that person, coming back with some sad reason why their rate was correct. I mentioned that even where they say they got their rates from Reuters had the same rate as the other trading sites. Avoid this company at all cost.

    No Rating

  3. Dave2am (Netherlands) reviewed FMTrader:

    Im using this broker for half a year more or less, and this is my review: 1. overall good platform, im also using bosscapital (different platform) and find this one better to my needs. 2. delays - during events, almost impossible to trade. not recommended!!! 3. bonus - don't take! 4. withdraw- took me 10 days. Bottom line in my opinion this is a fair broker, I don't agree with other comments here.

    Rating: 82 / 100