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Global Trader 365 Customer Reviews

Global Trader 365 Reviews
Global Trader 365 Overall Rating
50 / 100
Global Trader 365 Reviewed By 3 Reviewers
Global Trader 365 Last Time Updated 2014-02-04 11:38:47 GMT
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Global Trader 365 Reviews

  1. norman merke (Canada) reviewed Global Trader 365:

    global,I have had the sme results glo 365 can't understand why anybudy work for them do we paint all americans with same brush red.will always spread the word when in U.S.250 900 8849

    No Rating

  2. Chris (Canada) reviewed Global Trader 365:

    I have proof of trading screenshots that blew my 100,000 account, and that they would never let me withdrawl, I want to warn everyone to stay clear of them, I have 44,688 in there now, and they are asking me to deposit more money, which I can't because I am broke, and they don't seem to care to even help me now, because I will not deposit any more money.

    No Rating

  3. Dean (Canada) reviewed Global Trader 365:

    I have been with GlobalTrader365 for 3 months. I am still awaiting payment for a sum of money I was promised. I have had nothing but problems! I have dealt with 4-5 different brokers and they all promised profits and all fell short! I then spoke to Accounts Department and they promised me a return of my loses and Im still waiting a month later for it! They all say they will contact you, and don't call you back until days later. I don't recommend them to anyone! Very poor service! STAY AWAY!

    Rating: 0 / 100
    • Ron Sutherland replied Dean:

      I am having a nightmare trying to get hold of them. No emails replied too, free phone number does not work in NZ. Do you have a contact email or number for Globaltraders365 Accounts pls?? Thank you.