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When choosing your first, second or 5th broker, there are many questions run through our mind; but the most important of them all really comes down to “How other users rate this broker”? Is it safe? Was it a good experience? Should I trade with them as well? Well, you’ve reached the right place. Here others tell you or you tell others about their/your experience with a certain broker. You get to rate them, trash them, or praise them. This is the PEOPLE’s section of binaryoptionsthatsuck.com so learn to how use it:


What You’ll Find Here

First things first: you will see the names of the brokers and below, their logo. Click on either one and you will be directed to a new page where you can read the reviews of fellow traders regarding that broker. Below the logo you will see the number of Customer Reviews submitted so far (if there’s no such number, it means you can be the first to review that broker). Ok, once you’ve clicked on the logo or name and you have been redirected to the new page, you can scroll down to read what others have to say and see what ratings they gave the broker. You can also Reply to each comment/review (yea, that little green button that says “Reply”) or you can leave your own review. Here’s how:


How to Use What You’ve Found Here

At the top of the page, on the right hand side, you will find a button that reads Submit Review. Once you click on it, you will get a new window (nope, not quite like Inception) where you will have to fill in some details – come on, let others know who you are (or not… nobody says you have to use your real name). Tell us your name, your country and your e-mail. Oh and almost forgot: tell us what broker you want to review (if you click on a broker’s logo or name, by default you will review that broker, but you can change this from a drop down list). Ok, now you get to the actual review part and just because we wanted to make it extra easy for you, we gave you multiple choices:


“They are amazing” if you click on this one, you will have to tell us if you are a trader or an affiliate of the broker. We’re not saying the broker is not amazing, but we rarely find Amazing brokers so please tell the other readers if you are in some way affiliated with them. Also if they are amazing, rate their amazingness (yea, I didn’t know that’s an actual word either): you can choose from a rating of 80 to 100 – below 80 they are not really amazing, are they?


“They are Good” – of course, “How Good?” is our question. Rate between 60 and 80 points.


“They Suck”. Here the ratings start from 0 and go as high as 60. You will also find a few tips to deal with your broker if you consider you’ve been scammed. When all else fails, send us an email with some sort of proof that you’ve been scammed and we will try to help but keep in mind that we can do a better job of helping when it comes to out Recommended Brokers. With others… well, we’re not the Trading Police, man.


“No rating”. Yes you have the option to select this but why would you start a review if you don’t intend to rate? At least give them a 1 or a zero if you don’t like them. Well anyway, choice is important so we gave you this one as well.



Bottom Line

Last but not least, put your thoughts into words and write a bit about your experience with the broker. Sometimes just ratings are not enough so tell the others what you liked about the broker, what you didn’t like, stuff like that. If you’ve had a bad experience, warn others; if you’ve had a good one, let others know and the broker will probably get more and more satisfied customers. That’s about it guys; like I said, this is your section of BOTS so make the best of it.


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