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“5 minutes of your time! Learn how to make 200% returns in less than 20 minutes with this simple binary options trading strategy! Easy as Pie!”

Have you ever heard this promising slogan before? In case you haven’t, I must assume that you are not a real binary options trader. I don’t know even one person who trades over the internet and didn’t come across this inviting statement. Any simple search for binary options tips or binary options strategy ends up with a few glowing websites who offer their visitors “opportunities” such as this. Everybody’s is getting richer online and it feels like you are the only one left outside the rolling wagon, just lying on the dirt while trying to figure for yourself how do hell do these binary options actually work. Well, if it’s so simple, why didn’t I think about it myself? Am I an idiot? 5 minutes of my time, 200% profits, so easy isn’t it?


Do you still believe it? The problem is that too many people actually do believe it’s so easy. Now if you still don’t know what is a binary options strategy, read this article before.


Our Recommended Binary Options Strategies

Okane explains moving averages

Moving Averages for Binary Options Trading – All You Need to Know

Moving averages and their multiple uses, a must have binary options tool for all traders! One Indicator with a million uses, here’s everything you need to know!

The (almost) original bond

Divergence D1 Strategy By James, the 007 of Trading?

The D1 Strategy is a divergence strategy that works for binary options traders. Check it out and see for yourself, as simple as that.

4 Candles for profit

Four Candles Strategy – Advanced Breakout Strategy for Binary Options

The 4 Candles Strategy is an Advanced breakout Strategy that can definitely work for binary options traders so let’s take a look!

Do you know this guy?

The Geek’s Volume Weighted Moving Average Strategy – HomeMade

The volume weighted average price indicator review in details presented here. It can be turned into a strategy perfect for short term binary options trading.

Pinky and the Brain Strategy

Take Over the Binary Options World with “Pinky and The Brain” Strategy!

Build your own indicator for binary options trading by combining an oscillator with a moving average. Description of the full system using the newly created indicator

Handling the pressure

The Geek’s Market Pressure Strategy For Binary Options – Newbie Friendly

Accumulation and distribution are the driving forces of market action, read here to find out how the Geek uses these forces to trade binary options with ease!

Experts Only Here!

The Pivot Scalping Strategy for Expert Binary Options Traders

This strategy was brought to my attention in the strategy room by a beginner who wanted to use it for binary options but needed some guidance. Here’s the result!

Guppy fish, or a binary options strategy?

The Newbie Friendly Guppy System, Fish Food Or Shark Bait?

The Guppy System has a funny name but the results aren’t funny at all. For good? for bad? Oh well, you’ll just have to read this piece through… And you’ll like it

Adam and Eve on Genesis

Genesis – A New Way to Trade Binary Options

Genesis Strategy for trend following combines 4 indicators into one easy to understand matrix. Entry-level trading style, suitable for both new and advanced traders

The Geek Way, or no way!

The Geek’s Moving Average Pivot Strategy – Geek Ways

Looking for a good short term strategy using pivots? Read the Geek moving average Strategy to find out how the Geek does it! Home Grown Stuff!



For more Binary Options Strategies click here. or Visit our Binary Options Trading School.


Trading Binary Options with a Real Strategy

Yes, it’s true. Binary Options trading could generate high profits in a relatively short amount of time. Think about it – the average return in the binary options industry is around 70%, and expiry times available to trade stretch from as little as 1 minute to the end of the day. It means that a successful investment could generate 70% profit in around 15 minutes. An experienced lucky trader could turn 100$ into 300$ by the end of the day, everything is possible with a vast knowledge of the markets and a pinch of pure luck. The reason these traders make so much money with binary options is because they have enough experience to understand that risk management and strategy play a crucial rule in binary options trading. They know how to use their arsenal of strategies, they know when and how and they know how to manage their trading “portfolio”. Yes, it’s important to stay contacted until financial news, and it’s also important to have some knowledge of the financial markets, but it’s much more crucial to understand the simple tactics of trading binary options and then implying it well. This binary options strategy section will discuss the burning issues of choosing the right binary options strategy.


  1.Understand better which Binary Options trading strategy Suck, and which doesn’t.

Many of the strategies you can find today over the net are no more than scams. Those who offer you high profits with a simple strategy are mostly just selling stinky fish in a bag. Nevertheless, some of these strategies could actually work. tests these strategies for you to see if they Suck or Not!


2.How to use a specific binary options trading strategy

Choosing the right strategy and performing it well is not an easy task at all. The trader has to first identify the opportunity, then performing the right moves at the right time. With the right knowledge and guidance, together with good practice, a trading strategy could become quite useful and even very profitable. Luckily, specialists are here to explain you how do each strategy works. However, it’s important to learn the strategy and practice it before real trading. Some brokers offer a Demo account which is great for practice, but you can also trade manually – just write down the asset value and time when you buy the asset, and then checks the final value in the asset trading history. Every broker has it.


Remember! Even the best binary options Strategies suck sometimes!


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11 Responses to “Binary Options Strategies”

  1. David

    Many thanks for the insight!

  2. Radhika

    Hi there,i wish i can tell you a holy grail of trading but untutronafely there is none.How to win more in forex?1) Proper money management is a must. You may win 5 trades but with an over risked position, one losing one may wipe your account2) Hardwork. Read the news. Know of upcoming high risk event and news releases and stay out of them3) Know the currency pair you are trading on well. How does it usually react during the US/London/Asian markets.Do all this and you may finally make it to the 5% of folks who gained in forex.Cheers and all the best.I write about forex articles in my blog for newcomers.

    • Kofi


    • Germaine

      untutronafely ?

  3. Firat


    Thank you for having this site. Iam wondering wich of the systems are the best? Wich of the binary option system would you choose? Wich one can you recommend for a new begginer. I know the risks, i also know that its inpossible in the trade to be 100% , but i really want to begin and try. Which strategy and what do you recommend for me as a beginner?

    Thank you.
    Firat Gunes

  4. Bogdan G

    @Firat: The best system is the one that fits your personality. But for any system to work you have to really get a grasp of the basics first. Fortunately, this is a great site to get you started. You might wanna check this article:
    All the best

  5. Michael White

    A wise trader should know which stragies are effective and which ones are not. This can be done by reading user feedbacks and also testing out the strategy to verify its efficiency. You can also checkout optionfair broker review sites for more information.

  6. a

    I am wondering why anyone would want to trade binary options. First you are always risking more then your return/reward. Most pay out 70-80%. This means you risk $100 to get maybe $70-$80. Chances are you are not going to win consistently. Out of 3 trades you need to win 2 out of 3 to come out ahead. You might get lucky and do this a couple days, but then the day you only win 1 out of the 3 you are now down. to place 3 trades a day(I am going to use $100 bet on each trade) so you risk $300, and if you win all 3 you get $240 for risking $300. Now if you risk 3 trades and only win 2. You risk $300, and you win $160. Almost a 2:1 risk reward ration. For every $300 you are risking you are hoping to win $240 at best. Binary options are targeting newbies and people that just see high percentages in returns without actually taking time to dig a little deeper and see what is going on. I say stay clear. You might get lucky and be up for the day/week but in the long run you are going to loose no doubt. Sorry, this is how it works, I am speaking from experience with binary options. Also so brokers give you the bonus money and claim free money, but read the fine print, you have to trade like 10 times the amount of the bonus to get that money and some brokers even tell you if you get the bonus money you cannot withdrawal any of your money until you make the number of trades, so if you deposit $500 get $200 bonus you cannot withdrawal ANY money until you make at least $2,000 worth of trades, and statistically speaking this is not going to happen. STAY CLEAR. Sorry, I am just a trader trying to make money in the forex, have not found any really good systems out there in the over 10 years I have been trying to be successful in forex, not there yet.

  7. james

    the only legit place I found was howwetrade (located in NYC).they are they only ones i found who would always let me make a withdrawal at any time. can’t really complain about that!

  8. juanita

    if you are having problems withdrawing bonuses given to you ,just contact me, i have worked with a binary broker for 5years, i have helped a lot of people and i won’t stop until i have helped as many as possible, here is my email address if you have a bonus that was given to you and you wish to withdraw it:

  9. Doug

    Tried out their binary robot in a demo account for about 2 hours Oct 1, ’14. It performed beautifully. Turned the $500 play money into $1,188 > ~ 2 hours. So I signed up with $300 and traded on the auto-bot for real on my own money.
    The results were dismal. 2 out of 10. So I turned it off. Minutes later a call to me asks why I turned it off, and I told them there must be a problem with their ‘bot, it was making irresponsible trades a blind man could see. Why weren’t the results similar to the other day’s practice session? He said I would need to deposit another $1,000 to get that result. Apparently they can scale your win rate to whatever the hell they want in terms of recommendation trades. I had been induced by false pretenses into the fraud of “bait & switch” and did not get the ‘bot results I bargained for. I was cheated.
    I witnessed that they can be awesomely accurate when they want to be, especially on their own short term offerings they alone provide to induce you. Then, I believe, they rob you to supply their own and bigger accounts. I am very upset and cannot recommend the AIP ‘bot providers that did this to me.

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